Painter Of The Night: Tears and predictions 😉

This is where you can read the manhwa. But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes. If you want to read more essays, here is the link to the table of contents:

Now, you might wonder if I have not developed an obsession with the tears. This is already the fourth essays about this topic, if I include the analysis about Baek Na-Kyum’s tears. However, remember that in the composition entitled “Tears and characters – part 1”, I had explained that Min’s tear had inspired me.

And now, it is time to reveal my theory. For the first time in the manhwa, we had a combination between tears and humor. Furthermore, just after Nameless had mentioned the intercourse between him and Jihwa, the latter had punched him in the stomach. However, as you can imagine, the lord’s punch didn’t hurt the criminal at all. But since Nameless didn’t desire to embarrass his former sexual partner, he acted, as if he had been hurt. In other words, he wasn’t actually honest, when he said this: “That hurt, my lord”. (chapter 76) For the readers, the situation was transformed into a joke and comedy, exactly like Black Heart pointed out right after. Yet, for the villain, it was a serious situation: “Jihwa had fallen so deeply into sodomy that he had reached to a low-born!” Besides, Min hadn’t been able to taste himself the painter.

And this combination between humor and tears made me realize that at the end of the story, the readers should expect that Baek Na-Kyum or Jihwa will cry out of laughing. Byeonduck’s fanarts are already indicating this, because the artist is always seen laughing with an open mouth. This signifies that Yoon Seungho and Nameless will make jokes and tease their partners. In this picture, the noble is biting the artist’s finger. Let’s not forget that both ukes are always crying so much, when they are sad, angry and pained. It displays that they tear up easily.

Besides, Painter Of The Night indeed contains many jokes and pranks, but there are not perceptible right away. Let me give you another example. (Chapter 67) Nameless excused his roughness with his lack of experiences. But the readers are well aware that The Joker did it from the back with the kisaeng in episode 51 and he has quite a reputation. And when I combined the low-born’s excuse with Jihwa’s reaction, I couldn’t help myself laughing. The latter was so innocent here, for he believed the man. He wasn’t able to recognize why Nameless rubbed him so raw. His description reflected the butcher’s passionate desires. The latter couldn’t restrain himself. His heart had been moved by the aristocrat’s remorse and tears. The criminal could sense his purity despite his horrible intentions. The young master imagined that for the criminal had never done it with a man before, he would be more careful. Moreover, if he had done it with women before, in his eyes, it signified, the lover was quite delicate and tender. In other words, Nameless hid his sexual desires and affection behind a false excuse. We have another indication that the low-born did more than rubbing. He left many hickeys on his sex partner, a sign of possession and passion. For the first time, Jihwa experienced what a love session is, but didn’t recognize it. 😉 Nameless is well aware that the aristocrat has no real affection for him, therefore he has to hide his true emotions behind a joke.

In addition, we have Yoon Seungho who keeps playing pranks (chapter 16: , 74 and teasing his lover (chapter 23) (chapter 75). Nevertheless the latter hasn’t truly recognized his master’s sense of humor due to social norms.

Baek Na-Kyum is always worried about his doctrines and appearances. In chapter 16, he was fighting against his arousal and didn’t want to get caught. In episode 23, he tried to hide the fact that he had stolen the bottle of wine. Then in chapter 39, he was uncomfortable, because the tailor could see the nature of their relationship. In episode 75, he is still in denial that he is hoping for more. Therefore he refuses to admit the truthfulness of his lover’s words. Baek Na-Kyum could only blush, each time he was teased. Consequently I come to the conclusion that the protagonist will only shed tears out of laughing, when he has been able to overcome the social norms. That’s why the moment the artist won’t feel flustered any longer, he can pay attention to his lover’s words and behavior and grasp his intentions. From that moment on, he will sense the main lead’s sense of humor. On the other hand, this can only happen rather late in the story. Furthermore, since Jihwa is very similar to Baek Na-Kyum, for both are trying to follow traditions and are influenced by their peers (Min- Heena), it signifies that the young master will have a similar evolution.

As a conclusion, I am predicting that at the end of the story, the jokers Nameless and Yoon Seungho will make their respective partner laugh so much with their words and gestures that tears will come out. However, so far none of the ukes could enjoy the pranks and comical situations. Both were always very serious, because they are influenced by humorless and austere people: Min, Heena and Jung In-Hun.

Now, I will explain why I perceive them as unhumorous persons. The kisaeng lives in an environment, where she needs to entertain the rich and powerful nobles. That’s the reason why jokes are a synonym for work for the sister. In other words, humor is linked to seriousness. Besides, I think, she has never experienced fun with lightness. She was trained to make the clients laugh. Moreover, I would like to remind that Black Heart is no real jester, as his pranks are always aiming at hurting others, he wants to be entertained in detriment of others. This villain’s humor stands for Schadenfreude which is no real humor. As for the scholar, he is only focused on his dream: getting a high position, that’s why he never interacts with people. He only meets commoners, when he needs them. In other words, he is always very serious and doesn’t understand humor at all. This explicates why he failed to recognize the lord’s sarcasm in chapter 6. He took the compliments as face-value, but if he had paid attention to the tone of the voice and the smirk from the protagonist, he would have realized the situation: he was seen as a joke by Yoon Seungho. 😂

The presence of jokes and pranks truly shows that Painter Of The Night is not just a heavy drama and romance, the story contains humor as well. But the problem is that the jokes are and were never obvious. (see for example the scene with the book in episode 6) Only attentive readers can catch these little details. I have to admit that one of my favorite chapters from the first season is indeed the episode 6 due to the lord’s teasing and cynical remark. It’s because I laughed so much that I fell in love with this character. His sense of irony revealed his intelligence. My readers will certainly remember that my first essays were always about the infamous sodomite, who was greatly misunderstood by the manhwaphiles. And now you know why.

So my question is: Do you like the idea? Do you want to see Baek Na-Kyum and Jihwa crying out laughing?🤣 This would be a perfect ending for me, because this would compensate the readers for the long agony experienced while reading this manhwa. Besides, this would explain why Byeonduck created such happy fanarts.

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  1. J’ai vraiment adoré cet essai ( je me permet de vous écrire en français car j’ai lu quelque part que vous étiez professeur de français). Si le manwha se finit ainsi, ce serait vraiment un pur plaisir, même si je préférerais avoir une fin un peu plus sombre… 😡

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