Painter Of The Night: The hidden painter of the night 🎨🖌️ 🖼️ (second version)

This is where you can read the manhwa. But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes. If you want to read more essays, here is the link to the table of contents:

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Once again I am examining the paintings in this manhwa. If you are following me on social media, you probably saw the series I created with my friend @luu_lucille, The Mysteries of Painter Of The Night. In mystery 3, we pointed out the existence of two books leading to the two following questions: which was the original publication and who was the painter of the original book?. However, so far, I could make speculations about this mystery. In one of my previous analyses, I had proposed Yoon Seungho who had been forced to paint for the mysterious lord Song, since his fate resembles Baek Na-Kyum’s. Another possibility was Lee Jihwa, as I had discovered that he was connected to painting as well. This would have explained why Lee Jihwa was incited to kiss his childhood friend. The irony is that while creating the short video about Mystery 3, I had a revelation. To conclude, in this essay, I will present my solution to this puzzle.

1. The identification of the original

As you can see, in the picture on the left, the ashtray and the pipe vanished. And that’s how I realized that this book (chapter 1) was the original. Why? It is because I had identified the pedophile with his habit to smoke the pipe! Yoon Seungho had picked up the bad habits from his tormentor, the one responsible for his misery. This means that the noble showed the copy to Baek Na-Kyum. (chapter 1) That’s how I could confirm that the latter was indeed lying to the protagonist. (chapter 1) Moreover, we see the drop of sweat on his cheek. But why did the artist choose to deceive Yoon Seungho so boldly in the end, though he had been indoctrinated that nobles are all violent and ruthless? The reason is simple. He knew about the existence of the original book!! But what was the purpose of plagiarizing an erotic book then? The original had served as model. However this answer is not truly satisfying. I believe that someone wanted to know how good he was at painting. Like Jihwa had mentioned in his second encounter, the painter had not received any education so far. (chapter 5) The client had to ensure that Baek Na-Kyum would be talented enough to portray an erotic picture. Finally, we have the explanation why the artist was forced to change the topic, for in the past, he used to draw animals. (chapter 84) (chapter 94)

This explains why the ashtray and pipe were not copied in the end. The real purpose was just to demonstrate his skills about drawing bodies. After this discovery, anyone could pity the servant from chapter 1, for the painter caused the domestic’s death with his lie. But they shouldn’t in reality. It is because the servant had deceived the two protagonists, and he knew it!! 😮

2. The servant’s manipulations

Thus he also had a drop of sweat on his face, and he looked quite pale in this image either. (chapter 1) Observe that his discomfort appeared, even before the artist had opened his mouth. But why would he feel uneasy then? It is because he never imagined that the painter would be displeased and that the lord would bring the copy with him. The presence of the book had caught him by surprise either. The painter could agree to this question (if he was the author of the book), but at the same time, he could reveal the existence of the original. This means that he was well aware not only of the existence of the two books, but also of the manipulations. He was an accomplice, and not just a naïve victim. How did he fool Yoon Seungho and even the readers?

Under this new light, it is necessary to study the first scene again. (chapter 1) What caught my attention is that the domestic employed the expression “you showed me earlier”. This idiom indicates that here the roles had been switched. This time, the servant was showing him the book. Secondly, if you pay attention to the next picture, you will realize that the erotic publication was no longer on the table. (chapter 1) Why and how did it vanish? Since the main lead was busy cleaning the sword, I can only deduce that the domestic had stood up in the main time and taken it away after showing it briefly. It was important to show this book, because he needed to gain the lord’s trust. Since he had the book, the noble would come to believe in the domestic’s statement. But this signifies that Yoon Seungho was not the owner of the original book!! Someone had lent it to the servant for a short time. That’s the reason why the man had retrieved the publication immediately. For the domestic, it looked like a harmless trick.

But I have another evidence that the domestic could move without being detected. First, observe that his elbows and his head are touching the floor, while his lower part is on the red pillow. But at the end of the conversation between the lord, dressed like a peasant, and the assistant, the latter had now his whole body on the red pillow. (chapter 1) The manhwaphiles could only detect this change, if they paid attention to details. Since I had discovered the existence of the following rule, there is always a reflection within the same episode, I can only come to the conclusion that the domestic had once moved before. He had retrieved the original book, as the latter could serve as an evidence for a conspiracy.

And since in episode 4, we have the topic of a plagiarized poem, I come to the conclusion that episode 1 is the negative reflection of chapter 4 which I had already exposed in the essay “Baek Na-Kyum’s origins”. In this episode, the noble had detected the crime (the plagiarism), hence in episode 1, he didn’t notice the divergences. (chapter 1) And now, you comprehend why the domestic ended up executed. He had played a trick, though he had been fooled himself either. So when the domestic lied about the artist’s past too (chapter 1), he was not just repeating what someone had told him, for he knew about the existence of the original publication. The latter represents the evidence of the servant’s lies. Baek Na-Kyum had never painted men engaging in sodomy on his own accord. He might have not known the whole story, but he was definitely aware of the presence of deceptions. Besides this doesn’t diminish the wrongness of his own manipulations and lack of respect towards the main lead in the end. The original book was the evidence of his knowledge and complicity.

But why did he reveal the existence of the other book then? First, it is to prove that the painter had published his work as a series. Secondly, it was important for the schemers to maintain the illusion that sodomy was something natural! Since he was a child, he had felt attracted to men and was interested in erotic paintings. In other words, the perpetrators were trying to hide their own crime, the brainwashing and the fact that they had turned Yoon Seungho into a homosexual, a sex toy. Only in season 3, the main lead was able to recognize the truth, but he was not able to designate the main culprits. (Chapter 86)

But wait… when the servant outlined that the lord had showed him the book, it exposed the powerlessness of Yoon Seungho even more. He had no right-hand to assist him. Normally, a lord would charge his butler to take care of this matter, and the latter should delegate the work to a servant, like we could observe it in chapter 97 and 98. Nonetheless, in this scene, the main lead had to entrust the task to the servant directly. Moreover, in that scene he was dressed like a peasant, and he had to clean the sword himself. (chapter 1) As he was not the owner of the book, I deduce that he didn’t truly possess the sword either. As you can see, while we had the impression in this scene that the lord was a powerful lord due to his words, the little details displayed the opposite. He was not only on his own, but also fooled by everyone. He was in the same situation than his future lover.

3. The identity of the author

And the moment I could distinguish the original from the copy, I realized two important aspects. First, the painter must have known the bad habits of the sodomite!! (chapter 1) He would even see them as a part of his identity, so that he felt the need to paint these. Since Yoon Seungho’s tormentor had a beard, this signifies that he was a married adult. This explicates why the main lead fears old bearded men. (chapter 44) Consequently, I deduce that the original artist must be old too! Under this new perspective, it becomes comprehensible why Min said this to the host: (chapter 8) Black Heart had seen the original publication, hence he employed the expression “that book”. He had not seen the copy in the end and as such the young artist. Therefore I am assuming that he was not the client who had hired Baek Na-Kyum in the first place!! Furthermore, I believe that he knew the identity of the seme in this publication due to the pipe and ashtray. As you can imagine, there is only one person who was seen with such an item, the fake servant! (chapter 37) You know my theory: he is the mysterious “lord Song”, Yoon Seungho’s main tormentor. On the other hand, I don’t think that it is his real name. But this doesn’t end here.

The original book contains another clue for the identity of the hidden painter! (chapter 1) The manhwaphiles are probably wondering where. The uke has a thin beard!! In the essay “Painful departures“, I had demonstrated that the moustache with a thin beard was current among commoners in Painter Of The Night, as Kim, Bongyong, the tailor and other inhabitants had one: (chapter 45) Consequently I could only deduce that the bottom was a commoner, but he had a topknot with the black headband, this means that he was trying to deceive the beholders, people should believe that two nobles were having sex here. Because of the thin beard, I couldn’t help myself looking at the seme’s head, that’s how I noticed that he was not wearing a beard at all. (chapter 1) On the other hand, he should have one, for in Joseon, the men were supposed to get a beard and topknot, the moment they got “married”. Hence I came to the conclusion that in this picture, the seme was hiding his identity, but the mysterious author couldn’t help himself exposing his identity: a huge smoker, who would even smoke in bed while having sex, the former version of this scene (chapter 45) Because of these observations, I deduced that the couple in this picture was composed of a noble with a commoner. They were trying to hide their true social status. This means that here, the picture symbolizes hypocrisy and dishonesty, as both were not able to reveal their true self. Then the green round pillow caught my attention. So far, in Painter Of The Night all the pillows were rectangles. (chapter 33) (chapter 90) (chapter 97) Secondly, they all had motives, and in the gibang the two of them were even embroidered on the side.

“Documents from the period indicate that the pillows in the royal court were embroidered with all sorts of wondrous flora and fauna-themed patterns. These included animals such as ducks and cranes, as well as fruit tree blossoms like peach, or blooming lotus or peony flowers. Phoenix and dragon patterns―which symbolized royalty and were reserved for monarchs—were also common in the royal palace.” Quoted from

However, since the pillow diverges from all the others, I come to the deduction that this was the commoner’s bed. (chapter 1) And the noble would join him during the night. Thus I couldn’t restrain myself thinking of Baek Na-Kyum who had become the sex partner of Yoon Seungho after painting him with his partners. Exactly like in the past, the main lead went to the painter’s room during the night. Since this story is constructed like a kaleidoscope, as such is working with reflections, I came to the deduction that this picture represents the artist with his lover. I would even add that this displays the last erotic painting between the mysterious painter and his partner. Hence it is in the middle of the book!! It represents the high peak of their relationship as well. This image contrasts to this one: (chapter 52) There is no bed, the lord is recognizable thanks to his face and not his tool, and the painter has closed eyes. Though they were cosplaying, a prostitute and a client, the reality was that they were both true to themselves: heartbroken. This scene was not reflecting the reality: they were not lewd, rather loyal and selfless. The only similarity is that they were doing it from behind, a sign that this was just sex and not love.

Due to the huge contrast between these two pictures, the manhwalovers can grasp why I came to the conclusion that the author of the erotic book was portrayed in the publication. But why was the thin beard there then? It was to manipulate the beholder, to mask his true age, as the other had none. From my point of view, the couple was trying to hide their real identity. They were playing a prank (chapter 71) No one should recognize their age and social status. And now, you comprehend why I came to the following thought: this image represents the high peak of their relationship, as Na-Kyum stopped painting his love sessions with Yoon Seungho after chapter 52. While the main couple got closer after that picture despite the setback, I am assuming that it was the opposite between the mysterious painter and the seme from the publications. In fact, they must have parted ways. This explicates why the servant said this: (chapter 1) Though he was talking about Baek Na-Kyum, in reality his words were reflecting the past as well. The hidden painter had stopped for reasons unknown!! But now, you know the reason. The seme had abandoned the artist in the end so that the latter felt betrayed. And by discovering the identity of the original author and why the painter no longer painted, Yoon Seungho will unveil the origins of his own suffering and as such the conspiracy from the past!! Yoon Seungho’s abuse started, because the pedophile had switched his partner! In his mind, everything started with a painting, as the latter vanished: (chapter 74) But I believe that there exist other causes like jealousy and revenge. Moreover, he definitely crossed path with the pedophile. There is no ambiguity that the king must have noticed Yoon Seungho’s beauty and innocence. (chapter 57) In other words, the pedophile had many reasons to abandon the first painter after the creation of the book.

Thus you have the explanation why Yoon Seungho couldn’t keep the original publication and why he didn’t notice the difference between the two books. He was not supposed to know about the existence of the original painter. The author had a reason to portray the main lead’s indifference too. Since Byeonduck was connecting the past to the present, she was obligated not to reveal the pseudonym of the painter in this scene. She was using ambiguity on purpose. Only at the end, the main lead should show an interest about the painter’s motivation for stopping painting in order to maintain the mystery. Finally, he was not ready to face the past. Here, he was still a puppet.

But who is the mysterious painter in the end? Like mentioned above, the moustache is the clue. For me, it is Kim!! Thus the latter removed his thin beard, when he entered the Yoons’ mansion. (chapter 77) For me, the book had already been made. And the producer can only belong to the royal family, for the publication utilized paper from the royal academy. (chapter 1) (chapter 2) No one should recognize Kim’s true identity, and even make the connection between the first publication and him. But as time passed on, he chose to wear a moustache again as a sign of seniority and superiority. (chapter 7) And the beard will betray him. Have you never wondered why the butler had no moustache in the past, but now he has one? The beard is the indication of marriage like mentioned above. But I doubt that the man has a spouse now, for he would have to ask for the lord’s permission. Besides, I doubt that due to his personality, he would be willing to become responsible for someone else. And now, you comprehend why Black Heart said this: (chapter 8) Because the artist had a beard in the past, he assumed that he should have one in the present!! This exposes that Black Heart knew about lord Song’s habits, but he had no idea about the identity of the original painter. In the past, the sodomite had sex with a commoner. He had become Min’s role model in the end. Therefore he resembles so much to the “pedophile” with his brutality and hypocrisy. The latter looks down on commoners, but despite everything he did have sex with them. The man is actually the biggest hypocrite who constantly has a change of heart. Nonetheless, this ended, after he met Yoon Seungho. He definitely became obsessed with him.

4. The evidences for this theory

Because this story is going in circle, this means that the mysterious painter from the past left traces in other episodes. What caught my attention is that we had a hidden painter in season 3 too, but so far, no one detected his presence, including me. It only occurred to me recently. No-Name was standing in front of paintings. (chapter 100) Yes, the shaman is also a painter. Since season 2, I had made the connection between the protagonists and shamanism, but with this new discovery, this theory gets reinforced.

Korean shamans, called mansin, hang bright portraits of the gods they serve over the altars in their personal shrines. These paintings become sites of daily devotion as gods, operating through the portraits, send the mansin inspiration in order to divine, exorcise, heal, and open their clients’ paths to good fortune. Quoted from–god-pictures-in-action-korean-shaman-paintings-and-the-work?rgn=main;view=fulltext

This means that exactly Baek Na-Kyum, the artist was encouraged to paint erotic pictures of sodomy, though in the beginning, he was a painter of gods. That’s how I realized that in the past, Yoon Seungho should have been exposed to the opposite situation than his lover: the main lead was not allowed to paint and remind the pedophile of his talent… and this because of Kim. But why? It is because he felt wounded, betrayed and abandoned. Yoon Seungho should only be his “sex toy” and not his “painter”. He definitely encouraged lord Song to only have sex with the protagonist. This means, the valet and Jung In-Hun played a similar role. (chapter 10) No one should discover the main lead’s talents, thus he was portrayed as someone with a huge libido. This could only please the man consumed by lust. Hence you have the explanation why the main lead was so badmouthed. Moreover, this explicates why Yoon Seungho had a nightmare because of this painting. (chapter 74) Indirectly, this represents Kim’s jealousy. If the protagonist had not painted it… Since due to sodomy, Kim had lost his “home” and “identity”, this is not surprising that he came to resent “painting”. It is because he has long internalized painting to erotic publications. Hence he spoke badly about painting and badmouthed the artist. (chapter 11) (chapter 17) He was a charlatan and an untalented artist, for he was simply a painter. And now you comprehend why Kim had to put the blame on Yoon Seungho. Because of him, he had been abandoned. There is no ambiguity that the moment he was given to the Yoons, he made the resolution to change his loyalty. For me, he had not truly intended to betray the main lead from the start. However, due the desertion, he could never truly love the protagonist, the older version of chapter 49. Contrary to our “hero”, he couldn’t move on. Thus he could only become angry, when Yoon Seungho played this prank on him: (chapter 36) He had been a shaman in the past, and he was also a painter… he could only feel humiliated. Under this new light, it becomes comprehensible why the butler was determined to designate Baek Na-Kyum as a servant. (chapter 38) It is because it had been Kim’s fate too. (chapter 52) As a painter, he had turned into a domestic. However, don’t get misled by the butler’s words. Since he had been a shaman, he was in reality a free man, this signifies that when he was sent to the Yoons, he was actually playing a role, the “loyal servant”. It had been his own choice. And now, you have the explanation why he owns such clothes. (chapter 39) For me, they reflect his real status, a free man. Contrary to the artist, he had not been dragged to the Yoons… One might say that he was in a vulnerable position, especially if his lover had been the “king”. But actually, the publication could have been used to blackmail the monarch! Nonetheless, the man couldn’t do it, for he would have to reveal that he had committed sodomy. He had violated social norms, his name would be connected to a scandal, However, the butler fears people’s gaze and ruckus. Besides, he had portrayed himself as a noble in this picture. (chapter 1) Moreover, we have to question ourselves if back then he owned the publication too. Finally, the removal of the moustache is the sign of his complicity in verity.

And now imagine his reaction, when he saw this picture from the painter: (chapter 44) He could detect the painter’s fate: he was a shaman, as he had painted the scholar’s departure to the afterlife, though he was not aware of the present conspiracy. And this observation brings me to the final conclusion: the original book vanished like Baek Na-Kyum’s paintings: (chapter 41) As you can see, he is the only one who is connected to all the paintings from the low-born. Thus he showed the picture with the scholar to the noona (chapter 65) and Min stole Na-Kyum’s last erotic painting with the butler’s knowledge.

5. The location of the original publication

In order to be able to answer to this, we need to unveil the identity of the owner of this publication. Furthermore, keep in mind that this book was used as a “exam” for the painter. The latter had to copy it in order to show his talent. Thus I deduce that the owner of this book hired Baek Na-Kyum after testing him. So he lives close to the gibang. We have two possibilities: Kim himself as the former painter who lent it to the servant later, or someone else. I doubt that the pedophile has it, because he has long moved on from Kim. Besides, since he is the king, I doubt that he could give it and retrieve it immediately. He definitely delegated this task to one of his close allies, someone involved in the past. But like mentioned above, this can not be Min. Thus I developed a theory by contrasting scenes and chapters so that the similarities would be reflected. From my point of view, the client is none other than father Lee!! Naturally, he never met the artist himself, he utilized Heena noona, who must have portrayed herself in danger, the older version of this scene. (chapter 97) That’s the reason why the painter gave survival as justification for his painting. (chapter 1) For me, the artist was identifying himself with his sister. She was well aware that he would do anything for her, especially if she was threatened. His trauma had always been to feel powerless, for he could never protect his noonas.

We have many clues for this theory that Lee was the client. However, here he was definitely acting on “lord Song”‘s behalf. This was to hide the king’s direct involvement, as the latter wished to have a portray of his biggest conquest Yoon Seungho. (chapter 1) This explicates why the book has a different form. This was for “souvenirs”‘s purpose.

But how could I determine the patriach Lee’s implication? First, in the first scene, the lord is not living in his own house, but at the Lees. (chapter 1) (chapter 67) Compare these two panels. Secondly, the discovery of the plagiarized poem was discovered at the Lee’s too. (chapter 4) Moreover, the lord was cleaning a sword, when he made a threat (chapter 1), and striking is that the lord came back to the domain with a huge sword after the painter’s kidnapping. (chapter 67) Since the author is using karma as punishment, but this always occurs in delay, I am seeing it as a punishment for his plot in chapter 1. He had tried to get rid of the painter in the past, thus he should face the consequences of his past decision. Now, it was his son’s turn to be threatened. (chapter 67) Finally, keep in mind that father Lee was the second person mentioning a shaman. (chapter 82) Striking is that he knows where a shaman works, deep in the mountains!! This means that he knew where this temple was. (chapter 101) It is in a secluded area close to the mountain. This means that in 3 occasions, he tried to have the painter removed: chapter 1, chapter 82 and 99. But he never listened to the main lead’s warnings. This can only reinforce my prediction that father Lee will end up dead.

But why did he have the book? It is because he was involved in the first publication as well. I am assuming that father Lee must have brought the shaman to his house for fortune-telling and that’s how the future butler crossed path with the pedophile. And from my point of view, the man must have gone to the Lees to hide his “lust”, just like the man would go incognito to the Yoons’ mansion under a false name.

Since scholar Lee was helping his sponsor, I have the feeling that the book could have been used as blackmail. Remember how the painter was asked to spy on the main lead by the learned sir. T (chapter 24) This must have happened in the past either.

Because the valet is a reflection of the protagonist, there is no ambiguity that Kim was put in a similar situation. But the more conclusive evidence for this theory is Lee Jihwa’s stolen kiss. (chapter 77) He must have found the book in his father’s study. In chapter 14, the childhood friend had imitated a position in order to catch his friend’s interest: (chapter 14) (chapter 9) This must have happened in the past too. However, this incident could have terrible consequences for Kim and father Lee. If he revealed the identity of the kisser, Lee Jihwa could have mentioned how he came up with this idea, and the existence of the publication could have come to the surface. Besides, his past relationship to the king would come to the surface. Since Kim was wearing the white headband in the past, this indicates that he was offered to Yoon Chang-Hyeon as a servant, the “poisoned gift” which I had mentioned before. As you can see, the butler had every interest to believe in the red-haired young master’s lie in the end. He was definitely involved in the plot. And now, one might feel pity for the valet. He was just a powerless man in front of the king and the noble Lee. But no…. why? He could have come clean, if he had revealed the truth to the Yoons right away. But he never did. Hence he was bound by secrecy! One lie led to another one, thereby he ended up covering up more and more for his wrongdoings.

Under this new light, it becomes comprehensible why Father Lee had an interest to have the painter killed. Not only he was the indirect cause of his son’s humiliation (the loss of his topknot), but also he was an important witness of father Lee’s involvement in Yoon Seungho’s suffering. (chapter 82), for he was the one who had hired him as painter. Since the artist is a free man, I am assuming that there exists another main character in a similar situation, this can only be the valet. Hence he remained in the mansion, when the family left the domain. (chapter 27) It was his choice, as he considered himself as a free man. Therefore it is no coincidence that he views this mansion as his new home, and perceived the artist as a source of threat. Thus he had no problem to push Yoon Seungho to commit suicide. That way, he imagined that he would get rid of this huge burden, the cause for his huge guilty conscience.

Moreover, the moment you admit the existence of a blackmail between the Lees and Kim, you can understand the butler’s deep resent for Lee Jihwa and why he was determined to have him taken the fall for everything. Thus Min became his voice in the temple. (chapter 100) If he had not kissed the protagonist… However, he was forgetting that the origin of everything was the publication from chapter 1. This means that the real persons responsible for this misery and chaos are the pedophile and his former lover, the hidden painter. By using servants from the Lees, everything would point out that the Lees were responsible for the lord’s vanishing. That way, he would get rid of the Lees, and he could no longer be suspected for his past wrongdoings. He could put the blame on the elder master Yoon as well, as the valet was well aware of the king’s resent for him. (chapter 37) Therefore it is not surprising that Kim appears as the “winner” of season 3, though he is not visible in episode 102. He is like a ghost, this represented his view in my opinion. . (chapter 102) No-Name and the childhood friend ran away, Min and his friends got killed, and the main couple is supposed to have died. All the “witnesses” are now gone, and he is the only one who “knows”. (chapter 86) Hence I am suspecting that the pedophile will believe him, especially if they had a past relationship together. Yoon Chang Hyeon, father Lee and his friends will have to take the fall for everything. With the protagonists’ death, it seems that Kim was able to bury everything. But this is an illusion, for the final panel exposes the presence of tombs in the mountain. (chapter 102) He had to kill servants, the witnesses of his betrayal.

6. Predictions

Since in the original book, the couple was not honest to each other, and they were trying to hide their true identity, I come to the conclusion that our beloved couple will create a future painting which will contrast to the first one: In my eyes, the picture was already exposed on two occasions: the ruined picture in the background and here: (chapter 1) That’s the reason why the lovers are now facing each other. Furthermore, since the pedophile was portrayed without beard in the original publication, I am now expecting that the “pedophile” will remove his beard to approach Yoon Seungho. Someone will tattle to him this: (chapter 44) Besides, the butler had removed his thin moustache in the past, this means that this should happened in season 4 too. If the butler doesn’t do it again, then it can only be the pedophile himself. Everyone is expecting to see a man with such a beard, (chapter 83) but the latter could decide to change the form of his beard to appear “younger” and like a commoner. As a conclusion, expect a bad prank from the mysterious lord Song. Finally, I would like to point out that the cover for season 1 was exposing the presence of a painter, but the latter was invisible. As you can see, from the start, the author had selected such a title, The Painter Of The Night, for this reason. There existed more than just one painter of the night.

Here, I would like to conclude this essay with the following question: Why was this erotic publication created in the first place? (chapter 1) As you can imagine, I found a possible answer to this, but I will present it in another analysis.

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