Painter Of The Night: Yoon Seungho and his puzzled physician 🩺

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I would like to remind my readers that for me, Byeonduck introduced three different physicians. [For more read the essay The mysterious doctor] On the other hand, the manhwaphiles already know which doctor I am referring to, the physician from chapter 57 and this because of this expression: “I am still puzzled”. (chapter 57) So in this short essay, I would like to present my new observations and interpretation concerning this intriguing man.

1. His beard

What caught my attention is his beard (chapter 57), as it resembles a lot to the ones from the yangbans. (chapter 67) . (chapter 86) His beard is so different from the commoners’. (chapter 45) This is important, because it reveals that the doctor belongs to a different social class: Chungin, the upper-middle class.

Chungin (중인) Chungin” was the second-highest class in the society. People belonging to this class were considered as upper-middle-class of the society. It consisted of highly educated specialists, artists, astrologers, physicians, accountants, and low-level bureaucrats. To belong to this class, one had to pass the technical efficiency examination, called the Chapkwa, and hence, could become a Chungin. Chungin, similar to Yangban were also exempted from military service and paying taxes.” Quoted from

It exposes that this man has a higher position than peasants and small merchants, the sangmin. The reason is simple. Since they had to pass an examination, this indicates that they have a certain knowledge. In other words, education serves as a mark of distinction among Joseon’s hierarchical society. It explicates why the calligrapher insulted Baek Na-Kyum. (chapter 92) The lords and chungin can look down on the commoners, sangmin and cheonmin, as the latter are not considered as educated, since they never had to pass an exam. Striking is that the physician voiced his ignorance in front of the painter which stands in opposition to his social status. (chapter 57) He was not able to diagnose Yoon Seungho’s illness. Thus the doctor could be perceived as selfless, honest, dedicated and humble. He is determined to do anything to find the proper solution. Thus many readers came to like the clueless physician. However, in my eyes, it is just an illusion again!!

2. The physician’s testimony

First of all, I detected a contradiction. The doctor claimed that he had not been able to help the father (chapter 57). But this is not correct, for he prescribed and gave the drug to the butler and as such the elder master Yoon. That’s why he said this: (chapter 57) Note that solution has two meanings, thus it has for synonyms answer and elixir/extract!! He did give him a solution, the drug!! This truly shows that the physician was lying to the painter. 😮 But this doesn’t end here.

He also contradicted himself, when he first stipulated this. (chapter 57), With the idiom “strong”, he was implying that Yoon Seungho had always been quite in good health. On the other hand, he said later that he had always been puzzled about the mysterious illness.

Striking is this description of the main lead. (chapter 57) He is the only one who portrayed the protagonist in a positive light. Why? In my eyes, it was to gain the painter’s trust. That way, the doctor would appear as impartial and neutral. Thus he said the truth first in order to divert attention from his own actions. He had been the one supplying the drug to the butler. (chapter 57) I had already criticized the doctor in the past, for he kept giving the medicine to the valet, and never made the connection to his “hot-headed” temper. He appeared as quite stupid. In my eyes, he already appeared as a passive accomplice, but mainly due to his lack of discernment. He would trust the butler too much. Thus in the composition „the purge“, I had predicted his involvement in a plot which would bring to light his complicity.

Yet, note that during his confidence, he portrayed Yoon Chang-Hyeon in a bad light. He was ignorant (“he would say strange things”), he was brutal with his son (chapter 57). This shows that right from the start, he was already putting the whole blame on the elder master Yoon. That way, the physician was avoiding to become responsible. He had been giving the drug to the butler for a long time, while claiming that he had not been able to diagnose the illness. Besides, we shouldn’t overlook that in this chapter, we only have the physician’s version!! We never heard the testimony from the father. Just because we saw the bruises and the hand on the main character’s neck, this is no real guarantee that the father said this to the doctor. (chapter 57) That’s how I realized that the doctor had been deceiving the painter all along. He lied by commission, but also when he talked about the visitation, he was actually delivering the truth in delay, paltering!! He used the same MO than Kim. He feigned ignorance, and mixed a truth with a lie!! This is no coincidence. This leads me to the following question: why did he talk about the past to Baek Na-Kyum? (Chapter 57) Yes, it was to protect himself!! He was diverting the painter‘s attention. From that moment on, I could no longer judge him the same way. He was now an active and smart accomplice, who would utilize innocence, truth and knowledge to his advantage.

Besides, the manhwalovers can note that he employs the same expressions than the valet: “it seems”, „always“… He is referring to appearances, a sign that he is aware of the importance of impression. As you can see, he was acting exactly like Kim. Thus we should see this conversation as a reflection from this scene: (chapter 12) According to my interpretation, here the butler wished the painter to desert the mansion. Thus I conclude that at the physician’s office, the doctor had the opposite task: he should ensure that Baek Na-Kyum doesn’t run away. It was important that the artist was by the lord’s side the moment he gets kidnapped. That way, Yoon Seungho would only blame himself and the painter. Yet, I don’t think that he knew everything about the future abduction. Secondly, why did the doctor bring up Yoon Seungho’s health and his medicine to the painter? He was actually a stranger, even a „servant“. (chapter 57) First, notice that Kim had already implied that he would bring his master to the doctor’s office. (chapter 57) However, the office is actually far away from the mansion. (For more read the essay The hidden shaman) From my point of view, the revelations from the doctor had two purposes. Baek Na-Kyum should not wonder why the butler brought his sick master to the office. Secondly, he had to gain his trust so that he would feel safe there. Moreover, I think that the butler must have realized that the artist had heard the exchange between the second physician and Kim. So he knew that the lord was supposed to take some medicine: (chapter 55) But like I have always pointed out, Yoon Seungho had no idea about the drugs and medicine. He was totally left in the dark, for the valet would call the drug ” medicinal tea”. (chapter 35) He employed an euphemism. This truly shows that the doctor and the valet were partners in crime, both accomplices due to their passivity, knowledge and silence. Nevertheless, I don’t think that the physician was directly involved with the kidnapping and assassination plot. The conversation between the valet and the physician displays the lack of honesty coming from Kim. (chapter 57) The latter portrays himself as a victim.

Under this new light, it becomes comprehensible why he never revealed anything after the abduction. (chapter 63) He felt bound by secrecy to the bearded man. On the other hand, this incident must have worried him, as it had taken place at his own mansion. Thus he could get into trouble. Kim realized that he needed to reassure the doctor. If the latter started speaking, he could get into trouble, for he had left the propriety during that night. He had no real alibi. Hence the valet visited the doctor during that night, but he never threatened him. (chapter 65) The doctor believed that the moment someone talked, someone could take the fall. Observe that in the yard, the butler followed the physician’s advice: he should say nothing. (chapter 65) This truly exposes that the doctor is not just a naive man, but an accomplice not only due to his silence and passivity, but also due to his own manipulations. He described himself as a concerned observer who had done nothing wrong. But no, this is not true, as the drug is the evidence of his participation. Who paid for the drug/medicine in the end? Since the elder master Yoon was no longer living in the mansion, the valet was the one responsible for the expenses. I doubt that Yoon Seungho would take a closer look to the accounts. Then when he said that he only saw the protagonist twice (chapter 57), this doesn’t mean that he was not involved in the main lead’s suffering. He could have affected Yoon Seungho’s life differently. We have the perfect example in season 3: he treated the butler (chapter 77), while he neglected the lord’s hand (chapter 84) But like I pointed out, who gave the aphrodisiac to Lee Jihwa? This is a medicine!! To conclude, the physician was involved in the main lead’s suffering, though he only met him twice. (chapter 57) The reason why I started examining the physician again, is because he was the first person to mention the shaman. (chapter 57) But since my theory is that Kim was a shaman, this signifies that he should have recognized Kim as the shaman!! In that case, I deduced that the physician had been lying to the elder master Yoon by omission. Naturally, it is also possible that the father had hired the shaman, but out of fear for his reputation, he acted, as if he had no idea about the butler’s true identity. In other words, all three men acted, as if they knew nothing. This would explain why all the characters had no eye in the last picture. Anyway, because of my latest theory, I reexamined the physician‘s statement and found more incongruences

Moreover, just because the doctor made this statement, this doesn’t signify that we should take his words as face-value. Like pointed out above, the physician was not honest, and he was definitely putting the whole blame on Yoon Chang-Hyeon for malpractice, while he was hiding his own malpractice. He acted as an ignorant and naive man. Striking is only the nobles were described in a rather negative light: Yoon Seungho as a hot-tempered man, Yoon Chang-Hyeon as a violent, untrustworthy and ignorant father. (chapter 57) Here he doubted the elder master Yoon’s words, for he stated as a fact that the young master Lee Jihwa was not mentally sick. Keep in mind that according to the doctor, the protagonist was described as someone suffering from a mental illness. And this detail caught my attention: the physician took the Lees’ side. Furthermore, the patriarch Lee was thinking similarly than the doctor: the shaman and the mental illness. (chapter 82) Finally, I would like to point out that in that chapter, the physician was mentioned too, and this next to the patriarch Lee. (chapter 82) Thus I believe that the physician’s fate is linked to Lee Jihwa and his father.

3. Conclusions

To conclude, since he feigned ignorance and hid his participation, I deduce that he will pay for his wrongdoings. His karma should be to become denunciated as an accomplice of a plot and even sentenced, though this time, he had truly been left in the dark, similar to Lee Jihwa. However, the physician won’t be able to run away. And remember the lord’s statement: (chapter 44) We should never trust the old bearded men, not even the doctor. And ignorance can not serve as an excuse for covering up wrongdoings. As a conclusion, the physician was more acting in chapter 57, he rather expressed a fake concern towards the main lead. (Chapter 57) Finally, the manhwaphiles should detect that the doctor never mentioned the presence of the servants in the bedchamber. Both were restraining the wounded lord. (Chapter 57) This is also no coincidence that he didn‘t point out the absence of the elder master Yoon during the second visit. He couldn‘t, because his tactic to put the whole blame on the patriarch would have totally failed. And this leads me to the following observation: (chapter 74) The doctor was not honest here either. Exactly like in episode 57, he was faking his worries towards Baek NA-Kyum. First, we have the presence of the drop of sweat on his cheek, a sign of dishonesty, but more importantly, his question was just theoretical, he was influencing the painter. The latter just needed to agree. He hoped that the artist would never bring up the incident in his mansion, and as such would wonder about his whereabouts and his responsibility concerning the kidnapping. At the same time, he could have asked this with the hope that the painter would blame the protagonist for his misery. He would use the painter‘s suffering (the unfair judgement leading to his imprisonment) in order to divert attention from his own wrongdoing: his silence, his passivity and his lack of commitment. He never tried to look for Baek Na-Kyum‘s vanishing. He never felt responsible. But he had to give up, because the artist was truly ignorant. (chapter 74) He never made any reproach towards the main lead.

As a conclusion, it is important to contrast the characters’ testimonies, to compare the images with the texts. That way, the readers can detect the deceptions through the contrast. Moreover, this shows that the physician was more than just an ignorant doctor, he was an accomplice. First, ignorance can not be an excuse for crimes. Secondly, we should question if he was truly ignorant. Yoon Seungho has not talked to him so far, hence this should happen in season 4. Therefore I come to the deduction that the physician will play a huge part in season 4, for he remained hidden in season 3. But he was definitely present because of the split, the aphrodisiac and the opium. The latter was often used as a medicine in China. Finally, it made me realize that season 4 will expose the participation of the commoners in the lord‘s suffering. Not only the aristocrats like Yoon Chang-Hyeon and father Lee were to blame for his misery, but also the servants, the tailor and the doctor. The latter played a role, as they never divulged their knowledge. The tailor could have noticed that he was no longer creating new clothes for the young master Seungho. The physician and the staff could have exposed the abuse to the authorities. Children were not supposed to be exposed to the straw mat beating.

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Payback: Portrait of a wacko 🤪

This is where you can read these manhwas. Payback: But be aware that this manhwas is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes. If you want to read more analyses about Payback or other manhwas, here is the link to the table of contents: I am also using doctor Frost as reference again. 

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Reminder: This analysis is based only on the manhwa.

Anyone reading Payback is aware that „wacko“ is the nickname given to Yoon Jay by Lee Yoohan. The latter started calling him that way, when he met him on the rooftop of the building owned by Dream Ent “for the first time”. (chapter 4) As you can imagine, in this essay, my main focus will be on executive director Yoon Jae, because he is surrounded by mystery and secrets. However, this perception is not entirely correct, because they exist other wackos in this story which I will present at the end. 😲

1. Introduction of Yoon Jae

What caught my attention is the way the protagonist was introduced in the prologue. The manhwalovers could never see his face and as such his gaze. . This means that Fujoking and Samk were hiding his real character on purpose, though the readers already knew his job and name: executive director Yoon. As you can see, the mystery concerning Yoon Jay is not about his name, but about his personality. He is indeed very difficult to understand contrary to Lee Yoohan who can be read like an open book.

But why? First, it is because we don’t have much information about him and his past. (chapter 1) He lived for a long time in the US, and he hasn’t been working at Dream Ent for a long time. He is portrayed as a ruthless man, for he doesn’t mind firing people. However, I believe that his bad notoriety is linked to his smile as well. How so? It is because when he rejects or fires people, he has a huge smile on his face. It was, as if he was feeling Schadenfreude. We have the perfect example, when he rejects Song Myungshin’s advances. (chapter 9) Though the image seems to ooze warmth due to the flowers and bright colors, we should perceive it as the opposite due to the huge contrast between the background and the immense NO. He is here acting, mirroring the actor’s hypocrisy. Besides, note that the main lead has closed eyes, an indication that he is hiding his true thoughts and emotions to the antagonist. Because the main lead combines a smirk with cold words, he appears heartless… almost like a psychopath! Hence he is also called psychopath. (chapter 35) That’s the reason why Yoon Jae is not surprised or upset hearing it from his protégé. His negative reputation incites fear and intimidation, like the spy admits it. Even the manager Choi gets frightened, when he hears his name. (chapter 6) However, the readers should question if Yoon Jae’s dangerousness is not exaggerated. Why? First of all, despite his claims, the worker was actually revealing secrets about the executive director to the actor Song Myungshin. If he truly feared him, then he shouldn’t have exposed the director’s research for the rabbit. (chapter 1) This was absolutely private. But who is Yoon Jae in reality?

2. The prologue: first clues about the “wacko”

Yes, even in the prologue, the authors let us see a glimpse of Yoon Jae’s personality. If you read other analyses from me, you are well aware that the decoration of a room mirrors the mental and emotional disposition of people. (Doctor Frost, chapter 8) Striking is the preference for dark colors, essentially brown and black.

“In color psychology, black means power and control, hanging on to information and things rather than giving out to others. Black is intimidating, unfriendly and unapproachable because of the power it exudes. […] Negative keywords include aloof, depressing and pessimistic, secretive and withholding, conservative and serious, power & control, sadness and negativity.” Quoted from

As you can see, the color reflects his mind-set. He is quite a controlling person, thus he made sure to be updated on Lee Yoohan’s moves. (chapter 9) He investigated about his past immediately. And what is the signification of brown then?

Brown suppresses the emotions, creating a safe haven from the stresses of the outside world within which problems can be contemplated and solved. Brown is a color of structure, although by no means does it encourage perfectionism – rather it encourages orderliness and organization. Brown is solid with strength and maturity. It prefers to function in its own safe little world – it is not carefree and spontaneous and doesn’t like surprises. It can be considered dull, boring and unexciting by many.” Quoted from

This exposes that Yoon Jae is not an emotional person, quite the opposite. He is very serious, rational and even calculative, as he has to anticipate people’s actions (combined with black). (prologue) Furthermore, since the brown shade is associated to structure and organization, this shows that his whole life is revolving around work. Besides, the manhwaworms can perceive his workaholism thanks to the scripts placed on his desk and cupboards. He is so dedicated to his job that he even brings work home. (chapter 35). One might object to this interpretation, for contrary to the office in Dream’s building and Alice’s labyrinth (chapter 13), the floor and walls of his home are white. Why is there this difference? The color exposes the emptiness and loneliness of his life. This explains why the main lead barely goes home. I am even assuming that he is avoiding the place. He prefers sleeping on the bank (chapter 34) from the rooftop of the building than going home. And now, you comprehend why the director’s relative and friend sent Lee Yoohan there. He desired to ensure that his acquaintance would get enough sleep. Yoon Jae realized that if he desired to keep the main lead by his side, he needed to go back home so that they could share a bed together. (chapter 35) As you can see, I was able to create connections between the main lead’s office and other scenes indicating the importance of the design of a room.

(Prologue) His office seems to have no window, though I have my doubts about it. From my point of view, the windows are covered, or since this office has two rooms, it is possible that the windows are in the other study. Let’s not forget that when Lee Yoohan delivered the letter to his assistant Park Sung-Ki, it was still daylight. Anyway, since there’s no sunlight, the director has to turn on the light. This indicates that he doesn’t pay attention to time at all. I would even say that he has somehow lost the notion of „time“. Thus I conclude that he has no regular life. This is not surprising when Yoon Jae explains to Lee Yoohan later that he worked for three days without sleeping. (chapter 35) Since he switched from the office in the Dream’s building to the one at Alice labyrinth’s, he can barely notice sun light. And now, you have the explanation why the main lead is so feared by the workers from Dream Ent. He forces them to work non-stop, even to sacrifice their night (see chapter 38)! That’s the reason why he is called a psychopath. He doesn’t know the true meaning of life. For him, there only exists work, work, work. Under this new light, the readers can perceive the similarities between the two protagonists. Both were leading a similar way of life, but definitely for different reasons.

(Prologue) Finally, behind his desk there is this huge picture of a conifers’ forest covered with clouds and fog. (chapter 10) The topic exposes the main lead’s loneliness and dull life. There is no real fresh air in his office, as it is just a picture. This room feels suffocating. It was, as if Yoon Jae was buried under work. Finally, the manhwaphiles can notice the absence of family pictures. And this is the same in the second office at Alice labyrinth’s and his real home. He is truly alone. The darkness of the room and the absence of a family display that Yoon Jae is not truly living. He is just working. There’s no joy or happiness in his life. That’s the reason why he appears so ruthless to others, because he doesn’t take into consideration his workers’ love life and family. This is the second common denominator with Lee Yoohan. And now, it is time to focus why the main lead called Yoon Jae a wacko.

3. Their first meeting on the rooftop

When Lee Yoohan asked him for a cigarette, (chapter 3), Yoon Jae showed his hostility immediately. First, he remained silent, then he insulted him by throwing the butt to his feet. (chapter 3) Such a reaction could only shock Lee Yoohan, as the latter had showed no sign of aggressiveness before. But why did the mysterious man react so negatively then? It is because for Yoon Jae, the rooftop had become his true home, the place where he could breathe. That’s the reason why he didn’t want anyone there, until he met the other main lead! And it is the same at Alice‘s labyrinth either. The rooftop is the main lead’s refuge where he can connect to “nature”. He can watch the city, but also the stars in the night sky or find some sleep.

In his eyes, Lee Yoohan was just an intruder who was trying to approach him in order to obtain some benefit. This shows that kindness and generosity were unknown in his world. It is only about value, give and take. Striking is that during this scene, the authors let the readers see the devil’s smile which was actually a sign of his coldness. (chapter 3) This perception got even reinforced, when Fujoking chose black to show Yoon Jae’s words. (chapter 3) Unlike with Song Myungshin, the main lead decided to expose his true thoughts and emotions, therefore Lee Yoohan could see his gaze. In other words, the scene 9 stands in opposition to chapter 3 and 4. This is important, because this explains why Yoon Jae came to “show an interest in Lee Yoohan” righ away. While in chapter 9, the executive director sent away the evil and fake actor (chapter 9), he proposed a deal to “Lee Baekwon”. (chapter 4) The reason for this change of attitude is that Lee Yoohan showed no fear in front of him. He didn’t feel humiliated to take the butt and he even retaliated. (chapter 3) This means that he had no problem to defy Yoon Jae, while the latter knows about his terrible reputation. The protagonist would even glare at him after the punch. (chapter 4)

The other reason why the executive director got intrigued is the young man’s innocence and honesty. He had not only no idea about his true identity (chapter 4), but also he rejected his assistance. (chapter 5) This shows that Lee Yoohan was no real leech. In other words, the young man was acting the opposite to the people Yoon Jae had ever met so far: hypocrites and greedy leech. That’s the reason why Yoon Jae found him so intriguing.

What caught my attention is the vocabulary he was employing in connection with the young actor: joke (chapter 4), amusing (chapter 11), impressive (chapter 13), boring (chapter 23) and “amused” . (chapter 23) These idioms belong to the semantic field “entertainment”, which stands in opposition to work! To conclude, Lee Yoohan brought joy and light into his dull life, this is not surprising that at the end of season 1, Yoon Jae is now investing in an independent movie.

Due to his unusual reactions, the main lead felt more and more attracted to the young man. Thanks to him, he felt his heart racing for the second time! (chapter 35) But why did he react to “revenge” then? He had never done something like that before, for he had always been on his own. He had always been indifferent towards people. But the more he saw the young actor, the more he got aroused sexually, the consequence of his racing heart. (chapter 13) This indicates that he was slowly brought back to life.

4. The origins of Yoon Jae’s weirdness

What he only knew so far was to make deals (value, give and take), because that’s the way he had been raised: t (chapter 30) He was not allowed to voice his emotions and thoughts to his “mother”. That’s the reason why Fujoking portrayed him as emotionless. (chapter 30) He had no smile on his face as a child, because he had been forced to lose it. There is no ambiguity that he was not allowed to cry either. The reason seems to be related to the mother’s high expectations for her son. (chapter 30). She made plans that Yoon Jae had to make come true. That’s how he internalized that life consists of only work and expectations. Everything else is pointless. It doesn’t matter, if this woman is his biological mother or his “adoptive mother”. Let’s not forget that the executive director has two names, Han and Yoon. Yoon comes from his mother. He is using “Yoon”, which could be seen as a sign of pride, while he resents “Han”.

This woman raised him with the following principles: deals and plans. There was no hug and warmth between them, hence there is this huge distance between them. (chapter 30) And she only touched him with her finger on his forehead. (chapter 30) He only had to use his intelligence and deny the existence of his heart. That’s the reason why he became a lonely and detached person. The lack of intimacy explains why Yoon Jae discovered sexuality very late. He only had sex with Lee Yoohan so far. (chapter 30) He had not the time and the opportunity to question his sexual orientation. His whole life revolved around work since his childhood.

Striking is that on the day, he met the protagonist for the first time, he looked quite suicidal and depressed. He was definitely provoking the men, thus he reproached the main lead his intervention. (chapter 14) He had a wounded arm, he was hiding his gaze behind his hair… a sign that he was having a hard time. He could only voice his emotions through aggression in the end. Striking is that in this situation, he utilized the idiom “play” contrasting to his philosophy of life: work: (chapter 14) In his mind, play was a synonym for fighting, but Lee Yoohan changed the meaning: sex. Thus when he had sex with the young man, he made two discoveries: tears which could only move his heart (chapter 14), for they represented what Yoon Jae had always been repressing so far, his broken heart and sadness. (chapter 35) This means that the young actor serves as a role model for the executive director. At the same time, he felt sexual pleasure for the first time (chapter 14), and he could give warmth to someone. (chapter 15) He was no longer evaluated based on his work performance, but on his kindness. I am quite certain that during this encounter Yoon Jae must have felt time differently too.

Therefore it is no coincidence that after this love session, the executive director wished to keep in touch with the mysterious rabbit. He was willing to open up his heart for him. (chapter 15) I would even add that he was totally sincere, when he gave him the following advice: (chapter 15) But what the executive director had in mind back then was totally different from Lee Yoohan. Thanks the pink rabbit, he had discovered that he was not truly alone, there existed warmth and emotions besides work. This meeting had definitely affected the main lead’s perception, hence he added this: (chapter 15) He was smiling again, because he felt that a new chapter in his life was about to begin. However, the problem is that his words resonated for the former thug differently. He had deserved to lose his mother and his brother, as he had neglected them before. He was responsible for their death. He reinforced the main lead’s guilt and shame. Thus the latter got angry and punched Yoon Jae’s wounded arm before giving him money. (chapter 15) He was not allowed to receive affection, though his future lover meant the exact opposite. From my point of view, this was the moment Yoon Jae learned the following lesson: smile is associated to rejection and coldness. This explicates why his facial expression in the motel room (chapter 15) resembles to the one on the rooftop. (chapter 9) Thus the manhwalovers can comprehend why the stockholder Jae was angry at the Jihwaja rabbit (chapter 17), but still was longing for him and his embrace. (chapter 37) One thing is sure. Because of this incident, the executive director learned not to show his affection immediately. So when Lee Yoohan got into trouble at Alice Labyrinth’s, the executive director denied that he had sent the waiter in order to assist him. (chapter 23) However, the readers can grasp that this is not true, for he got annoyed that Lee Yoohan said that he was not expecting any help from him.

5. The true nature of Yoon Jae’s relationship with Yoohan

Because for the executive director, work means everything, he can only reject sponsoring! Why? It is because the latter uses connections and pleasure as basis. This has nothing to do with talent or hard work. The “protégé” just needs to assist his “sponsor” elsewhere. Sponsoring contradicts the values the protagonist is advocating: honest hard work, no reliance on others. And now, if you observe the evolution of the couple, you will realize that the executive director never gave his support for free. There was always a deal between them. Even when he offered the interview, it contained a trap: (chapter 7) Lee Taemin was here cornered. If he had mentioned the incident on the rooftop, the protagonist would have lost his interest in him. However, this pushed the main lead to become proactive and even creative. Then later, it was the same. His help was never for free. (chapter 10) The irony is that here, the debutant didn’t grasp the ambiguity of his words. He could mean that he was selling his body, while in reality he had in his mind to work for the mysterious “helper”. The executive director had already perceived his innocence, hence he indeed offered him a job. (chapter 13) Secondly, Lee Tamin never truly employed his assistance directly. When he made the first phone call to wacko, he asked him to have his manager punished. Why? That way, Song Myungshin’s intervention would be mentioned. This means that Lee Yoohan used more or less the normal way to achieve his goal. That’s the reason why no one has ever made a connection between the executive director and Lee Taemin. The latter always tried to resolve the problems on his own. This could only impress the executive director. He could see that the young man was hard working. Striking is that Jay revealed his attachment and admiration towards Lee Yoohan very early on, because he introduced himself as Jay! (chapter 13) This is quite unusual for Koreans. Moreover, observe that he allowed him to enter his office at Alice Labyrinth’s. This is definitely his hiding place, hence I doubt that he allows strangers to visit him there. Slowly, the executive director Jay allowed Lee Yoohan to visit his private places: first the roof, then his office at Alice’s Labyrinth, the rooftop there too and finally his home.

But why didn’t Lee Yoohan notice his affection for him in the end? First, their mind-sets were different. Lee Yoohan grew up in a family, so he still cared for his mother and brother. He definitely had a big heart, but the problem was his mother was overwhelmed by her situation, raising two children as a single mother. He has always helped others, the perfect example is his relationship with the actor Song Myungshin. He consoled him and helped him to read his lines, he would share his flat with him. As you can see, Lee Yoohan might have been a thug, but he was still a generous man. Therefore it is no wonder that he felt terribly guilty after the loss of his family. And observe how Lee Yoohan reacted, when the director asked him to sleep with him. He let his future lover embrace him while asleep. (chapter 35)

Yoon Jae has never learned to share, as it was about a deal. So far, he never had to take care of a partner. This explicates why his friend gave a suit to the protagonist. (chapter 29) He knew that he had to play cupide.

Another reason for being called a wacko is that Lee Yoohan always had a regular life despite his terrible situation. He didn’t rest much, but his whole week was carefully planned. The time he didn’t spend at work was left to sleep. As you can see, he never neglected his body, thus he has a real home contrary to the main lead. Observe that the main lead noticed the chaos Yoon Jae’s office and home, yet this is not how the actor lives. This means that thanks to the main lead, the weirdo will learn to distance himself from work, and enjoy life. To conclude, though the main leads shared some similarities, they still came from two different worlds: education, life style and family situation. This is no coincidence that “Lee Baekwon” is connected to the pink rabbit. The latter symbolizes innocence, but also love and sexuality. He brought exactly what Yoon Jae had been missing in his childhood. Therefore, the main lead finds life more funny and interesting now.

Another reason is that Lee Yoohan has been betrayed by his ex-lover. So from my point of view, he became disillusioned about love. In the past, he had been fooled by Song Myungshin’s fake tears and affection. Hence I am suspecting that he chose sex with Yoon Jay for that reason. He had realized that sex could be quite superficial. This explicates why he didn’t mind switching position. However, since the stockholder had never fallen in love with someone before, he made the exact opposite experience. He came to see the connection between sex and love. Hence he has this romantic perception of love,. . (chapter 15) This shows that Yoon Jae associates love to faithfulness and strong emotions, but the innocent rookie has long disconnected sex with affection. That’s the reason why he couldn’t see his jealousy (chapter 16) and as such his growing affection towards him.

Striking is that the moment he realizes Lee Taemin’s true identity, he is so happy that he not only smiles, but also blushes. (chapter 37) This picture announces the final transformation of the “wacko”. He is so overjoyed, that he wished to give his lover everything. , (chapter 38): fame, revenge… but also his heart! Thus he added this (chapter 38) He will give him affection and warmth so that he can overcome his loss.

6. The other weirdos

Like mentioned above, the executive director dislikes sponsoring very much, as he is a purist. He only judges people based on their performance and value. He treasures integrity and honesty. This explains why he cleaned the company by firing so many people in the end. (chapter 07) Thus he embodies the opposite values of chairman Kim, who doesn’t care about great movies and realism. Thus he changes scripts or actors. (chapter 23) For him, only his pleasures matter. He uses his money and connections to obtain his goal. He is actually the real monster who will abuse and rape men. (chapter 40) And the actor Song Myungshin is his helping hand who selects the man’s future preys (chapter 40) with fake promises, while he benefits the most by receiving money and support for his career. The manager Choi described them as parasites who take pleasure at the suffering of others: (chapter 40) The actor is not different from chairman Kim, because as long as the others are sacrificed and as such suffering, he will never envy them. Song Myungshin is full of jealousy, and can not bear that someone else can be successful, thus he is determined to ruin the life of others: manager Choi, the talented Lee Hansoo and the rookie Lee Taemin. He perceives everyone as a source of threat due to his insecurities and greed. Since Chairman Kim and Song Myungshin embody rape and prostitution, it is normal that Yoon Jae never forced Lee Yoohan to have sex with him. He is the romantic one through and through, thus he is waiting for a real sign from his lover. Therefore it is no coincidence that he said this to the main lead: (chapter 28) He was signalizing that he wished to have sex with him, he had trouble to wait. (chapter 28) These words expose that for Yoon Jae sex and love were the same thing for him. He couldn’t differentiate them. Hence he can only appear as a wacko to the fake actor and chairman Kim. Therefore Song Myungshin is doomed to failure, he will never be able to seduce the powerful and attractive executive director Yoon Jae.

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The Ghost’s 🥀 Nocturne: The fragile but powerful prince 🤴💖

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First of all, I would like to thank the author for the compliment concerning the first essay. 🥳 And now, you have the answer why I am writing about The Ghost’s Nocturne again. Since I examined Jae Shin first, it is logical to expect that I am now studying the second main lead, Lee Nok. However, if you pay attention to the title, you will recognize that it is actually ambiguous. Prince could be referring to Jae Shin as well, as he is the son of Yeomra, the king of the Underworld. Furthermore, I had already pointed out that Jae Shin has a human side, thus he needs to absorb yin energy to remain strong. Since he is not a God like his father, he is vulnerable, but contrary to Lee Nok, he is immortal. To conclude, the title is a reference to both protagonists. Why`? The reason is simple. In order to portray the Crown prince properly, it is necessary to contrast him to his lover Jae Shin. Through this comparison, the mortal protagonist and his personality can be more fleshed out. To conclude, my main focus is indeed the Crown prince Lee Nok, yet the prince from the afterlife can not be excluded in this analysis as well.

1. Lee Nok’s situation

1. 1. His mother

Lee Nok is the eldest son of the king, thus he was designated as the Crown prince. Striking is that exactly like Jae Shin, he doesn’t have any mother next to him. (chapter 2) Queen Yoon vanished, because she was condemned as a witch. Naturally, her disgrace is linked to Lee Nok’s special situation. His yin energy is so strong that he attracts ghosts which his mother noticed. If the king knew about this, he would definitely see it as a curse. Thus Queen Yoon tried to protect her son with talismans which led to her demise. Because of this incident, the king turned concubine Han into his new Queen. The latter gave birth to a son who definitely represents a threat to Lee Nok. (chapter 8) This explicates why the boy is turning his back to Lee Nok. Their position in this picture already displays the existing rivalry between them which Queen Han is trying to diminish by faking concern and pity for the Crown prince. She seems to take the Crown Prince’s side, for she has to mask her involvement and true intentions: ambition. She is eyeing at the throne. If the main lead was involved in a scandal, the king could decide to nominate his second son as the future Crown prince. As you can see, Lee Nok’s situation is quite fragile and as such precarious. There is no ambiguity that the loss of his mother wounded the Crown prince deeply. We could detect it thanks to Jae Shin. The main lead chose to adopt the cute puppy, as the latter was motherless. (Chapter 7) As you can see, the main lead was projecting his own emotions and thoughts onto the small dog. He feels also abandoned in the palace, as he has no one to rely on. He can not even trust his close aid, the eunuch Ahn, and his love interest, Choi Kyung Joon, as his secrets (sodomy and the ghosts lusting after him) would shock them (disbelief and rejection).

1. 2. The princes and their fathers

What caught my attention is that both main leads were put in the exact situation. Hence Jade and Ananas created similar drawings. (chapter 1) (chapter 2) Both protagonists were sentenced to exile after being put on trial in front of their respective father. While Jae Shin is sent to the mortal world and cursed to live as a puppy during the day, the other prince is no longer allowed to speak to his father and to leave the palace. (chapter 2). Though the verdict looks similar, I come to a different interpretation. How so?

The first difference is the “crime” committed by the two princes. The immortal one is indeed guilty, while the other is actually a victim of dark arts. This simple comparison outlines Lee Nok’s innocence. Moreover, while Jae Shin admitted that he had played with “dark arts” by switching the date of Park (chapter 1), the other is badmouthed to be involved with dark arts through posters. (chapter 2) Yet there is no evidence. I would even add that contrary to Yeomra, the king never gave Lee Nok a choice to defend himself and to determine his fate. How so? As soon as the father read the poster, he accused his son: “What have you been doing that things have come to this?” This means that he believes that there exists a kernel of truth in this rumor. The cause for his mistrust is Lee Nok’s birth mother, the former Queen Yoon. Because his mother was already involved in such a ruckus, the king can only blame the Crown prince, all the more when the latter defends his mother’s honor. (chapter 2) These words could only reinforce the father’s prejudices. He was already guilty by association.

And this is truly important, because this exposes the king’s blindness and stupidity. He puts more value to the insulting posters than to his own son. He is not capable to see his son’s purity and innocence. My avid readers will certainly recall my previous interpretation about Yeomra. Though the immortal god seems to be unfair and merciless towards Jae Shin, his sentence was actually the proof of his love for his son. He wished him to learn a lesson, to recognize that humans are precious and even strong. He wanted him to recognize his human origins, and as such his mother. Hence he sent him to the human world. He needed to interact with humans, so that he would come to understand them. Only through empathy, he can win a human’s heart. However, the king in the mortal world did the exact opposite. Instead of showing the Crown prince to people in order to stop the bad grapevines, he actually isolates him even more than before. The exile is different. It is actually prison. He is not allowed to leave his quarters. Not only he can not speak to his father, but also he can not create connections to officials in the end. Therefore it is no coincidence that Lee Nok describes himself as the Crown Ghost. (chapter 2) No one is able to see his face. His only support and connection to aristocrats is his friend Choi Kyung-Joon, the son of a minister. That’s how powerless the Crown prince is in the palace. He is even surrounded by maids spying for Queen Han. Consequently, I come to the conclusion that Lee Nok’s father represents the negative reflection of Yeomra. He doesn’t send away his son in order to protect him, rather to hide him out of shame and resent. In other words, the king doesn’t love his son contrary to Yeomra. Interesting is that the latter let his son make the choice about his own destiny. Why? He wished to give him the liberty to determine his fate in order to prove him what DESTINY is. (chapter 3). Let’s not forget that the son’s crime had been to change a person’s fate. Striking is that both monarchs believes in fate, but the mortal ruler has a different notion. Since Queen Yoon is viewed as a witch, the son seems to be “tainted”. Moreover, while Yeomra trusts his son, the mortal king behaves differently. In reality, he relies on his wife, Queen Han. Thus he recommended her to Lee Nok (chapter 2), and later he listened to her fake concerns. This shows how easily the king can be manipulated, he is not even realizing that his royal secretary (chapter 2) is working against Lee Nok, while claiming that he will look for the author of these posters. I couldn’t help myself connecting Lee Nok’s seclusion in his quarters to the death of the shaman Yeom: both are “buried alive”. (chapter 13) Hence she can “understand” him. Another proof for this interpretation is the spirit’s following statement: they share the same fate. (chapter 8) The only difference is that the Crown prince is still living. However, for the Queen, it is just a matter of time, until people forget Lee Nok completely so that her son can replace him. At the same time, his isolation can only increase suspicions. And the more he is badmouthed (dark arts or sodomy), the more the king will turn away from his own son. While the king of the hell of tongue ripping wished Jae Shin to recognize his mother, the king of Joseon desired the exact opposite: he should deny his relationship to his birth mother, Queen Yoon. (Chapter 2) Moreover, the god never imposed his will onto Jae Shin. The latter has to discover this himself, whereas the king made the opposite choice.

Another detail caught my attention, both princes value traditions and family very much, hence the “ghost” Jae Shin used filial duty to defend himself (chapter 1). This shows that the ghost has a deep respect for his father in the end. This explains why after his sentence he thought about his father (chapter 1) His words don’t ooze resent, he is more pleading his cause, begging his father to recognize that humans don’t deserve such mercy and care. He trusted his father and his fairness, hence he spoke the truth. He never hid anything from him. As for Lee Nok, despite the father’s verdict, he still follows social norms. He accepts his father’s order. Then despite the rejection, he tried to see his father, and he even went to the Queen’s palace to greet her. He acts like an obedient and dutiful son. Finally, he tried to defend his mother’s honor, as he knew that she had sacrificed herself for him. I am convinced that he must feel guilty for her disgrace.

To conclude, Lee Nok’s father contrasts so much to Yeomra: biased, blind, full of resent towards his own son due to Queen Yoon and totally naive. On the other hand, I believe that he views himself as fair, for he is protecting his young Queen. (Chapter 8) This truly displays that he had no faith in his son, for in the king’s eyes, the prince is ignorant about Queen Han’s good nature. To sum up, Lee Nok is rejected by his own father, he has no one to rely on. He might have loyal servants like inspector So-Rib (chapter 2) or Eunuch Ahn, but the latter have no real power in the palace. Furthermore, he can not confide to them everything. He is not loved which stands in opposition to Jae Shin who grew up as a spoiled prince.

Besides, Lee Nok is constantly observed, as he is followed by servants. Therefore it is no coincidence that he likes being alone. (Chapter 2) That’s the moment he can finally breathe. This corresponds to the situation of being buried alive which I mentioned above. Since he is surrounded by maids, he has no privacy. But contrary to the Queen and the king, he has no real control over his staff. Due to his innocence and purity, he is not aware that one of his maids is reporting to Queen Han. He is definitely cautious, but he is not cunning enough to anticipate the Queen’s moves. As the manhwaphiles could sense, Lee Nok is indeed a fragile and lonely prince.

2. Lee Nok’s love

However, he is powerful. How so? It is because he has Jae Shin’s fate in his hand. (Chapter 1) Imagine that he can control someone from the afterlife. But the problem is that he is not aware of his power, as he has no idea about Jae Shin’s curse. Yeomra’s son can not return to his father’s side, as long as he had not won Lee Nok’s heart. On the other hand, the immortal prince has no intention to reveal his secret to Lee Nok, because if so, he would become his puppet. This explicates why in chapter 18, Jae Shin treats the Crown prince like an object. (chapter 18) He is masking his own vulnerability, at the same time he gives the impression that Lee Nok has no other choice than to depend on him. He is trying to turn the tables in the end.

Nevertheless I had mentioned above that he was his destined partner. How can I prove now this theory? The readers should question themselves why Lee Nok is the only one who can ooze such a yin energy and this is exactly what Jae Shin needs. (Chapter 4) Besides, according to me, Yeomra fell in love with a human, this means that his action affected the mortal world, so he has to restore the harmony in the mortal realm. But the problem is that Lee Nok is already in love with his childhood friend Choi Kyung-Joon. So the main lead might have become the Crown prince’s sex partner, but he has not conquered his heart yet. Nevertheless, it is just a matter of time. The irony is that humans are mortals, hence their time is limited. This shows that Jae Shin is actually working against time. He could end up living as a puppy forever. So he is also weak, totally depending on Lee Nok’s heart and good will.

The Crown prince could demonstrate his power to the ghost, when he stabbed him. (Chapter 16) The latter might have not died, but he lost his yin energy. Thus he lost his strength. Only the Crown prince could heal him.

Striking is that Yeom described Lee Nok as straight and narrow, hence his love is the same. (Chapter 13) Why would she say that? First, Lee Nok is aware that his friend hates sodomy. (Chapter 3) Hence he is forced to hide his affection from him. This means that he can never be honest to Choi Kyung-Joon, yet like already pointed out above, the Crown prince embodies innocence and as such honesty. This means that his lack of honesty towards his loved one can only wound his heart. So far, the Crown prince could never outlive his sexual orientation, for he had no partner at all. Thus he could still maintain his image in front of his loved one. This hopeless love gave him a certain strength. (Chapter 9) This outlines the mortal’s power.

However, the more Lee Nok interacts with Jae Shin and the more he feels pleasure with him, the more he will distance himself from the scholar. Homosexuality can only create a riff between the friends. The reason is simple. He can detect more and more his friend’s flaws. That’s the reason why the spirit described The Crown Prince as “narrow”. He values loyalty very much, so once betrayed, there is no forgiveness or turning back. For me, his vision is either white or black. Lee Nok learned it through the hard way due to his mother’s downfall. He also witnessed that the king and Queen Han are not on his side. And this leads me to the following observation: the scholar is close to the Crown prince for his own interests. That’s the reason why Yeom said this: (chapter 13) The friends can not become lovers, as this would represent a threat to them. However, there is no ambiguity that Choi Kyung-Joon is aware of the Crown prince’s affection and he is taking advantage of it. By using social norms, rejection of sodomy, he can keep his distance from Lee Nok, but still maintain his relationship with him. How did I come up with this interpretation?

We have two scenes revealing his selfishness and ambition. First, when he meets Jae Shin for the first time, he acts, as if he was powerful, as if he was the Crown prince. (Chapter 3) Note that he is using the personal pronoun “I”, while in reality he is just usurping the Crown Prince’s authority. (Chapter 3) He was definitely arrogant, selfish and intolerant in that scene. He didn’t pay attention that his friend was not feeling well the whole time. Secondly, with such an attitude, he could create a ruckus for the Crown prince and damage his reputation. (Chapter 3) They were in a gibang, and note that the poster was released shortly after this visitation. Finally, Jae Shin was already hinting about Lee Nok’s love to Choi Kyung-Joon (chapter 3) It was clear that he was designating his companion, as their path crossed there for the first time. But since the ghost was just insinuating, the other could still feign ignorance. However, despite this warning, the minister’s son didn’t change his attitude. In fact, he became even more caring and gentle than before. Moreover, observe that when the main lead was summoned to his father, Choi Kyung-Joon never asked for an audience and speak up for his friend. (chapter 2) Where was he? Lee Nok was on his own.

Third, though he is the son of a minister, he only passed the first stage of the civil service examination. (chapter 10) Thanks to Painter Of The Night, we all know that this exam has more rounds. Why did he not pass the second round? In my opinion, it is because he is relying on Lee Nok’s support. This shows that he is not determined to become a high official on his own merit. That’s the reason why he is close to the Crown prince in the end. His well-being is his ticket to get power. (Chapter 9) But since Queen Han sent someone to tail the childhood friend, it is only a matter of time, until jinsa Choi realizes that he can obtain more, if he supports Queen Han. Besides, if he detects that Lee Nok is hiding things from him, he can utilize this as a sign that he is losing favors. And the moment he switches sides, Lee Nok won’t be able to forgive him. But there exists another possibility how their friendship can get ruined, Choi Kyung-Joon’s attitude represents a problem itself, which I had already outlined above. He almost caused a ruckus in the gibang, then he didn’t try to defend his friend in front of the father, and finally, he made another huge mistake. He let Lee Nok sleep outside. (chapter 10) Though his advices sound selfless and great, they are actually terrible. How could he leave the room, after the prince had fallen asleep? He should have left before. Then he makes sure that no one sees him. This can create a misunderstanding. Why did they do there together? So the moment there is a rumor that Lee Nok is a sodomite, the minister’s son could get suspected. So in order to save his skin, he could betray his friend and testify against him. He saw the hickeys. (chapter 09) To conclude, Choi Kyung-Joon is just a good weather friend. So if Lee Nok were to lose his status as Crown prince, I am convinced that the scholar will turn his back on the protagonist. He still has other options left to achieve his goal.

On the other hand, Jae Shin stands in the opposite situation. Only Lee Nok can help him to put an end to his sentence. Thus he has to curry favors to the Crown Prince. (Chapter 13) This is important, because Jae Shin is powerful contrary to the childhood friend. He can use his connection from the afterlife: his brothers, Yeom and the ghosts. And contrary to the minister’s son, his movements can not be detected first. As an investigator, he can unveil how Queen Han used ghosts to ruin Lee Nok by altering the book of names. The ghosts remained in the mortal world, (chapter 15) because they were not fetched by the warden and messenger to the deceased. (chapter 15) The reason is simple. They were not supposed to die.

Through this investigation, he will realize the consequences of his wrongdoing. (Chapter 13) Remember that he questioned Yeom’s choice, as she had not accepted the tragic death of her loved ones which was in his eyes predestinated. (chapter 13) Like his father, he believes in fate, not realizing that his sin is the evidence that destiny can be changed. From my perspective, this change of heart and conviction can only happen, when he discovers that someone else committed the same crime affecting him directly. Interesting is that Yeom serves as a mother figure to Jae Shin. Despite his rejection, he still followed her advice. He trusted her words, when she said this: (chapter 13) He recognized the truth in her words. This shows that through Jae Shin, Lee Nok can gain powers. Indirectly, the latter is also receiving the help of the mother figure, Yeom. The punished prince can give orders to ghosts, he can chase away evil spirits and as such put an end of Queen Han’s influence. Moreover, thanks to his loving brothers, Jae Shin can get an access to the book of names and know about people’s fate. (Chapter 15) He doesn’t necessarily needs to interfere directly, his knowledge can help Lee Nok (for example the king’s passing). Remember the saying: knowledge is power. As a puppy, Jae Shin can tail Choi Kyung-Joon too, and he won’t be suspected, as a white puppy is supposed to chase away evil spirits. In fact, the friend knows how Lee Nok cherishes the dog, so he has no interests to mistreat or suspect him. This shows that the Crown prince has powers in the afterlife, and his purity is his strength.

Finally, I would like to point out that Lee Nok represents the evidence of Jae Shin’s misjudgment about humans. When he complained to his father about the rudeness of mortals (chapter 1), the Crown Prince took pity on him (chapter 2) and chose to protect him. Despite his status, he showed humbleness. But this doesn’t end here. He shared not only his bed and his food with him, but also his secrets. . (Chapter 2) Jae Shin had already become his confident. And this leads me to my final conclusion: Lee Nok is strong because of his huge heart too. He is neither arrogant nor selfish, and he has not such a negative view about humans and life in general, more about ghosts, the cause for his suffering. For me, he has never lost hope. He contrasts so much to his lover, thus he can teach him these values and change him. On the other hand, Jae Shin can give the Crown prince what he has been missing the most: a true home thanks to his affection and support.

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Jinx: Hot Boys! 🥊😎 (10 pictures)

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While I kept reading chapter 7, I couldn’t help myself noticing a recurrent topic: HOT! I had this in my mind, because in my previous analysis I had predicted the arrival of “hot boys” which would arouse Joo Jaekyung’s jealousy. And this did come true. However, I had overlooked one important element, the different significations about “Hot”. That’s the reason why in this essay, I will examine the different aspects of “Hot” which are reflected through different male figures in this episode.

1. Definition of “HOT”

  1. having a high temperature
  2. hot adjective (SPICY) used to describe food that causes a burning feeling in the mouth:
  3. hot adjective (CAUSING DISAGREEMENT) used to describe a subject that causes a lot of disagreement or discussion:
  4. hot adjective (NEW/EXCITING)
  5. hot adjective (SKILFUL) knowing a lot or skilful:
  6. hot adjective (MOST LIKELY)hot tip (informal): an accurate piece of advice about who will win a race / hot favourite UK: the person or animal that is most likely to win a race, competition, election, etc.:
  7. hot adjective (DEMANDING): to be hot on something
  8. hot adjective (STOLEN) (slang)
  9. hot adjective (SEXY)
  10. hot adjective (ANGRY): hot temper Quoted from
  11. to be hot on someone’s track/trail to be very close to catching or finding someone Quoted from

I am quite certain, when my followers read the selected title “Hot Boys”, they imagined that I was referring to sexy men (def. 9). However, after reading the definition of Hot, the avid readers are slowly getting aware that chapter 7 was actually illustrating the different notions of HOT!

2. The boxers from Black Team

What caught my attention is that when the physical therapist was introduced to Black Team, the fighters showed an interest and admiration in the doctor.  (chapter 7) For them, Kim Dan became a hot topic among the staff (def. 4).  (chapter 7) Then they recognized his skills immediately (“He’s a totally different weight class. Definitely won’t be easy”). He not only looked young, but also was skillful (def. 5) Hence one member made the following request that the doctor should treat them too. This is important, because thanks to the manager and coach, the gentle Kim Dan was welcome properly. He was accepted as a member of their team, though he didn’t have his uniform yet. Consequently, it is not surprising that the moment the protagonist offered his help to an injured fighter, the other boxers came to his side, and wished to be examined too. (chapter 7) They never looked down on him which stands in opposition to the protagonist Joo Jaekyung. For the “hot boys”, Kim Dan was their “hyung” and secondly he was a doctor. Hence I deduce that Black Team will play an important role in the therapist’s life, for he will get friends there. That’s how I realized why the author chose to contrast the pervert director to Joo Jaekyung in the end.  (chapter 1) The latter used his position to isolate the main lead and put the blame on him. As you can imagine, I am expecting the opposite in Black Team. If something happens, they will side with Kim Dan, because the latter treated them well contrary to the champion.  (chapter 1) Though his contract is stipulating that he just needs to treat the champion (chapter 7), he acted differently, as he treated the other boxers. He was selfless, and the other hot boys could witness it. In their eyes, Kim Dan is definitely a hot boy (def. 4.-5-9)!

3. Hyung manager

Like I had already mentioned in the previous analyses, the hyung has a huge influence on the champion Joo Jaekyung. First, I would like to point out that the coach called his members “punks” (chapter 7), exactly like his fighter Joo Jaekyung (chapter 1). However, I believe that there exists a difference. The champion came to take this expression literally, hence he shows a certain arrogance which is not the case for the coach. Nevertheless, the athlete respects the coach. The former never retaliated, when the hyung scolded him after smacking his back.  (chapter 7) This displays that the coach can control the famous sportsman. However, the latter refused to callhis therapist hyung. But why? It is because from now on, Joo Jaehyung is no longer the senior/sunbae among the fighters in the club! He lost his privileged position as “hyung” to Kim Dan. Pay attention to the way his colleague called him: “hyung” (chapter 7) This means that he has to call Kim Dan hyung like the other fighters now. And now, you comprehend his reluctance to address Kim Dan properly.  (chapter 7) It was, as if he didn’t want to lose his title “hyung” to the physical therapist. And this leads me to the following observation: Kim Dan became the hot topic between the protagonist and the coach (def. 3). And it is only a question of time, until hyung discovers the existence of the deal between the two protagonists. In this scene, he is hot on his athlete’s trail for his arrogance and disrespect towards people. (def. 11)

The full version contains 2 more parts: Kim Dan and Joo Jaekyung. If you want to read it, contact me like mentioned below.

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Beta Off Not Dating: “I’m a beta.” β 🙃

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For the first time, I am examining not only an omegaverse manhwa, but also a comedy. So far, all my stories were full of tragedies 😭 and violence 🩸 . Hence you are probably wondering why I selected this story so suddenly. Naturally, it is to promote this manhwa, as it is a real gem in my eyes. This is originally a novel from MINTRAN, which Doojja and Saena turned into a terrific manhwa. However, there was a reason why I never dwelled on burlesques. Their function is merely to divert the readers with jokes and comical situations, so it was rather pointless to analyze the behavior of the characters and their evolution. Yet, Beta Off Not Dating is more than just a funny story. Actually, the authors are making fun of the omegaverse genre. At the same time, the work is criticizing the negative role of stereotypes and prejudices. To sum up, the work is a satire.

1. The Omegaverse world

In case you are unfamiliar with this “world”, let me give you a brief introduction. In the Omegaverse world, there exist 3 types of humans (chapter 1) and in this society, the alphas are at the top of the hierarchy, while the omegas are at the bottom. This explicates why alphas are either CEO or school principals or professors due to their intelligence, while the omegas are “housewives” (chapter 1), for they have problems to find a job due to their heat cycles. The male omegas have the possibility to give birth to children, and their mates are alphas like mentioned in the illustration above. The attraction between omegas and alphas is mutual, especially when the omegas are in heat. They can not control their reactions, hence they need to take medicine called suppressants or inhibitors. It was, as if they were behaving like animals. The moment an alpha get bonded to an omega by biting his neck, they can never be separated. In certain stories, it goes so far that distance or separation can become deadly. As for the alphas, they also have a cycle called rut, and exactly like their counterpart, they can not control their libido. Another characteristic of the alphas and omegas is their phemorones, exposing their heat cycle or their emotions and desires. In this scene, (chapter 12) the terrible Seo Heetae, an alpha, is spreading his phemorones on the protagonist Kim Juhyeok out of anger and jealousy. This signifies that betas distinguish themselves from alphas and omegas, for they don’t possess such abilities. They are not so strong or „intelligent“ compared to the alphas, and they can not detect phemorones. On the other hand, they are not vulnerable contrary to the omegas who actually need the protection of an alpha. To sum up, betas are simply average. However, they make up a large part of society. This means our main lead, Kim Juhyeok, is a beta. And here is the next question. How does the protagonist view himself compared to alphas and omegas?

2. Kim Juhyeok

We get a first answer with this illustration. (chapter 1) The man oozes pride and confidence, as he is seen smiling with stars and bright colors in the background. This means that he doesn’t consider himself inferior to the others. Why? First, due to his hard working attitude, he became the representative of the new employees. (chapter 1) This shows that he could distinguish himself from all the other betas. Striking is that this cute man is full of ambition. His goal is to surpass alphas and omegas. (chapter 1) It was, as if he wanted to make his name known. Let’s not forget that betas are considered as the normality, as the crowd. As you can sense, Kim Juhyeok has a competitive attitude which reminds us of the alphas. Hence it is not surprising that when he got on stage as the representative, he caught the attention of the alpha, Lee Sihyeon, the second main lead. To conclude, Kim Juhyeok is different from all the other betas, as he is trying to compete with alphas and omegas.

This explains why the beta is rejecting dates and offers from omegas and alphas, for he sees them more as rivals. That’s the reason why the title is “Beta off not dating”. In this illustration, Kim Juhyeok is pushing the alpha Lee Sihyeon away by putting his hands on his mouth. This shows that he is determined not to date anyone. And this observation leads to me to the next inquiry: Why is the young man desiring to remain single, for he could date a beta? (chapter 14) His reply is that it is a long story. As you can see, he has many reasons for putting a wall between himself and the others.

3. His reasons

However, it is important to make a distinction between unconscious and conscious choice. Let’s not forget that each decision is always influenced by the subconscious, though a person will have the impression that it was a conscious decision. The way the characters were raised or their past experiences play a huge role in the choices they make. Kim Juhyeok is definitely no exception.

3. 1. His ignorance about alphas and omegas

His rejection for dating anyone is related to the fact that he had barely contact with alphas and omegas in his childhood. (chapter 1) And it looks like it was not different, when he went to college. (chapter 1) However, this is actually a deception. Kim Juhyeok was friend with an alpha, the actual actor Seol Gido!! This truly shows that he already came in contact with omegas and alphas at the university, yet he didn’t pay too much attention to them. He only started showing an interest in them, when he began working at the company. (chapter 1) The readers can grasp that he only got informed about alphas and omegas through books… it went so far that he watched k-dramas and porn movies which can’t be considered as a serious source of information. 😂As you can sense, Kim Juhyeok developed prejudices about the alphas and omegas to the point that he claims that the world is only revolving around alphas and omegas. In other words, he feels suffocated and threatened by them. Therefore his dream is to leave the country and go to Hawaii, (chapter 1) where he can live in seclusion. Hence he is seen alone here.

3. 2. Seol Gido’s influence

But why did he only start showing an interest in the two other types because of his work and not before? It is related to his friend Seol Gido. The latter had already marked him as his “prey”. He made sure to get rid of any potential rival. If Kim Juhyeok had the impression that someone was attracted to him, the alpha would convince him that he was just misinterpreting the situation: (chapter 4) Since the beta can not detect the presence of phemorones, he never realized the truth behind his friend’s trick to chase his potential rivals: (chapter 4) He was always informed afterwards. Seol Gido just needed to fake the excuse to be drunk to release his pheromones to claim Kim Juhyeok as his own. One might argue with this interpretation, because Seol Gido has a girlfriend. (chapter 7) But if this was true, why did he spend the night at his friend’s place and not at his partner’s? Besides, if so, he should have first gone to his friend, then later to his girlfriend. The order exposes the importance of Juhyeok in Seol Gido’s life. And this observation leads me to the following deduction: Kim Juhyeok is just a pure and innocent man who had never the opportunity to date anyone. He is literally clueless, hence he relies on his acquaintance’s advices. (chapter 4) However, the latter is definitely deceiving him. I would even add that he convinced the main figure that alphas would only date omegas. This panel exposes the misinformation. He can not imagine that a relationship between beta and omega or alpha with a beta is possible. We can see the actor’s influence in this scene. (chapter 4) The young man is not realizing that his neighbor, an alpha, is flirting with him. Observe how the actor reacted. He bumped into the guy on purpose (chapter 4), and though he heard the neighbor’s despair, he never revealed the truth to his friend. This shows that Kim Juhyeok has no idea about seduction and flirting, because Seol Gido messed up his perception, which he called “delusion”. (chapter 4) But this doesn’t end here. From my point of view, Seol Gido is not just dishonest to his friend, but also to himself, for he never made a move on him. He is well aware that he has no intention of dating anyone which can only be beneficial for the actor. (chapter 4) That way, the latter has the impression that he is possessing him. I am even suspecting that he could have played a role in this decision, as this question is requesting for an affirmation.

3. 3. Alphas and omegas at work

There is another reason why the main lead felt repulsed by relationship and love. It is because the only relationship he witnessed is the messy “marriage” of the alpha Seo Heetae and his spouse Lee Hyeonjae. (chapter 1) Yes, they are a couple!! So when the main lead saw this, his first reaction was to call the police: (chapter 1) 😂 Because of this couple, work gets affected, therefore the diligent representative can only be annoyed. This represents a threat to his own dream, surpass alphas and omegas. This is palpable in this quote: (chapter 1) For Kim Juhyeok, alphas and omegas behave like animals, for their behavior has such a negative influence on the company.

To conclude, the protagonist had a false perception not only of alphas and omegas, but also of love. In his eyes, everything is messy and full of violence. Seo Heetae couldn’t control himself and had a relationship with another omega, while he was quite possessive and authoritative with his own spouse. (chapter 1) This is what he said to his “wife” Lee Hyeonjae after slapping him. Besides, the heat cycle of omegas represents a huge hindrance. (chapter 2) Because of this incident, the betas, including Kim Juhyeok, are forced to work overtime!! I also believe this incident pushed Juhyeok to buy an inhibitor for omegas. that way, he would prevent a huge uproar in the company. Hence when he met Lee Sihyeon’s cousin, the omega Ha Weonyi for the first time, he offered him the suppressant. That’s how the cute omega fell in love with him! (chapter 2) The main lead seems so gentle and selfless, while in reality it was for his own peace of mind. As you can detect, their behavior stands in opposition to the protagonist’s philosophy and work ethics. The latter values work very much, as that way he can distinguish himself from others.

Under this new light, it becomes comprehensible why it took the protagonist a while before he realized that director Lee had developed an affection for him. The former would visit him each morning, while the latter would look at a picture of his dream destination (chapter 1) The hand on his shoulder was a sign of seduction and affection, even his offer, but the young beta never perceived it that way. He was simply annoyed. All the department was aware of director Lee’s feelings for Juhyeok except the concerned. He only discovered the truth, because his colleague Mister Kang voiced it: (chapter 4) However, here the protagonist had not rejected his superior, the latter was upset, because he had detected phemorones from Seol Gido on him. Hence Lee Sihyeon had spread his own heat phemorones on Juhyeok. And that’s how he got mistaken for an alpha by Ha Weonyi! (chapter 6) The irony is that when he had helped him with the suppressants, his cousin saw Juhyeok with them, and got his hopes up that Juhyeok could be indeed an omega. (chapter 2) In other words, due to his interaction with Lee Sihyeon and Ha Weonyi, Kim Juhyeok’s identity got questioned: was he an alpha or an omega? At the same time, he was encouraged to interact more and more with Lee Sihyeon and Ha Weonyi. This is important, because that way, he can finally drop his prejudices about alphas and omegas.

3. 4. His unveiled motivation

However, in my eyes, everything mentioned above are just superficial points Kim Juhyeok brought up. He has a different justification. In reality, he was not entirely honest. And this was truly visible in chapter 14, which was quite eye-opening to me. (chapter 14) As the manhwaphiles can detect, this image stands in opposition to the first panel: (chapter 1) The grey, the absence of the smile and the profile expose the resignation of the main lead! He views his “type” as a hindrance. But why? It is related to LOVE! Our pure and innocent man is a pure romantic!! He envies the alphas and omegas for their fated love! (chapter 14) This means that Juhyeok is longing for a cheesy and amazing relationship, but he has the impression that this can never happen to him!! It is only reserved for alphas and omegas… and now, you comprehend why he doesn’t desire to date anyone. In his eyes, this will never be a fated love! This means that he wished to have secret marks on his body, but he will never admit it so openly. Hence this scene in chapter 1 should be perceived differently. When he saw the bite marks on the omega manager Lee, he expressed his displeasure internally (chapter 1), yet deep down he felt jealous. This explicates why after this discovery, he wished more than ever to leave the company. (chapter 1) Far away from anyone, he won’t be confronted with envy and regret!! In other words, he doesn’t wish to have an ordinary love life which is perceptible in the following words: (chapter 14) Here, he implied that dating with a beta wouldn’t trigger deep emotions, as it is not “fated”. I detected a contradiction too. The only couples he mentioned so far were alphas-omegas. So far, he reproaches the couple to yell and weep constantly, yet he says that their relationship is fated. As you can see, in truth he envies them. And this shows that deep down, the main lead is suffering from inferiority complex which was already palpable with his desire to surpass alphas and omegas. Deep down, he did feel inferior to them. Under this new light, he becomes comprehensible why he feels the need to run away from alphas and omegas.

However, there is no ambiguity that the main lead has always felt an attraction to alphas due to their big hands and strong bodies. (chapter 10) The irony is that in the last scene, Sihyeon only paid more attention to the end of the sentence than the beginning: the omegas were all small, pale and cute! Consequently, he got jealous after hearing his love interest’s words! Yet, Juhyeok was actually praising him.

But why are the alphas and omegas attracted to the beta Juhyeok in the end? It is because he oozes firmness and concern in front of an omega, he is very protective in a gentle way, while in front of an alpha he appears full of confidence, yet simultaneously very innocent and vulnerable!! We have the perfect illustration with Lee Sihyeon in this scene. (chapter 10) He grabbed his hand and led him, which is not something an omega would do. Yet, Juhyeok’s words oozed innocence! And since his dream is to be loved, and even to have a fated love, it is not surprising that he is already falling for Lee Sihyeon. He was the first one who confessed to him so plainly!! He was disappointed, when he thought that the director was not keeping his words. (chapter 14).The director Lee Sihyeon will do anything to woo his “prey”, the beta Kim Juhyeok. Exactly like Seol Gido, he chose a different approach: they are now friends! That way, he hopes that the young beta will put down his guard. (chapter 14) And observe that Sihyeon’s speech was similar to Seol Gido!! He also asked for a confirmation from the protagonist, that’s how both alphas are “influencing” the beta! However, contrary to the actor, Lee Sihyeon is more honest. He warned the beta not to trust the alphas, including himself. Another difference is that he is more straightforward than the actor. He definitely uses physical contact to break “the ice”. (chapter 13)

This means that Lee Sihyeon can win the beta’s heart, if he is able to incite the latter to give up on his prejudices about alphas and omegas and their fated love. He can have a fated love too, since he had no partner before, and I assume that it was the case for the director Lee. Ha Weonyi is the perfect example that alphas or omegas can choose their partners, they are not forced to select an omega or an alpha. (chapter 14) Ha Weonyi prefers betas over alphas, as the latter seem to be rude, arrogant and self-centered. His cousin even added that he would attract “weird alphas”. From my point of view, this will take place, because thanks to his interaction with the two cousins, Sihyeon and Weonyi, Kim Juhyeok will judge them as humans and no longer as alphas or omegas!! Yes, the major flaw of the protagonist is to lump alphas and omegas together. He needs to stop viewing people as a crowd, and starts perceiving them as individuals. Finally, since director Lee is the main lead’s superior, he can contribute that their “affection” doesn’t affect Juhyeok’s work and his philosophy. In fact, he can help him to achieve his goal, to become a role model for alphas and omegas!

I hope that this short essay about “Beta Off Not Dating” gave you the desire to read the manhwa. And if this analysis is a success, then I will write about it again.

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Jinx: Why Kim Dan?🍭 (10 pictures)

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Announcement: I updated the essay “My hero 🤠”!!

The readers must have been wondering why the famous Joo Jaekyung would select him as his new partner (chapter 6), while he had called him before a wimp. (Chapter 1) It looked like the champion was looking down on the main lead. With such an insult, the sportsman was implying that the physical therapist was no real man. As you can see, the famous athlete was contradicting himself. Why would he choose a “wimp” as an ideal “lover”? One might say that it is related to his lack of resistance. As a wimp, Kim Dan would never dare to refuse or reject him. It would be easy to control him as well. Nevertheless, what caught my attention is the expression from Joo Jaekyung: “in many ways”. This idiom alludes that the “hero” had many reasons to choose Kim Dan as his new partner. But what are they exactly? In this essay, I will attempt to answer this question. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t overlook that there exist other causes for his selection which Joo Jaekyung is not aware of.

1. Joo Jaekyung’s choice: conscious or not conscious?

First, although we are dealing with fictive characters, this doesn’t mean that they are not thinking and feeling like humans. Hence it is important to remember that each choice is influenced by the subconscious, though a person will have the impression that it was a conscious decision. The way we were raised or our past experiences play a huge role in the choices we make. In other words, our surroundings determine our decisions to a certain extent. Hence philosophers from determinism current deny the existence of true free will. [For more read the essay “Fate or liberty?”] With this simple observation, you have the first answer why Joo Jaekyung would express a certain disdain for Kim Dan, yet he would still ask for his services. In truth, the champion felt attracted to Kim Dan right from the start. In reality, he has a favorite type. His previous partners resemble a lot to Kim Dan. (chapter 5) This explains why he didn’t reject the main lead as his doctor right away contrary to the past. (chapter 5) Hence we could say that he was already under Kim Dan’s spell at the gym. (chapter 1) Hence he looked at him intensely first.

2. The origins of his attractiveness

After this first elaboration, the manhwalovers can grasp why the champion didn’t feel the need to punch the physical therapist after being touched inappropriately. This image was actually representing the uke’s vision (chapter 1), he feared to have triggered the boxer’s fury. Yet, the man was actually pretty calm. (chapter 1) He was rather surprised by his reaction. Notice how relaxed his body is, as he is using his arms to sit up. Striking is that after hearing the main lead’s question, Kim Dan blushed out of embarrassment. (chapter 1) Not only he had made a stupid mistake, but he had also overreacted. He had been on the verge of crying, for he feared the fighter’s rage and brutality. Nevertheless, he never paid attention to his client’s behavior. The latter was observing him, for he had detected his tears right away. Then this was his reaction, when he witnessed the doctor’s reddening: (chapter 1) He was left speechless again!! The three points of suspension exposes not only his surprise, but also his curiosity. His attitude displays that he has never met such a behavior before. He would almost cry and even blush… And the author left an evidence for this interpretation. I would like the manhwalovers to take a closer look at the previous sex partners: (chapter 2) (chapter 5) They would all smile and even try to seduce him with their gestures and bodies. But Kim Dan was acting the exact opposite. He would even hide his body with his hands (chapter 1), he would tremble in front of him and at the end he would run away (chapter 1)!! Imagine that just before departing, he turned his back on the athlete while wishing him a good day. That’s not the way you are supposed to bid goodbye. 😂 He was running away. That’s the reason why Joo Jaekyung called him a wimp!! As the readers can detect, he was behaving the opposite to the previous lovers, while he would look similar to them. On the other hand, I would like the readers to analyze the boxer’s reaction, when he witnessed this scene. (chapter 1) Once again, we have the points of suspension. This indicates that the uke’s behavior made him pensive again. He got his attention. But there is more to it. One of his eye-brows is slightly raised, leaving a mark on the forehead. This gesture is relevant, as psychologists discovered that raising only one eye-brow is a sign of dominance. This exposes the fighter’s personality. Yet, I believed that this gesture also divulged his interest in Kim Dan. He was intrigued by such an attitude, this is something he had never experienced before too. So far, people would express their admiration, they would never turn their back on him, like we could witness in the flat with the lover. To conclude, the saying “opposite attracts” is present in their relationship which reminds me of Taoism. Yin and yang complete each other. Moreover, I would like that the celebrity didn’t just call Kim Dan a wimp, this is exactly what he said: “What a little wimp.” The adjective “little” softens the negative description. Besides, the author never revealed the fighter’s facial expression. Why? It is because the readers would have detected his interest in Kim Dan right away.

Since Kim Dan was added in the calendar from Lezhin as “rabbit”, I couldn’t help myself connecting the gentle physical therapist to a white rabbit! 🐰 And the latter would tremble in tears in front of the tiger and run away at the first opportunity! (chapter 1) In other words, the protagonist’s attitude had aroused the predator’s instincts. And this perception of a hunt was visible, when the young man left the champion’s flat silently. This is what Joo Jaekyung said, when he discovered his departure: (chapter 4) He considered his vanishing as an entertainment. At the same time, it also exposes that the previous sex partners would clinch onto him in the past. He had to make them leave. But keep in mind about his explanation for his constant switch of sex partners: (chapter 5) He had detected the difference between the physical therapist and the others, but not realized that all his partners were similar. As you can see, Joo Jaekyung was not truly aware of his own attraction. Finally, let’s not forget that just before leaving the room, Kim Dan showed his back to the fighter. (chapter 1), hence Joo Jaekyung’s gaze could only get triggered to look at the main lead’s figure. This explicates why in his penthouse, he starred at the doctor’s back once again. (chapter 2) He had done it before, but now, he could finally see the young man’s butt contrary to the past, as the bag was no longer hindering his view!! Under this new approach, the readers can comprehend why the champion had added the doctor’s number in his cellphone. He had already planned to have him as his sex partner at some point. (chapter 1) This smirk exposes that this call was not sudden. He was intrigued, lusting after something new. Nevertheless, in his eyes, everything was going according to his plan, thus he smirked. Money and his fame would do the trick. Yet, contrary to all the previous bed companions, the athlete is offering a different deal to Kim Dan. (chapter 6) The latter has to have sex with him, when the champion feels like it. It is no longer related his jinx and his ritual to have sex before a match. But why so? One might say that it is related to the uke’s request: 14.000 dollars in exchange for his services! If Joo Jaekyung had not added this condition, this means that the physical therapist would have the upper hand with the deal in the end. Kim Dan would have used him like his ATM-machine.

3. Dan’s particularities

However, there exists another huge reason why the seme became obsessed with the physical doctor. During their first encounter, he saw the main lead in tears: (chapter 4) This had definitely never happened before. This image caught him so much by surprise that he kept it as a memory (chapter 6) Besides, right after he expressed his satisfaction. (chapter 4) In my eyes, since he had never felt this good before, he jumped to the conclusion afterwards that Kim Dan must have felt the same way. Let’s not forget that Kim Dan never voiced his displeasure, he just explained that he had been startled. Though initially he was quite upset by his lover’s reaction (chapter 4), I believe that later he must have memorized this weeping as something positive. Why? It is because he had felt pleasure, and as a rather self-centered person, he must have projected his emotions and thoughts onto the uke. Furthermore, at no moment Kim Dan expressed his true emotions and thoughts. Thus I think that later he imagined that out of pleasure, Kim had tears. Naturally, this was out of convenience. Yet this is not true, for the poor man recalls it as a nightmare. Therefore you comprehend why Joo Jaekyung felt so revigorated after this long night, he thought that he must have impressed the main lead with his performance. (chapter 5) He proved his masculinity, and the latter seems to me to be as one of the reasons for Joo Jaekyung’s violence and roughness in bed. Thanks to his “skills” or “huge phallus”, he had brought him to tears out of rapture. No wonder why he became so pissed off, when the young man was avoiding him afterwards. (chapter 5) But why did Joo Jaekyung feel so good with the uke in the end? It is because it was the physical therapist’s first time! But the stupid champion didn’t realize it, for he had trusted the physical therapist’s words. On the other hand, I would like the manhwalovers to keep in their mind that one of the major flaws from Joo Jaekyung is his self-deception. He believes what he wants to see. Out of comfort, he prefers having a young lover with experiences. That way, he can call them whores! But this image proves to me that he had sensed the young man’s innocence. (chapter 3) However, his lust after the physical therapist was so strong that he would have even accepted to have sex with a virgin. (chapter 3) However, the main lead’s lie gave the boxer the opportunity to have expectations and to mistreat him. From my perspective, the athlete preferred in believing in Dan’s words, for it gave him an advantage. And because this was the first time for Kim Dan, the athlete detected the difference immediately (chapter 4), but he couldn’t explain it with the loss of virginity. Therefore he justified his immense pleasure with Kim’s talent! (chapter 4) This is no coincidence that at the end of the first round, he changed his usual position. (chapter 4) He suddenly hugged him from the back. It pushed him to be more creative, to try something else. That’s the reason why Joo Jaekyung wishes to keep him by his side. Sex felt different with him.

4. Power and Money

The problem is that Kim Dan returned to his side only because of the money. When he appeared in front of the penthouse (chapter 6), he was far from smiling, a sign that he was there out of reluctance. The rain even created the illusion that he was in tears. Yet, this didn’t matter to the champion, as the young man was now contacting him. For Joo Jaekyung, it looked like he had won, hence he smiled. (chapter 6) Striking is that he added this: “Now this, I was not expecting”. This shows that Joo Jaekyung was caught by surprise again. As the manhwaphiles can detect, the unpredictability from Kim Dan is another reason for the main lead’s selection. Kim Dan is like a puzzle, the athlete can never anticipate his decisions. Like the French writer Honoré Balzac once wrote: ““Marriage (or here a relationship) must fight constantly against a monster which devours everything: routine.” This means that the physical therapist represents an anomaly to Joo Jaekyung’s world. Kim Dan will always surprise him. If you read my previous analyses about Jinx, you are already aware that Dan means “Sweet” in Korean. Due to Kim Dan’s surprising behavior, the young athlete will be forced to pay more and more attention to his companion in the end so that he becomes less ego-centered. However, this unpredictability exposes the fighter’s vulnerability. He can not truly control the young physical therapist.

On the surface, with this deal (chapter 6), the boxer has the impression that everything is going according to his wishes. (chapter 6) That way, there was no string attached. He would have the upper hand in the relationship thanks to his wealth. However, this is just an illusion, because technically, Kim Dan could also offer his services to others, as long as the latter would pay him. According to him, Kim Dan had other men before. (chapter 4) He has a contract with him saying that he should serve him at any time and place… (chapter 6), but there is no exclusivity!! I am adding this, because one of the tags about this manhwa is “hotguys”. This implies that Kim Dan will also come close to other fighters. So far, we only saw one HOT boy! 😍😂 My point is that Joo Jaekyung needs to be confronted with the wrongness of his philosophy, he treats his partners as tools and whores. (chapter 2) So if Kim Dan is surrounded by hot boys who are also famous or rich, I doubt that the athlete will feel secure. Besides, there is the perverted director. (chapter 1) At some point, the truth about his behavior could come to the surface, he harassed the physical therapist. Joo Jaekyung could jump to the conclusion that he had been coerced to have sex with the director in the past, and the champion is doing the same. Little by little, the sportsman will be forced to face the truth: he is similar to him, as he has Kim Dan’s employer.

Moreover, I would like to point out that the manager seems to be very fond of Kim Dan. So imagine Joo Jaekyung’s reaction, when he sees that the physical therapist has become close to his hyung, while he is still putting a wall between himself and the “hero”. He will definitely get jealous. At no moment the doctor voiced his admiration for the athlete directly, he kept his fascination to himself. (chapter 1) Let’s not forget that the author Mingwa chose this drawing as an illustration for her story. Joo Jaekyung is trapping the uke in his arms, a sign for his possessiveness. To conclude, I am expecting that the doctor’s puzzling behavior will bring Joo Jaekyung’s insecurities to light, to incite him to question his beliefs and even his “jinx”. The more time they will spend together, the more Joo Jaekyung will become addicted to his “drug”, the sweet and gentle Kim Dan, forcing him to change his habits. The job offer to Kim Dan and later their deal already announced the transformation of the athlete. Little by little, the champion’s worldview will transform, discover the sweetness of life. 🍭

Finally, the real person controlling Kim Dan’s fate is not Joo Jaekyung, but the sick halmoni. (chapter 6) She might have no strength, but she represents the biggest opponent to the strong athlete. The latter has no idea about her existence and power over the main figure. And once the therapy is no longer needed, Kim Dan has no reason to keep the deal between him and the famous fighter. That’s how Joo Jaekyung will discover that money can not buy everything, love or happiness. It is the same for strength. The latter is not a guarantee to become the finale winner. Love is superior to power, money and fame. Actually, halmoni is Kim Dan’s reason to survive. She is his true hero.

5. Conclusions

Joo Jaekyung chose Kim Dan for the following reasons: physical attraction, intrigued by his unusual behavior, their first night together which he couldn’t forget, the therapist’s facial expressions (tears, blushing and his oozing innocence (chapter 6), his personality (a rabbit) which aroused his instincts as a fighter and predator. Besides, his choice was also influenced by his subconscious, his desire to prove his masculinity and sex appeal to Kim Dan who seems to be shy and distant towards him. That explains why he was so upset that Kim Dan didn’t respond to his phone calls at all. (chapter 5) He felt initially irritated, but when he heard that he could get blocked, he got offended, . (chapter 5) This represented a huge blow to his ego and manhood. Therefore he felt the urge to punch the punching bag. Besides, the manhwaphiles will certainly recollect that he had to use his hyung to approach the physical therapist. Kim Dan’s shyness and proper manners stand in opposition to Joo Jaekyung and his previous lovers’ crude behavior. (chapter 2) His vocabulary exposed his purity: (chapter 1) Finally, it was the goddess Mingwa who made Joo Jaekyung choose Kim Dan as his partner. This was his fate right from the start. He was destined to be tamed by the pure rabbit.

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The Ghost’s 🥀Nocturne: The mysterious Jae Shin 🐶👻

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As you can imagine, in this essay, I will focus on the main lead, Jae Shin. On the other hand, people might be wondering why I described the dashing and confident seme as mysterious. His identity seems to be clear. He is introduced as Yeomra’s son (chapter 8).

1. Jae Shin and his father Yeoram

Yeomra is the god of the underworld.

Yeomra (also known as Yeomra-Daewang) was the Korean god of the dead. He was the fifth of the ten Kings of the Underworld (called Shi-wang) and was believed to be the supreme ruler of the Underworld. Yeomra’s role was to judge the sins of the dead and decide where they would spend the afterlife. Quoted from

This means that his father acts as the judge of human souls. He is presented as a fair and impartial judge. Yet, in the manhwa, the king gives a different impression: (Chapter 1). He appears as more brutal and partial, for his kingdom is called the hell of tongue ripping. It was, as if he was not allowing protest or disobedience, and there would only exist one sentence: tongue ripping. Secondly, he banished his own son to the mortal world, because the protagonist had played a trick on the book of names. (chapter 1) Jae Shin had acted like a god, for he had interfered in humans’ life by switching the name of the deceased for the time of death. As you can see, the main lead’s father appeared as a cold and strict father who would show no mercy towards his own child. He would even side with the mortals, for he put the whole blame on the main lead. The accused defended his position by saying that Park Chi-Kyung (chapter 1), had been asking this favor from him while tricking him. However, Yeomra wouldn’t listen to his defense so that at the end, Jae Shin was turned into a puppy. (chapter 1) However, according to the quote, the king of the underworld’s function is to judge mortals and to send them to hell if necessary. So we could say that he usurped his authority, as he sentenced an immortal.

2. Who is Jae Shin exactly?

What caught my attention is that till chapter 16, people keep asking about Jae Shin’s identity. Who is he (chapter 8) or (chapter 14) what is he? A dream, a ghost, a human? And this leads me to the following observation: Jae Shin might be Yeomra’s son, but he has three appearances: the puppy, the nobleman and the ghost. This divulges that he has more than just one identity. In this picture, the author outlined the two sides from the main lead. (chapter 7) This is no coincidence. If you pay attention how the main figure was called by Yeom, HALF-BREED (chapter 8), you will realize that his insult is alluding to a mixture of two parts. People in the afterlife keeps calling him half-breed. (chapter 7) (chapter 15) Even Yeom who didn’t recognize him immediately, as she had never met him before, (chapter 8) still knew about his rumor. This indicates that Jae-Shin is different. One might say that it is related to his dependence on yin energy (“preying on humans to survive”). Hence he portrayed himself as defective. (chapter 15) This shows that he wished to be different, to resemble his hyungs and other “ghosts”. However, in my eyes, this is not the true origin for his reputation as half-breed. If the beholders look carefully at this image, (chapter 15) they will detect two elements that outline this divergence. First, he is always seen wearing a red hanbok contrary to his brothers and messengers and warden from the afterlife. (chapter 1) (chapter 15) So why is he the only one wearing such a bright red hanbok? (chapter 1) The color is exposing his special status. Secondly, in this image, we could see the young version of Jae-Shin (chapter 15), while the two hyungs have the same appearance. They are both two adults, whereas the main character is a child. The brothers even revealed that they saw him growing up. (chapter 15) In other words, he had the same evolution than a human! The only difference is that he doesn’t age and die like humans. He is already a few centuries old. (chapter 3) Thus I came to the conclusion that Jae Shin is actually the result of an union between Yeomra and a human. Hence he resembles a lot to a vampire with his teeth and long nails, as the vampire is considered as a living corpse. Moreover, the Korean version of a vampire, the gangsi is supposed to absorb Qi, life force. Nevertheless, Jae Shin is not a gangsi, for he can move freely and his body contains blood. My point is that Jae Shin became immortal thanks to his father, but since he was born from a human, he was first a baby before becoming an adult. This explains why Jae Shin’s main color is red, the symbol for life, combined with black, a reference to his father, as this color symbolizes the underworld! Under this new approach, it becomes comprehensible why Jae Shin is forced to go to the mortal world to replenish in yin energy, which is not a necessity for his hyungs. The older brothers don’t often visit the mortal world. (chapter 15) As you can sense, for me chapter 15 was very eye-opening! And once you accept this theory, you can comprehend why the father turned him into a puppy. (chapter 1) Since he looked down on humans, he was not allowed to be one. It was to force him to acknowledge his human nature which he has been denying all this time. He felt superior to humans, for the latter are mortal, and as such weak. (chapter 1) In his eyes, they have no real value. Moreover, he resents them for their hypocrisy (chapter 1) and their treacherous nature . (chapter 1) However, he is not different from them, because he knows that one part of him is human. He is not entirely honest to himself. And now, you comprehend why the god Jin-Gwang said that sending him to a cauldron would have never been a punishment. (chapter 3) He prefers the afterlife world to the mortal one. And because he was different from the others, he got spoiled by his father, brothers and other gods. (chapter 3) Since he is the result of an union between a god and a human, he needs human energy (yin). Therefore he bleeds like a human (chapter 15), when he gets stabbed, but because he is an immortal, he can heal. (chapter 16) Striking is that he called himself a ghost, but Lee Nok didn’t accept this, for he is visible to humans. (chapter 16) This is important, because by identifying himself as a ghost, he is actually denying his “human nature”. However, he is not realizing that “ghosts” were all once humans which is not the case to Yeomra, Jin-Gwang, Cho-Gang and probably to his brothers. They are “gods”. In other words, the moment he calls himself a ghost, he indirectly admits his “human origins”.

Hence you comprehend why the father had to sentence him in the end. His son was playing god by switching the names, he had usurped his power. Besides, he was totally prejudiced about humans. He would make no distinction among them. (chapter 1) He was full of prejudices about mortals: deceitful, weak, ruthless and foolish. However, since Yeomra has to sentence each soul, his son’s biased view about the mortals could only represent a huge affront to the god of the afterlife. As you can see, it was to teach him an important lesson about death and life as well. He should learn to treasure humans, and his mother was a mortal, even more so. Naturally, once I had this idea in my mind, I wondered who could be his mother. While researching about Korean gods and goddesses, I discovered Parigeti or called Bari Gongju [which means literally abandoned Princess]

In the archives of Korean shamanism, the tale of Princess Bari is the tale of the Abandoned Princess. She is the seventh and last child of the king, a monarch who has no sons. This shamanic goddess, Princess Bari, was abandoned at birth because she was female. She travels to the underworld to seek the elixir of life, and is reborn into a new world. She has been transformed into a goddess who, like the boatman Charon across the River Styx, carries souls into the netherworld. Quoted from If you want a more detailed version of the story, here is the link:

So she could be his mother, yet since Jae Shin was raised by his father, brothers and “uncles”, I doubt that she was his mother, for Parigeti was turned into a goddess. But one thing is sure. This “goddess” could play a role in this story, for a flower, connected to the river of the afterlife, caught my attention.

3. Jae Shin and the red flower

Jae Shin is symbolized by a plant, the lycoris, known under the name red spider lily or magic lily. The association is already presented in the title, as it is part of the “ghost”. Besides, the manhwalovers can detect its presence in three occasions. Jae Shin is wearing an earring in the form of the lycoris. Then the red spider lily (chapter 9), was present, when he changed his appearance and dressed as a noble. (chapter 9) But what is the meaning of this flower then?

Red Spider Lily (Lycoris radiata) – Red spider lilies are strongly associated with death, last goodbyes, and sad memories. They are thought of as the flowers of the heavens. […] In Buddhism, it is a common practice to mark the arrival of autumn and offer a tribute by placing bouquets of red spider lilies at their ancestors’ graves. The Lotus Sutra describes red spider lilies as flowers that grow in hell. As a result, certain Chinese and Japanese Buddhist traditions believe that these flowers help lead spirits through the afterlife and into reincarnation. [….] More legends (from Japan) say when a person crosses paths with someone whom they will never meet again, that red spider lilies bloom along the path. In addition to their association with death and the afterlife, these legends are also partly responsible for the flower’s association with final goodbyes. Quoted from

And look what happened after he had used his power to turn into a noble in front of the lycoris (chapter 9). He met the servant, his former lover, in the gibang for the last time. The latter chose to cut ties with him. (chapter 9) This was their final goodbye. It takes courage to love someone so different, to love an immortal. That’s the reason why the father sentenced his son to win a human’s heart. He was teaching him a lesson, he should learn how his father fell in love with a human.

And the more I thought about this theory, Jae Shin’s mother was a human, the more it became understandable why the main lead rejects love and why he became a seme in order to replenishing his yin energy. Because of this “love”, he was born, hence he was different. He was not mortal, not totally immortal. He is the result of a forbidden love, the symbol of lycoris.

This curious growth habit was explained in a Chinese myth. The sun goddess Amaterasu assigned two elves (or fairies) to guard the flowers and leaves independently. Mañju guarded the petals while Saka guarded the leaves, always knowing about the existence of one another, but forbidden to meet. Curiosity drove them to defy Amaterasu and once they finally met they fell in love. Amaterasu punished them with a curse to never meet again and so now Saka’s leaves only come out once Mañju’s petals have died. They live in eternal separation. Another name for the flower is ‘Mañjusaka’ in Chinese and ‘Manju-syage’ in Japanese.” Quoted from

And if my theory is correct, the red spider lily, as the symbol of the love between Yeomra and Jae Shin’s mother, became the symbol for the son. Then this signifies that Yeomra actually interfered in the human world, and as such violated his own rules. The harmony between the mortal and afterlife world was interrupted. Therefore the readers can grasp why Yeomra spoke about fate. (chapter 3) Yeomra can only judge human souls, he can never control the destiny of gods or humans. This means that Jae Shin’s “journey” is to turn into a human, to discover the existence of his heart. Striking is that when the father was drinking his tea, he was looking at the pink-purple lotus, The purple lotus flower symbolizes spiritual enlightenment as well as faithfulness and innocence. The purple flower indicates harmony and balance between different parts of ourselves. [For more read the essay: The lotus and the snake] But since the pavilion and pond were facing the palace where Jae Shin was staying, the presence of the lotus is announcing the future purification of that place full of evil spirits and ghosts.

4. Jae Shin’s power

Interesting is that when Jae Shin was asking his brothers for their help, he didn’t notice the presence of Lee Nok in the adjutant room. Hence he never detected that his strong aura could destroy a ghost (chapter 14) This shows that his body’s energy works like a huge talisman. But in order to become effective, he needs human energy. Hence I couldn’t help myself making the following connection, when I read Yeom’s comment about Queen Han: (chapter 13) She attributed the queen’s protection to a strong amulet, as she believed that the woman was a human. However, the moment you admit that Jae Shin is the fruit of a love between the god of the underworld and a human, you can imagine that Queen Han could have the same nature. Her aura could be so strong that she can push away powerful ghosts like Yeom. Yeom thought that the young girl was attracting ghosts like Lee Nok (chapter 8), thus the shaman advised to the father: (chapter 8) She encouraged him to have his daughter accumulated good karma. She was indirectly trying to change the girl’s personality and as such destiny. (chapter 8) From my point of view, the young girl was discovering her second nature, she could see and talk to ghosts. Thus she smiled. As you can see, I came to develop the following idea: Queen Han is a half-breed like Jae Shin, but contrary to him, she prefers the human world. Why? Because of her powers, she can control people and gain power. This explicates why she chose to get rid of the shaman whom she viewed as a threat. At the same time, thanks to the intervention of the “spirits”, she discovered how powerful she was. Thus she smiled… (chapter 8) like a flower (chapter 8) These words reminded me of the lycoris, the flower of death and funeral. We have many possibilities for her lineage. Either she is a new version of Gongju Bari, or she could be the product of another god, like for example this one: Seokga.

Seokga is the trickster god in the Korean Pantheon. He is known as a trickster god due to his love for playing tricks and deceiving humans. He is also known for creating the world alongside Mireuk. However, Seokga wanted to be the lone ruler of the human world. And so, he challenged Mireuk to a competition. They remained in a meditative state, and whoever grew the most flowers would win the human race. While Mireuk was asleep, Seokga stole his flowers and won. Then, Mireuk vanished. The unjust methods Seokga used to win over the earth resulted in the karmic manifestation of sin and suffering. The first death occurred and the earth was trapped in a cycle of death, rebirth, and eternal suffering. Quoted from

As you can see, Seokga is connected to death either. Moreover, he embodies sin and deception, finally he was portrayed as lusting after power. So he would fit the profile. But there is another reason why I suspect that Queen Han is also connected to the afterlife. I observed that all the ghosts persecuting Lee Nok are not mentioned in the book of names. One of them is supposed to have died in a fire while dressed as a bride (chapter 13), yet the brother had not heard about such a death. (chapter 15) From my point of view, someone is playing tricks with fate and death. But this was not discovered so far. And with Jae Shin’s intervention, the tricks used in the past can no longer be effective. On the other hand, in order to become more powerful and defeat the Queen, Jae Shin has to discover the existence of his heart. Don’t forget that the queen has a child (chapter 8) who she would like to become the Crown prince. He is the source of her strength and motivation. From my perspective, Jae Shin has to learn what love is. (chapter 9) So far, he views it as something irrelevant, only for fools. He has not recognized its beauty and its power. Thanks to love, a human can accumulate good karma and be reincarnated. This means that “humans” are not truly mortal. (chapter 15) Like I mentioned above, with his banishment, the young protagonist is forced to question the true nature of humans. Are they really weak and foolish, like he thinks? No, Yeomra might be the king of the afterlife, yet his existence is attached to the judgement of human souls. As you can see, Yeomra is in truth serving humans. That’s how valuable mortals are. The gods and humans are depending on each other. Jae Shin is in truth the ignorant one, for he is not understanding how humans think and feel. (chapter 13) Though Yeom might have become an evil spirit, she has not lost her humanity. She has never forgotten her origins and family. (chapter 8) Exactly Jae Shin, she is living between two worlds, her body might have died, but she is by clear conscious. (chapter 13) Her fate indicates that there exist different kind of spirits. And now, you comprehend why I am more than ever convinced that Jae Shin’s identity is hiding a mystery. I sense the presence of a duality. Lee Nok’s role is to push Jae Shin to discover his second nature, his heart. Hence Lee Nok is connected to the opposite colors and values, day, green, yellow and blue, (chapter 9) (chapter 1) while Jae Shin is associated to black, red and night! Yes, we have once again the allusion to yin and yang. Hence Lee Nok’s presence was able to appease Jae Shin’s anger after getting rejected by the servant in the gibang. (chapter 9)

To conclude, for me, Jae Shin is not just an arrogant “ghost prince”, but also a “man” who has been denying his own origins. Hence I do think that the father sentenced his son to the mortal world for his own good. He did it, because he loved him. Moreover, I view The Ghost’s Nocturne as a song about the “impossible” love between humans and immortals. Hence this can only happen during the night, when people are asleep.

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Jinx: My hero 🤠 (only 10 pictures) -second version

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After reading this title, anyone will think that my essay will focus essentially on Kim Dan.

1. Kim Dan a hero?

In my previous analysis „Precious punk and wimp“, I had explained that the physical therapist was far from being a wimp, for he would be able to take Joo Jaekyung‘s anaconda. 😉And this perception was confirmed, when the manhwalovers were able to see the boxer‘s phallus in his aroused state. (chapter 3) It was really huge to the point that Kim Dan got scared and was on the verge to break the deal. (chapter 3) However, real heroism occurs, when someone is risking his life for the sake of another person. I am now quoting the criteria for being considered as a true hero:

Heroism is characterized by:

Acting voluntarily for the service of others who are in need, whether it is for an individual, a group, or a community

Performing actions without any expectation of reward or external gain

Recognition and acceptance of the potential risk or sacrifice made by taking heroic actions

So this was not entirely the case, when he accepted the first offer. Back then, it was more about his debts and his fear of the loan sharks. Yet, it is a different story, when he proposes the deal to Joo Jaekyung later: 14.000 dollars a month in exchange for his services. (chapter 6) Here, he does it to save his halmoni (grand-mother) (chapter 6), as her illness is requiring an expensive treatment. In order to assist her, he is willing to do something he loathes, for he had perceived his first sex session with the fighter as hell. (Chapter 5) It took him a whole week to recover from this encounter. (Chapter 5) He was physically and mentally wounded. His behavior fits all the criteria in chapter 6. He is totally selfless and is risking his life emotionally, physically and mentally. He definitely sees the champion as a „criminal“, since he keeps comparing him to the director from the hospital. (chapter 6) He has indeed become a true hero, hence he received the admiration and love from all the readers.

2. Joo Jaekyung’s “heroism”

On the other hand, by listing the characteristics of a true hero, people get aware that Joo Jaekyung is a fake hero, though he is celebrated as one in the story! (Chapter 5) At no moment, in the ring, he risked his life, for this fight is controlled by a ref and both boxers are required to follow certain rules. But the seme has not realized this yet. Like I had pointed out before, he takes everything too seriously. He views his games as a matter of life or death. One might think that he has never had a strong opponent so far, but we have two indications that his career wasn’t always smooth. . (chapter 1) The legend is implying that this was not like that in the past (“the streak continues”). Secondly, he has cauliflower ears (chapter 1), a typical consequence for fighting. [Here I would like to thank @delune_art for her observation]

Couture has cauliflower ear, a relatively common affliction among fighters, wrestlers and other contact-sport athletes. Years of being pulled, punched and torn can create blood clots in the ear and damage the tissue. Over time, blood and pus become trapped in the gnarled cartilage of a damaged ear, often causing the lobes to morph into hardened balloons. Like pimples that have crusted into permanent scars, Couture’s ears are blue-and-red deformities that hover on the sides of his head — creviced, bulging and so noticeable that they’ve helped inspire a movement. Whether they wanted to or not, Couture and other elite fighters have turned cauliflower ear into a coveted badge of honor in wrestling, boxing and MMA. What was once an unsightly injury has now become a living trophy that commands respect. Quoted from

This means that he must have also received punches or other injuries on the ears in the past. As you can see, though the readers never saw any defeat so far, the reality is that he had to work hard for his success. This explicates why he is taking things very seriously. On the other hand, the presence of his cauliflowers could indicate as well that the sportsman is proud of his job and success, as they are not removed. That’s how I realized why the champion became superstitious. He explained his “defeats” from the past with jinx. As you can see, I am already sensing that something must have happened to him in the past which pushed him to have sex before a match. What caught my attention is that he underlined that it didn’t matter who his partner was: “No matter what happens, I need to have sex the night before a match, it doesn’t matter who my partner is…” (chapter 2) Therefore I come to the conclusion that it is definitely related to a betrayal from a loved one, someone close to him. The other evidence for this theory is that all the bottoms he selected resemble each other, though he claims the opposite: (chapter 5) The lover and Kim Dan have the same hair dress and the same height, they are both muscular, yet slender. (chapter 2) In other words, Joo Jaekyung favors a certain type, but he is not aware of it. Hence he claims that all his sex partners were different. And now, you have the explanation why he views people he has sex with as tools and even whores. He used money as a protection, a wall to keep his distance from people. This is not surprising why he was happy, when Kim Dan asked for financial support. That way, there was no string attached.: “So it was just the money, after all”. (chapter 6) But naturally, he is deluding himself, because observe that he is now changing his sexual habits! (chapter 6) It is no longer linked to his jinx, because he is asking Kim Dan to have sex no matter the time or place. This little detail makes a huge difference, the start of his new obsession.

On the other hand, we shouldn‘t overlook that his source of strength is founded on his belief that no sex before a match means no victory. (Chapter 2) What if he can’t have sex like he wished? What if his sex partner is not satisfying him enough? What if Kim Dan no longer needs his money, as the expensive treatment for his grandma is no longer necessary? These questions outline the precarity of his “faith”, everything is a matter of luck. And with the new condition, Joo Jaekyung is becoming even more dependent on the physical therapist. So imagine that he cuts ties with the fighter, for he no longer needs to play the hero for his halmoni. The fighter’s world would break down. The way the sportsman thinks represents a huge weakness, which the “lover” could already perceive with the “jinx”. His superstition actually exposes his own insecurities. He has not recognized yet that this bad luck is undermining his confidence in the long run. Hence I come to the conclusion that he is still driven by his past struggling and anxieties.

On the other hand, this scene exposes that Joo Jaekyung is definitely strong and shouldn‘t be underestimated, like the lover did: (chapter 2) The latter imagined that due to their past relationship, he was protected. Thus he thought, he could mock the main lead. What caught my attention is that he even imagined that he knew Joo Jaekyung very well. Hence he voiced his discontent first, then tried to woo him with his sex appeal: “You know I’ve got the technique, baby. I’ll suck you off so good, you won’t know what hit you… So just don’t say it’s over, hmm? Pretty please, sugar?”(Chapter 2) But the truth is quite the opposite, for he never anticipated that he would become the target of the man‘s violence. In my eyes, since he knew about the boxer‘s superstition, he came to perceive the fighter as weak. He even came to believe that he had the upper hand in the relationship. But he was totally wrong, for the boxer was not satisfied with him, but he had never let it transpire. We shouldn’t overlook the fact that the champion had sex with the former physical therapist before (chapter 1) and this quite recently. Yet, the athlete had maintained his relationship with the uke for quite some time (chapter 2) The lover’s words in this panel expose his arrogance and error of judgement. To conclude, he overestimated his position in their relationship due to Joo Jaekyung‘s „jinx“. As you can imagine, Joo Jaekyung is not a real hero, yet he is more than just a violent and selfish boxer either. He also had to struggle to achieve his “dream”. Naturally, Kim Dan can not see it from this perspective, which is comprehensible, for he is the one suffering the most from it right now.

Nevertheless, the reason why I entitled this analysis “my hero” is that there exists another “hero” in this story which I think many readers are neglecting.

3. Hyung

Striking is that the athlete called his manager “hyung” (chapter 5) [which means like older brother in Korean]. This name is revealing that the boxer is respecting the manager a lot. We could say that he considers him as a part of his family. At no moment, the champion uses his force against him. Compare his attitude towards the physical therapist (chapter 1) before and after the arrival of the manager. The tone changed immediately. (chapter 1) He simply listened to his huyng. This means that they have a long history together, Joo Jaekyung trusts him. We could say that the athlete views him as his “hero”, hence he is so courteous and calm in front of him. The latter also admires his athlete so much that he joined him on the ring to celebrate his victory (chapter 5) I doubt that his joy and smile were fake. Imagine that right after the victory, the hyung watched the match again. He was so impressed that he wondered how Joo Jaekyung could improve so much. (chapter 5) And this image exposes that the sportsman has kept something important from his hyung, his so-called “jinx”. The manager is left in the dark!! This indicates that his sex sessions were always done behind his back. The other evidence for this interpretation is the man’s request to his manager: “That new physical therapist I wanna hire him as my private physio” (chapter 5) He is not honest here. Hence I am now wondering if the pressure to remain victorious all this time is not linked to the manager. The champion doesn’t want to disappoint him. Furthermore, I am wondering if the start of the athlete’s “jinx” was not caused by words from the caring and honest manager. Remember what he said to the protagonist: “Good luck” (chapter 1) His expression exposes that the hyung believes in jinx and luck. And now, you comprehend why the main lead would act behind his “hyung’s back”. Thus I am imagining that the main lead’s mind, could have thought that the hyung would reject him, if he were to discover the existence of his “jinx”. Another possibility is that he fears the manager’s rejection because of his sexual orientation. Being a homosexual in such a world would cause a huge scandal. Nonetheless, I believe that the hyung is not the only cause for the high expectations Joo Jaekyung has for himself. Like in real life, many factors and people contributed for his overactive superego.

Since the manager is always smiling, gentle and shows a certain understanding, I am assuming that he will play a huge role in the couple’s relationship. In the beginning of the story, he acted as a mediator between the two protagonists. (chapter 1) Then when his athlete wondered why he had not heard from Kim Dan, the manager not only took Kim Dan’s side, but also criticized his athlete. First, when he said that the main lead had asked him like a million times, (chapter 5), he was implying that he had bothered him a lot. Then (chapter 5) the idiom “something” is a reference to the sportsman’s behavior. He reproached him in a calm manner that he would nag constantly. Yet, at no moment, the boxer felt insulted. That’s why I couldn’t help myself judging him as a “hero”. He could tame his sportsman and turn him into an obedient “puppy”. The latter is always well-mannered in front of him and never showing his frustration.

This scene made me particularly laugh. (Chapter 5) He got caught by surprise by this point. He never imagined that Kim Dan would reject or even block him, as he is considered as a “champion”, a hero!! But the moment he turned his back from the manager, he couldn’t control his frustration and anger. Thus he smashed the punching bag with such a force. (chapter 5) On the other hand, he couldn’t control his gaze, when he heard that he could get blocked. (chapter 5) This whole scene displayed the respect Joo Jaekyung had for the manager and his friend. At the door, he never exploded. But why is it so? Like mentioned above, he views the man as his family. And we have another proof for this: “block us” was turned into “block me”. As you can see, the personal pronoun “us” indicates that Joo Jaekyung considers the man with the red shirt as an unit, a home.

This explicates why Joo Jaekyung is relying a lot on his “hyung”. Therefore it is not surprising that when he saw that Kim Dan was not reacting to his calls, he went straight to the man in the red shirt. (chapter 5) Hence I judge the main character’s deceptions to the hyung as “white lies”. There is another proof that Joo Jaekyung is trying not to deceive his “brother” with bad intentions. He told him about the incident with the previous physical therapist. (chapter 1), yet he used an ambiguous expression. For the manager, it sounded like the champion had beaten him, while the sexual insinuation was present. His choice of expressions indicates that he desired to stay as close as possible to the truth. This shows that the main lead has no real intention to manipulate his “hyung”. He is not doing it out of malevolence, rather out of fear in my eyes. This is also perceptible in this scene. (chapter 5) Joo Jaekyung was frank enough to voice his dissatisfaction about the physical therapists. For me, this image exposes that the boxer is not just a violent and selfish man, he is still capable to have a normal relationship. He respects his peer and never vents his rage towards him. Under this new approach, you can grasp why I selected “my hero” as a title. I wished to outline the good influence the manager has on Joo Jaehyunk. The former will definitely take the physical therapist’s side, like we could sense in chapter 1 and 5!! I am looking forward for the interaction between Kim Dan and the manager, because it will definitely affect the relationship between the hyung and the champion!

In the beginning of this paragraph, I had outlined that the hyung could be considered as Joo Jaekyung’s hero. But I had not discovered the reason for his blinded trust in his coach and manager. But today, I had a huge revelation, Look at the hyung’s ears: (chapter 1) He also has cauliflower ears! Hence I can deduce that he was himself an athlete and probably a champion too. That’s how he got the protagonist’s admiration. Under this new light, I can grasp why the manager’s name was not introduced yet. It indicates that his fame vanished and he is no longer recognized as a hero! This indicates that glory is quite temporary.

4. The halmoni the neglected heroine 😍

While many manhwaphiles were focusing on Joo Jaekyung and Kim Dan’s interactions, I couldn’t help myself feeling so much admiration for the strong woman. She raised her grandson on her own which must have been difficult, for she came from a low social class. (chapter 5) This is perceptible due to her clothes and her basket. She was more or less a “peasant”, living in the countryside. And the young child could sense her struggle. She dedicated her life to raise Kim Dan properly so that he could get an education. She was so selfless and caring that she protected her grandchild from the loan sharks’ brutality. (chapter 5) With this scene, the manhwalovers could discover that Kim Dan’s debts existed, even before he became an adult. This means that this was the heritage from his parents. Hence I am suspecting that one of a parent deserted the family in order to escape from the loan sharks and left the debts to the halmoni and Kim Dan. And if you recall the criteria for heroism, you will recognize the halmoni is a true heroine. Hence you comprehend why the young protagonist is willing to do anything for his grandma. He is trying to repay his “debts”, since she had to suffer so much in the past. There is no ambiguity that the young man feels responsible for her. And if you observe the chapters I quoted the most so far, this was episode 5 where the manager and the halmoni were introduced properly for the first time!!

To conclude, the manager and the halmoni have become my “little heroes”. 🤠 Thus I desired to dedicate this essay to them!

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