Evening: a perfect illustration of a poem in a scene (Encounter)


Among a multitude of stars,

One stares down at me,

Among a multitude of people,

I stare up at that one star,

Where , when and as what will the two of us,

You, one so warm, and me, one so tender, meet again? (Translation from VIU)

This poem has been used twice in this drama, once in the episode 5 and the other at the episode 10. Striking is that the drawing in each episode was referring to that poem. In the episode 5, we had the impression that the frames were like stars shining in this darkness.

Emcoumter episode 5 drawing.png
episode 5

The frames were representing the memories of our OTP’s different encounters so that the idea of “when will we meet again” is visible in this drawing.  

But now, let us take a closer look to the drawing of the episode 10. 

Encounter episode 10 drawing 1.png
episode 10

Behind an hedge, a man seems to float in the air in a garden. The hedge serves as wall and keeps intruders away. The man is looking at the sky. The garden and the sky are colored in dark and gloomy colors. I had mentioned in my previous post that the dark colors are an indication that the main characters will face huge problems. In the episode 10, the major issue is the possible loss of the hotel with the garden in Cuba. What caught my attention is that unlike the previous drawing, JH is not drawn in black but in white. Why the change? Sure, one reason could have been to create a contrast because JH would have been barely visible in such a gloomy scenery. However, the creator could have used yellow or gold, since JH is often connected to the sun or star. Yet, white symbolizes purity and innocence which fits JH’s personality. Moreover, his trip to Cuba is indeed so selfless and pure because he just wants to help his girlfriend.

As you can guess, the drawing illustrates a scene in the episode, when he is waiting for grandfather Samuel in the garden. But why did the illustrator make JH float in the air? Let us not forget that JH has been compared to the wind (the scene with JWS in the episode 9) and in another drawing a red butterfly embodied him. Both have something in common: the element air. As conclusion, JH floating in the air is another indication that JH belongs to the element air. We all know that he is close to nature.

However, the darkness seems to disappear a little as later, there is a golden frame surrounding JH and the garden, as if he was protected.

Encounter episode 10 drawing 2.png

This corresponds to the roof of the porch.

Encounter episode 10 veranda 1.png

The way the director shot that scene was really amazing as he was actually following the poem. First, we see JH looking at the star (“Among a multitude of stars”). Then the camera follows JH’s gaze and shows us the sky full of stars…

Encounter episode 10 veranda 2.png

Then we have to imagine that the camera position changes and from the sky, we are brought back to JH. But it gets a little closer to him.

Encounter episode 10 veranda 3.png

This camera move refers to “one (star) stare down at me”. As you can see, the camera position is changed: it is up

Encounter episode 10 veranda 4.png

then down,

Encounter episode 10 veranda 5.png
here it is a translation from Viki

Striking is that as the camera position changes each time, the closer it gets to JH and to the sky indicating that they are getting closer to each other, it even becomes personal. It was as if there was an exchange between JH and the stars, and especially an exchange with one star, the one representing his beloved one, CSH (“Among a multitude of people, I stare up at that one star”). They look as if they were communicating to each other through the distance. The star reminds him of CSH and that’s why when he recites this verse, he starts thinking about her. In the last mentioned verse, the star is a metaphor for a loved one because before people were mentioned. This personification explains why JH starts thinking of CSH and their different encounters: “Where, when and as what will the two of us, You, one so warm, and me, one so tender, meet again?”.

While looking at the stars and starry night and reciting that poem, we have the impression that JH is wishing to see CSH very soon. This is not a coincidence because don’t forget the expression “when you wish upon a star”. Stars are linked to inspiration, dreams, aspiration, guidance, pursuits and magic. Indeed, CSH serves JH as an aspiration, she is his guide… Later, CSH remarks that this feels magical… and it was as if his wish had been granted, when he met the next day.

This justifies why the drawing from the ending looks like this:

Encounter episode 10 ending.png
They are blessed by the sky as they are surrounded by shooting stars

CSH as star comes down to him… she is followed by shooting stars. And we all know that a shooting star is associated to wish as well. The issue with the hotel has not only disappeared, but also his girlfriend has come to him and his biggest wish has come true: “as what will the two of us… meet again?” She is now his lover. So this scene illustrates that he finds strength and comfort in the starry night. CSH inspires him to do extraordinary things (the masquerade ball, the super service, aso). His dream is to be with her no matter what. And the next day he could meet like he had wished. Nature in the form of stars is on his side.

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