Confession: A mystery evolving around confessions and its implications

This K-drama deals about a lawyer, Choi Do Hyun who is trying to find the truth about his father’s crime. Our main protagonist believes that his father has been innocent, however the latter had confessed his crime from the start. This K-drama started airing just three weeks ago on TVN and so far, it is quite entertaining because of the script and the acting. Lee Joon Ho as Choi Do Hyun and Yoo Jae Myung as the detective Ki Choon Ho are doing a terrific job.

What caught my attention was the title “Confession” because after 6 episodes, it becomes clear that the main topic of this K-drama is indeed confession. In each episode, the viewer sees different kind of confessions.

  1. Han Joon Gu and his confessions

In the first episode, the criminal Han Joon Gu kept calling the police in order to tease them as they had not caught the murderer. Indirectly, the police and the prosecution used these calls as evidence that he was in fact the killer.

But at his trial, he retracted his confession. A retracted confession is a statement made by an accused person before the trial begins, by which he / she admits to have committed the offence, but which he/she repudiate at the trial. This gave the impression that the police could have use violence in order to obtain his confession.

episode 1 the accused Han Joon Gu

Our male protagonist is able to defend his client so that Han Joon Gu is found not guilty. Then 5 years later, a similar crime occurs and all the evidence is pointing out Han Joon Gu. The latter had just left the prison a few days ago. The lawyer is now facing a dilemma: he knows now that Han Joon Gu had killed the victim Yang Ae Ran 5 years ago but he is well aware that this time his client is innocent.

episode 3: Han Joon Gu confessing his crime

This time, his confession creates a scandal. The double jeopardy protects him from being prosecuted for the murder. He has been found innocent due to lack of evidence 5 years ago and now he is once again released. His lawyer with the detective’s help could prove his innocence for the second murder. Besides, the prosecution can not press charges against Han Joon Gu for the same crime despite his confession.

2. The nurse Cho

She is Choi Do Hyun’s second client. The prosecution accuses the nurse of committing a professional mistake but later changes the charges. Now, the patient’s death is considered as a murder. During the trial, the nurse remains quiet so that her silence is used as evidence against her. Only at the final hearing, she confesses her crime explaining how it happened. The victim had sexually assaulted her in the past. Her confession contrasts so much to Han Joon Gu’s confession as it shows the pain of the defendant.

episode 5

Yet, this doesn’t end here as the nurse confesses to Choi Do Hyun’s friend Han Yu Ri that 10 years ago no one asked her anything, when Han Yu Ri’s father died. So her words imply that back then a crime occurred and she was involved in the death of Han Yu Ri’s father.

3. Choi Pil Soo and his confession 

episode 6 : Choi Pil Soo is holding a gun, there is a witness and the crime has just happened.

Unlike in the other cases, the confession is made right after the crime, when the detective Ki Choon Ho arrives at the crime scene. Choi Do Hyun’s father admits the crime immediately without any emotion. Besides, he never gives an explanation or a motive for the murder. Furthermore, after his confession, he remains silence and even cuts ties with his own son. Yet, it becomes clear that Choi Pil Soo admitted the crime in exchange for his son’s surgery. Choi Do Hyun had a heart transplant shortly after his father’s trial. Here there is a conspiracy where the confession was used as the best evidence in order to cover up the real murderers and the motive, corruption.

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