Love in Sadness: Is true love for Kang In Wook possible?

The episodes from this week makes it clear that KIW is more obsessed with Yoon Ma Ri’s face than with the person herself. First, he wants to change her face. Many people warn him that the surgery represents a high risk for Yoon Ma Ri but he doesn’t care. Furthermore his wife even declares to her husband that he has never really known her. Finally, this scene reinforces this idea. KIW is upset after hearing some harsh words from his father. In order to calm down, he looks first at their couple’s picture.

episode 16: notice that he even caresses Yoon Ma Ri in that picture

But this is not enough. That’s why he pushes the couple picture.

episode 16.

Behind the photo there is another picture. We see Kang In Wook as a child hugged by his mother who resembles Yoon Ma Ri. This action from Kang In Wook reveals two things. Only looking at his mother has an effect on him. Yoon Ma Ri’s picture is not enough. This scene illustrates that Kang In Wook has always been longing for his mother, for maternal love.

But why did our antihero get so upset? Just before, his father had not just insulted him. He had actually abused him mentally with these words.

The father knows perfectly well that his son has abandonment issues and inferiority complex. By telling him that he was not good and that’s why he was abandoned by his mother hurt KIW a lot. And this is the reason why I came to this theory that KIW’s father is abusing his son mentally because he is actually covering up his crime. From my point of view, KIW has been brainwashed by his own father who told him that his mother abandoned him by committing suicide. We heard that she shot herself in the head.

However, I suspect that in reality his mother tried to protect her son, she came back to take him and her husband shot her. She was killed by him. And his own son could have realized that hence he told KIW these lies. He knew what his mother meant to him. By telling him that she committed suicide therefore she abandoned him, the chairman hurt KIW so much so that he wouldn’t pay attention to the details and his own memories. That’s why the father can insult KIW as weak. He expected, KIW would come to resent his mother for leaving him behind.

LIS episode 16 KIW mother 1.png
LIS episode 16 KIW mother 2.png

The reason why I suspect that his mother was killed is this:

Notice that her wound is on her chest and not on her head. Secondly the way she is holding her gun. In an earlier episode, I had seen the blood on the chest but I thought, this could have been a mistake. However, this time the scene was much longer. KIW never saw his mother’s suicide, he only heard the gun shot. And notice that in the preview, he is trying to act like “his mother”, point the gun to his head….

from the preview

The reasons why I suspect the father for killing his wife are the following:

– He was bothered that YMR looked like his wife… he was afraid that this might trigger KIW’s memory of this night

– Secondly, he was happy that his son would treat YMR like he did with his wife. Her running away revealed that the lies he had told KIW had worked. 

– Furthermore he talked about betrayal to KIW once while he was hunting. In my opinion, he was talking about betrayal as if he had experienced it himself. So the mother came back to take her son… and she would leave him for real. 

– Finally, he shows so much concern for YMR. Why? Because she could trigger something KIW which would make him realize that he had been manipulated by his father all along.

Therefore I come to the conclusion that KIW could be shot by his father, as the latter is trying to kill YMR. That’s how he will realize what happened back then. Now, we know where KIW went in the first episode. The villa looked a lot like the villa YMR was sent after KIW took her from the hospital. The secretary told him that this villa is used by the chairman. That’s how KIW will realize what true love is. His mother loved him so much that she risked her own life to take him away from his father. Kang In Wook can only find peace, the moment he realizes that his mother never abandoned him. Only then, the abusive husband can let go of his wife. He will realize that he has never loved his wife, in reality he was just longing for maternal love. If my theory is correct, then the discovery of the past will play a huge part.

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