Announcement: Manhwas

On twitter, I created a poll in order to know the age bracket of my readers. It would be great if you could participate. My twitter account has the same name @bebebisous33

The second news: I am now writing the list of manhwas which have the potential to be examined. As soon as the second season of Painter Of The Night starts, I’ll write less about it. I have already explained many things. Sure, I won’t stop but I would like to focus on other stories and aspects:

  1. A painter behind the curtain
  2. Legs That Won’t Walk
  3. Dine With a Vampire (has just started)
  4. At The End of The Road
  5. On The Emperor’s lap
  6. Ellin’s Solhwa
  7. Pian Pian
  8. BJ Alex
  9. The Beast Must die
  10. Home Alone Together
  11. Body Complex
  12. My Starry Sky

Let me know which ones you would like to have an analysis about. Thanks for the reply and the support.

2 thoughts on “Announcement: Manhwas

  1. Hi,

    I know it’s pretty late after the fact, but I’m reading through all your POTN posts and thank you for all the food for thought!

    I am currently reading the webtoon “On or Off” on tappytoon. It takes place in a big corporation in todays Seoul and I am obsessed with it. Director Khan and Mr. Ahn are very different, but are slowly discovering what a great person the other is. It is about preconceived opinions, office politics, very bad sex and then very good sex, consent, power structures, friendships and support systems, I could go on.
    But most of all it is incredibly funny and the sex is super hot (did I mention consent!!)

    And the seme is very principled and the uke is such a sweet heart.
    Anyways, highly recommended and I would love to exchange analyses about it.

    Cheers Loulou

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