Painter Of The Night: Animals and predictions

This is where you can read the manhwa.  But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes.

This is not an analysis but again a new prediction. There’s a reason why I suddenly came up with this idea. It all started with a tweet created by @YourMorbidMoot where the wolf symbolizing Yoon Seungho is tamed by Baek Na-Kyum, the innocent rabbit. When I saw this very cute story, it made me smile because it illustrates the taming of the main protagonist.

Simultaneously, I couldn’t help myself thinking about my essay called “Yoon Seungho and Baek Na-Kyum as animals” [] where I had explained that for me, the eagle and the lamb would represent much better Yoon Seungho and Baek Na-Kyum respectively. The readers must know that as soon as I wrote the essay mentioned above, I started associating the characters with animals. The weirdest thing is that I couldn’t restrain myself noticing that the nobles were always represented by birds (or flying animals), while the commoners like Baek Na-Kyum, Deok-Jae or valet Kim were rather domestic animals. With this expression, I mean these animals are part of a mansion. This is what I had found so far:

Yoon SeunghoEagle
Jung In-HunPeacock (snake-chameleon)
MinMagpie – crow (snake)
Father Yoon„Dragon“ (snake)
Lee JihwaPheasant – crane
Yoon Seung-WonDuck
Baek Na-KyumLamb
Valet KimDog
Deok-JaeRat (greedy, materialistic, rats out his master)

This is not surprising that the dog symbolizes valet Kim, as he is loyal, strong, caring but also protective and defensive. He follows his master everywhere and is able to find him very quickly, like in the chapter 57. Let’s not forget how he yelled at Deok-Jae for his so-called prank. It was as if he was barking at the vicious domestic.

But then, I realized that I had actually made a mistake. Yoon Seungho was indeed a bird, not an eagle. In fact, he was a phoenix, hence we see him wearing this robe during that fateful night. The next morning, he is no longer wearing it. He gave his robe to the painter as cover. It definitely marks the moment of his “death” and announces his rebirth. It has not occurred yet, since he is still feverish but we should consider it as a part of his rebirth: he rises from the ashes. It becomes clear that the rebirth of a phoenix is related to fire and you all know the expressions “to burn a fever” or “to burn out a fever”. As you can observe, fever is indeed linked to fire. That’s why I came to the realization that Yoon Seungho is in reality a phoenix which would explain why father Yoon was so jealous of his son. How can a dragon exist next to a phoenix? Both are mystical animals, yet let me remind my readers that father Yoon has only the eyes of a dragon, he’s not a real dragon. Nonetheless, my association to a bird for Yoon Seungho was actually correct , it’s just the choice of the bird was wrong.

Then I had explained that Jihwa considered himself as a crane and thought, he would bring good fortune to Yoon Seungho, hence he dressed up with such beautiful clothes. However, my perception was that he was misjudging himself, he was just a gold pheasant. That’s why I feared for his life after reading the first season. Since the start of the new season, I had to review my prediction and now I believe that he will get terribly hurt. My thoughts were that he would either lose his title or get a scar… due to a big injury. I came to this belief after recognizing that this character is very similar to Baek Na-Kyum. Since the latter got raped in the first season, I am anticipating that the noble will suffer a lot as well. It will take him a while before he becomes a true crane and that’s only because of his fateful encounter with Nameless. But as Jihwa is the mirror of Baek Na-Kyum, this means that the painter is actually a crane too. And this is definitely no coincidence that in the chapter 45, Baek Na-Kyum is covered with a cloth where the pattern contains cranes. That’s why I came to the conclusion, Baek Na-Kyum is actually a crane but due to his social status, he was a lamb. I have to admit that in the manhwa “Serene Bird” which is very similar to “Painter Of The night”, the pure and innocent Yoo Chung is called a crane by the seme which can only reinforce my interpretation. Baek Na-Kyum is the one who will bring good fortune, freedom, honor, royalty, happiness, balance, grace, prestige and love to our protagonist Yoon Seungho.

But based on my observations, if the painter is a crane, this means that he has to become a noble. For me, Baek Na-Kyum will turn into a crane thanks to Yoon Seungho’s aura and support. Therefore I came up with this idea. What if Yoon Seungho decides to ennoble the painter after the first attempted assassination? You might ask why. The reason is simple. There’s a first attempted assassination and the valet Kim becomes the victim, while he protects the artist. Let’s not forget that he is a dog, very protective and determined. But since he ‘s a low-born, no one can get punished. Yoon Seungho might have power but since this is a norm among nobles not to go after the nobles responsible for a commoner’s death, the protagonist can’t use officials in order to get justice. They might suffer some inconveniences but they won’t be punished harshly, like losing their title. However, this incident makes the main character realize that in order to protect his lover, he needs to elevate his social status.

But in order to make its possible, he uses Jung In-Hun, the noble he sponsored. Let’s not forget that he promised him a position in exchange for a favor. Imagine the humiliation for Jung In-Hun. He is indeed used by the powerful seme and has to confirm that Baek Na-Kyum is a noble in exchange for the sponsorship. We shouldn’t forget that the painter’s origins are unknown and the head gisaeng handed over the artist to the low noble, implying that the latter had become his official guardian. In other words, Jung In-Hun is forced to admit that the artist is a noble, even worse, he might be even related to him. The manhwalovers are well aware that no one knows about the painter’s origins, except the scholar. The servant who investigated the identity of the unknown creator has been killed. As for the women from the brothel, they would never reveal his true origins since they are well aware of the negative repercussions.

And that’s how the painter becomes a noble. But in order to appear and act like a noble, he needs to be educated, hence the seme becomes his real teacher. The artist starts wearing a topknot and is now treated like a real noble. Let’s not forget that in the chapter 38, the painter claimed in front of the staff, he was not a servant. Secondly, the scholar arrived at the mansion shortly after the painter’s occurrence. Third, when his study was always next to the lord’s chamber and he was sleeping in a bed reserved for a master. Even the doctor got confused because the painter was dressed like a low-born but he was sleeping in a nice bed, when he examined him for the first time.

Imagine how Jung In-Hun must feel, when he witnesses Baek Na-Kyum’s elevation of status and he becomes the helping hand. He must be infuriated. The question is if Jung In-Hun really gets his position like Yoon Seungho had once told him. It’s definitely possible that the lord decides to keep his promise under the condition that Jung In-Hun admits to be related or be a witness that Baek Na-Kyum is a noble. The jealous man can only resent the protagonist even more than before and decides to join hands with father Yoon. Both want to get revenge on the main lead for not acknowledging them as superior. That’s why they start working together and since the father used prostitution to have connections, he might use the same strategy but this time, Jung In-Hun is the pawn. I still maintain this idea that the low noble will experience a downfall (total loss of integrity), too blinded by his arrogance, desire of revenge and his worldview.

By turning the painter into a noble, Yoon Seungho ensures that his lover is protected, however I doubt that Min decides to give up on him. Besides, it’s definitely possible that this ennobling happens afterwards so that Min can’t escape a punishment. I think, everything will be more difficult for Min to get his hands on the painter after the attempted assassination. And this leads me to think that Min might join forces with father Yoon and Jung In-Hun.

Since we have a transformation of the main lead, the rebirth of a phoenix, it is definitely possible that the painter metamorphoses into a crane. He was a lamb and becomes a crane. With a title, the artist is now allowed to visit the Royal Academy. I also believe that we could also witness a transformation with Jihwa but first he will have to suffer a lot before losing completely his innocence and changing into a real man with a good heart.

Let’s take a look at the table again but this time, with the new discoveries:

Yoon SeunghoPhoenix
Jung In-HunPeacock
MinMagpie – crow
Father Yoon„Dragon“
Lee JihwaPheasant – crane
Baek Na-KyumCrane
Valet KimDog
 Nameless Wolf

As you can observe, I added Nameless and connected him to the wolf. This animal lives in a pack, where there’s a leader, the alpha. We know for sure that Nameless is not acting on his own, he has minions. The wolf has a very fearsome reputation, can be ruthless and brutal, just like Nameless. Simultaneously, a wolf can leave the pack for a while and act on his own. At the same time, a wolf is very loyal and protective which the criminal does, when it comes to Jihwa. A wolf can definitely be tamed too, yet it still keeps his dangerous aura.

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3 thoughts on “Painter Of The Night: Animals and predictions

    1. Yes, it’s definitely possible. But that’s too far for me. Each time I made predictions, I used observations and elements from the story to explain why I thought, it would happen like that.


  1. Seungho is so smart and genius he would be such a great professor for Nakyum. With all the good quality the painter have already, he only need education to be kinda perfect on my view.
    Imagine how great and confident the artist would be after having that knowledge. He would only be grateful to the lord and his love and admiration will only grow even more .
    But first they need to have a proper and deep conversation, confess their feeling . After that their trust and bond will only deepen even more and this will be their shield against the enemys .
    Imagine their face when they’ll see Nakyum being a noble that would be totally trrilling for me.

    As I already said, Seungho kinda intimidate me as I can see he’s very smart and quick witted. he even read all the books on his library and we often see him writing on a paper . There even a small drawing he made of him and NK lol it was so cute .
    Like always great analyse I had good time reading and I’m always sad to end it lol
    Keep it up and have a good night teacher nim 💕✨😘

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