Painter Of The Night: The slaps in the kaleidoscope

This is where you can read the manhwa. But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes. If you want to read more essays, here is the link to the table of contents:

Remember what I wrote in my last analysis entitled “The fate of shadows and the phoenix”: The author has been repeating incidents in the same season, before utilizing the same scene in the second season, while changing a few elements. In other words, there was always a reflection. Since I stipulated that the story was going in circle, I realized that Byeonduck has developed her story like a kaleidoscope. She defined all the ingredients, like f. ex. the rape, the incident with the door, the drug, the doctor’s visit and the protagonist’s slap, and decided to use reflections of these scenes. That way, it helps the readers to better discern the evolution of the characters’ personality and their relationship. Simultaneously, comparing these reflections helps the manhwalovers to perceive the figures’ intentions behind their actions and even discover what was not revealed in the scene. The mirror assists the readers to uncover the truth, bring light in the shadow. That’s how I was able to unveil the true role played Deok-JAe in the first season, although he was always in the background. I looked at the kaleidoscope and analyzed the 4 incidents with the door in 2 seasons. And now, it is time to examine the different slaps occurring in the two seasons.

Let’s start with the first season:

  1. chapter 11: Here, the lord was so angered that he vented his negative emotions on the painter, as his painting had been destroyed. Striking is that it all started with Jihwa’s misdeed and Kim’s lie who claimed that the painter had remained in his room the whole time. The butler was covering up the red-haired aristocrat’s misdeed. Once the lord discovered the damage, he got infuriated, because he had the impression that the artist with his action had been lying to him. He imagined that the low-born ruined the work behind his back, while he had agreed to the proposed deal. In other words, he was breaking his promise and even rejecting the lord’s authority. That’s why Yoon Seungho had to remind him of his true power. Moreover, it is important to note that 2 people were involved in the blow: Jihwa and Kim.

2. chapter 41: Here, Baek Na-Kyum was in pain, because Jung In-Hun had not only rejected him, but also abandoned him. The scholar was refusing to take his responsibility for him, as he was a prostitute. Furthermore, the manhwaphiles should remember that the teacher was defaulting him. As you can see, certain elements like “pain, broken promise, deception, rejection” from the first slap were reflected in the second blow. Yet this time Baek Na-Kyum had been pushing the lord away refusing to accept his genuine worries. Moreover, the low-born had vented his sadness and anger by yelling at the noble. At no moment, the master had been rude, in fact he had been very kind and concerned for the artist’s well-being. Yet, what remained was the lord’s violent gesture, whereas in reality, the painter had been more aggressive with his words. (chapter 41) The result was that this shock brought Baek Na-Kyum back to reality and forced him to voice his sadness. He expressed his desire to be embraced and imagined that he could get it through sex. Simultaneously, the noble had never experienced how to console someone that’s why he didn’t understand what the low-born truly needed and desired. As the manhwaphiles can detect, both slaps mirrored the slow transformation of the two protagonists. Both were starting opening up, showing their true feelings and expectations. Yet the two were struggling, because they couldn’t voice properly their emotions. Besides, they were hindered due to their respective lack of experiences and low self-esteem. At the same time, the second slap truly displayed that the artist had a similar attitude than the noble. When he is hurt and bottling up his emotions, he can also explode and vent his heartache on the wrong person. This explicates why we have Yoon Seungho lashing his agony mixed with fury towards the artist in chapter 62, the reflection of chapter 41-42. However, this time there was no slap, yet the hand was used to grab the painter’s neck (chapter 62) and hair , so Yoon Seungho did wound the artist here. As you can sense, certain elements from the scene in chapter 41-42 were used elsewhere. Nonetheless, the low-born is not violent physically compared to the aristocrat, because Heena noona and the other gisaengs were very nice to him. The commoner never had a brutal adult as role model, unlike Yoon Seungho who witnessed beating personally and had to feel it.

Yet since the slap didn’t occur during the new version of the sex marathon, this means that we will have two slaps in the second season. Yet, so far, the lord wounded the commoner just once: Chapter 53: (chapter 53)

Striking is that here the aristocrat never intended to hurt the artist, as the target of the slap was Deok-Jae. Yet, in order to save the servant’s life, Baek Na-Kyum was willing to risk his safety, as the lord in his rage couldn’t hear the painter’s voice. (chapter 53) He tried to beg for the lord’s mercy, yet his words had no power, hence he had to use his body to stop the lord’s fury. And the blow towards the painter brought back Yoon Seungho to reality, he stopped his beating in an instant allowing the low-born to embrace him (chapter 53), exactly what Baek Na-Kyum had been longing in chapter 41-42. As you can detect, the gesture mirrored the slap in chapter 41. Both blows stopped the protagonist from venting their frustration and anger. Yet, there exists two differences. First, now the main lead feels no desire to slap Baek Na-Kyum. Secondly, the painter intended with his hug to calm down the main lead. It was not to console him, indicating this slap was mirroring the incident in chapter 11, as both scenes are focused on the protagonist’s anger. Therefore the third slap contained elements from both scenes (11, 41). Simultaneously, this incident represents a reflection of Kim’s action in chapter 30. (Chapter 30) Back then, the lord was so infuriated that he couldn’t control his emotions and Deok-Jae received the worst beating. Later, he got punished again so that the vicious domestic lost his sight. (chapter 51) Nonetheless, you’ll notice that despite the butler’s words and behavior, Yoon Seungho’s rage was still unstoppable. Back then, many readers including myself saw the valet as a hero. Now, I have to admit that I perceive it differently. Why? It is, because I doubt that Kim truly intended to refrain the main lead in the end. First, note that he didn’t suffer like Deok-Jae. Secondly, he is not standing, but on his knees. This displays that he was not facing the master’s rage. The manhwaworms should remember that the eye of a hurricane tornado is actually the safest place, because the wind is not so strong there. That’s why he was clinging onto Yoon Seungho’s knee. Kim had a different reason to beg. He had to act, since he is considered the master’s right-hand. He had been cornered to handle and ask for forgiveness. Besides, let’s not forget that he stood behind the domestic with the green shirt in chapter 29, ensuring that the latter would be the one feeling the most the master’s wrath. (chapter 29) And if you compare the attitude of both characters, (chapter 53) Baek Na-Kyum was the real hero. He even defended someone who had hurt him before, because he desired to save his life. Therefore I come to the conclusion that Kim’s true personality and role stand in opposition to the commoner’s. One symbolizes selflessness, courage, honesty and generosity, whereas the other embodies the opposite: cowardice, selfishness, dishonesty and unkindness. And now, you can comprehend why I am convinced more than ever that the butler is an antagonist, even a villain. Striking is that in the scene 30, we had 4 actors: the two protagonists, Valet and Deok-Jae. But since the slap in chapter 58 is mirroring the episode 30, it means that Kim is somehow involved in the event, although he is not visible. This confirms my suspicion that during that night, the valet is in the shadow. Not only he gets aware of the incident, but he will play a major role in the future. Since Min was a witness of Baek Na-Kyum’s bravery and strength, it is logical to deduce that Min and Kim met each other, but it was not drawn by the author. Yet, just because we don’t see it, this doesn’t signify that their encounter doesn’t exist. The manhwaphiles should remember that we never saw Yoon Seungho punishing his servants and even punching the valet. We only saw the reflection (here, the result) of his actions.

And the slap in chapter 53 marks a turning point in Yoon Seungho’s life. From now on, the latter is no longer slapping the artist. Although he has the impression, he has been deceived and abandoned in chapter 62, he doesn’t wound the painter’s face indicating the progression of Baek Na-Kyum’s power over the main lead. He might grab his neck or his hair, yet the mouth is no longer targeted. This exposes that although the lord judged his justification (chapter 62) and apology (chapter 62) as fake, the noble never retaliated, he accepted the wounds inflicted by his words. If you compare his attitude in the past, the lord would either slap the artist or shut Baek Na-Kyum’s mouth with his hand. Now, we can say that he is unable to destroy the painter’s mouth. In fact, the artist got more hurt during that night by the refusal of the kiss: (chapter 64) That was the lord’s real punishment for the “lies” and “fake apology”.

And with these observations, it becomes obvious that the readers have to expect a new scene with a slap, since we only had one slap in the second season. However, since I demonstrated that Yoon Seungho can’t bear the thought of hurting the painter’s face, it signifies that Baek Na-Kyum will be the one whacking the noble illustrating the increasing power the painter has over Yoon Seungho. Since Kim and Jihwa were somehow involved in the first slap, I think, that they will be the cause for the painter’s action, the consequences of Jihwa’s abduction and Kim’s words as mirror of the Truth. The manhwaphiles should recall that the low-born did hurt the main lead in the past leaving a small scar on his face. (chapter 25) Back then, it was to reject the main lead’s advances. Moreover, it looked more like a punch than a blow. And since the noble submitted himself to Baek Na-Kyum in this dream mixed with reality, (chapter 66) the readers should expect that the lord will accept the gesture. By taking the commoner’s hand like that, Yoon Seungho was pledging allegiance towards Baek Na-Kyum, a new version of chapter 30. (chapter 30) Nonetheless the positions are now switched. If the treasured hand wounds the main lead, the latter will never retaliate, but accept his punishment, the symbol that the “beast” has been tamed. (chapter 66) That’s why the character is portrayed with no eye. He will acknowledge the painter’s words blindly, he will never question his decisions and words, unlike in the scene at the storage room. His reverence and devotion towards the artist announces the end of Kim’s power over the main lead. However, Baek Na-Kyum has no idea about the new change, therefore he still finds the lord so terrifying. (chapter 68) He has just experienced the “beast” in two occasions again: the night in the storage room (chapter 62) and the next day, he was tied up under the cover. (chapter 66) Note, that in chapter 66, Yoon Seungho could no longer shut the painter’s mouth. He even admitted his defeat in that scene: (chapter 66) Yet, Baek Na-Kyum never witnessed how the master released him or tried to comfort him in his panic attack (chapter 66) or how he brought the artist to the study and even took care of him. (chapter 66) There’s no ambiguity that the aristocrat was the one who dressed the artist properly, especially when we remember his jealousy and possessiveness. (chapter 66) As you could observe, the slaps in the kaleidoscope assist the readers to witness the gradual taming of the beast. (chapter 67) Yoon Seungho has now found his true owner: Baek Na-Kyum. That’s why I believe that Yoon Seungho will ask the low-born to call him “Seungho” and not “lord Seungho”, a new version of this panel: (chapter 15) And this prediction became a reality: (chapter 72) (chapter 72)

Striking is that the last chapters revealed how the lord is no longer using his hand to wound the painter. At the end, he even tries to heal the wounds on the wrist with his thumb (chapter 66), something he already did in the past. (chapter 1) As you can imagine, I am anticipating that the lord’s hands will be used for painting. Yet right now the main lead has the impression that he will never be accepted, as he brings misfortune. He heard it himself from Heena noona through the door. (chapter 68) This time, he is the one running away. Nonetheless, he is not feeling like he portrayed the artist in chapter 62: (chapter 62) In truth, he is isolating himself in order to “die”, so that he can no longer bring misery to the painter and others. Now, in his eyes, he is a crow, a bird connected to bad omen. That’s why he chose the black hanbok (chapter 68), while in reality the real crow is Min.

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8 thoughts on “Painter Of The Night: The slaps in the kaleidoscope

  1. I totally agree, there will be another slap, although I would have liked more that it was directed towards Kim. 🤬

    There are many things that Byeonduck did not draw but hints that they happened. I still think that Seungho played with Nakyumie’s hair while he was asleep (chapter 37-38), which would be a reflection of Nakyum’s caress to Seungho in chapter 59.

    But there is something else missing, something we see in chapter 30: Seungho is the one who takes the headband from the painter’s head, and the painter does not use it again until episode 52-53-54.

    If they are to be a couple, they have to be equal in law, in duty, and in power. But we have always seen them sleep together or make love as a man (Nakyum) and a lord (Seungho and his headband so characteristic of the nobles).
    So I imagine the next time they are together, Nakyum will not be drunk or heartbroken, and Seungho will not be sick. And both will be just two men in love. Nakyumie is going to take the headband off the lord? I think so, it would be like re-watching the scene from chapter 30 (Seungho undresses Nakyum) and 58 (Nakyum tries to take the lord’s hat).

    Also I was thinking of a picture in chapter 7, when we see Seungho and Nakyum and the poem.
    It is a romantic poem, and when you give a poem this is how you give your heart indirectly. In that image we see that Seungho returns the poem to Nakyum, but I don’t think it was the same one that Inhun wrote. It may not have been on purpose at that time, but if Seungho gives Nakyumie a love poem he is giving his heart to the painter. I think that poem will come back, maybe it will help Nakyumie to stay and reject Heena noona’s words.

    Well, they are just theories, but they are so exciting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not only I love ❤️❤️ your ideas, but also I agree with you. Baek Na-Kyum will remove the lord’s manggeon and he will the lord’s hair, a sign that Baek Na-Kyum has taken over Kim’s role. By the way, I also sent you an email.


      1. If I’m not mistaken, the only time we’ve seen Seungho without his headband was after sleeping with Nakyum.
        I imagine, at that time, this band gives status: it is a lord, a master, a sir. Contrary to the lowborn.
        I think we’ve seen Jihwa without that headband while on his bed, I don’t think it should be comfortable to wear. But Seungho even sleeps with that band and his bow tie.
        I imagine this is associated with trauma from the past, when he was disqualified by his father when he cut his bow and humiliated him in front of the servants.

        There is no need for Seungho to feel like this in front of Nakyum. If you let the little painter stroke your hair, or touch your head, it would be an enormous show of confidence on the part of the lord. And all of that is going to help the couple, because Nakyum will be able to be more open with Seungho, he will be able to talk more, and Seungho will no longer see trust and feelings as a weakness.

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  2. Now that I think about it, Seungho declares that Nakyum is not a servant by removing that headband from his head, but there are two people who do just the opposite.
    Inhun asks Nakyum about that headband in episode 38, and the servant Kim, who tells Nakyum to go see the lord.
    Inhun’s words don’t make Nakyumie wear the headband again, but Kim does. In fact, Nakyum goes to Seungho’s room because of Kim, and he goes like a painter, like a servant with a headband. That shows the influence Kim has on Nakyum as well. This is worrying.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Now I will read the second season again. I’ll write you about Kim’s lies, part 2.
        It’s like a plot twist, in the end the sweet and kind servant turned out to be worse than a cockroach.

        The words that Seungho says to Nakyumie in episode 62 “I had no idea you were such a conniving creature” must be repeated for Mr. Kim at some point.

        I have already answered the email

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