Jinx: Hot Boys! 🥊😎 (10 pictures)

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While I kept reading chapter 7, I couldn’t help myself noticing a recurrent topic: HOT! I had this in my mind, because in my previous analysis I had predicted the arrival of “hot boys” which would arouse Joo Jaekyung’s jealousy. And this did come true. However, I had overlooked one important element, the different significations about “Hot”. That’s the reason why in this essay, I will examine the different aspects of “Hot” which are reflected through different male figures in this episode.

1. Definition of “HOT”

  1. having a high temperature
  2. hot adjective (SPICY) used to describe food that causes a burning feeling in the mouth:
  3. hot adjective (CAUSING DISAGREEMENT) used to describe a subject that causes a lot of disagreement or discussion:
  4. hot adjective (NEW/EXCITING)
  5. hot adjective (SKILFUL) knowing a lot or skilful:
  6. hot adjective (MOST LIKELY)hot tip (informal): an accurate piece of advice about who will win a race / hot favourite UK: the person or animal that is most likely to win a race, competition, election, etc.:
  7. hot adjective (DEMANDING): to be hot on something
  8. hot adjective (STOLEN) (slang)
  9. hot adjective (SEXY)
  10. hot adjective (ANGRY): hot temper Quoted from https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/hot
  11. to be hot on someone’s track/trail to be very close to catching or finding someone Quoted from https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/be-hot-on-track-trail

I am quite certain, when my followers read the selected title “Hot Boys”, they imagined that I was referring to sexy men (def. 9). However, after reading the definition of Hot, the avid readers are slowly getting aware that chapter 7 was actually illustrating the different notions of HOT!

2. The boxers from Black Team

What caught my attention is that when the physical therapist was introduced to Black Team, the fighters showed an interest and admiration in the doctor.  (chapter 7) For them, Kim Dan became a hot topic among the staff (def. 4).  (chapter 7) Then they recognized his skills immediately (“He’s a totally different weight class. Definitely won’t be easy”). He not only looked young, but also was skillful (def. 5) Hence one member made the following request that the doctor should treat them too. This is important, because thanks to the manager and coach, the gentle Kim Dan was welcome properly. He was accepted as a member of their team, though he didn’t have his uniform yet. Consequently, it is not surprising that the moment the protagonist offered his help to an injured fighter, the other boxers came to his side, and wished to be examined too. (chapter 7) They never looked down on him which stands in opposition to the protagonist Joo Jaekyung. For the “hot boys”, Kim Dan was their “hyung” and secondly he was a doctor. Hence I deduce that Black Team will play an important role in the therapist’s life, for he will get friends there. That’s how I realized why the author chose to contrast the pervert director to Joo Jaekyung in the end.  (chapter 1) The latter used his position to isolate the main lead and put the blame on him. As you can imagine, I am expecting the opposite in Black Team. If something happens, they will side with Kim Dan, because the latter treated them well contrary to the champion.  (chapter 1) Though his contract is stipulating that he just needs to treat the champion (chapter 7), he acted differently, as he treated the other boxers. He was selfless, and the other hot boys could witness it. In their eyes, Kim Dan is definitely a hot boy (def. 4.-5-9)!

3. Hyung manager

Like I had already mentioned in the previous analyses, the hyung has a huge influence on the champion Joo Jaekyung. First, I would like to point out that the coach called his members “punks” (chapter 7), exactly like his fighter Joo Jaekyung (chapter 1). However, I believe that there exists a difference. The champion came to take this expression literally, hence he shows a certain arrogance which is not the case for the coach. Nevertheless, the athlete respects the coach. The former never retaliated, when the hyung scolded him after smacking his back.  (chapter 7) This displays that the coach can control the famous sportsman. However, the latter refused to callhis therapist hyung. But why? It is because from now on, Joo Jaehyung is no longer the senior/sunbae among the fighters in the club! He lost his privileged position as “hyung” to Kim Dan. Pay attention to the way his colleague called him: “hyung” (chapter 7) This means that he has to call Kim Dan hyung like the other fighters now. And now, you comprehend his reluctance to address Kim Dan properly.  (chapter 7) It was, as if he didn’t want to lose his title “hyung” to the physical therapist. And this leads me to the following observation: Kim Dan became the hot topic between the protagonist and the coach (def. 3). And it is only a question of time, until hyung discovers the existence of the deal between the two protagonists. In this scene, he is hot on his athlete’s trail for his arrogance and disrespect towards people. (def. 11)

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