Jinx: Toxic ☠ Sweet 🍬 or sweet🍬 Jerk 🤬?

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1. Toxic or not?

After the publication of chapter 10, many readers were upset about the protagonist’s attitude towards the uke. They started describing him as toxic because of the following panels: (chapter 10) (chapter 10) (chapter 10) He was perceived as arrogant and heartless, as he was judging Kim Dan for his way of life and as such for his poverty. Anyone can see that Kim Dan’s social status was inherited. The debts were already there, when the protagonist was a child. (chapter 05) That’s the reason why many readers were siding with the doctor, and got infuriated towards the champion due to his comments.

But the irony is that the same panels can be interpreted differently. How so? First, it is because it depends on how people view life. Is the glass half full or half empty? Are you someone who tends to see things on the bright side or not? This implies that the interpretation is based on past experiences. Let me give you an example. In the last image, one part of the main lead’s message was that he would never sleep with a drunk person. (Chapter 10) In other words, he is no rapist taking advantage of the situation. One might argue about this, for the athlete didn’t seem to seek Kim Dan’s consent before. However, this is not correct. The doctor always had the choice to refuse to have sex with Joo Jaekyung. (Chapter 2) Later, he was the one who changed the amount of the salary for his services (Chapter 6) which led to the addition of a condition. Thus they came to an agreement. As a conclusion, Joo Jaekyung has never sexually assaulted the young man. It was consensual, even if there is no ambiguity that Kim Dan was not doing it out of pleasure. Consequently, certain readers viewed it as rape, while in truth it is just “work” and as such “prostitution”. Moreover, the pressure from accepting the deal comes less from the athlete himself (chapter 3), rather more from the halmoni’s health issues and the remaining debts. (chapter 11) To conclude, this comment (chapter 10) could be seen as something positive. On the other hand, the readers were bothered due to his choice of words “reeks of booze” which sounded like an insult. Kim Dan would stink. But there exists another perception of these words. He was reproaching his drunkenness from the night before. He had drunk too much to the point that he would stink. He should know his limits. However, it is also important to put this statement into its context, hence he was definitely mocking the main character. But there is a reason for that. Joo Jaekyung felt annoyed that the physical doctor would see him as a pervert. Kim Dan thought, the fighter would even have sex with an unconscious person. This shows that the celebrity had observed his reaction and interpreted it correctly (chapter 10), when the latter had woken up. Hence the host got displeased and was harsh with his words. (Chapter 10) And note that the reproach from the sportsman did affect the doctor. (Chapter 10) The latter felt embarrassed, for he had been caught! Joo Jaekyung had truly grasped his reaction and perception about him. That’s the reason why the doctor didn’t reply. As you can see, Kim Dan’s misjudgment about Joo Jaekyung came to light in episode 10. In my eyes, it is related to the sex scene in the shower room. For the doctor, it looked like the young man would have sex at any time and any place, (Chapter 7) because Joo Jaekyung had used his condition in the shower room to achieve his goal, (chapter 8). When the athlete had added the condition, Kim Dan had imagined that the athlete would act exactly like during their first night together. He would call him at any moment, and the uke had to come to his flat. Yet because of the sex session in the showers, the doctor could only get the impression that he would do it, even if there were people next to them. So for the poor doctor, it looked like Joo Jaekyung was consumed by lust. He had already done it in the past ,and this has always been the main lead’s intention to ask for sexual favors anywhere and at any time. However, this is not correct, for the sportsman had acted that way out of jealousy. (Chapter 7) This was something totally new, for he had never shared the shower with other athletes before. But I doubt that in the shower, the physical therapist had really understood the comment from Oh Daehyun and his colleague(chapter 08) As you can see, in the penthouse, both protagonists had a false perception of each other.

Therefore while many readers detected the negative aspect of this statement (“You stink, because you drank too much”), I preferred to judge it in a rather positive light: “You should have drunk less” and “I don’t sleep with unconscious men”. On the other hand, the athlete was forgetting that his intoxication was related to the Black Men’s challenge and Joo Jaekyung had played a huge role in this. (chapter 09) In other words, the athlete was partially responsible for his inebriation too. But the man was actually denying his responsibility. To conclude, when the couple fought in the penthouse, both were at fault. Why? It is because they don’t know each other well. Furthermore, they both have such prejudices about each other, as they both come from two different worlds: the upper-class symbolizing wealth (chapter 10) versus the low social class connected to poverty (chapter 10) What caught my attention is that Kim Dan refused to explain his situation to the athlete. Why? It was only out of pride. With his tragic life, he would appear as pitiful. Thus he thought like this: (chapter 10) He didn’t want to get pitied! Let’s not forget that the young man was able to study and become a doctor despite his origins. This means that he was able to raise his social status due to his intelligence and determination. That’s the reason why he valued his job so much. Since he is a “self-made” man, he strongly internalized that he could do everything on his own. He doesn’t need anyone’s help. However, his “dream” got ruined, the moment his halmoni became sick. Note that even cornered, the doctor is refusing to explain his situation to others (chapter 11) and especially to Joo Jaekyung. (chapter 11). He has another reason which I will explicate further below. But this doesn’t end here. When he begged the sportsman on his knees, he preferred offering him something in return. (chapter 11) In exchange for money, he would offer his help and services. And when he proposed this, he was already thinking about sex!! Nevertheless, he could have explained his situation, but he chose to hide everything.

In my eyes, he had three reasons to act this way. He might have lowered himself in front of the athlete, yet he refused to accept the money for free out of pity. Till the end, the physical therapist preferred making a deal than getting money out of pity. After reading this, certain readers might have the impression that I am siding with the sportsman. But no… my point is the following: none of these two characters are irreproachable. Kim Dan is a human after all. Sure, he is definitely less flawed than the rough and selfish celebrity, but he is not perfect either. He is also prejudiced. To conclude, when the couple argued in the apartment, the readers could witness the perfect illustration of the four-sides model developed by Friedmann Schulz von Thun.

2. Sweet or toxic talk?

What is it exactly? The psychologist realized that each message has 4 sides. The theory states that each message contains 4 different pieces of information: facts or factual information, self revelation about the speaker, a message about the relationship between the speaker and the listener and an appeal.

Quoted from https://blog.rwth-aachen.de/designthinking/tag/four-sides-model/#:~:text=The%20four-sides-model%20consists,the%20sender%20intended%20to%20communicate.

This outlines the complexity of communication. As the readers can sense, I had already applied this theory, when I analyzed the fighter’s comment about the booze! And now, it is time to examine another illustration. (chapter 10) These words meant the following:

Factual information: This house is unhealthy and unsanitary. That’s the reason why he added this later. (chapter 10) And he is not wrong, since Kim Dan was supposed to leave the district. (chapter 11)

Self-revelation: (chapter 10) Joo Jaekyung couldn’t understand why the doctor could live there, as he wouldn’t be able to do it himself. He can not call this a home or house.

Relationship: Since he is rich, he can judge what a normal habitation looks like. (chapter 10) He is implying that he has more knowledge than Kim Dan who has always lived there. The champion knows about safety norms and what should be considered as normal. Besides, don’t forget that when the boxer entered the room, he saw not only the mold, but also the alcohol on the floor. (chapter 10) So in his mind, the doctor looked like a heavy drinker, even like a drug addict! And now, you comprehend why the athlete said this to the physical therapist!! (chapter 10) The problem is that the young man had bought soju, when he was sick and upset after his first night with the champion. He wanted to forget this nightmare!! As you can imagine, this had only happened one time, but the champion came to the conclusion that the main lead would consume soju constantly. Don’t forget that the fighter doesn’t drink at all. Thus I am suspecting that Joo Jaekyung truly believed the doctor’s words, when the latter explained his bruises. (chapter 11) The protagonist must have thought that his doctor had fallen in the stairs due to intoxication. Thus he gave him the following advice: (chapter 11) He should pay attention to his drinking habits!! But this actually displays his innocence contrary to the coach Park. (chapter 11) The former has no idea about the abusive behavior of loan sharks.

Finally, the last side of the message, appeal: He should move out, since he has now money!! (chapter 10) In other words, he was actually showing concerns for the doctor, but the latter never realized it. He only saw it as arrogance and lack of empathy. For him, “it’s disgusting” sounded like “you’re disgusting”. Besides, I also think that his intervention was not well perceived. I would like to point out that Kim Dan’s life has always been affected in a negative way, when people interfered in his life, and these were the loan sharks!! (chapter 10) Since the fighter has a similar behavior (rough, rude and cold), there is no ambiguity why the doctor would reject the athlete’s advices and assistance. (chapter 10) So when the doctor resented the champion, for he knew nothing about his life, he was not realizing that it is the same for him. He knows nothing about Joo Jaekyung as well, for he judges him based on impressions. Both characters both jumped to false conclusions. Since the athlete lives in a huge and fancy house, and he owns a very expensive car, it looks like he is swimming in money. I would even say, he even imagines that Joo Jaekyung is throwing away his money so easily, and because of this scene. (chapter 2) But he is actually wrong. He is definitely careful, like we could discover it in episode 11. (chapter 11) On the other hand, he never pondered on the question how the young man could spend 14.000 dollars within a week. In my eyes, he is jumping to a false conclusion, exactly like the doctor. In his mind, the young man must be probably gambling. In other words, I believe that Joo Jaekyung has the following mind-set: people are poor due to their poor mind-set (drug addiction, gambling, no real common sense or good taste). To conclude, they are responsible for their misery. From my perspective, the major problem between these two characters is their bias about rich and poor people. On the other hand, Kim Dan views the sportsman as a selfish and spoiled brat (chapter 11), hence his personality is lacking!! Thus when the boxer explained why he brought Kim Dan to his house, the latter could only have the impression that he had done it against his will. (chapter 10) The champion’s words reinforced his false perception about the main lead. He was just selfish, and his gesture was not done out of generosity. Nevertheless, I would like to point out that even Kim Dan didn’t feel any gratitude towards Joo Jaekyung as well. If he had felt indebted, he wouldn’t have looked away and blamed himself for this incident. By putting the responsibility on him, he was actually denying the boxer’s selflessness. And exactly like in the video mentioned above, the tones and the gestures contributed to increase the misunderstanding between them. However, when Joo Jaekyung declared “It’s not like I wanted to do it”, he was actually thinking like this. He had done it, because the doctor had requested it!! (chapter 10) This shows that actually, Joo Jaekyung had been quite considerate. For me, there is no doubt that he felt pity for Kim Dan, who was crying and clinching onto him. And I have a proof for this interpretation. When Kim Dan was begging on his knees, this is what the athlete thought. (chapter 11) Pathetic is a synonym for pitiful! So while his words “fucking pathetic” gave the impression that he was calling Kim Dan a loser, I believe that it was the opposite. Thus he replied to this plea, he desired to do something new. He was seeking “entertainment”! The antonym of pathetic is HAPPY and CHEERFUL! And that’s how he responded. He was not mocking Kim Dan in the end. He wished to change the atmosphere in my eyes.

To conclude, their argument in the penthouse was not toxic at all! It actually outlined their prejudices, the issues lie in their communication too. And since the doctor judges Joo JAekyung as someone obsessed with sex, it is not surprising that when the main lead agreed to his request (chapter 11), many readers were again upset, because they were thinking exactly like the doctor. Some manhwalovers were already imagining that the champion would ask for a BDSM session due to his expressions: “I’ve been wanting to try”. Why? It is because so far, his conditions were all linked to his sexual behavior. BUT if the manhwalovers look for the story’s description, they will discover that Jinx is not tagged with BDSM! It is just categorized as “rough”. That’s why I don’t think that this is what the lover has in mind! For me, his new desire is to share his penthouse with the doctor. So far, he has never lived with anyone else before. Yes, I believe that he is proposing cohabitation. Don’t forget that Joo Jaekyung saw his terrible house. Secondly, he refused to give him money, because in his mind, this will never solve the problem. From his perspective, Kim Dan will keep spending money (either alcohol or gambling) I also think that the fighter prefers not to rely too much on his family and his wealth. (chapter 11) Though he comes from a rich family, there is no ambiguity that he is careful with his money. He is actually like the doctor, he worked hard for his fame. Secondly, the distressed protagonist revealed that he had no longer any home and he needed the money in order to find a new flat. (chapter 11) And cohabitation is the perfect solution for this couple. That way, they can discover their own bias and false judgment about each other. Finally, let’s not forget that in chapter 4, the champion had been happy, when the doctor had left the flat quietly. (chapter 04) Yet, later he came to regret it. Striking is that he had never asked the young man to leave the bed, when he woke up. (chapter 4) This shows that he had not mind of sharing his bed with him.

3. The clash of civilizations

Since both protagonists come from two different worlds and have a different past, this is not surprising that they are arguing. In chapter 10, I had already sensed that Kim Dan has a different notion of home than the fighter’s. The physical doctor was associating his humble dwell to his grandma. (chapter 10) In this place, he could witness her love. She protected him from the loan sharks, (chapter 5) she even brought him a sweet bread for his birthday. (chapter 10) This means that this small house is a place full of “good memories” despite his struggles. Thus the doctor made the choice to never leave this place. One might say that his stay is related to his promise to his grandmother. (chapter 11) But there is more to it. Let’s not forget that when he sensed the presence of Joo Jaekyung in the room, he already imagined that this was his grandmother. (chapter 10) It is because he has never brought home anyone else before. He didn’t want people to see his “poverty”. From my point of view, he wanted to stay there, because it was the only thing that was reminding him of his grandmother! If she were to die, he would have nothing left. For the champion, it looked like the doctor was living alone, as there were no traces of the grandmother. The champion could discover his loneliness and his abandonment issues. The house itself symbolizes the halmoni. That’s the reason why he is so attached to it. And this displays that Kim Dan had decided to stay there on purpose. That way, he wouldn’t feel too lonely. But the thought to lose the flat is like announcing the grandmother’s death. For me, there is no ambiguity that he is very scared of losing her. To conclude, for Kim Dan, home is connected to a loved one and the souvenirs they share together. But this notion stands in opposition to the champion’s who prefers living far away from his own family. (chapter 10) For him, a house is connected to comfort, independence, security, functionality and health. He has definitely a cleaning lady. That’s the reason why Joo Jaekyung couldn’t grasp why Kim Dan would stay there. And he was partially not wrong, for it was Kim Dan’s decision to stay there. It was not just out of his financial situation, while he gave the opposite impression. (chapter 10) His reasons for his stay were more sentimental in the end. Thus I come to the conclusion that it was in truth a blessing in disguise, when Joo Jaekyung visited his flat. (chapter 10) He was the only one who knew about his living conditions!! In a way, he can feel good, if he proposes cohabitation to Kim Dan. What he is not realizing is that he is indirectly learning to take care of others, to open up and to share things (the showers, and in the future his flat). And this leads me to the following observation. During that night, the fighter had been quite generous. While Mingwa exposed Joo Jaekyung’s narrow-mindedness (chapter 10) and roughness in the small room on purpose (chapter 10), it was up to the readers to detect his kindness. (chapter 10) Despite the crude idiom “dude”, he was quite gentle, when he tapped him with his foot. Then, when the main lead woke up, he was sleeping in the middle of the bed with the cover on him. (chapter 10) This exposes that Joo Jaekyung had covered him and not just let him fall on the bed. Secondly, he had even offered him a bed, while he had slept elsewhere. He could have dropped him on the sofa. And if you compare the boxer’s behavior in the earlier chapters, you can detect the huge transformation: (chapter 02) The dispute was short, but it ended in violence. However, this is not the case with the sweet Kim Dan. Note that he could have pushed away the doctor more brutally, as he is really strong, but he never did. (chapter 10) He is already changing. Nevertheless, his other problem are his expressions and as such his vocabulary. His favorite idioms are “fuck” and “punk” (chapter 10) (chapter 11) This reflects his lack of education. He is not good with words, his statements could only fuel the argument. Therefore it is not surprising that he prefers using his hands. Research has already outlined the connection between violence and vocabulary. Here you can read this interesting article about criminality and expressions (“When ex-cons change their vocabulary, they stay out of jail”).

4. Toxic relationship and toxic people

So far, I have not defined what toxic relationship or toxic people are.

“In human behavior, toxic is used to describe someone who causes distress in others through negative words and actions. However, it isn’t always easy to identify a toxic person, as their behaviors can be subtle. […] Often the phrase “toxic person” is used to describe someone who is subtly or outwardly manipulative, self-centered, needy, or controlling. These behaviors may manifest from underlying feelings of low self-esteem and mental health conditions such as narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), childhood trauma, or other deeply rooted personal issues. In addition, research suggests that some people who behave in toxic ways may have certain “dark core” personality traits. These traits manifest as a tendency to put their goals and interests above all others while justifying their behavior to avoid guilt or shame.” Quoted from https://psychcentral.com/blog/whats-a-toxic-person-how-do-you-deal-with-one#whats-a-toxic-person

As the manhwalovers can detect, this adjective is linked to manipulation, gaslighting and deception, and the partner is not realizing it first. However, if the readers pay attention to the champion’s behavior, he is far from being manipulative and fake. In fact, he is not capable of hiding his anger (chapter 5), his disappointment, his admiration (chapter 8), his arrogance… He speaks up his mind all the time. Thus he made a deal with the doctor, and the latter is aware of the content which he also accepted. Furthermore, I would like to add that calling people “toxic” is actually wrong, for this implies that they will never change. I agree with the author Hannah Baer that the word “toxic” is overused and is actually contra-productive.

“Research suggests that even difficult personality styles can change over time, rather than being fixed and immovable. Intractable conflict experts don’t focus much on bad actors in part because they know that dynamics and situations are toxic, not people. […] Of course, the world is rife with unequal power dynamics, and power abused. But when people with equal amounts of power are blaming each other for being “toxic,” “manipulative,” or a “narcissist,” they’re often taking the easy way out. In situations of interdependence coupled with severe harm, it may help people in crisis to temporarily frame their boss or girlfriend or parent as pathologically bad in order to extricate themselves. In the long run, however, resorting to fixed pathology to explain bad behavior creates problems for all parties.” Quoted from https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jul/26/toxic-people-behavior-blame-psychology

In truth, the real jerks in the story ARE the loan sharks. They are the toxic people who had no reason to beat the young man, for he had already paid the interests on time. (chapter 11) They felt pleasure by tormenting Kim Dan, for they felt powerful. They don’t care if they ruin his career. (chapter 11) Who would hire or keep a physical therapist, when he appears with bruises on his face? Kim Dan never revealed his situation to the Black Team, for he feared that he could lose his job, as he is connected to dubious loan sharks. (chapter 11) Yes, with such a meddling, they are actually dragging down the debtors so that it becomes more difficult to escape from poverty. Now, you have the other explanation why Kim Dan lied to the coach and the other boxer. However, imagine the loan sharks’ reaction, when they recognize that they can no longer harass Kim Dan, for the latter moved out without leaving an address. His departure is actually a blessing in disguise like mentioned above. There’s no ambiguity that they will go to the hospital and harass the halmoni. (chapter 11) And if my prediction is correct, the athlete will be able to monitor his roommate’s movements. So far, the champion thinks that the halmoni is no longer from this world. (chapter 10)

As a conclusion, by moving out, the physician won’t be able to hide the debts and the existence of the loan sharks to Joo Jaekyung. And that’s how the latter will recognize that Kim Dan’s poverty is not self-created. (chapter 5) In fact, it was the result from his parents. Honestly, I am even suspecting that they are not dead. They vanished, while leaving the huge amount of debts to the halmoni and the grandson. And don’t forget that Joo Jaekyung’s matches are broadcasted on TV!! (chapter 05) Thus the coach was also seen there. So the moment Kim Dan’s face appears on TV next to the champion, many people will be surprised: the vicious director of the hospital, the loan sharks, and if my theory is correct, then the persons responsible for the debts! They could discover Kim’s lucky career! They could even imagine that the physical therapist is now rich, since he is working for a successful person. So they would jump to the conclusion that the family was able to pay off the debts so that they would resurface and try to rekindle with the halmoni and Kim Dan.

To conclude, though I felt terrible for Kim Dan, I do think that Joo Jaekyung is his bird of fortune. He is his toxic sweet, for the latter is full of flaws. And thanks to the doctor, the champion is discovering a new world, he is feeling more emotions and attachment. Thus he is opening up and speaking more and more. Consequently, it is no coincidence that as time passes on, the athlete is getting less and less selfish and brutal. Finally, the moment Joo Jaekyung discovers that his assistant was assaulted by three men using a bat (chapter 11), I am certain that he will see red! Why? It is because he stands for fair fighting! That’s how he also makes a living. Thus there is no ambiguity that the loan sharks will feel the champion’s wrath. 😉 And I am looking forward for this moment!

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Painter Of The Night: Juicy Deeds🤝 and Dry Words 🗯

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I am quite certain that people are wondering about the connection between the title and the illustration. In the latter, we have Baek Na-Kyum’s hand holding Yoon Seungho‘s. Yet there is neither word nor sex in the panel, for both are still dressed and there is no speech bubble. Yes, when people read juicy deeds, they were already imagining that I would describe a love session like this one (chapter 96), because of the expression „to do the deed“: (chapter 87) However, the deed is not just related to intercourse, like the manhwaphiles could discover it in chapter 51. With „deed“, Deok-Jae was referring to murder and assassination. As you can see, deed has other meanings than sex. Thus it has for synonyms action, accomplishment and reality!! So when I selected this name for the essay, I was thinking of the relationship between action and word. And this connection came to my mind, when Byeonduck released the last picture, because the painter’s action symbolizes a conversation and as such words.

1. Interpretation of the newest release

As my avid readers already know, it is already possible to understand the symbolism behind this picture by contrasting it to similar gestures. Because the painter‘s hand is above the noble‘s hand, I deduce that the artist was the one initiating the touch. Note that he is intertwining his fingers with Yoon Seungho‘s indicating that he is seeking closeness and intimacy. This detail is important, for the hand is conveying a message: „I feel you. I understand you. I am by your side.“ How do I know this? It is because this gesture corresponds to this one from chapter 88:

1. 1. Reflection from chapter 88

(Chapter 88) By reaching his hand, the painter was letting him know that he was no longer alone in this world. He was not only joining his side, but he was willing to try to understand the main lead. (Chapter 88) This gesture stands in opposition to the situation with Yoon Chang-Hyeon. (Chapter 86) During that fateful night, the father neither talked to his son nor looked at him. He even turned his back to him, when the young master attempted to grab his father‘s hanbok. Both scenes from chapter 88 and 86 have two common denominators: an action accompanied with silence!! Yet, what distinguishes them from each other is the nature of the deed, the action. Alliance and empathy versus abandonment and estrangement! This is no coincidence that after reaching his hand, Baek Na-Kyum started confessing his thoughts and emotions to his lover: (Chapter 88) As you can sense, the hand gesture delivered a message, but the painter still felt the need to clarify the meaning of his hand. He was willing to remain by his side, but he was still afraid of him. He didn’t want to create a misunderstanding, like for example that he wouldn’t argue with him or that his loyalty was now unconditional or total. That way, Yoon Seungho wouldn’t come to view him as a hypocrite or as dishonest, if an argument would appear. Thus he needed words to explain his position. He would remain by his side and attempt to sympathize with him, but he still felt insecure and had doubts. In other words, his action (his hand gesture) was not truly reflecting his mind and heart. (Chapter 88) Hence we could say that there was still a gap between the gesture and the words. He was willing to trust him and to be loyal to him, but not all the doubts had vanished. That’s the reason why the lord hesitated before hugging him. (Chapter 88) Later he even asked his lover not to leave his side no matter what. (Chapter 88) To conclude, the hand gesture in episode 88 was connected to insecurities and as such fear, yet the painter had shown no hesitation to take his hand. The anxiety was not visible.

1. 2. The hand and anxiety

Striking is that when the painter had reached Yoon Seungho’s hand for the first time, his hand was trembling. He was so scared of the main lead that he didn’t dare to take his whole hand. (Chapter 30) His fingers barely grabbed his hand, so when he made the following vow, he was not entirely sincere or better said, truly determined to keep his promise. (Chapter 30) The words were not truly in unison with the gesture either. Therefore he once tried to leave the mansion in season 2. When he pledged loyalty, his intention was to protect his teacher. To conclude, fear has always been present, when the painter took Yoon Seungho’s hand. Even in chapter 88, but contrary to the scene in the courtyard, his hand was not shaking. (Chapter 88) Why? It is because the origin of his fright was different. In the courtyard, he feared for his life and Jung In-Hun’s, whereas in the bedchamber, he was more afraid of the lord’s flashbacks and dissociative states. He had no idea why Yoon Seungho could change so much abruptly to the point that he would hurt himself, not just him. (Chapter 82) This explicates why the artist chose to remain by his side, though the lord had broken his promise. (Chapter 82) On the other hand, in this scene (chapter 82), the lord was grabbing his lover’s hand out of fear. He was recognizing his mistake and was trying to beg for his forgiveness, though he couldn’t express it directly. Striking is that during the lord’s flashback, his hand was trembling as well, grabbing onto his partner’s body. (Chapter 81) It was, as if Baek Na-Kyum was his rescue buoy, helping him not to be swallowed by the darkness. Thus I came to the conclusion that the protagonists’ hand gestures are all connected to anxiety and pain. 😲 Hence I am deducing that in this scene, Baek Na-Kyum is holding his lover’s hand, for he has already sensed the noble’s doubts and insecurities. He is there to comfort and reassure him. He won’t leave his side no matter what. Therefore I deduce that such a gesture can only encourage Yoon Seungho to open up and reveal his traumatic past. This is something that Baek Na-Kyum had always wished in season 3, nonetheless his wish never got granted.

1. 3. Reflection of chapters 97 and 98

And note that Baek Na-Kyum was unconscious, when Yoon Seungho had a flashback and was sent back to the past. (Chapter 102). This would have definitely scared Baek Na-Kyum, especially Yoon Seungho’s haunted gaze. On the other hand, since the painter had been himself the victim of physical and sexual abuse, the artist can only grasp why the noble reacted that way: fear, anger, despair and heartache. The artist had also been desperate, in pain and scared in the shrine, though this time, he had not screamed for his help. Since the lord had not returned to the mansion, how could he expect him to come to his rescue?

From my point of view, the lord has to explain the reason for his behavior from that night, he committed a massacre. Since the couple is in the bedchamber, I come to the conclusion that this image is linked to the painter‘s nightmare too. (Chapter 98) Back then, he had been waiting for his lover‘s return and explanations. He wanted to hear him and get his reassurance and comfort. . (Chapter 98) The latter couldn’t reassure the painter with his hand contrary to the previous night. (chapter 97) Exactly like mentioned above, the painter’s hand gesture is connected to fear and conversation. (chapter 97) Striking is that in the gibang, the lord confessed his biggest fear to his future “spouse”. He feared to lose him, though one of his biggest desires had been finally fulfilled. This means that Yoon Seungho felt even more insecure and frightened than before after receiving the artist’s love confession. That’s the reason why I believe that the new picture is standing in opposition to the scene in the gibang. The lord will feel relief after his admission. As a conclusion, the image is announcing the lord’s confession and the artist will listen to him without any judgement or fear. He will never reject him or call him crazy due to his past action.

1. 4. Reflection of chapter 89

What caught my attention is that the painter had touched the main lead’s hand in another occasion. (Chapter 89) While the painter was sitting on his partner’s lap (chapter 89), he was massaging the wounded fingers. It was, as if he was treating his companion’s wound. Note that after his terrible flashback, the painter had avoided to grab his hand out of fear that he might hurt Yoon Seungho even more. (Chapter 84) Therefore I conclude that the new panel is an allusion to treatment. While in episode 89, the painter was acting as a doctor, in the new image, the young man is working more like a counselor or psychologist. The aristocrat’s hand might not be wounded in that scene, but this is not the case for his heart and mind. So for me, this scene is connected to mental treatment. And by confessing his past, he will get liberated from his burden, released from that darkness. He will be able to finally see the light and to have hope again. As you can sense, I see a connection between episode 84 and this new panel. Note that during that day, the painter was also holding the noble’s hands, but here they were facing each other. (Chapter 84) However, the lord had refused to open up. This is no coincidence that the author had not created such a picture during that chapter. As the manhwalovers can detect, I believe that in that scene, Yoon Seungho will confess and reveal the source of his self-hatred and guilt. As a conclusion, though this image looks very romantic and beautiful, I think that it is accompanied with fear, guilt and agony. The readers could definitely come to cry while the lord’s revelation. Since the painter spoke in chapter 30, 84, 88 and 89, I am assuming that this time, he won’t talk much so that the lord can speak more freely.

But if the manhwaphiles compare all the mentioned scenes, they will realize that the hand gestures were strongly connected to promises or vows. It becomes even more obvious, when the artist criticized his lover for his bad behavior (chapter 82), caused by the panic attack. This is no coincidence that the painter employed the expression „empty words“. His action was not reflecting his words. Thus there exist the following quotes

  • “Actions speak louder than words“.
  • „Words are from the lips, actions are from the heart“: Rachida Costa.
  • „Well done is better than well said“: Benjamin Franklin.
  • The superior man acts before he speaks, and afterwards speaks according to his actions.” – Confucius

And that’s how I realized the importance of the link between action and words. The former is mirrored in the hand, while the words are connected to the tongue and mouth. Thus I come to the conclusion that when Baek Na-Kyum is holding his lover’s hand, he is no longer scared of Yoon Seungho. Therefore, I deduced that here it was not the case for the noble. Hence I believe that this gesture is to encourage Yoon Seungho to open up, to confess his doubts, guilt and pain. But by putting his hand over Yoon Seungho‘s, the artist is demonstrating that he is protecting him. He will listen to him and remain by his side and this no matter what. As you can sense, I am expecting a new version from that night (chapter 88), and this, although the lord is indeed a murderer. For Baek Na-Kyum, his gesture will have a different meaning: he saved his life and freed him from his torment. Secondly, if the lord reveals the circumstances of his mother’s death, the artist will definitely deny his responsibility in her death, a new version of this scene. (chapter 75) And because I detected a discrepancy between words and gestures, I recognized the presence of another trick from Byeonduck.✨

2. Passivity and silence

What caught my attention is that during the love session from chapter 91, the readers discovered the painter’s likes. While the lord said this to the painter: (chapter 91), the latter denied this with the following statement. (chapter 91) But when did the painter admit that he liked embracing him? In this panel! (chapter 88) That’s the reason why the lord got surprised and moved. As you can see, the author never revealed this whispering to the manhwalovers! The latter had the impression that the lord’s reaction was related to the loving embrace, but it was only partially correct.

This is important, because in this scene, the words were matching the action! That’s the reason why Yoon Seungho could finally accept it as a warm and sincere hug!! The painter was honest towards him. This scene contrasts so much to the love session at the physician’s, where the painter had hugged him, but had remained silent (chapter 62), when the lord had confessed to adore him. (chapter 62) This explicates why Yoon Seungho was so pained in season 2. He got embraced, but there were no words. Consequently, when the painter vanished during that night, the lord could only perceive the embrace as hypocrisy and fakeness. That’s how I realized that the story is developed on the contradiction between words and actions. But not only that, there exists a strong link between silence and passivity. Thus after the abduction in season 2, Baek Na-Kyum remained more or less silent (chapter 62), and as such he was totally passive. He never stood up and begged the lord for his leniency. He stayed there on the bed giving the impression that he was indifferent. That’s the reason why Yoon Seungho got more enraged, for he felt fooled. This means that the absence of words represent inaction… This explains why Yoon Seungho had to corner the main lead in chapter 48 (chapter 48) to say something, as he had sensed his passivity behind his „submissive attitude“. This is no coincidence that during this night, the painter felt extreme pleasure to the point that he peed. Therefore he could voice his wish to Yoon Seungho during the love session from season 2. (chapter 73) That’s how the lord concluded that the painter liked riding him, while in reality such a climax had appeared for the first time, when both were facing each other! (chapter 49)

And this leads me to the following observation. The protagonists were the targets of plots, because both of them had been silenced. By being voiceless, they had been turned into naïve puppets. Their silence corresponds to their passivity. This interpretation helps to understand why the artist was more active in season 1 (chapter 4) than season 2. He was encouraged by his future partner to speak up, yet the moment he got heartbroken, he was left speechless. And note that when the lord played his prank in the bedchamber, he never said anything to his father. (chapter 83) He didn’t move as well. Why? It is because he knew that talking to his father was pointless. However, Yoon Seungho had hoped that with his prank his father would finally see the truth. He had been fooled by Lee Jihwa and father Lee!! But the stupid father never realized it. As you can see, the lord had in that scene long given up to use words, he hoped that his father would see the truth with the prank. Don’t forget that deed stands for truth and reality. He thought that “actions would speak louder than words”, but he was proven wrong. This signifies that in this scene, (chapter 86) Yoon Seungho had acted the opposite, he had tried to speak up, but he had been muted. I am also thinking that the young master must have attempted to converse to his father (chapter 77) here as well, but the lord had not listened to him. Why? It is because Kim had said nothing!! (chapter 77) Silence was considered as an admission. This is no hazard that the butler didn’t take care of his young master. This scene symbolizes the quote “Actions speak louder than words” (chapter 77) The butler had betrayed the young master’s trust, for he had not intervened. He should have defended Yoon Seungho, but no in fact he had sided with the elder master Yoon once again. Not only he had not reminded Yoon Chang-Hyeon of his promise, but also he had assisted the ruthless father by giving himself the straw mat beating! (chapter 77) That’s the reason why the other servant looked down on Kim. Even after hurting his young master, he stayed paralyzed giving the impression that he felt nothing for Yoon Seungho! And this was actually true, for the valet felt more betrayed by the master’s attitude than pained due to the wounded noble. Like mentioned above, he could have refused to do it, but no! This is not surprising that the young master felt pained and angry. Striking is that in this scene, the main lead never said anything… a sign that he was already resigning to his fate! He was no longer resisting! And this leads me to the following conclusion. In season 3, Yoon Seungho was rather passive, hence he didn‘t voice the source of his suffering to Baek Na-Kyum!! However, he was not totally inactive, for he still opened up to the painter at the end of season 3. He was able to express his likes, dislikes and fears, hence Min’s first plot didn’t work out like expected!! And the return of his active attitude was already perceptible in the bureau of the authorities. (chapter 98) Here, he examined the robe and questioned the officer. The problem is that he was still relying on his staff and as such Kim. Therefore it is not surprising that he could still be manipulated by the schemers. Hence I am anticipating a total change in season 4. By conversing with the painter, the lord can only become more proactive to the point that he will be able to ruin the next schemes. I am even expecting a prank from the protagonists in season 4!! But this doesn’t end here. I am deducing that in the past, Yoon Seungho suffered because one tormentor would do things and say nothing, while the other would talk a lot, but act the opposite!! For me, these descriptions fit to Kim and the pedophile. I have the impression as well, that both characters came to switch their behavior. In one circle, Kim did many things, but remained mute, but later he did the exact opposite. I would like to point out that in season 3, he acted this way. He would promise loyalty to the lord, (chapter 77), but backstabbed him in the shadow. Besides, we shouldn’t forget that a narcissist’s words don’t match their action, because they are pathological liars. And so far, I had portrayed father Yoon (overt), Kim (covert) and even Jung In-Hun (overt) as people suffering from NPD. And I am assuming that the mysterious lord Song is not different from them, though I am suspecting that he must be a covert type.

And now, you are probably wondering why I added the adjectives “juicy” and “dry” to the title, while so far, my main focus was “action” through the hand gesture and words. The reason is simple. There exists an Arabian proverb: “A promise is a cloud, fulfilment is rain”. Since in this country, rain is rare, the saying is showing that people make promises easily (cloud), but they never keep their words, for it almost never rain. I found it interesting that it rained, when the butler and the father betrayed both the main lead. Their actions exposed their true colors. (chapter 77) Besides, it also snowed, when the painter got abducted twice, a sign that actually a promise had been broken.

3. Conclusions

Thanks to the lord’s actions (his obsession and love for the painter), Baek Na-Kyum could finally become owner of his own body and thoughts. That’s the reason why he could pee in the study, the bedchamber and the gibang and this without getting any reprimand, while the painter’s actions could bring the lord’s tears back! Their actions, the hand gestures and the embraces, became fruitful. This means that Yoon Seungho is finally possessing his own body and mind. This is no coincidence that he lowered himself, when he apologized to his lover. (chapter 102) He is no longer following social norms. This could only happen, because the lord had just committed a huge crime. What is the point to respect laws and tradition, when he became a murderer? Any other transgression can only appear as harmless. That’s the reason why I am expecting that Yoon Seungho decides to disregard social norms from that moment on and play a prank on the “villains” of this story.

Before closing this essay, I would like to mention other scenes, where the hand from the protagonists was connected to fear, confession, comfort and reassurance: (chapter 76) (chapter 53) (chapter 87), while the same extremity symbolizes the opposite with the villains and antagonists: violence, silence, submission (chapter 83), hatred and resent (chapter 97) Here, Heena was hurting her brother, because she wanted him to face “reality”. What caught my attention is that we never saw the father’s hand in chapter 86! (chapter 86) Why? It is because it reveals his powerlessness. And this leads me to the following conclusion: the deed stands for reality and honesty, while the words symbolize emptiness, illusion and deception. And now, you comprehend why this work is composed by the dichotomies: dream, words and mouth versus reality., action and the hand. This means that in season 4, the manhwaphiles should try to analyze the thoughts and emotions of the characters behind the hand gestures. At the same time, they can also verify if my interpretation is correct. Is the zoom of the protagonists’ hand connected to fear, confession, empathy and assistance?

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The Ghost’s🥀 Nocturne: Devoted 💓🖤 curses 🧙‍♂️

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Before starting the topic of this essay, I would like to remind my readers that exactly like in the first essay, I am going not just to interpret certain scenes or characters, but also to present theories which I developed through contrasts and connections. Therefore it is possible that certain ideas or significations become wrong later, as the story progresses. If you read my analyses about Painter Of The Night, you are aware that my passion is to work like a detective! 😉

1. Curse: the symbol of love or hatred?

On the surface, the title “devoted curses” seems contradictory, for devotion represents the opposite of curse. The latter is a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone, while devotion is a synonym for love, commitment and allegiance. This implies that the person will do anything in his power to protect the loved one. Striking is that in this story, the curse can be the sign of love and affection. First, Yeom chose to become a spirit not only out of hatred for Queen Han, but also out of love. She could never recover from the loss of her loved ones. (chapter 8) She felt guilty for their death. Thus she dedicated her life to find a way to punish the evil child. (chapter 13) Then Queen Yoon decided to employ dark arts to protect her son. (chapter 21) Yet, the amulets were actually curses, as they were supposed to keep away the ghosts and spirits. (chapter 20) Hence when the king discovered the amulets, he truly believed that Queen Yoon had tried to hurt the Crown Prince. As you can see, there is a strong connection between devotion, affection and curse. Finally, if you read my first analysis about The Ghost’s Nocturne, you are already aware that Yeomra didn’t curse his son Jae Shin (chapter 1) in order to wound or humiliate him. His malediction and punishment were a sign of his affection, it was to protect him in the end. It was the prince’s fate to remain in the mortal realm and meet Lee Nok. (chapter 3) I am quite certain many people know this saying: Who loves well, chastises well. Yes, this proverb is actually insinuating that children need to know boundaries, because through a bad experience, the loved one can learn a lesson and come to internalize social norms. They need to learn to become responsible for their wrong choices or bad behavior. To conclude, boundaries are necessary to become not only loyal and honest, but also brave. [For more read the essay Cowardice versus courage: innate or learnable?] Striking is that Queen Yoon acted the same way with Han Chae-Hee. There is no doubt that she loved this young lady.. (chapter 21) Thus when she discovered the incident with the wounded servant, she was greatly disappointed, especially when the villain showed no remorse or guilt. (chapter 21) Her words oozing indifference and coldness could only shock and infuriate the queen. (chapter 21) By hurting her, the sovereign was reminding her of her true nature; she was a human after all. Queen Yoon hoped with her punishment that the court lady would come to learn to show more respect towards the maids. Chae-Hee should view them as humans, and just like her, they would feel pain. The matriarch didn’t value people based on their social status, but on their condition: they are also vulnerable mortals.

As you can see, both parents in this story had a similar attitude towards their affectionate one. They desired them to change, to improve their behavior. While Yeomra as god had nothing to fear from his son, it was not the same for Queen Yoon, because the latter had a weakness. Han Chae-Hee knew about the Crown prince’s curse. (chapter 20) Thus after the chastise, the young lady cursed Queen Yoon with her thanks. (chapter 21) But contrary to Yeomra, the future queen had a different intention. Her words displayed her thoughts. She was already planning to hurt the sovereign.

2. The targets of maledictions

And now, if I were to ask the avid readers how many curses exist in this story, the latter might reply three. The victims of a malediction are Jae Shin, Yeom (chapter 13) and finally Lee Nok. Why? It is because all these maledictions are the most obvious one. Yet there is more to it. Though Queen Yoon got sentenced to death by the king of Joseon, (chapter 21) I believe that the gentle woman was targeted by a god from the Underworld, the true father of Han Chae-Hee as well. Moreover, we have the ghosts circulating around the punished prince. (chapter 13) Finally, I believe that Han Chae-Hee was cursed as well, thus the father Han Jung-Eon asked for the shaman’s assistance in the first place. Note how Yeom described the young lady: (chapter 8) She was associated to misfortune, to bad karma, thus she had to become a righteous person in order to change her situation. But why had she such a bad “karma”? It is because her father is from the afterlife. In my first essay about The Ghost’s Nocturne, I had already presented her as the fruit of a god and a human, but I had no idea about the identity of her parents and as such her true lineage. However, now it is different, for I could gather more information.

3. Han Chae-Hee’s curse

The author left the biggest clue with this scene. (chapter 21) The young lady refused to sit on the pillow embroidered with the name “Han Jung-Eon”. (chapter 21) She explained her attitude as a sign of great devotion and filial respect, whereas in my eyes, it was the opposite. She was not recognizing the official as her true father. Secondly, the queen asked the villain to report this incident to her “father!” (chapter 21) While Lee Nok’s mother had in mind the official Han, the young woman could think otherwise. She would report it to her biological father, and the latter would definitely retaliate. 😲

Moreover, I realized that Ananas had introduced 3 gods from the afterlife. Yeomra (chapter 1), Jin-Gwang and Cho-Gang. (chapter 3) Striking is that each deity is associated to a certain punishment: tongue ripping, the knives and the fiery cauldrons! Thus Cho-Gang wondered why Jae-Shin had not be sent to him. (chapter 3) However, in Korean and Chinese, the number 4 sounds similar to DEATH!! This explicates why in South Korea the number of 4 is often avoided. The 4th floor in a building will be referred to 3B and it is the same for the place in a parking lot! That’s how I deduced the existence of a 4th god of the Underworld. And Han Chae-Hae must be related to him. Under this new light, it becomes comprehensible why Jae Shin’s brothers are working for the 3rd office. (chapter 15) Yeomra’s realm corresponds to the 3rd office. Thus I am assuming that each god from the afterlife has his own office, Jin-Gwang and Cho-Gang’s being the first and second bureau of the Underworld. However, because of their interactions in the patio, it becomes clear that only these 3 gods were close to Jae Shin, and not the 4th god. But since Yeomra and the other gods of the Underworld are associated to a certain punishment, I am deducing that the 4th god must also represent a certain suffering. But what could it be? That’s how I came to the following idea: poisoning. Note that in order to rip the tongue, you need a knife. As you can see, I believe that there must exist a connection between each torture from the afterlife. And for a poison, you need a cauldron and probably fire… Finally, the manhwalovers should notice how Han Chae-Hee destroyed the queen. The schemers used rumors to tarnish her reputation, her tool was poison tongue. (chapter 21)The tongue is often depicted as an instrument that is full of death and poison. It is also unruly—unpredictable, listless, nervous and easily agitated, and always prepared to inject venom. We could witness this, when the young lady cursed the queen with her “gratitude”. (chapter 21) This is no coincidence that her method contrasts to Yeomra’s ruling: (chapter 1) The juxtaposition of these two panels makes the readers recognize the similarities and as such the contradictions: gratitude versus punishment, hatred versus love, calmness and anger etc. She is presented similarly than the king of the hell of tongue ripping. This is important, because with this new theory, the manhwaphiles can sense rivalry and jealousy of this 4th god towards Yeomra. Finally, my friend Luzyla had mentioned to me that one of the ghosts could have died due to poisoning (chapter 13), as a drug can create the sensation of heat. That’s how I recognized too that Han Chae-Hee’s father is behaving the opposite of Yeomra. While the latter is fair and impartial so that he doesn’t fear to sentence his son, the other is blinded by his love for his daughter. He will do anything for his daughter. Thus he made sure that she becomes Queen in the mortal world. She is definitely treasured. She felt insulted, when the shaman Yeom criticized her for bad karma.. She was “cursed” due to her father’s true origins, while the villain felt powerful thanks to him. She could control malevolent spirits. (chapter 8) Yet, like Han Jung-Eon mentioned it to the queen, a monk had helped them to change her situation. (chapter 20) This means that between the 10 years of Yeom’s wandering, the family Han had discovered a mean to keep away the spirits. However, for me, the official definitely deceived the Queen by letting her believe that they had used the same stratagem to help the daughter. My theory is that they used Lee Nok as her replacement!

4. Lee Nok’s curse

And now, you are wondering how I came up with this idea. Actually, the starting point of the whole theory was Lee Nok’s confession. (chapter 20) Striking is that the Crown Prince had been fetched by a single man dressed in black. However, the rule is that a deceased has to be followed by a messenger and a ward. (chapter 15) And there was no exception for Jae Shin too. (chapter 1) Why? It is because they make sure that no grim reaper or god meddles in the mortal world. Since Jae Shin is wandering around alone in the human world, he was able to manipulate the book of names. He was not monitored like all the others, because he needed to go there in order to replenish his energy. And note that the brothers came to pay him a visit together! (chapter 15) Thus I came to the following observation: the man in black had brought Lee Nok on purpose to the afterlife. This was never a mistake! (chapter 21) How can I be so sure? It is because this mysterious man never allowed Lee Nok to cross the river (chapter 1) But who is this mysterious man? It can not be a messenger or a ward, for all of them are wearing hats. Secondly, I am excluding Jae Shin, as the latter never wears a topknot in the Underworld. This could only be a god and as such the 4th god. Thus he has access to the book of names. And only someone from the Underworld could know that it was not his time to cross the river. (chapter 20) Because he had brought back the young boy, no one could detect the manipulation, as the book of names had not been touched. Thus I deduce that the person tipping off lord Park (chapter 1) was the man in black from Lee Nok’s dream. How could he get aware of Jae Shin’s supernatural powers and of his imminent death? Someone with knowledge and connected to the afterlife could manipulate the stupid noble Park. The mysterious man in Black knew that Jae Shin would get caught and even punished for his trick!! But why?

It is because this man didn’t want him to meet Lee Nok, I would even say that he wished that the prince remained in the Underworld. He imagined that the king of hell of tongue ripping would definitely sentence his own son. However, since he had never been close to the prince and Yeomra, he never expected him to send his son to the human world, because that’s the place he can replenish his energy. It doesn’t sound like a real penalty. However, this trick was so pointless, because on his way to meet his father, his path crossed the Crown Prince’s. (chapter 3) It was their fate to meet. But why did the mysterious man bring Lee Nok to the shore of the 3 ways-river?

5. Yeomra’s attachment

Let’s not forget that Yeomra had violated his own rules, when he fell in love with a human and Jae Shin was born. His actions had affected the human world. So they needed to create a balance according to Taoism, the harmony of yin (black, female) and yang (white, male). Someone should be born with yin energy so that Jae Shin would have a companion. But since I am suspecting that the 4th god of hell is jealous of Yeomra, he could only be infuriated that his daughter was destined to have such a partner. Besides, while Jae Shin is an immortal, Han Chae-Hee is still a human with the power to see spirits and use dark arts. Such a god could only see it as unfair… Thus I come to the conclusion that Lee Nok was brought to the afterlife in order to change Han Chae-Hae’s fate. That’s how Lee Nok became the prince’s destined companion. Thus Yeomra said this to his friends: (chapter 1) He knew about the intervention of the 4th god! But this doesn’t end here. When Yeomra banished his son, he never mentioned that Jae Shin would turn into a white puppy. It is important to pay attention to his words: (chapter 1) On the surface, it looks like he turns into a human during the night. But this is not entirely correct, he might preserve his human form, but this doesn’t mean that he is powerless. Hence he could survive the stabbing from the Crown Prince. (chapter 16) Secondly, he never mentioned Jae Shin’s true form during the day. (chapter 1) Creature can refer to an animal or a human. However, since he is a white puppy, he can never be perceived as a curse, for this creature is supposed to ward off evil spirits. As you can see, his curse was actually a blessing in disguise. The Queen and her father can only attack the prince from the Underworld during the night. That’s the reason why they will try to separate the “ghost” from his fated companion during the night.

6. Curse, water and Earth

But then, one detail caught my attention: the importance of water! The gods met at the pavilion and Yeomra was looking at the pond (chapter 3), when Jae Shin was marking Lee Nok as his partner. (chapter 3) And the crown prince got ill, after taking a bath outside with his mother. (chapter 21) As you can see, I believe that the connection between the two worlds is the water, and as such the pavilion. (chapter 1) Thus the white dog met the lonely Ghost prince next to the pond. But why water? The latter serves as mean for purification, and this stands in opposition to Yeom’s curse who chose to be buried alive. She desired to become an evil spirit in order to torment her enemy Han Chae-Hee. (chapter 13) This means that she gave up on reincarnation. She is condemned to wander for eternity on Earth. (chapter 15) As you can see, earth is strongly connected to the spirits, while water to the afterlife. That’s the reason why I believe that the author is playing the following elements: Water and air versus earth and fire. Hence C.-R. Jade was asked to used such colors, when Jae Shin was descending to his father’s realm. Was it air or water? And this observation brings me to the following deduction. Yeom can not approach the young Queen, for the latter is protected. The spirit thinks that it is an amulet (chapter 13), but observe that the drawer employed blue as a color at the bottom. I see it as a clue that the father must have brought “water” from the divine river. That’s the reason why the ghost can not enter her palace. This 4th god from Hell is violating all the rules from the Underworld.

7. The identity of the mysterious man

As conclusion, Queen Han’s father decided to curse Lee Nok to protect his daughter and even to help his daughter to become queen in the human world, because she is a mortal. She was not like Jae Shin. The latter can see ghosts and spirits so he is not alone. That’s the reason why he tried to have Jae Shin punished. Out of the picture, Queen Han had no other big opponent. That way, his lineage could rule over Joseon, while he is a forgotten god in the Underworld. But who is her father then? (chapter 30, Korean version). For me, the man on the left is her father. Who would imagine that such a poor and weak man would be so powerful? First, he might not be dressed in black, but he is wearing the same hair dress than the mysterious man in black. Striking is that in that scene, he acted exactly like Han Chae-Hee, he spreads lies about Jae shin in order to separate our favorite couple. He badmouthed Jae Shin to scare Lee Nok. Moreover, he is alone. Finally, he is blind… and remember what people said about the “viper”. Her gaze was truly terrible. (chapter 8) (chapter 21) It was, as if her father had given her his eyes. And remember that I had described him blinded by love and obsession for his daughter. He would do anything for her, though deep down, I am sensing that he is motivated by hatred and jealousy towards Yeomra. But since his meddling caused the death of many people, there is no ambiguity that the god’s fight is pointless. Han Chae-Hee is headed to face a terrible karma. Each action has a consequence, and since her father changed the fate of many people, her destiny got changed and not for the better! (chapter 13) For me, there is no ambiguity that she will never be allowed to enter the afterlife and as such she will never be able to live with her father or get reincarnated. Hence the devoted god’s curse can only turn into a true malediction. Why? It is because this deity never realized that “death” was a blessing in disguise for his daughter. She would never have to bear the pain to wait for the return of the fated companion. She would have no memory of her past love. Jae Shin, as an immortal, will be the only one remembering his relationship with Lee Nok, unless he chooses to give up on his immortality.

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Jinx: “Joo Jaekyung, the strongest man in the world💪💪 “

Please support the authors by reading the manhwas on the official websites. This is where you can read the manhwa.   But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes. Here are the links, if you are interested in the first work from Mingwa, BJ Alex,  https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2021/06/21/who-are-you-the-significance-of-masks-in-manhwas/  and the 7th essay about Jinx https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2023/01/06/jinx-%f0%9f%8c%8f-two-worlds-%f0%9f%8c%8e/ Here is the link where you can find analyses of other manhwas: https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2021/06/06/table-of-contents-of-analyzed-mentioned-manhwas/

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1. The true meaning of this statement

This statement (chapter 1) represents Kim Dan’s perception about Joo Jaekyung. But what does he mean actually here? First, he is referring to his successful career. The man has not been defeated for a long time. However, this declaration implies as well that the champion is super healthy. It is because strength is a synonym for health and vitality. First, we shouldn’t overlook that Kim Dan is also a physical therapist. Secondly, there is no ambiguity that the doctor thought this as well, because the moment he massaged his client, he kept praising him for his muscles (chapter 1) and his skin! (chapter 1) The color and texture of skin and the muscles serve as indicators to detect an illness.

2. The origins of this perception

Hence the halmoni was drawn with wrinkles and a rather pale skin. (chapter 7) Moreover the biggest proof of her cancer was the huge loss of weight! She was so thin that moving represents a huge hurdle for her. And the moment the manhwalovers compare the champion’s leg (chapter 1) with the halmoni’s hand (chapter 7), they can grasp why Kim Dan made such a statement. For him, the athlete could only appear healthy!! His body contrasts so much to his grandma’s! Hence Joo JAekyung could only appear as the strongest man in the world. However, as you can imagine, I believe that the doctor’s judgement is wrong! I came to develop this theory while reading chapter 9. Yes, Joo Jaekyung is not healthy!! For me, he is hiding an illness. 😲

3. Joo Jaekyung’s illness

But how did I come to this conclusion?

Everything started with Park Namwook’s confession. (chapter 9) He called his famous member a maniac. This idiom caught my attention, thus I started investigating what mania truly is.

Mania is a psychological condition that causes a person to experience unreasonable euphoria, very intense moods, hyperactivity, and delusions. Mania (or manic episodes) is a common symptom of bipolar disorder.” Quoted from https://www.healthline.com/health/mania

However, mania shouldn’t be judged as a synonym for bipolar disorder. A person suffering from mania is not necessarily suffering from bipolar disorder, because depression and the feeling of emptiness or suicidal thoughts represent the characteristics of Bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder, previously called manic depression, is a mental health condition that involves fluctuations in thinking, mood, and behavior. If you have bipolar disorder, you may experience periods of depression or mania. […] Bipolar I involves depression and mania, an extremely high mood. Bipolar II is more likely to involve depression and hypomania. Hypomania is similar to mania but less extreme. Quoted from https://www.healthline.com/health/depression/manic-depression-bipolar-disorder

  And Joo Jaekyung acts definitely as a confident sportsman. Furthermore, when Kim Dan ignored him, he didn’t get depressed at all. In fact, he even got upset and angry. (chapter 5) On the other hand, the protagonist showed huge mood swings, from extreme euphoria to anger or the reverse. But what are the symptoms for mania?

  • He or she is easily distracted.
  • He or she engages in risky or impulsive behavior. This includes spending sprees, business investments, or risky sexual practices.
  • He or she has racing thoughts.
  • He or she has a reduced need for sleep.
  • He or she has obsessive thoughts. Quoted from https://www.healthline.com/health/mania#Diagnosis

Joo Jaekyung’s behavior definitely shares some similarities to these symptoms. He would engage in sexual activities with strangers (he only had met the doctor once) and at any place, then he wouldn’t sleep much. Imagine that after the sex marathon, he still woke up even before Kim Dan. (chapter 4) This scene revealed that the top didn’t sleep much. Furthermore, pay attention to his eyes. Mingwa drew him with small dark circles (chapter 7) and some redness around the eyes. (chapter 9) As you can see, I am suspecting that Joo Jaekyung is somehow suffering from insomnia. He should sleep much more, especially if he has a fight the next day. Finally, he has already become obsessed with the physical therapist. But what are the causes of mania?

Environmental changes can trigger mania. Stressful life events, such as the death of a loved one, can contribute to mania. Financial stress, relationships, and illness can also cause manic episodes. Conditions like hypothyroidism can also contribute to manic episodes.” Quoted from https://www.healthline.com/health/mania#Causes

As you can see, mania can have a physical origin! Everything is pointing out that Joo Jaekyung is not healthy. But there exists another evidence for this interpretation. (chapter 7) Observe that when Kim Dan was praising the sportsman for his talents and as such his strength, one boxer was walking in his direction. The latter was actually injured, but no one had noticed it. The fighter had been dismissing it, thus his injury was not treated properly. Simultaneously, the doctor was criticizing the champion for his personality. So in this single panel, we have an undetected wound and as such illness combined with the champion’s mental health. And now, you comprehend why I could only come to the deduction that Joo Jaekyung was not healthy in the end. But so far, it was blamed on his personality. Finally, observe that the champion is the only one who rejects alcohol!! (chapter 9) In South Korea, this is very unusual due to History of Korean drinking culture. Alcohol serves to create connections and reinforce relationships. So rejecting to participate in such events indicate avoidance to drink alcohol. The only explanation is that the person has some health issues. Finally, Joo Jaekyung’s reaction to Kim Dan’s drunkenness exposed his true thoughts: (chapter 9) If he drinks, he wouldn’t be able to control himself. His irritability could come to the surface. And the moment I realized that Joo Jaekyung was sick, I had this thought: What if he has been suffering from the consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)? Let’s not forget that he is a boxer!! And the cauliflower ears are the evidences that he was hurt in the past. (chapter 1) Finally, he even admitted to the main lead that he received blows to his head (chapter 8)

4. TBI and its consequences.

I discovered that personality changes after head injury, but the patient is not truly realizing it. Besides, if he gets compared to his past attitude, the latter could react negatively.

“The location of the brain injury can especially change how the person behaves. For example, the orbitofrontal cortex helps control impulsive behavior and plays a role in a person’s empathy. If this area becomes damaged, the person may struggle to empathize with others and might engage in more reckless behavior. To their loved ones, they may seem to have a different personality altogether. In addition, a head injury often affects a patient’s mood and emotions. This can make them seem more depressed, angry, or irritable than usual, causing others to believe that the person has had a personality change. Quoted from https://www.flintrehab.com/personality-changes-after-head-injury/

According the last website, a person suffering from TBI has severe mood swings and is as such emotionally labile. Then they mentioned the flat affect. The latter is a reference to the lack of emotional expressiveness (verbally and physically):

Family members of TBI patients often report that their loved one seems less engaged or less interested in the rest of the family and in the activities they once enjoyed.” Quoted from  https://www.flintrehab.com/personality-changes-after-head-injury/

This would also explain why he is not close to his family right now. At the same time, we would have an explanation, why Joo Jaekyung was often left speechless in front of Kim Dan. (chapter 3) (chapter 9) (chapter 9)

Finally, the website mentioned that a patient with TBI has an aggressive behavior. (chapter 1) (chapter 5) Besides, I also found out that insomnia can also be a consequence of TBI. https://neuliferehab.com/insomnia-after-traumatic-brain-injury/

Finally, such an injury can affect the patient’s sexual behavior.

ABC News posted this interesting story about how brain trauma spurred hypersexuality in two women. Brain trauma more often causes a decrease in libido. However, sometimes it causes an increase in libido, as in the case of Alissa, a 23-year-old who suffered a car accident, and Heather, a 43-year-old who suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-superhuman-mind/201503/brain-trauma-can-cause-compulsive-sexual-desires#:~:text=When%20the%20frontal%20lobe%20is,have%20been%20in%20car%20accidents.

Hence I am suspecting that his jinx could be related to his illness, the effect of TBI, which he is hiding from everyone, because this could put an end to his career. If he has sex before a match, his brain is high functioning, so the risk that he has a problem with coordination or concentration … The power of serotonin. Moreover, there exists a high risk that boxers develop chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the so-called “punch drunk syndrome”. And now, you would have the explanation why he left the gym without telling his manager and coach what he was doing outside the gym. (chapter 9) He could have visited the hospital. But he doesn’t necessarily need to be suffering from CTE, one TBI is already enough to have life long consequences, like I pointed out above. Since such an injury affect the person’s personality, this means that they become more violent, reckless and tend to use drugs. Therefore there is a high risk that such a person dies young.

https://www.cdc.gov/traumaticbraininjury/pdf/moderate_to_severe_tbi_lifelong-a.pdf The statistics even display that a person’s life expectancy is 9 years shorter!! Thus it is important for such patients to have a loved one by their side, so that they learn boundaries. So far, Joo Jaekyung was able to control his “aggressive behavior”, as he used boxing to channel his irritability. But note that only 26% could improve their living conditions. But there is another important factor playing in these statistics: WEALTH!

“After inpatient rehabilitation for TBI, the following groups are more likely to die sooner:

Older adults



People who are not married

People with fewer years of education

People with more severe TBI

People with fall-related TBI

This explicates why Joo Jaekyung was able to recover to a certain extent. With his money and fame, he could get not only support. (chapter 1), but also acceptance. They would close an eye to his “strange and aggressive” behavior due to his special status. Under this new light, his past behavior appears in a different light. He is not the strongest man in the world. His money, his muscles and fame were just masking his true condition, he is in pain. Thus he has such an expression in this image. (chapter 1) He lost a part of himself in the end. This is the result of his past injuries, but since Joo Jaekyung is moving around and is able to fight, anyone thinks that he has already recovered. But I don’t think that’s the case. Like pointed out above, the consequences of TBI are long lasting. Since Kim Dan knows about his halmoni’s sickness, I am assuming that it is the opposite for Joo Jaekyung. And as his physician, it is his role to discover it, because Joo Jaekyung is no longer close to his family.

That’s the reason why the readers shouldn’t judge the champion based on looks and impressions like the poor Kim Dan. (chapter 9) Here, he might look handsome, but what about his brain? It got definitely bruised and wounded. His lack of empathy and his projections onto Kim Dan are in my eyes the results of his past injuries as a boxer. Finally, since the halmoni is suffering from cancer, I come to the deduction that the champion’s illness is more mental. This is definitely much harder to discover. And since I am assuming that Joo Jaekyung has a family, but he is not in contact with them, it is up to Kim Dan to recognize the situation. Since he is a man full of empathy, he will be able to understand Joo Jaekyung and have a different attitude than in this scene. (chapter 7)

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Jinx: 🌏 Two worlds 🌎

Please support the authors by reading the manhwas on the official websites. This is where you can read the manhwa.   But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes. Here are the links, if you are interested in the first work from Mingwa, BJ Alex,  https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2021/06/21/who-are-you-the-significance-of-masks-in-manhwas/  and the 6th essay about Jinx https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2023/01/01/jinx-lucky-%f0%9f%8d%80-loser-and-jinxed-winner-%f0%9f%8f%86-full-version/ (the full version is locked) https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2023/01/01/jinx-lucky-%f0%9f%8d%80-loser-and-jinxed-winner-%f0%9f%8f%86-10-pictures/ Here is the link where you can find analyses of other manhwas: https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2021/06/06/table-of-contents-of-analyzed-mentioned-manhwas/

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After seeing the illustration, it becomes clear that one topic of this essay is to outline the huge contrast between Kim Dan and Joo Jaekyung’s life.

1. The top and the bottom

While the latter lives at the top of the building , (chapter 2) the other sleeps in one room apartment in a small house. (chapter 5) (chapter 1) This signifies that while the champion is at the top of Korean society, the other is at the bottom. This is no coincidence that their social status is mirrored in their relationship. While the athlete owns an expensive car (chapter 9), the other uses public transportation. (chapter 1) As a conclusion, one character embodies wealth, while the other stands for poverty.

2. Pictures and status

Under this new light, the manhwalovers can comprehend why the author created such pictures. (chapter 1) (chapter 3) (chapter 9) Their position was reflecting not only their respective social status, but also the social gap, as they were not standing side by side.. Since the champion belongs to the high society, Kim Dan had to look up at the celebrity initially. This was not just a question of height. Striking is that in the first two pictures, the protagonists were facing each other at a certain distance, they had nothing linking them together, indicating that the two main leads were living in two different worlds. However, there was a first change, when Kim Dan (chapter 2) grabbed the champion’s robe. Striking is that he barely held the cloth, as if he didn’t dare to touch the jacket. He was looking down, a sign of humbleness and resignation. I would even add, his attitude reminded the viewers more of a beggar, pleading for leniency and generosity. This panel truly displayed the power relationship between Kim Dan and Joo Jaekyung. Money was in the center of this couple and this is what brought them together initially! The poor needs the assistance of the rich. On the other hand, this gesture also announced a change. For the first time, Kim Dan was not only interacting with someone belonging to the top, but also was relying on someone else. Yet, this was more prostitution than work in the beginning, until Joo Jaekyung revealed his dependency on Kim Dan through the missed calls and the job offer. That’s the reason why the physical therapist was no longer imploring the champion, but now making requests. (chapter 6) Hence the main lead was positioned much lower than the doctor first.

Another important aspect is that in this scene, (chapter 9) the man of the hour was not Joo Jaekyung, but the physician contrary to these two other scenes. (chapter 1) (chapter 3) This explicates why during the welcome party, Kim Dan stands on the other side while holding a bowl. The latter resembles a lot to a cup due to the form and color!. (chapter 9) Kim Dan is now at the top, as all the boxers are looking at him cheering him up. (chapter 9) It even looks like manager Park Namwook was also recording this event. Striking is that for the first time, both main leads are interacting together in front of others. The drink is supposed to bring Kim Dan closer to the team and as such closer to Joo Jaekyung, which indeed happens afterwards. The latter is forced to enter Kim Dan’s world, and discover a new face of reality. (chapter 9)

Furthermore, the bowl (chapter 9) is a metaphor for the future link between the two protagonists. The doctor is there to help the athlete to win competitions, or like I had mentioned before, he is his reward and prize for his long and painful career. I would even add,, they will bond through sport, just like it occurred in the shower room. (chapter 8) Thus we had the challenge with the cup full of alcohol. (chapter 9)

3. Two worlds and sport

The irony is that Joo Jaekyung never realized that by provoking the young doctor with this description “delicate”, he pushed the young man to prove his strength. At the end, he won the bet and received the admiration of the members from Black Team. (chapter 9) This is important, because the doctor has truly earned the respect from Black Team, he is definitely accepted as one of them. Thus from that moment on, neither money nor the contract can have an influence on the relationship between the physician and the fighters. Observe that they keep calling him “doc”, which shows that they respect him not only due to his seniority but also due to his education. He studied hard to become a physical therapist. Hence Oh Daehyung refuses that Kim Dan acts as a servant, it is not his role and place to fetch ice cream for the boxers. (chapter 9) He is no errand boy. They don’t judge him based on his social class, but on his college degree. As you can see, sport is a place that can bring people from different social classes together. This explicates why we have famous sport events like Olympic games or World cups. Here, people from different countries are competing against each other, but it is the same principle. These events were created to generate friendship and avoid military conflicts. In tournaments, talents matter more than money and social status, though this statement has to be relativized, for “poorer countries” offer less chances to develop talented sportsmen. Hence some athletes decide to change their citizenship. Nevertheless, we can definitely state that sport generates bonds among the different social classes and as such serve to reduce the gap between the top and bottom.

4. The purpose of the contrast

On the other hand, I don’t think that Joo Jaekyung became rich thanks to his successful career, though this is not what Kim Dan is thinking.. (chapter 2) He is only famous in Korea according to the protagonist. Thus, for me, Kim Dan is quite naïve. Why do I come to this deduction? Simply through the contrast! The existence of two worlds indicates that Kim Dan is the “negative” reflection of Joo Jaekyung, though there is no ambiguity that they share some similarities: both take their job seriously, and are really hard-working. The champion never misses his training.

And this leads me to the following observation: Joo Jaekyung might belong to the upper-class, yet he never went to university. Since the doctor worked hard to get a good job, I conclude that it was the opposite for the champion. He was not talented for studies, he was more an athletic person. Now, I would like my avid readers to take a look at this table

Joo JaekyungKim Dan
carNo car
Huge penthouseOne-room flat
 College degree
 Only one family member: halmoni
 rich neighborhoodpoor neighborhood

Under this new perspective, people can understand why I came to this deduction. Since Kim Dan’s family consists of two members, himself and his grandmother, I am assuming that Joo Jaekyung still has an intact family, but they are not close. We have many evidences for this interpretation. In the athlete’s penthouse, there are no family pictures or items reminding of a loved one contrary to the physician. (chapter 5) His place feels too empty and clean. (chapter 6) Secondly, there was no one by his side except his hyung, Park Namwook, when he won his fight. (chapter 5) Finally, this theory got reinforced, when I saw this panel. (chapter 9), which contrasts so much to this image. (chapter 2) However, these two scenes have something in common: “redevelopment!”. The skyscrapers are new buildings. This means that the district got redeveloped. That’s the reason why I believe that Joo Jaekyung’s family must be involved in the construction field or at least in the redevelopment of the city.

I would like to point out that many houses have a red cross on their wall (chapter 9) This indicates that the buildings were sold to a construction company. That’s the reason why the district looks so deserted and ruined, though there exists opposition visible thanks to the banner. Thus I deduce that this construction company and politicians are pressuring inhabitants to sell their home and this for a cheap price. The problem is that the moment the district is totally empty and gets redeveloped, the price for rent will increase considerably so that people with a low income can no longer live there. As you can see, this scene gave us the answer to the physician’s question: (chapter 1) The loan sharks were sent there to harass Kim Dan to sell the property. That’s the reason why the doors on the house have no red cross. (chapter 1) And if you are familiar with K-dramas or other manhwas (Under The Green Light for example), you are well aware that construction companies are often linked to Korean mafia! Consequently, I am suspecting that Joo Jaekyung is related to a construction company and as such to the mafia. This would explicate why he can live in the penthouse, why he has tattoos and finally why his family didn’t pay too much attention to his education. Only money and power matter in such a world. Hence this would not be surprising that the athlete has such a terrible mind-set, though I believe that there exist other causes for his aggressiveness and selfishness. Besides, this would explicate why he associates sex to prostitution and sponsoring. And if my theory is correct, this signifies that by meeting Kim Dan, he is forced to face reality, the true origins of his wealth: exploitation and ruthlessness. I am even wondering if he is not one of the owners of “Black Team”, as he brought the company card to the restaurant. On the other hand, he was not always lucky in his career, for his ears are really damaged. That’s the other reason why I am thinking that his fortune is not entirely self-made. At the same time, his encounter with Kim Dan can only bring a change in his life. For the doctor symbolizes integrity, responsibility and selflessness, the champion will come to slowly internalize these values.

This is not surprising that at the end of the contest, Joo Jaekyung is forced to become responsible for Kim Dan’s drunkenness. . (chapter 9) We could also say that it was his karma, for abandoning him before in the shower. Because the main lead had to bring the doctor home, he discovered a new world which left him speechless. (chapter 9) He couldn’t even imagine that someone would live there. Thus he got skeptical. (chapter 9) This discovery can only puzzle him. He gave him so much money, yet he still lives in such a neighborhood. He can only wonder where the money went. It is now only a matter of time, until he gets aware that his salary is spent for someone else! Furthermore, the manhwaphiles should question if the champion is willing to enter such a deserted district. If he does, there is no ambiguity that he will meet the loan sharks. If not, he could decide to bring him home. One thing is sure: this discovery caught the champion’s notice and this can only intrigue the boxer. It’s not random that the moment he became responsible for Kim Dan, he was faced with reality. Responsibility and reality go hand in hand.

To conclude, Kim Dan is the champion’s medicine, he pushes him to witness the other side of the coin!! Money can reinforce social iniquities, so that it is difficult to break free from the vicious circle. Health is also strongly connected to income. It is well known that residents of impoverished communities are at increased risk for mental illness, chronic disease, higher mortality, and lower life expectancy. Just because poor people have no money, this doesn’t signify that they are less worth. Joo Jaekyung can only recognize the importance of health. Only a healthy lover can give him what he needs.

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Painter Of The Night: The riddle of the enigmatic covers🔍🕵️‍♂️

This is where you can read the manhwa. https://www.lezhinus.com/en/comic/painter But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes. If you want to read more essays, here is the link to the table of contents:  https://bebebisous33analyses.wordpress.com/2020/07/04/table-of-contents-painter-of-the-night

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The purpose of this essay is not just to interpret the illustrations for each season, but also to anticipate the future illustration of season 4. However, before revealing my new knowledge, it is important to explain how I came to develop these significations. This means that I will present new pieces of the puzzle “Painter Of The Night”. Everything started with this panel. (chapter 9)

1. The slap and hands

The noble with the mole had a red cheek and a bruised lip indicating that he had been slapped. Yet contrary to the painter, he had wounded on his right side. (chapter 1) This means that no one had witnessed the wrongdoing committed on the anonymous lord. However, it is important, because it exposes how a person committing a wrongdoing could escape scolding and punishment, even from the readers. There was no witness! Only an attentive reader could detect this. Hence you have the explanation why Yoon Seungho suffered for so long. There was either no witness or the persons chose to close an eye and remained silent. Since it was the negative reflection from Baek Na-Kyum’s slap and the main lead had used his right hand (chapter 11), I deduced that the culprit was left-handed. That’s how I could identify the culprit, lord Min. The lord was in reality left-handed. We could observe this in chapter 8 , episode 19 , chapter 33 and episode 43, but also in episode 76 , in chapter 96 , in episode 100 and finally in chapter 102 ! Yet, in other occasions like in episode 33 or 43, or 52 , he used his right hand! Thus one might argue that Min was simply ambidextrous. However, I can prove 100% that Black Heart is left-handed!😮 The evidence is the usage of the bow. (chapter 22) This is how a right-handed man shoots an arrow. On the other hand, we never saw Min using the bow. The bird was already wounded by the arrows, when the scene of the second hunt took place. (chapter 41) However, the manhwaphiles can discover the verity thanks to one detail: the bag of arrows. (chapter 22) As you can see, the bag is carried on the right side, but the arrows are almost touching the left shoulder. They need to be on the other side, since the scholar needs his right hand to grab the item. And now compare the position of Min’s bag. It is inclined in the opposite direction, hence the arrows are visible on his right side! (chapter 41) Thus the noble is carrying the bag (chapter 41) differently from the painter too. (chapter 22) Under this new light, it becomes comprehensible why Byeonduck never showed the Joker’s hunting skills. People would have noticed that he is left-handed immediately. She made sure to hide this important fact, thus within the same chapter Min was often portraying as using both hands. In episode 43, he employed his left hand to pour the alcohol in the glass, but then he switched the hand(chapter 43), when he gave the drink to Lee Jihwa.

This raised the following question. Why is he ambidextrous, though he prefers his left hand? It is because he has been conditioned to use his right hand. In Latin, sinister means left. This explicates why left is associated to sinister, dark and bad omen. Thus there exists this superstition that being left-handed is evil or a bad sign!! Till the end of the 20th Century, people in Europe were encouraged to write with their right hand. And now, if you compare all the scenes, where he employed his left-hand, you will detect that he was acting under the influence of his subconscious. In chapter 8, he was lusting after the painter; explicating why he got mad at his friend. Because of his nagging, Min could no longer ask his host to let the painter join the sex party. Therefore it is no coincidence that he slapped his friend with his left hand. Finally, we never saw his departure from the bedchamber! (chapter 9) Here, he was still present, but even before the end of the sex session, he had already vanished. (chapter 9) Finally, when the noble with the mole visited Lee Jihwa, the latter claimed that he had spent a long time at Yoon Seungho’s. (chapter 9), and his friend never denied it. As you can see, the characters made sure to confuse the readers with the change of the chronology. As you can see, it took me a long time before noticing the bruised face (only during season 3), then to bring up the conclusive evidence that Min was the culprit of the slap. Then in the shaman’s house, he took the dildo with his left hand, because he was angry and frustrated. (chapter 100) With the same hand, he pushed Jihwa (chapter 100) too. This shows that he could barely control himself here. And once he faced the main lead’s sword, he got so scared that he showed Jung In-Hun’s glasses with his left hand again. (chapter 102) Due to stress and his strong emotions, he exposed his true self, but since the readers were more focused on the actions and Min’s punishment, they never paid attention to his hand. This contrasts so much to the way the author portrayed Yoon Seungho. She often zoomed on his hands. (chapter 92) The irony is that in this scene, the main lead employed his left hand too, the positive reflection from the night in the pavilion (chapter 43). While here it was to bring him back to reality, in the pavilion, the Joker had the opposite intention: to lure Lee Jihwa to believe in illusions. (chapter 43).

Why did she confuse the readers then? It was to hide an important information, the culprit is left-handed!! And now it is necessary to examine the lord’s nightmare.

2. The hand in the nightmare

If you read my previous analyses about the visions, you are aware of my following observation. The visions represent not only memories, but also predictions. (chapter 74) They announce the future events, though the information is not given properly. On the other hand, since they are memories either, this signifies that they contain insight about the lord’s tragedy. Thus I noticed that the anonymous perpetrator used his left hand to grab his hanbok!! I deduced that the perpetrator in the past is also left-handed!! Secondly, since this vision can also be seen as the announcement of the painter’s second kidnapping, this is no coincidence that Byeonduck created such panels during the painter’s last torment. (chapter 99) However, in the shaman’s temple, Black Heart grabbed Baek Na-Kyum with his right hand. He was trying to manipulate the artist, he was acting. He was not showing his true self. Yet, the vision was revealing the truth: the future mastermind of the last scheme was in reality left-handed!! It didn’t matter, because at the end, the main lead was able to discern the truth. He sentenced Black Heart, for he believed that he had killed his loved one! That’s how I realized why the author would focus so much on the hands and on the distinction between unconscious and conscious! The hand in Painter Of The Night represents the crucial clue to identify the culprits!!

3. The illustrations and the mystery

Because of these new discoveries, I realized the signification of the covers. In season 1, we had the hands in the illustration. The hands were revealing the crime committed against the main lead. The latter was totally passive in this picture. The hands are touching and unclothing the immobile man. It also shows that Yoon Seungho was at the center of the conspiracy, in the past and in the present! The painting in the background indicates the presence of a hidden painter. Thus Baek Na-Kyum was not drawn in the cover. The painter of the night was in truth someone else, the painter from the past! Nevertheless, the main lead was looking at the readers, indirectly at Baek Na-Kyum, the young painter of the night. This describes the arrival of Baek Na-Kyum in his life. Striking is that the painting in the background was destroyed… indicating that the portrayed relationship was no longer existent. This represents another clue that the lord’s suffering is linked to a previous relationship. Then in season 2, the author revealed Baek Na-Kyum as the painter, who had now become the target of the plot. Yet behind him we see Yoon Seungho’s foot. The latter symbolizes the main lead feared to get close to him, but he wouldn’t leave his side. Moreover, this corresponds to the lord’s impulsive decisions, he let his foot guide him. Thus during the first night of the failed gangrape, he walked towards the study and stopped unconsciously, when he was next to the room. (chapter 53) Due to his strong denial, he was strolling not realizing that his feet were under the influence of his subconscious. And it was the same, when he opened the door with his foot at the Lees’ (chapter 67) Nonetheless, I believe that the author had another reason to draw the foot in the cover. The foot prints are the evidence of the crime, and as such the deceptions and the culprits. (chapter 59) (chapter 60) (chapter 61) The shoes were the clues how to recognize the perpetrators and accomplices. That’s why I compared these feet (chapter 59) with those . (chapter 66) My avid readers are already aware of my theory. For me, we have two kidnappers, and one tried to kill the artist! To conclude, Byeonduck left the clues how to unveil the mystery from the past and the present in the illustrations of each season. The paper in the second cover is a reference to the forged letter (chapter 56), but also to the theft of the painting (chapter 56) and the painter’s break! At the end of season 2, he was no longer painting and in the beginning, he had also stopped due to his heartbreak. Simultaneously, we have the presence of water which serves as a connection to season 1 with the ruined painting and to season 3 with the well and drowning. The dark shades were an allusion to the lord’s darkness and suffering. The latter would come to the surface. However, since the cover only showed the lord’s foot, it exposes that the lord would not divulge his traumatic past. (chapter 78) In season 3, this time the main leads were facing each other, they were recognizing each other: their true self! But this stands in opposition to the deceased people without identity! (chapter 94) We never saw the face of the corpses, as they were either covered (chapter 97) or the manhwaphiles could only view the hand, , the back (chapter 97) or the clothes and shoes (chapter 100)! And since Min had disguised himself as Lee Jihwa, it was clear that the deceased shouldn’t be identified by their clothes, but by their faces. As you can see, season 3 was about the face and identity! This indicates that in the past, someone had been not identified correctly!! Why? It is because the main lead has long repressed this memory. He had forgotten his face out of fear and hatred. The only thing the victim remembers is the BEARD, and old bearded men! (chapter 44) And the nightmare exposed the number of persons involved in his suffering: 4 men!! Here, we have 3 men, and don’t forget the left hand from before. (chapter 74) But if I include the painting, then I come to 6 people: the patriach Yoon Chang-Hyeon and the king. This coincides with the cover from season 1: 3 hands indicates 3 people and we have two lovers in the background. Moreover, we shouldn’t forget the peeper, the person Yoon Seungho was looking at. Hence we have 6 people involved in the conspiracy.

But what caught my attention is that the illustration of season 2 and 3 are showing locations: the painter’s study and the bedchamber. Thus I conclude that Byeonduck was revealing the places where a crime was committed in the past and in the present. In the study, the painter lost his virginity, he was bullied or slapped, while in the past, Lee Jihwa stole Yoon Seungho’s first kiss. So in my opinion, the illustration for season 4 should be the gibang, unless we assume that the cover of season 1 is a reference to the kisaeng house! (chapter 1) Anyway, from my point of view, the cover of season 4 should indicate a location which is connected to the town. Why? It is because now I am suspecting commoners to be involved in the lord’s suffering. I have already expressed my theories about Kim, the guard blacks, Heena and the physician. But there are more suspects! Moreover, observe that the kisaeng house is not only visited by aristocrats, but also by commoners. (chapter 99) That’s the reason why I am anticipating a cover with the gibang. It would be the perfect place to find closure for the couple. It is a place where both suffered. Moreover, I think, belongings should serve as an evidence for the identification of the schemers and accomplices. Remember that we had the glasses as the evidence of a murder in season 3, yet I am sensing that the possession should serve to identify the perpetrators from the past and the present. Since the clothes were used to confuse people in season 3, I am assuming that in season 4, they should help to recognize people, but at the same time, it is totally possible that our main leads decide to employ the same method to fool the schemers and accomplices. Hence I have the impression that the author could select this illustration for season 4.We would have the clothes, the location, the prank, but also “painting” with the folding shield. Finally, the red on the protagonists’ face is an allusion to season 3, when it serves as a mean to tamper evidence. This person was never stabbed (chapter 97), for the hanbok of the deceased was intact. They had simply rubbed the red from Bongyong. (chapter 79) But let’s return our attention to this illustration. Striking is that in this scene, the couple is facing the world together which stands in opposition to the past. Before, they were either alone, or they were just looking at each other, hence they didn’t pay attention to their surroundings. Consequently, they couldn’t sense the presence of a plot and the schemers. In this scene, the protagonists are now able to notice what is happening around them, I would even say, they are proactive contrary to the past (see season 1 and 2) To sum up, the author selected such covers because she had planned to leave clues there about the mystery! But wait… I had outlined that the person who grabbed the young master Seungho was left-handed, and he played a huge role in the main lead’s downfall and suffering! But who is left-handed in this story?

4. The mysterious left-handed

Naturally, I investigated the matter right away. My first suspect was Kim, but he seems to be right-handed! (chapter 12) (chapter 56). But then I noticed that he carried his master on the left side. (chapter 57) Nevertheless, the person threatening the painter was right-handed. (chapter 66) and since it is for me the butler, he was not the person from the nightmare. That’s the reason why I am excluding him from the suspect list. For me, if he was involved in the past, it is because he lit the candles (chapter 74). Furthermore, don’t forget that in his nightmare, the author exposed the presence of plates with 3 candles (chapter 74) which were also used in the shaman’s house. Finally, in this picture, we have a right-handed person. (chapter 74) So Kim could have been the one silencing him with his hand.

Then I realized that Yoon Chang-Hyeon had also switched his hand. In season 3, he slapped his son with his left hand. (chapter 86) Hence his right cheek was red and he had a wounded lip. (chapter 86) On the other hand, at the doctor’s office, he employed his right-hand to keep his son by his side. (chapter 57). Why is there this change? The turning point was the prank in the bedchamber. (chapter 83) During that scene, the father slapped his son with both hands. First with the right (chapter 83), then with the left! Striking is that the author never showed, when the patriarch employed his left hand. The readers could only hear the sound, and see the result of the beating. Both cheeks were wounded. From my point of view, he was conditioned exactly like Min! He was not allowed to use his left hand, but the angrier he got, the less he could hide his true self: he was left-handed and he was a stupid and brutal father!! (chapter 74) However, note that this switch happened after the sexual abuse had started!! That’s the reason why I conclude that he is not the man from the nightmare. For me, the father is symbolized by the painting, just like the pedophile! So where is the left-handed person? So far, the fake servant smoked with his right hand. (chapter 37) On the other hand, I am doubting that Byeonduck will introduce many new characters in season 4. That’s the reason why I believe that the man with the pipe is the real schemer, as the pipe was in the annex. Since Min grabbed Baek Na-Kyum in the shaman’s house, I am more inclined to think that the perpetrator grabbing the young master Seungho by the collar was just an accomplice and not the mastermind. In other words, he was the helping hand.

And there are two persons left that fit the profile of a left-handed old bearded man. The physician!! 😮Notice that he placed his box on the left side and this twice!! (chapter 57) (Chapter 74) I don’t believe in hazard. Besides, the lord had his nightmare during the same chapter. This means that he could have leaked this information about Yoon Seungho to an outsider, like he did with the painter. As the manhwalovers can grasp, the physician is more suspicious than before.

As for the second person, it is none other than the calligrapher!! (chapter 92) Besides, observe that the angry man put the brush on the left side. (chapter 92) The man is left-handed! And what did Yoon Seungho do? (chapter 92) He grabbed him by the collar! Exactly like in the dream!! (chapter 74) Thus I had this sudden idea: the calligrapher could have been Yoon Seungho’s teacher!! The latter became jealous of the young master due to his talent and notoriety. Another possibility is that he was commissioned by the elder master Yoon to write a talisman, a spring poetry, as we have these writings on the door (chapter 44) or patio of his mansion, similar to Heena’s. And since the young main lead suffered so much, it is normal that he doesn’t have such believes. IT is also possible that the young master Seungho played a prank which made the man angry and humiliated. As you can see, I come to the conclusion that jealousy and resent were the reasons why he got involved in the first place. Moreover, we shouldn’t forget that the calligrapher is linked to the kisaengs! He even recognized Baek Na-Kyum, as he called him a peasant. (chapter 92) Yet, he was either perceived as servant, a noblewoman or as a sir so far! He was never recognized as a peasant. Since he could identify the artist, it is also possible that he was also able to identify Yoon Seungho. But he thought that he was not well educated after living as a male kisaeng for so long. From my point of view, the man could have decided to get revenge on Yoon Seungho and participated in his abduction and gangrape!! Thus his karma was to lose his home! (chapter 91) The fact that Yoon Seungho grabbed him the same way than in the nightmare is not random. It was, as if he was getting justice. Honestly, I am more and more suspecting that in the past, Yoon Seungho got raped by commoners! Naturally, I have not changed my mind that the king was behind this plot: to get revenge on the Yoons! Who benefitted the most from the crime? Definitely the king, as he was able to ruin their influence.

Finally, I would like to remind the readers that according to me, the tailor is involved in the lord’s past suffering. However, according to me, there exist two tailors. While the other called the main lead “lord Yoon Seungho” (chapter 39), the other only recognizes him as master Yoon. (chapter 64) This means that the latter knows about the existence of elder master Yoon. Like mentioned above, the calligrapher, the physician, the tailor, the fake servant and the “shaman” from chapter 29 have all one thing in common: the beard!!

5. The other accomplices: the hanbok and the beards

Byeonduck left pieces of the puzzle in the covers in order to unveil the truth about the past and the present. Hence the moment the illustration is released, try to examine it attentively. It definitely gives clues about the evolution of the story, and the evidences concerning the perpetrators and helping hands. My recent discoveries led me to develop the following theory: the involvement of merchants. This man (chapter 83) disguised himself and hide his true identity behind “lord Song”. But is he the king or someone else? He was definitely a pedophile, but since we can’t see his face, it is not certain that it was the king. (chapter 83) Striking is that he is not “smoking here”, yet I had outlined that one abuser was a heavy smoker due to Yoon Seungho’s behavior. (chapter 83) On the other hand, I discovered that the man with the green hanbok was smoking! And why doesn’t the patriarch suspect the king behind the plot? It is because he was never officially banished or sent to exile. Thus he explains his desertion from the mansion as an absence. (chapter 86) Let’s not forget that in season 3, clothes were used to deceive Yoon Seungho, and the authorities played along. Besides, as the painter had become the love interest of Yoon Seungho and Black Heart, it is very likely that in the past, the victim was exposed to two different abusers, but they all hid behind the name: lord Song. Note that during this feast, one man had a moustache beard which is in Painter Of The Night the sign that he is no yanbang, not even chungin, the upper-middle class. He could be a rich merchant. Just because they are all wearing hanboks (chapter 83) (chapter 87), this doesn’t mean that these men belong to the aristocracy. Furthermore, Kim never said “nobles”, he just said “visitors”!! Finally, I would like to point out that since Yoon Seungho lived secluded for 10 years, I doubt that he had the means and the knowledge to be involved in the trade: (chapter 22) This theory of the participation of a merchant got even reinforced, when I made the following discovery. The wooden boxes in season 1 were present at the tailor‘s shop!! (chapter 39) Thus I am deducing that the barn in season 2 (chapter 51) could have belonged to the tailor or the owner of this shop. And note the couple was in the same position than with the kisaeng with No-Name in episode 51! (chapter 51) This was the negative reflection from episode 39: no penetration versus penetration, no interruption versus interruption, no rumor versus rumor etc. And this contrast clearly displays that the tailor shop is involved in Yoon Seungho’s suffering. And the best evidence for this is the nightmare. The main lead’s clothes had a design. (chapter 74) and the readers never saw the protagonist wearing it so far!! So where is this special hanbok? The latter is the evidence of the tailor’s involvement, as he had to create it. To conclude, there is a strong connection between the gibang, the tailor and the trade. And now, you comprehend why I am more than ever suspecting commoners’ complicity in the main lead’s suffering.

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Jinx: Lucky 🍀 loser and jinxed winner 🏆 (10 pictures)

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After the release of chapter 8, many manhwalovers were so upset about Joo Jaekyung’s behavior that they wished that Kim Dan would make him regret soon enough. This was visible because of the posts and comments left on IG and Twitters. In their eyes, Joo Jaekyung had been the winner of this episode, because at the end, the poor physical therapist was left behind on his knees. (chapter 8) Naturally, this is how the main lead must have felt, and the readers were all putting themselves in the shoes of Kim Dan. How could they not be hurt? He had somehow to clean up the mess left by the selfish and rude fighter. To conclude, this image reinforced the impression that Kim Dan had been the loser of this encounter. However, I believe this is not entirely correct. Why? First, we shouldn’t judge this situation from the doctor’s perspective. It is necessary not to view this episode based on emotions and impressions. Why? I would like the manhwaphiles to keep in mind that this story is entitled JINX! In other words, chance and bad omen play a huge role in the manhwa, but the main characters have no idea about this. Finally, Kim Dan has always felt unlucky in his life. Hence he can not perceive his last interaction with the champion as “luck” at all. Thus in this composition, I would like to present my interpretation of the chapter under the aspect “defeat” and “good fortune”. The purpose of this essay is to introduce my predictions about the next chapter. For me, there is no doubt that Joo Jaekyung’s “success” is just a Pyrrhic victory, but Joo Jaekyung is clueless about it.😉 This Pyrrhic victory will have terrible consequences for the champion, and this very soon. And the moment I viewed episode 8 in that perspective, I could only anticipate chapter 9 and looking forward for Joo Jaekyung’s jinx. 😁

1. The boxers: lucky losers?

Let’s start with Joo Jaekyung’s colleagues who were allowed for the first time to shower along the champion(chapter 8), though they had never been able to defeat the protagonist before. (chapter 8) It looks like they were very lucky, for the main lead was generous and even in a good mood. Joo Jaekyung: “You’re good. Go ahead.” (chapter 8) On the other hand, when they opened the door and discovered the main lead’s presence, they first got shocked. (chapter 8) It displays that they feared his reaction. It seemed more like they were very unlucky. One of them had even seen the champion vanishing in the showers, but he had still trusted his friend’s judgement. They were embarrassed and somehow fearful, hence they proposed to leave the room. Their insecurities were perceptible thanks to the rhetorical question (“What do we do?”), the stammering and the pause (uh and the points of suspension). Thus imagine their surprise, when they saw Joo Jaekyung’s smile and heard his invitation. They could only feel honored that the “winner” would accept them in the room. Their admiration for him could only increase, for he acted as a generous man. (chapter 8) Thus while one was smiling out of happiness and relief, the other bid farewell to the athlete properly. However, the biggest evidence for their growing appreciation is when (chapter8) the blond fighter asked the protagonist for his shampoo. Since they were already sharing the showers with him, they could also use the same washing!! It was, as though the athlete was no longer putting his distance from them and the gap was reducing. However, his friend warned him, he shouldn’t abuse the champion’s leniency: “Dude, don’t bother him, while he’s showering” (chapter 8) As you can see, the two boxers could only become happy and feel lucky, since Joo Jaekyung had accepted them in the showers. Furthermore, he had made no reproach to them, because they had talked or asked him for shampoo. The celebrity could appear as more humble and selfless to them. To sum up, they were the “lucky losers”.

2. Joo Jaekyung, the jinxed winner?

According to the uke from chapter 2, the athlete can only get victorious, if he sleeps with a man just before the match. So in Joo Jaekyung’s eyes, he is jinxed. Striking is that after not having sex with Kim Dan for quite some time, he got defeated. (chapter 7) For the first time, he got punched by a man much smaller than him. To sum up, this scene could be seen as an evidence for his jinx. Here, he was the loser of the “battle”. Besides, observe that in the gym, the doctor had never approached him. He had watched him from a certain distance. (chapter 7)

On the other hand, in the shower, he was able to outlive his sexual fantasies… There is no ambiguity that he enjoyed the presence of the boxers in the room. So for him, the boxers were like a lucky charm. How do I know this? We have 4 clues for this. First, Kim Dan asked him to send the fighters away, when he shook his head.This shows that this was Joo Jaekyung’s intention. Secondly, the main lead was blushing and complimenting the uke. (chapter 8) He was definitely savoring this situation. Moreover, Joo Jaekyung has the tendency to project his own thoughts and emotions onto Kim Dan. When he said

You’re even tighter today… guess you like a little thrill, huh?

(chapter 8) he was the one enjoying the thrill in reality. It is the same here too. “Looks to me like you really enjoyed yourself, doc. You can hardly even stand up”. (chapter 8) After ejaculating, he could no longer carry the doctor, hence he dropped him!! So his legs were definitely “shaking”. But why would he do that? It is because he is hiding his own emotions. I would even go so far to say that he is struggling to accept his homosexuality. Hence he is projecting his thoughts and emotions onto others. And since he could outlive his sexual fantasies without getting caught, we could say that he got a lucky loser! On the other hand, he felt like the winner, as Kim Dan had a climax there. He had been able not only to procure pleasure to the doctor, but also to “claim” Kim Dan as his prize! The former would never share him to the others. He might have shared the shower room, but not the physical therapist.

3. Kim Dan, a lucky loser or jinxed winner?

Like mentioned above, the slender physical therapist had been able to punch Joo Jaekyung in the shower. (chapter 7) This means that he had been the winner of the “fight”. And this slap left such an impression on the famous fighter that he was willing for the first time to call Kim Dan “doc”. (chapter 8) This exposes that Joo Jaekyung came to warm up to the main lead. He is now recognizing him as a man, even as a physician. This was totally genuine, while in front of his hyung manager, he had to maintain appearances and fake his “respect”. (chapter 7) In the last image, his gaze was directed to the left, which is a sign that someone is lying. Yet, in the bathroom, the champion was looking straight at his sex partner. He was genuine in his admiration. To sum up, the idiom “doc” in episode 8 was a mark of real respect from Joo Jaekyung. His pride was not even hurt, as he kept smiling (chapter 8). Further, he never retaliated against Kim Dan for his defiance and resistance. Remember how he reacted to the words from the other uke: (chapter 2) And observe that the physical therapist was expecting a punch from the fighter, hence he used his arms to protect himself. (chapter 8) But no, Joo Jaekyung smiled and started talking. So in that moment the young man must have felt “lucky”, for he had been sparred. For the first time, the champion was sharing his thoughts to Kim Dan!! In fact, he used words to submit the main lead. He never employed force which I see as a positive sign contrary to episode 7. Despite the recognition from the athlete, he had to follow his request. He was bound by the secret arrangement, hence he could not refuse the athlete. So Kim Dan appears more as a jinxed winner.

Moreover, since Joo Jaekyung has never been defeated by his colleagues, he could impose his will onto others. Thus he never allowed anyone to share the showers with him. (chapter 8) He was acting like the alpha of the group. And now, you have the explanation why the famous boxer never locked up the room. He expected that no one would entered the showers, as it was his privilege to shower alone. He thought that the other members of the club had noticed his departure to the shower room. Under this new light, the manhwaworms can grasp why the fighter chose the bathroom in the end. This was the place where he wouldn’t be bothered! Nevertheless, he could have asked him to give him a massage like in episode 1 for example. (chapter 1). This truly exposes that with Kim Dan it was different right from the start. Joo Jaekyung brought himself the doctor to the showers, an unconscious sign that he wanted to share privacy and intimacy with him, which stands in opposition to this scene: (chapter 7) As you can see, the sweet doctor was able to “defeat” the champion, not only with his punch, but also by forcing him to share the showers with him and as such with others!! Thus one might say that Kim Dan was lucky that the champion accepted him in that room.

But this doesn’t end here. When he was coerced to have sex with Joo Jaekyung, he wished not to get caught by the other boxers: ” It’s too late.. The only thing to do now is finish before someone really catches us“: And it did happen, like he had wished. The other members never detected his presence. (chapter 8) Was he lucky then? to a certain extent yes, because no one saw this humiliating situation.

On the other hand, his wish coincides with the champion’s too. (chapter 8) Hence the latter could only feel lucky. Not only he had immense pleasure there, but also he had not been caught. Observe that he mentioned this on two occasions; Joo Jaekyung; “Looks like we got away with it” / (chapter 8) This displays how important it was not to get caught. He has more to protect than the doctor in the end. Under this new perspective, it becomes comprehensible why he was smiling constantly. He felt lucky, while the gentle physician could only feel the opposite. But here is the question: Was it really luck that the boxers entered the showers?

4. The presence of the boxers in the showers

First, their arrival was no coincidence, because the main lead had out of habit not locked the door! Secondly, he had dragged the doctor with him (chapter 7), hence it was not clear to the other boxers if he had gone to the showers. He could have gone to the room to have a massage like in chapter 1. Besides, all of the fighters knew that they were not allowed to enter the bathroom, when the champion was there. But since the young man had followed the sportsman, they jumped to the conclusion that Joo Jaekyung was not taking a shower. That’s the reason why they entered the room. (chapter 8) In other words, this has nothing to do with luck at all.

But this doesn’t end here. For me, the boxers’ presence in the showers will become a jinx for Joo Jaekyung. 😉 Why? It is because they will be the witnesses of the champion’s wrongdoing, though they “enjoy” his generosity!! How so? First of all, the athlete didn’t pay attention to Kim Dan’s clothes. The doctor was wearing his normal clothes (chapter 7), when he started working: a off-white tee-shirt with grey sweatpants. Like the huyng manager told him, he would receive his uniform tomorrow. (chapter 7) This means that Kim Dan was not wearing an uniform, and he has no change of clothing. But now, all his clothes are wet. (chapter 8) So the moment he leaves the bathroom, he can only catch the attention of people, especially the hyung manager!! How could the physical therapist could be so drenched? Besides, don’t forget that the hyung noticed the lack of disrespect from the athlete before. (chapter 7) (chapter 1) So everything will be used against Joo Jaekyung. The latter will be judged as a bully. He harassed the doctor in the shower, because he had to call him “hyung”. Under this new aspect, one of the boxers will remember hearing a loud there Boxer: “Did you hear something?” (chapter 8), whereas the other can testify that he saw the champion going there with the doctor. (chapter 8) But what the champion say to his defense? He can not say that they had sex there!! Besides, if he tries to mention that the physician had slapped him, no one will ever believe him. (chapter 8) Then the fighters will explain his generosity, because he wished to cover up his “wrongdoing” and not get caught!! As you can see, I believe that the presence of the 2 fighters will become the champion’s jinx in the end so that the true winner of this encounter can only be the physician. The boxers and the coach will side with him, as they will jump to the wrong conclusion due to the main lead’s past behavior. (chapter 1) They will think that Joo Jaekyung was jealous, because he had to give up on his privilege, he was no longer the hyung in the team next to the coach. However, the irony is that in the shower room, the champion had come to recognize the protagonist as a man and had called him “doc”. To conclude, for me, this image doesn’t just represent Kim Dan’s suffering, but also the evidence of his “luck”. (chapter 8) The absence of an uniform can only announce the downfall of Joo Jaekyung who didn’t pay attention to details, too blinded with his own jealousy and his lust. I had already predicted that the fighters would become close to him, and even protect him, after chapter 8 I am more than ever convinced of this. Like I pointed out above, Joo Jaekyung is hiding his sexual orientation, thus he can never reveal the encounter in the showers, just like he can not mention the contract. This is the doctor’s good fortune.

Now, the manhwaphiles can comprehend why I mentioned Pyrrhic victory in the introduction. That’s how the champion felt, but not realizing that he was in reality losing his privileges. First, he had allowed the other fighters to shower, hence this change could become a habit. Secondly, they still kept calling “hyung”, but the moment they believe that he bullied the new “hyung”, he can only lose his title as hyung! (chapter 8) Note that their departure ended with this title, which is not random at all.

The other reason why I am expecting such an outcome is the evolution of the previous chapter. After their first intimacy, the athlete’s happiness was so short-lived!! From this (chapter 5) to this (chapter 5) I couldn’t forget his funny reaction. Besides, I had detected the presence of Taoism and karma. That’s the reason why I was not so upset while reading episode 8. I was already imagining his “punishment”. Moreover, I have to admit that I had another thought while observing the boxer’s reaction: (chapter 8) The champion could become the doctor’s mentor for fighting. If he wants to be recognized as a real man and boxer by the doctor, he needs to act like one!!

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Painter Of The Night: Yoon Seungho and his puzzled physician 🩺

This is where you can read the manhwa. https://www.lezhinus.com/en/comic/painter But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes. If you want to read more essays, here is the link to the table of contents:  https://bebebisous33analyses.wordpress.com/2020/07/04/table-of-contents-painter-of-the-night

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Announcement: Byeonduck tweeted that season 4 will star in February! 🥳 The essay “Sexual education and love” has been updated.

I would like to remind my readers that for me, Byeonduck introduced three different physicians. [For more read the essay The mysterious doctor] On the other hand, the manhwaphiles already know which doctor I am referring to, the physician from chapter 57 and this because of this expression: “I am still puzzled”. (chapter 57) So in this short essay, I would like to present my new observations and interpretation concerning this intriguing man.

1. His beard

What caught my attention is his beard (chapter 57), as it resembles a lot to the ones from the yangbans. (chapter 67) . (chapter 86) His beard is so different from the commoners’. (chapter 45) This is important, because it reveals that the doctor belongs to a different social class: Chungin, the upper-middle class.

Chungin (중인) Chungin” was the second-highest class in the society. People belonging to this class were considered as upper-middle-class of the society. It consisted of highly educated specialists, artists, astrologers, physicians, accountants, and low-level bureaucrats. To belong to this class, one had to pass the technical efficiency examination, called the Chapkwa, and hence, could become a Chungin. Chungin, similar to Yangban were also exempted from military service and paying taxes.” Quoted from https://hallyuism.com/2021/05/10/the-korean-society-during-the-joseon-dynasty/

It exposes that this man has a higher position than peasants and small merchants, the sangmin. The reason is simple. Since they had to pass an examination, this indicates that they have a certain knowledge. In other words, education serves as a mark of distinction among Joseon’s hierarchical society. It explicates why the calligrapher insulted Baek Na-Kyum. (chapter 92) The lords and chungin can look down on the commoners, sangmin and cheonmin, as the latter are not considered as educated, since they never had to pass an exam. Striking is that the physician voiced his ignorance in front of the painter which stands in opposition to his social status. (chapter 57) He was not able to diagnose Yoon Seungho’s illness. Thus the doctor could be perceived as selfless, honest, dedicated and humble. He is determined to do anything to find the proper solution. Thus many readers came to like the clueless physician. However, in my eyes, it is just an illusion again!!

2. The physician’s testimony

First of all, I detected a contradiction. The doctor claimed that he had not been able to help the father (chapter 57). But this is not correct, for he prescribed and gave the drug to the butler and as such the elder master Yoon. That’s why he said this: (chapter 57) Note that solution has two meanings, thus it has for synonyms answer and elixir/extract!! He did give him a solution, the drug!! This truly shows that the physician was lying to the painter. 😮 But this doesn’t end here.

He also contradicted himself, when he first stipulated this. (chapter 57), With the idiom “strong”, he was implying that Yoon Seungho had always been quite in good health. On the other hand, he said later that he had always been puzzled about the mysterious illness.

Striking is this description of the main lead. (chapter 57) He is the only one who portrayed the protagonist in a positive light. Why? In my eyes, it was to gain the painter’s trust. That way, the doctor would appear as impartial and neutral. Thus he said the truth first in order to divert attention from his own actions. He had been the one supplying the drug to the butler. (chapter 57) I had already criticized the doctor in the past, for he kept giving the medicine to the valet, and never made the connection to his “hot-headed” temper. He appeared as quite stupid. In my eyes, he already appeared as a passive accomplice, but mainly due to his lack of discernment. He would trust the butler too much. Thus in the composition „the purge“, I had predicted his involvement in a plot which would bring to light his complicity.

Yet, note that during his confidence, he portrayed Yoon Chang-Hyeon in a bad light. He was ignorant (“he would say strange things”), he was brutal with his son (chapter 57). This shows that right from the start, he was already putting the whole blame on the elder master Yoon. That way, the physician was avoiding to become responsible. He had been giving the drug to the butler for a long time, while claiming that he had not been able to diagnose the illness. Besides, we shouldn’t overlook that in this chapter, we only have the physician’s version!! We never heard the testimony from the father. Just because we saw the bruises and the hand on the main character’s neck, this is no real guarantee that the father said this to the doctor. (chapter 57) That’s how I realized that the doctor had been deceiving the painter all along. He lied by commission, but also when he talked about the visitation, he was actually delivering the truth in delay, paltering!! He used the same MO than Kim. He feigned ignorance, and mixed a truth with a lie!! This is no coincidence. This leads me to the following question: why did he talk about the past to Baek Na-Kyum? (Chapter 57) Yes, it was to protect himself!! He was diverting the painter‘s attention. From that moment on, I could no longer judge him the same way. He was now an active and smart accomplice, who would utilize innocence, truth and knowledge to his advantage.

Besides, the manhwalovers can note that he employs the same expressions than the valet: “it seems”, „always“… He is referring to appearances, a sign that he is aware of the importance of impression. As you can see, he was acting exactly like Kim. Thus we should see this conversation as a reflection from this scene: (chapter 12) According to my interpretation, here the butler wished the painter to desert the mansion. Thus I conclude that at the physician’s office, the doctor had the opposite task: he should ensure that Baek Na-Kyum doesn’t run away. It was important that the artist was by the lord’s side the moment he gets kidnapped. That way, Yoon Seungho would only blame himself and the painter. Yet, I don’t think that he knew everything about the future abduction. Secondly, why did the doctor bring up Yoon Seungho’s health and his medicine to the painter? He was actually a stranger, even a „servant“. (chapter 57) First, notice that Kim had already implied that he would bring his master to the doctor’s office. (chapter 57) However, the office is actually far away from the mansion. (For more read the essay The hidden shaman) From my point of view, the revelations from the doctor had two purposes. Baek Na-Kyum should not wonder why the butler brought his sick master to the office. Secondly, he had to gain his trust so that he would feel safe there. Moreover, I think that the butler must have realized that the artist had heard the exchange between the second physician and Kim. So he knew that the lord was supposed to take some medicine: (chapter 55) But like I have always pointed out, Yoon Seungho had no idea about the drugs and medicine. He was totally left in the dark, for the valet would call the drug ” medicinal tea”. (chapter 35) He employed an euphemism. This truly shows that the doctor and the valet were partners in crime, both accomplices due to their passivity, knowledge and silence. Nevertheless, I don’t think that the physician was directly involved with the kidnapping and assassination plot. The conversation between the valet and the physician displays the lack of honesty coming from Kim. (chapter 57) The latter portrays himself as a victim.

Under this new light, it becomes comprehensible why he never revealed anything after the abduction. (chapter 63) He felt bound by secrecy to the bearded man. On the other hand, this incident must have worried him, as it had taken place at his own mansion. Thus he could get into trouble. Kim realized that he needed to reassure the doctor. If the latter started speaking, he could get into trouble, for he had left the propriety during that night. He had no real alibi. Hence the valet visited the doctor during that night, but he never threatened him. (chapter 65) The doctor believed that the moment someone talked, someone could take the fall. Observe that in the yard, the butler followed the physician’s advice: he should say nothing. (chapter 65) This truly exposes that the doctor is not just a naive man, but an accomplice not only due to his silence and passivity, but also due to his own manipulations. He described himself as a concerned observer who had done nothing wrong. But no, this is not true, as the drug is the evidence of his participation. Who paid for the drug/medicine in the end? Since the elder master Yoon was no longer living in the mansion, the valet was the one responsible for the expenses. I doubt that Yoon Seungho would take a closer look to the accounts. Then when he said that he only saw the protagonist twice (chapter 57), this doesn’t mean that he was not involved in the main lead’s suffering. He could have affected Yoon Seungho’s life differently. We have the perfect example in season 3: he treated the butler (chapter 77), while he neglected the lord’s hand (chapter 84) But like I pointed out, who gave the aphrodisiac to Lee Jihwa? This is a medicine!! To conclude, the physician was involved in the main lead’s suffering, though he only met him twice. (chapter 57) The reason why I started examining the physician again, is because he was the first person to mention the shaman. (chapter 57) But since my theory is that Kim was a shaman, this signifies that he should have recognized Kim as the shaman!! In that case, I deduced that the physician had been lying to the elder master Yoon by omission. Naturally, it is also possible that the father had hired the shaman, but out of fear for his reputation, he acted, as if he had no idea about the butler’s true identity. In other words, all three men acted, as if they knew nothing. This would explain why all the characters had no eye in the last picture. Anyway, because of my latest theory, I reexamined the physician‘s statement and found more incongruences

Moreover, just because the doctor made this statement, this doesn’t signify that we should take his words as face-value. Like pointed out above, the physician was not honest, and he was definitely putting the whole blame on Yoon Chang-Hyeon for malpractice, while he was hiding his own malpractice. He acted as an ignorant and naive man. Striking is only the nobles were described in a rather negative light: Yoon Seungho as a hot-tempered man, Yoon Chang-Hyeon as a violent, untrustworthy and ignorant father. (chapter 57) Here he doubted the elder master Yoon’s words, for he stated as a fact that the young master Lee Jihwa was not mentally sick. Keep in mind that according to the doctor, the protagonist was described as someone suffering from a mental illness. And this detail caught my attention: the physician took the Lees’ side. Furthermore, the patriarch Lee was thinking similarly than the doctor: the shaman and the mental illness. (chapter 82) Finally, I would like to point out that in that chapter, the physician was mentioned too, and this next to the patriarch Lee. (chapter 82) Thus I believe that the physician’s fate is linked to Lee Jihwa and his father.

3. Conclusions

To conclude, since he feigned ignorance and hid his participation, I deduce that he will pay for his wrongdoings. His karma should be to become denunciated as an accomplice of a plot and even sentenced, though this time, he had truly been left in the dark, similar to Lee Jihwa. However, the physician won’t be able to run away. And remember the lord’s statement: (chapter 44) We should never trust the old bearded men, not even the doctor. And ignorance can not serve as an excuse for covering up wrongdoings. As a conclusion, the physician was more acting in chapter 57, he rather expressed a fake concern towards the main lead. (Chapter 57) Finally, the manhwaphiles should detect that the doctor never mentioned the presence of the servants in the bedchamber. Both were restraining the wounded lord. (Chapter 57) This is also no coincidence that he didn‘t point out the absence of the elder master Yoon during the second visit. He couldn‘t, because his tactic to put the whole blame on the patriarch would have totally failed. And this leads me to the following observation: (chapter 74) The doctor was not honest here either. Exactly like in episode 57, he was faking his worries towards Baek NA-Kyum. First, we have the presence of the drop of sweat on his cheek, a sign of dishonesty, but more importantly, his question was just theoretical, he was influencing the painter. The latter just needed to agree. He hoped that the artist would never bring up the incident in his mansion, and as such would wonder about his whereabouts and his responsibility concerning the kidnapping. At the same time, he could have asked this with the hope that the painter would blame the protagonist for his misery. He would use the painter‘s suffering (the unfair judgement leading to his imprisonment) in order to divert attention from his own wrongdoing: his silence, his passivity and his lack of commitment. He never tried to look for Baek Na-Kyum‘s vanishing. He never felt responsible. But he had to give up, because the artist was truly ignorant. (chapter 74) He never made any reproach towards the main lead.

As a conclusion, it is important to contrast the characters’ testimonies, to compare the images with the texts. That way, the readers can detect the deceptions through the contrast. Moreover, this shows that the physician was more than just an ignorant doctor, he was an accomplice. First, ignorance can not be an excuse for crimes. Secondly, we should question if he was truly ignorant. Yoon Seungho has not talked to him so far, hence this should happen in season 4. Therefore I come to the deduction that the physician will play a huge part in season 4, for he remained hidden in season 3. But he was definitely present because of the split, the aphrodisiac and the opium. The latter was often used as a medicine in China. Finally, it made me realize that season 4 will expose the participation of the commoners in the lord‘s suffering. Not only the aristocrats like Yoon Chang-Hyeon and father Lee were to blame for his misery, but also the servants, the tailor and the doctor. The latter played a role, as they never divulged their knowledge. The tailor could have noticed that he was no longer creating new clothes for the young master Seungho. The physician and the staff could have exposed the abuse to the authorities. Children were not supposed to be exposed to the straw mat beating.

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Painter Of The Night: The hidden painter of the night 🎨🖌️ 🖼️ (second version)

This is where you can read the manhwa. https://www.lezhinus.com/en/comic/painter But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes. If you want to read more essays, here is the link to the table of contents:  https://bebebisous33analyses.wordpress.com/2020/07/04/table-of-contents-painter-of-the-night

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Once again I am examining the paintings in this manhwa. If you are following me on social media, you probably saw the series I created with my friend @luu_lucille, The Mysteries of Painter Of The Night. In mystery 3, we pointed out the existence of two books leading to the two following questions: which was the original publication and who was the painter of the original book?. However, so far, I could make speculations about this mystery. In one of my previous analyses, I had proposed Yoon Seungho who had been forced to paint for the mysterious lord Song, since his fate resembles Baek Na-Kyum’s. Another possibility was Lee Jihwa, as I had discovered that he was connected to painting as well. This would have explained why Lee Jihwa was incited to kiss his childhood friend. The irony is that while creating the short video about Mystery 3, I had a revelation. To conclude, in this essay, I will present my solution to this puzzle.

1. The identification of the original

As you can see, in the picture on the left, the ashtray and the pipe vanished. And that’s how I realized that this book (chapter 1) was the original. Why? It is because I had identified the pedophile with his habit to smoke the pipe! Yoon Seungho had picked up the bad habits from his tormentor, the one responsible for his misery. This means that the noble showed the copy to Baek Na-Kyum. (chapter 1) That’s how I could confirm that the latter was indeed lying to the protagonist. (chapter 1) Moreover, we see the drop of sweat on his cheek. But why did the artist choose to deceive Yoon Seungho so boldly in the end, though he had been indoctrinated that nobles are all violent and ruthless? The reason is simple. He knew about the existence of the original book!! But what was the purpose of plagiarizing an erotic book then? The original had served as model. However this answer is not truly satisfying. I believe that someone wanted to know how good he was at painting. Like Jihwa had mentioned in his second encounter, the painter had not received any education so far. (chapter 5) The client had to ensure that Baek Na-Kyum would be talented enough to portray an erotic picture. Finally, we have the explanation why the artist was forced to change the topic, for in the past, he used to draw animals. (chapter 84) (chapter 94)

This explains why the ashtray and pipe were not copied in the end. The real purpose was just to demonstrate his skills about drawing bodies. After this discovery, anyone could pity the servant from chapter 1, for the painter caused the domestic’s death with his lie. But they shouldn’t in reality. It is because the servant had deceived the two protagonists, and he knew it!! 😮

2. The servant’s manipulations

Thus he also had a drop of sweat on his face, and he looked quite pale in this image either. (chapter 1) Observe that his discomfort appeared, even before the artist had opened his mouth. But why would he feel uneasy then? It is because he never imagined that the painter would be displeased and that the lord would bring the copy with him. The presence of the book had caught him by surprise either. The painter could agree to this question (if he was the author of the book), but at the same time, he could reveal the existence of the original. This means that he was well aware not only of the existence of the two books, but also of the manipulations. He was an accomplice, and not just a naïve victim. How did he fool Yoon Seungho and even the readers?

Under this new light, it is necessary to study the first scene again. (chapter 1) What caught my attention is that the domestic employed the expression “you showed me earlier”. This idiom indicates that here the roles had been switched. This time, the servant was showing him the book. Secondly, if you pay attention to the next picture, you will realize that the erotic publication was no longer on the table. (chapter 1) Why and how did it vanish? Since the main lead was busy cleaning the sword, I can only deduce that the domestic had stood up in the main time and taken it away after showing it briefly. It was important to show this book, because he needed to gain the lord’s trust. Since he had the book, the noble would come to believe in the domestic’s statement. But this signifies that Yoon Seungho was not the owner of the original book!! Someone had lent it to the servant for a short time. That’s the reason why the man had retrieved the publication immediately. For the domestic, it looked like a harmless trick.

But I have another evidence that the domestic could move without being detected. First, observe that his elbows and his head are touching the floor, while his lower part is on the red pillow. But at the end of the conversation between the lord, dressed like a peasant, and the assistant, the latter had now his whole body on the red pillow. (chapter 1) The manhwaphiles could only detect this change, if they paid attention to details. Since I had discovered the existence of the following rule, there is always a reflection within the same episode, I can only come to the conclusion that the domestic had once moved before. He had retrieved the original book, as the latter could serve as an evidence for a conspiracy.

And since in episode 4, we have the topic of a plagiarized poem, I come to the conclusion that episode 1 is the negative reflection of chapter 4 which I had already exposed in the essay “Baek Na-Kyum’s origins”. In this episode, the noble had detected the crime (the plagiarism), hence in episode 1, he didn’t notice the divergences. (chapter 1) And now, you comprehend why the domestic ended up executed. He had played a trick, though he had been fooled himself either. So when the domestic lied about the artist’s past too (chapter 1), he was not just repeating what someone had told him, for he knew about the existence of the original publication. The latter represents the evidence of the servant’s lies. Baek Na-Kyum had never painted men engaging in sodomy on his own accord. He might have not known the whole story, but he was definitely aware of the presence of deceptions. Besides this doesn’t diminish the wrongness of his own manipulations and lack of respect towards the main lead in the end. The original book was the evidence of his knowledge and complicity.

But why did he reveal the existence of the other book then? First, it is to prove that the painter had published his work as a series. Secondly, it was important for the schemers to maintain the illusion that sodomy was something natural! Since he was a child, he had felt attracted to men and was interested in erotic paintings. In other words, the perpetrators were trying to hide their own crime, the brainwashing and the fact that they had turned Yoon Seungho into a homosexual, a sex toy. Only in season 3, the main lead was able to recognize the truth, but he was not able to designate the main culprits. (Chapter 86)

But wait… when the servant outlined that the lord had showed him the book, it exposed the powerlessness of Yoon Seungho even more. He had no right-hand to assist him. Normally, a lord would charge his butler to take care of this matter, and the latter should delegate the work to a servant, like we could observe it in chapter 97 and 98. Nonetheless, in this scene, the main lead had to entrust the task to the servant directly. Moreover, in that scene he was dressed like a peasant, and he had to clean the sword himself. (chapter 1) As he was not the owner of the book, I deduce that he didn’t truly possess the sword either. As you can see, while we had the impression in this scene that the lord was a powerful lord due to his words, the little details displayed the opposite. He was not only on his own, but also fooled by everyone. He was in the same situation than his future lover.

3. The identity of the author

And the moment I could distinguish the original from the copy, I realized two important aspects. First, the painter must have known the bad habits of the sodomite!! (chapter 1) He would even see them as a part of his identity, so that he felt the need to paint these. Since Yoon Seungho’s tormentor had a beard, this signifies that he was a married adult. This explicates why the main lead fears old bearded men. (chapter 44) Consequently, I deduce that the original artist must be old too! Under this new perspective, it becomes comprehensible why Min said this to the host: (chapter 8) Black Heart had seen the original publication, hence he employed the expression “that book”. He had not seen the copy in the end and as such the young artist. Therefore I am assuming that he was not the client who had hired Baek Na-Kyum in the first place!! Furthermore, I believe that he knew the identity of the seme in this publication due to the pipe and ashtray. As you can imagine, there is only one person who was seen with such an item, the fake servant! (chapter 37) You know my theory: he is the mysterious “lord Song”, Yoon Seungho’s main tormentor. On the other hand, I don’t think that it is his real name. But this doesn’t end here.

The original book contains another clue for the identity of the hidden painter! (chapter 1) The manhwaphiles are probably wondering where. The uke has a thin beard!! In the essay “Painful departures“, I had demonstrated that the moustache with a thin beard was current among commoners in Painter Of The Night, as Kim, Bongyong, the tailor and other inhabitants had one: (chapter 45) Consequently I could only deduce that the bottom was a commoner, but he had a topknot with the black headband, this means that he was trying to deceive the beholders, people should believe that two nobles were having sex here. Because of the thin beard, I couldn’t help myself looking at the seme’s head, that’s how I noticed that he was not wearing a beard at all. (chapter 1) On the other hand, he should have one, for in Joseon, the men were supposed to get a beard and topknot, the moment they got “married”. Hence I came to the conclusion that in this picture, the seme was hiding his identity, but the mysterious author couldn’t help himself exposing his identity: a huge smoker, who would even smoke in bed while having sex, the former version of this scene (chapter 45) Because of these observations, I deduced that the couple in this picture was composed of a noble with a commoner. They were trying to hide their true social status. This means that here, the picture symbolizes hypocrisy and dishonesty, as both were not able to reveal their true self. Then the green round pillow caught my attention. So far, in Painter Of The Night all the pillows were rectangles. (chapter 33) (chapter 90) (chapter 97) Secondly, they all had motives, and in the gibang the two of them were even embroidered on the side.

“Documents from the period indicate that the pillows in the royal court were embroidered with all sorts of wondrous flora and fauna-themed patterns. These included animals such as ducks and cranes, as well as fruit tree blossoms like peach, or blooming lotus or peony flowers. Phoenix and dragon patterns―which symbolized royalty and were reserved for monarchs—were also common in the royal palace.” Quoted from https://www.kocis.go.kr/eng/webzine/202208/sub06.html

However, since the pillow diverges from all the others, I come to the deduction that this was the commoner’s bed. (chapter 1) And the noble would join him during the night. Thus I couldn’t restrain myself thinking of Baek Na-Kyum who had become the sex partner of Yoon Seungho after painting him with his partners. Exactly like in the past, the main lead went to the painter’s room during the night. Since this story is constructed like a kaleidoscope, as such is working with reflections, I came to the deduction that this picture represents the artist with his lover. I would even add that this displays the last erotic painting between the mysterious painter and his partner. Hence it is in the middle of the book!! It represents the high peak of their relationship as well. This image contrasts to this one: (chapter 52) There is no bed, the lord is recognizable thanks to his face and not his tool, and the painter has closed eyes. Though they were cosplaying, a prostitute and a client, the reality was that they were both true to themselves: heartbroken. This scene was not reflecting the reality: they were not lewd, rather loyal and selfless. The only similarity is that they were doing it from behind, a sign that this was just sex and not love.

Due to the huge contrast between these two pictures, the manhwalovers can grasp why I came to the conclusion that the author of the erotic book was portrayed in the publication. But why was the thin beard there then? It was to manipulate the beholder, to mask his true age, as the other had none. From my point of view, the couple was trying to hide their real identity. They were playing a prank (chapter 71) No one should recognize their age and social status. And now, you comprehend why I came to the following thought: this image represents the high peak of their relationship, as Na-Kyum stopped painting his love sessions with Yoon Seungho after chapter 52. While the main couple got closer after that picture despite the setback, I am assuming that it was the opposite between the mysterious painter and the seme from the publications. In fact, they must have parted ways. This explicates why the servant said this: (chapter 1) Though he was talking about Baek Na-Kyum, in reality his words were reflecting the past as well. The hidden painter had stopped for reasons unknown!! But now, you know the reason. The seme had abandoned the artist in the end so that the latter felt betrayed. And by discovering the identity of the original author and why the painter no longer painted, Yoon Seungho will unveil the origins of his own suffering and as such the conspiracy from the past!! Yoon Seungho’s abuse started, because the pedophile had switched his partner! In his mind, everything started with a painting, as the latter vanished: (chapter 74) But I believe that there exist other causes like jealousy and revenge. Moreover, he definitely crossed path with the pedophile. There is no ambiguity that the king must have noticed Yoon Seungho’s beauty and innocence. (chapter 57) In other words, the pedophile had many reasons to abandon the first painter after the creation of the book.

Thus you have the explanation why Yoon Seungho couldn’t keep the original publication and why he didn’t notice the difference between the two books. He was not supposed to know about the existence of the original painter. The author had a reason to portray the main lead’s indifference too. Since Byeonduck was connecting the past to the present, she was obligated not to reveal the pseudonym of the painter in this scene. She was using ambiguity on purpose. Only at the end, the main lead should show an interest about the painter’s motivation for stopping painting in order to maintain the mystery. Finally, he was not ready to face the past. Here, he was still a puppet.

But who is the mysterious painter in the end? Like mentioned above, the moustache is the clue. For me, it is Kim!! Thus the latter removed his thin beard, when he entered the Yoons’ mansion. (chapter 77) For me, the book had already been made. And the producer can only belong to the royal family, for the publication utilized paper from the royal academy. (chapter 1) (chapter 2) No one should recognize Kim’s true identity, and even make the connection between the first publication and him. But as time passed on, he chose to wear a moustache again as a sign of seniority and superiority. (chapter 7) And the beard will betray him. Have you never wondered why the butler had no moustache in the past, but now he has one? The beard is the indication of marriage like mentioned above. But I doubt that the man has a spouse now, for he would have to ask for the lord’s permission. Besides, I doubt that due to his personality, he would be willing to become responsible for someone else. And now, you comprehend why Black Heart said this: (chapter 8) Because the artist had a beard in the past, he assumed that he should have one in the present!! This exposes that Black Heart knew about lord Song’s habits, but he had no idea about the identity of the original painter. In the past, the sodomite had sex with a commoner. He had become Min’s role model in the end. Therefore he resembles so much to the “pedophile” with his brutality and hypocrisy. The latter looks down on commoners, but despite everything he did have sex with them. The man is actually the biggest hypocrite who constantly has a change of heart. Nonetheless, this ended, after he met Yoon Seungho. He definitely became obsessed with him.

4. The evidences for this theory

Because this story is going in circle, this means that the mysterious painter from the past left traces in other episodes. What caught my attention is that we had a hidden painter in season 3 too, but so far, no one detected his presence, including me. It only occurred to me recently. No-Name was standing in front of paintings. (chapter 100) Yes, the shaman is also a painter. Since season 2, I had made the connection between the protagonists and shamanism, but with this new discovery, this theory gets reinforced.

Korean shamans, called mansin, hang bright portraits of the gods they serve over the altars in their personal shrines. These paintings become sites of daily devotion as gods, operating through the portraits, send the mansin inspiration in order to divine, exorcise, heal, and open their clients’ paths to good fortune. Quoted from https://quod.lib.umich.edu/a/ars/13441566.0050.012/–god-pictures-in-action-korean-shaman-paintings-and-the-work?rgn=main;view=fulltext

This means that exactly Baek Na-Kyum, the artist was encouraged to paint erotic pictures of sodomy, though in the beginning, he was a painter of gods. That’s how I realized that in the past, Yoon Seungho should have been exposed to the opposite situation than his lover: the main lead was not allowed to paint and remind the pedophile of his talent… and this because of Kim. But why? It is because he felt wounded, betrayed and abandoned. Yoon Seungho should only be his “sex toy” and not his “painter”. He definitely encouraged lord Song to only have sex with the protagonist. This means, the valet and Jung In-Hun played a similar role. (chapter 10) No one should discover the main lead’s talents, thus he was portrayed as someone with a huge libido. This could only please the man consumed by lust. Hence you have the explanation why the main lead was so badmouthed. Moreover, this explicates why Yoon Seungho had a nightmare because of this painting. (chapter 74) Indirectly, this represents Kim’s jealousy. If the protagonist had not painted it… Since due to sodomy, Kim had lost his “home” and “identity”, this is not surprising that he came to resent “painting”. It is because he has long internalized painting to erotic publications. Hence he spoke badly about painting and badmouthed the artist. (chapter 11) (chapter 17) He was a charlatan and an untalented artist, for he was simply a painter. And now you comprehend why Kim had to put the blame on Yoon Seungho. Because of him, he had been abandoned. There is no ambiguity that the moment he was given to the Yoons, he made the resolution to change his loyalty. For me, he had not truly intended to betray the main lead from the start. However, due the desertion, he could never truly love the protagonist, the older version of chapter 49. Contrary to our “hero”, he couldn’t move on. Thus he could only become angry, when Yoon Seungho played this prank on him: (chapter 36) He had been a shaman in the past, and he was also a painter… he could only feel humiliated. Under this new light, it becomes comprehensible why the butler was determined to designate Baek Na-Kyum as a servant. (chapter 38) It is because it had been Kim’s fate too. (chapter 52) As a painter, he had turned into a domestic. However, don’t get misled by the butler’s words. Since he had been a shaman, he was in reality a free man, this signifies that when he was sent to the Yoons, he was actually playing a role, the “loyal servant”. It had been his own choice. And now, you have the explanation why he owns such clothes. (chapter 39) For me, they reflect his real status, a free man. Contrary to the artist, he had not been dragged to the Yoons… One might say that he was in a vulnerable position, especially if his lover had been the “king”. But actually, the publication could have been used to blackmail the monarch! Nonetheless, the man couldn’t do it, for he would have to reveal that he had committed sodomy. He had violated social norms, his name would be connected to a scandal, However, the butler fears people’s gaze and ruckus. Besides, he had portrayed himself as a noble in this picture. (chapter 1) Moreover, we have to question ourselves if back then he owned the publication too. Finally, the removal of the moustache is the sign of his complicity in verity.

And now imagine his reaction, when he saw this picture from the painter: (chapter 44) He could detect the painter’s fate: he was a shaman, as he had painted the scholar’s departure to the afterlife, though he was not aware of the present conspiracy. And this observation brings me to the final conclusion: the original book vanished like Baek Na-Kyum’s paintings: (chapter 41) As you can see, he is the only one who is connected to all the paintings from the low-born. Thus he showed the picture with the scholar to the noona (chapter 65) and Min stole Na-Kyum’s last erotic painting with the butler’s knowledge.

5. The location of the original publication

In order to be able to answer to this, we need to unveil the identity of the owner of this publication. Furthermore, keep in mind that this book was used as a “exam” for the painter. The latter had to copy it in order to show his talent. Thus I deduce that the owner of this book hired Baek Na-Kyum after testing him. So he lives close to the gibang. We have two possibilities: Kim himself as the former painter who lent it to the servant later, or someone else. I doubt that the pedophile has it, because he has long moved on from Kim. Besides, since he is the king, I doubt that he could give it and retrieve it immediately. He definitely delegated this task to one of his close allies, someone involved in the past. But like mentioned above, this can not be Min. Thus I developed a theory by contrasting scenes and chapters so that the similarities would be reflected. From my point of view, the client is none other than father Lee!! Naturally, he never met the artist himself, he utilized Heena noona, who must have portrayed herself in danger, the older version of this scene. (chapter 97) That’s the reason why the painter gave survival as justification for his painting. (chapter 1) For me, the artist was identifying himself with his sister. She was well aware that he would do anything for her, especially if she was threatened. His trauma had always been to feel powerless, for he could never protect his noonas.

We have many clues for this theory that Lee was the client. However, here he was definitely acting on “lord Song”‘s behalf. This was to hide the king’s direct involvement, as the latter wished to have a portray of his biggest conquest Yoon Seungho. (chapter 1) This explicates why the book has a different form. This was for “souvenirs”‘s purpose.

But how could I determine the patriach Lee’s implication? First, in the first scene, the lord is not living in his own house, but at the Lees. (chapter 1) (chapter 67) Compare these two panels. Secondly, the discovery of the plagiarized poem was discovered at the Lee’s too. (chapter 4) Moreover, the lord was cleaning a sword, when he made a threat (chapter 1), and striking is that the lord came back to the domain with a huge sword after the painter’s kidnapping. (chapter 67) Since the author is using karma as punishment, but this always occurs in delay, I am seeing it as a punishment for his plot in chapter 1. He had tried to get rid of the painter in the past, thus he should face the consequences of his past decision. Now, it was his son’s turn to be threatened. (chapter 67) Finally, keep in mind that father Lee was the second person mentioning a shaman. (chapter 82) Striking is that he knows where a shaman works, deep in the mountains!! This means that he knew where this temple was. (chapter 101) It is in a secluded area close to the mountain. This means that in 3 occasions, he tried to have the painter removed: chapter 1, chapter 82 and 99. But he never listened to the main lead’s warnings. This can only reinforce my prediction that father Lee will end up dead.

But why did he have the book? It is because he was involved in the first publication as well. I am assuming that father Lee must have brought the shaman to his house for fortune-telling and that’s how the future butler crossed path with the pedophile. And from my point of view, the man must have gone to the Lees to hide his “lust”, just like the man would go incognito to the Yoons’ mansion under a false name.

Since scholar Lee was helping his sponsor, I have the feeling that the book could have been used as blackmail. Remember how the painter was asked to spy on the main lead by the learned sir. T (chapter 24) This must have happened in the past either.

Because the valet is a reflection of the protagonist, there is no ambiguity that Kim was put in a similar situation. But the more conclusive evidence for this theory is Lee Jihwa’s stolen kiss. (chapter 77) He must have found the book in his father’s study. In chapter 14, the childhood friend had imitated a position in order to catch his friend’s interest: (chapter 14) (chapter 9) This must have happened in the past too. However, this incident could have terrible consequences for Kim and father Lee. If he revealed the identity of the kisser, Lee Jihwa could have mentioned how he came up with this idea, and the existence of the publication could have come to the surface. Besides, his past relationship to the king would come to the surface. Since Kim was wearing the white headband in the past, this indicates that he was offered to Yoon Chang-Hyeon as a servant, the “poisoned gift” which I had mentioned before. As you can see, the butler had every interest to believe in the red-haired young master’s lie in the end. He was definitely involved in the plot. And now, one might feel pity for the valet. He was just a powerless man in front of the king and the noble Lee. But no…. why? He could have come clean, if he had revealed the truth to the Yoons right away. But he never did. Hence he was bound by secrecy! One lie led to another one, thereby he ended up covering up more and more for his wrongdoings.

Under this new light, it becomes comprehensible why Father Lee had an interest to have the painter killed. Not only he was the indirect cause of his son’s humiliation (the loss of his topknot), but also he was an important witness of father Lee’s involvement in Yoon Seungho’s suffering. (chapter 82), for he was the one who had hired him as painter. Since the artist is a free man, I am assuming that there exists another main character in a similar situation, this can only be the valet. Hence he remained in the mansion, when the family left the domain. (chapter 27) It was his choice, as he considered himself as a free man. Therefore it is no coincidence that he views this mansion as his new home, and perceived the artist as a source of threat. Thus he had no problem to push Yoon Seungho to commit suicide. That way, he imagined that he would get rid of this huge burden, the cause for his huge guilty conscience.

Moreover, the moment you admit the existence of a blackmail between the Lees and Kim, you can understand the butler’s deep resent for Lee Jihwa and why he was determined to have him taken the fall for everything. Thus Min became his voice in the temple. (chapter 100) If he had not kissed the protagonist… However, he was forgetting that the origin of everything was the publication from chapter 1. This means that the real persons responsible for this misery and chaos are the pedophile and his former lover, the hidden painter. By using servants from the Lees, everything would point out that the Lees were responsible for the lord’s vanishing. That way, he would get rid of the Lees, and he could no longer be suspected for his past wrongdoings. He could put the blame on the elder master Yoon as well, as the valet was well aware of the king’s resent for him. (chapter 37) Therefore it is not surprising that Kim appears as the “winner” of season 3, though he is not visible in episode 102. He is like a ghost, this represented his view in my opinion. . (chapter 102) No-Name and the childhood friend ran away, Min and his friends got killed, and the main couple is supposed to have died. All the “witnesses” are now gone, and he is the only one who “knows”. (chapter 86) Hence I am suspecting that the pedophile will believe him, especially if they had a past relationship together. Yoon Chang Hyeon, father Lee and his friends will have to take the fall for everything. With the protagonists’ death, it seems that Kim was able to bury everything. But this is an illusion, for the final panel exposes the presence of tombs in the mountain. (chapter 102) He had to kill servants, the witnesses of his betrayal.

6. Predictions

Since in the original book, the couple was not honest to each other, and they were trying to hide their true identity, I come to the conclusion that our beloved couple will create a future painting which will contrast to the first one: In my eyes, the picture was already exposed on two occasions: the ruined picture in the background and here: (chapter 1) That’s the reason why the lovers are now facing each other. Furthermore, since the pedophile was portrayed without beard in the original publication, I am now expecting that the “pedophile” will remove his beard to approach Yoon Seungho. Someone will tattle to him this: (chapter 44) Besides, the butler had removed his thin moustache in the past, this means that this should happened in season 4 too. If the butler doesn’t do it again, then it can only be the pedophile himself. Everyone is expecting to see a man with such a beard, (chapter 83) but the latter could decide to change the form of his beard to appear “younger” and like a commoner. As a conclusion, expect a bad prank from the mysterious lord Song. Finally, I would like to point out that the cover for season 1 was exposing the presence of a painter, but the latter was invisible. As you can see, from the start, the author had selected such a title, The Painter Of The Night, for this reason. There existed more than just one painter of the night.

Here, I would like to conclude this essay with the following question: Why was this erotic publication created in the first place? (chapter 1) As you can imagine, I found a possible answer to this, but I will present it in another analysis.

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The Ghost’s 🥀 Nocturne: The fragile but powerful prince 🤴💖

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First of all, I would like to thank the author for the compliment concerning the first essay. 🥳 And now, you have the answer why I am writing about The Ghost’s Nocturne again. Since I examined Jae Shin first, it is logical to expect that I am now studying the second main lead, Lee Nok. However, if you pay attention to the title, you will recognize that it is actually ambiguous. Prince could be referring to Jae Shin as well, as he is the son of Yeomra, the king of the Underworld. Furthermore, I had already pointed out that Jae Shin has a human side, thus he needs to absorb yin energy to remain strong. Since he is not a God like his father, he is vulnerable, but contrary to Lee Nok, he is immortal. To conclude, the title is a reference to both protagonists. Why`? The reason is simple. In order to portray the Crown prince properly, it is necessary to contrast him to his lover Jae Shin. Through this comparison, the mortal protagonist and his personality can be more fleshed out. To conclude, my main focus is indeed the Crown prince Lee Nok, yet the prince from the afterlife can not be excluded in this analysis as well.

1. Lee Nok’s situation

1. 1. His mother

Lee Nok is the eldest son of the king, thus he was designated as the Crown prince. Striking is that exactly like Jae Shin, he doesn’t have any mother next to him. (chapter 2) Queen Yoon vanished, because she was condemned as a witch. Naturally, her disgrace is linked to Lee Nok’s special situation. His yin energy is so strong that he attracts ghosts which his mother noticed. If the king knew about this, he would definitely see it as a curse. Thus Queen Yoon tried to protect her son with talismans which led to her demise. Because of this incident, the king turned concubine Han into his new Queen. The latter gave birth to a son who definitely represents a threat to Lee Nok. (chapter 8) This explicates why the boy is turning his back to Lee Nok. Their position in this picture already displays the existing rivalry between them which Queen Han is trying to diminish by faking concern and pity for the Crown prince. She seems to take the Crown Prince’s side, for she has to mask her involvement and true intentions: ambition. She is eyeing at the throne. If the main lead was involved in a scandal, the king could decide to nominate his second son as the future Crown prince. As you can see, Lee Nok’s situation is quite fragile and as such precarious. There is no ambiguity that the loss of his mother wounded the Crown prince deeply. We could detect it thanks to Jae Shin. The main lead chose to adopt the cute puppy, as the latter was motherless. (Chapter 7) As you can see, the main lead was projecting his own emotions and thoughts onto the small dog. He feels also abandoned in the palace, as he has no one to rely on. He can not even trust his close aid, the eunuch Ahn, and his love interest, Choi Kyung Joon, as his secrets (sodomy and the ghosts lusting after him) would shock them (disbelief and rejection).

1. 2. The princes and their fathers

What caught my attention is that both main leads were put in the exact situation. Hence Jade and Ananas created similar drawings. (chapter 1) (chapter 2) Both protagonists were sentenced to exile after being put on trial in front of their respective father. While Jae Shin is sent to the mortal world and cursed to live as a puppy during the day, the other prince is no longer allowed to speak to his father and to leave the palace. (chapter 2). Though the verdict looks similar, I come to a different interpretation. How so?

The first difference is the “crime” committed by the two princes. The immortal one is indeed guilty, while the other is actually a victim of dark arts. This simple comparison outlines Lee Nok’s innocence. Moreover, while Jae Shin admitted that he had played with “dark arts” by switching the date of Park (chapter 1), the other is badmouthed to be involved with dark arts through posters. (chapter 2) Yet there is no evidence. I would even add that contrary to Yeomra, the king never gave Lee Nok a choice to defend himself and to determine his fate. How so? As soon as the father read the poster, he accused his son: “What have you been doing that things have come to this?” This means that he believes that there exists a kernel of truth in this rumor. The cause for his mistrust is Lee Nok’s birth mother, the former Queen Yoon. Because his mother was already involved in such a ruckus, the king can only blame the Crown prince, all the more when the latter defends his mother’s honor. (chapter 2) These words could only reinforce the father’s prejudices. He was already guilty by association.

And this is truly important, because this exposes the king’s blindness and stupidity. He puts more value to the insulting posters than to his own son. He is not capable to see his son’s purity and innocence. My avid readers will certainly recall my previous interpretation about Yeomra. Though the immortal god seems to be unfair and merciless towards Jae Shin, his sentence was actually the proof of his love for his son. He wished him to learn a lesson, to recognize that humans are precious and even strong. He wanted him to recognize his human origins, and as such his mother. Hence he sent him to the human world. He needed to interact with humans, so that he would come to understand them. Only through empathy, he can win a human’s heart. However, the king in the mortal world did the exact opposite. Instead of showing the Crown prince to people in order to stop the bad grapevines, he actually isolates him even more than before. The exile is different. It is actually prison. He is not allowed to leave his quarters. Not only he can not speak to his father, but also he can not create connections to officials in the end. Therefore it is no coincidence that Lee Nok describes himself as the Crown Ghost. (chapter 2) No one is able to see his face. His only support and connection to aristocrats is his friend Choi Kyung-Joon, the son of a minister. That’s how powerless the Crown prince is in the palace. He is even surrounded by maids spying for Queen Han. Consequently, I come to the conclusion that Lee Nok’s father represents the negative reflection of Yeomra. He doesn’t send away his son in order to protect him, rather to hide him out of shame and resent. In other words, the king doesn’t love his son contrary to Yeomra. Interesting is that the latter let his son make the choice about his own destiny. Why? He wished to give him the liberty to determine his fate in order to prove him what DESTINY is. (chapter 3). Let’s not forget that the son’s crime had been to change a person’s fate. Striking is that both monarchs believes in fate, but the mortal ruler has a different notion. Since Queen Yoon is viewed as a witch, the son seems to be “tainted”. Moreover, while Yeomra trusts his son, the mortal king behaves differently. In reality, he relies on his wife, Queen Han. Thus he recommended her to Lee Nok (chapter 2), and later he listened to her fake concerns. This shows how easily the king can be manipulated, he is not even realizing that his royal secretary (chapter 2) is working against Lee Nok, while claiming that he will look for the author of these posters. I couldn’t help myself connecting Lee Nok’s seclusion in his quarters to the death of the shaman Yeom: both are “buried alive”. (chapter 13) Hence she can “understand” him. Another proof for this interpretation is the spirit’s following statement: they share the same fate. (chapter 8) The only difference is that the Crown prince is still living. However, for the Queen, it is just a matter of time, until people forget Lee Nok completely so that her son can replace him. At the same time, his isolation can only increase suspicions. And the more he is badmouthed (dark arts or sodomy), the more the king will turn away from his own son. While the king of the hell of tongue ripping wished Jae Shin to recognize his mother, the king of Joseon desired the exact opposite: he should deny his relationship to his birth mother, Queen Yoon. (Chapter 2) Moreover, the god never imposed his will onto Jae Shin. The latter has to discover this himself, whereas the king made the opposite choice.

Another detail caught my attention, both princes value traditions and family very much, hence the “ghost” Jae Shin used filial duty to defend himself (chapter 1). This shows that the ghost has a deep respect for his father in the end. This explains why after his sentence he thought about his father (chapter 1) His words don’t ooze resent, he is more pleading his cause, begging his father to recognize that humans don’t deserve such mercy and care. He trusted his father and his fairness, hence he spoke the truth. He never hid anything from him. As for Lee Nok, despite the father’s verdict, he still follows social norms. He accepts his father’s order. Then despite the rejection, he tried to see his father, and he even went to the Queen’s palace to greet her. He acts like an obedient and dutiful son. Finally, he tried to defend his mother’s honor, as he knew that she had sacrificed herself for him. I am convinced that he must feel guilty for her disgrace.

To conclude, Lee Nok’s father contrasts so much to Yeomra: biased, blind, full of resent towards his own son due to Queen Yoon and totally naive. On the other hand, I believe that he views himself as fair, for he is protecting his young Queen. (Chapter 8) This truly displays that he had no faith in his son, for in the king’s eyes, the prince is ignorant about Queen Han’s good nature. To sum up, Lee Nok is rejected by his own father, he has no one to rely on. He might have loyal servants like inspector So-Rib (chapter 2) or Eunuch Ahn, but the latter have no real power in the palace. Furthermore, he can not confide to them everything. He is not loved which stands in opposition to Jae Shin who grew up as a spoiled prince.

Besides, Lee Nok is constantly observed, as he is followed by servants. Therefore it is no coincidence that he likes being alone. (Chapter 2) That’s the moment he can finally breathe. This corresponds to the situation of being buried alive which I mentioned above. Since he is surrounded by maids, he has no privacy. But contrary to the Queen and the king, he has no real control over his staff. Due to his innocence and purity, he is not aware that one of his maids is reporting to Queen Han. He is definitely cautious, but he is not cunning enough to anticipate the Queen’s moves. As the manhwaphiles could sense, Lee Nok is indeed a fragile and lonely prince.

2. Lee Nok’s love

However, he is powerful. How so? It is because he has Jae Shin’s fate in his hand. (Chapter 1) Imagine that he can control someone from the afterlife. But the problem is that he is not aware of his power, as he has no idea about Jae Shin’s curse. Yeomra’s son can not return to his father’s side, as long as he had not won Lee Nok’s heart. On the other hand, the immortal prince has no intention to reveal his secret to Lee Nok, because if so, he would become his puppet. This explicates why in chapter 18, Jae Shin treats the Crown prince like an object. (chapter 18) He is masking his own vulnerability, at the same time he gives the impression that Lee Nok has no other choice than to depend on him. He is trying to turn the tables in the end.

Nevertheless I had mentioned above that he was his destined partner. How can I prove now this theory? The readers should question themselves why Lee Nok is the only one who can ooze such a yin energy and this is exactly what Jae Shin needs. (Chapter 4) Besides, according to me, Yeomra fell in love with a human, this means that his action affected the mortal world, so he has to restore the harmony in the mortal realm. But the problem is that Lee Nok is already in love with his childhood friend Choi Kyung-Joon. So the main lead might have become the Crown prince’s sex partner, but he has not conquered his heart yet. Nevertheless, it is just a matter of time. The irony is that humans are mortals, hence their time is limited. This shows that Jae Shin is actually working against time. He could end up living as a puppy forever. So he is also weak, totally depending on Lee Nok’s heart and good will.

The Crown prince could demonstrate his power to the ghost, when he stabbed him. (Chapter 16) The latter might have not died, but he lost his yin energy. Thus he lost his strength. Only the Crown prince could heal him.

Striking is that Yeom described Lee Nok as straight and narrow, hence his love is the same. (Chapter 13) Why would she say that? First, Lee Nok is aware that his friend hates sodomy. (Chapter 3) Hence he is forced to hide his affection from him. This means that he can never be honest to Choi Kyung-Joon, yet like already pointed out above, the Crown prince embodies innocence and as such honesty. This means that his lack of honesty towards his loved one can only wound his heart. So far, the Crown prince could never outlive his sexual orientation, for he had no partner at all. Thus he could still maintain his image in front of his loved one. This hopeless love gave him a certain strength. (Chapter 9) This outlines the mortal’s power.

However, the more Lee Nok interacts with Jae Shin and the more he feels pleasure with him, the more he will distance himself from the scholar. Homosexuality can only create a riff between the friends. The reason is simple. He can detect more and more his friend’s flaws. That’s the reason why the spirit described The Crown Prince as “narrow”. He values loyalty very much, so once betrayed, there is no forgiveness or turning back. For me, his vision is either white or black. Lee Nok learned it through the hard way due to his mother’s downfall. He also witnessed that the king and Queen Han are not on his side. And this leads me to the following observation: the scholar is close to the Crown prince for his own interests. That’s the reason why Yeom said this: (chapter 13) The friends can not become lovers, as this would represent a threat to them. However, there is no ambiguity that Choi Kyung-Joon is aware of the Crown prince’s affection and he is taking advantage of it. By using social norms, rejection of sodomy, he can keep his distance from Lee Nok, but still maintain his relationship with him. How did I come up with this interpretation?

We have two scenes revealing his selfishness and ambition. First, when he meets Jae Shin for the first time, he acts, as if he was powerful, as if he was the Crown prince. (Chapter 3) Note that he is using the personal pronoun “I”, while in reality he is just usurping the Crown Prince’s authority. (Chapter 3) He was definitely arrogant, selfish and intolerant in that scene. He didn’t pay attention that his friend was not feeling well the whole time. Secondly, with such an attitude, he could create a ruckus for the Crown prince and damage his reputation. (Chapter 3) They were in a gibang, and note that the poster was released shortly after this visitation. Finally, Jae Shin was already hinting about Lee Nok’s love to Choi Kyung-Joon (chapter 3) It was clear that he was designating his companion, as their path crossed there for the first time. But since the ghost was just insinuating, the other could still feign ignorance. However, despite this warning, the minister’s son didn’t change his attitude. In fact, he became even more caring and gentle than before. Moreover, observe that when the main lead was summoned to his father, Choi Kyung-Joon never asked for an audience and speak up for his friend. (chapter 2) Where was he? Lee Nok was on his own.

Third, though he is the son of a minister, he only passed the first stage of the civil service examination. (chapter 10) Thanks to Painter Of The Night, we all know that this exam has more rounds. Why did he not pass the second round? In my opinion, it is because he is relying on Lee Nok’s support. This shows that he is not determined to become a high official on his own merit. That’s the reason why he is close to the Crown prince in the end. His well-being is his ticket to get power. (Chapter 9) But since Queen Han sent someone to tail the childhood friend, it is only a matter of time, until jinsa Choi realizes that he can obtain more, if he supports Queen Han. Besides, if he detects that Lee Nok is hiding things from him, he can utilize this as a sign that he is losing favors. And the moment he switches sides, Lee Nok won’t be able to forgive him. But there exists another possibility how their friendship can get ruined, Choi Kyung-Joon’s attitude represents a problem itself, which I had already outlined above. He almost caused a ruckus in the gibang, then he didn’t try to defend his friend in front of the father, and finally, he made another huge mistake. He let Lee Nok sleep outside. (chapter 10) Though his advices sound selfless and great, they are actually terrible. How could he leave the room, after the prince had fallen asleep? He should have left before. Then he makes sure that no one sees him. This can create a misunderstanding. Why did they do there together? So the moment there is a rumor that Lee Nok is a sodomite, the minister’s son could get suspected. So in order to save his skin, he could betray his friend and testify against him. He saw the hickeys. (chapter 09) To conclude, Choi Kyung-Joon is just a good weather friend. So if Lee Nok were to lose his status as Crown prince, I am convinced that the scholar will turn his back on the protagonist. He still has other options left to achieve his goal.

On the other hand, Jae Shin stands in the opposite situation. Only Lee Nok can help him to put an end to his sentence. Thus he has to curry favors to the Crown Prince. (Chapter 13) This is important, because Jae Shin is powerful contrary to the childhood friend. He can use his connection from the afterlife: his brothers, Yeom and the ghosts. And contrary to the minister’s son, his movements can not be detected first. As an investigator, he can unveil how Queen Han used ghosts to ruin Lee Nok by altering the book of names. The ghosts remained in the mortal world, (chapter 15) because they were not fetched by the warden and messenger to the deceased. (chapter 15) The reason is simple. They were not supposed to die.

Through this investigation, he will realize the consequences of his wrongdoing. (Chapter 13) Remember that he questioned Yeom’s choice, as she had not accepted the tragic death of her loved ones which was in his eyes predestinated. (chapter 13) Like his father, he believes in fate, not realizing that his sin is the evidence that destiny can be changed. From my perspective, this change of heart and conviction can only happen, when he discovers that someone else committed the same crime affecting him directly. Interesting is that Yeom serves as a mother figure to Jae Shin. Despite his rejection, he still followed her advice. He trusted her words, when she said this: (chapter 13) He recognized the truth in her words. This shows that through Jae Shin, Lee Nok can gain powers. Indirectly, the latter is also receiving the help of the mother figure, Yeom. The punished prince can give orders to ghosts, he can chase away evil spirits and as such put an end of Queen Han’s influence. Moreover, thanks to his loving brothers, Jae Shin can get an access to the book of names and know about people’s fate. (Chapter 15) He doesn’t necessarily needs to interfere directly, his knowledge can help Lee Nok (for example the king’s passing). Remember the saying: knowledge is power. As a puppy, Jae Shin can tail Choi Kyung-Joon too, and he won’t be suspected, as a white puppy is supposed to chase away evil spirits. In fact, the friend knows how Lee Nok cherishes the dog, so he has no interests to mistreat or suspect him. This shows that the Crown prince has powers in the afterlife, and his purity is his strength.

Finally, I would like to point out that Lee Nok represents the evidence of Jae Shin’s misjudgment about humans. When he complained to his father about the rudeness of mortals (chapter 1), the Crown Prince took pity on him (chapter 2) and chose to protect him. Despite his status, he showed humbleness. But this doesn’t end here. He shared not only his bed and his food with him, but also his secrets. . (Chapter 2) Jae Shin had already become his confident. And this leads me to my final conclusion: Lee Nok is strong because of his huge heart too. He is neither arrogant nor selfish, and he has not such a negative view about humans and life in general, more about ghosts, the cause for his suffering. For me, he has never lost hope. He contrasts so much to his lover, thus he can teach him these values and change him. On the other hand, Jae Shin can give the Crown prince what he has been missing the most: a true home thanks to his affection and support.

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Jinx: Hot Boys! 🥊😎 (10 pictures)

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While I kept reading chapter 7, I couldn’t help myself noticing a recurrent topic: HOT! I had this in my mind, because in my previous analysis I had predicted the arrival of “hot boys” which would arouse Joo Jaekyung’s jealousy. And this did come true. However, I had overlooked one important element, the different significations about “Hot”. That’s the reason why in this essay, I will examine the different aspects of “Hot” which are reflected through different male figures in this episode.

1. Definition of “HOT”

  1. having a high temperature
  2. hot adjective (SPICY) used to describe food that causes a burning feeling in the mouth:
  3. hot adjective (CAUSING DISAGREEMENT) used to describe a subject that causes a lot of disagreement or discussion:
  4. hot adjective (NEW/EXCITING)
  5. hot adjective (SKILFUL) knowing a lot or skilful:
  6. hot adjective (MOST LIKELY)hot tip (informal): an accurate piece of advice about who will win a race / hot favourite UK: the person or animal that is most likely to win a race, competition, election, etc.:
  7. hot adjective (DEMANDING): to be hot on something
  8. hot adjective (STOLEN) (slang)
  9. hot adjective (SEXY)
  10. hot adjective (ANGRY): hot temper Quoted from https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/hot
  11. to be hot on someone’s track/trail to be very close to catching or finding someone Quoted from https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/be-hot-on-track-trail

I am quite certain, when my followers read the selected title “Hot Boys”, they imagined that I was referring to sexy men (def. 9). However, after reading the definition of Hot, the avid readers are slowly getting aware that chapter 7 was actually illustrating the different notions of HOT!

2. The boxers from Black Team

What caught my attention is that when the physical therapist was introduced to Black Team, the fighters showed an interest and admiration in the doctor.  (chapter 7) For them, Kim Dan became a hot topic among the staff (def. 4).  (chapter 7) Then they recognized his skills immediately (“He’s a totally different weight class. Definitely won’t be easy”). He not only looked young, but also was skillful (def. 5) Hence one member made the following request that the doctor should treat them too. This is important, because thanks to the manager and coach, the gentle Kim Dan was welcome properly. He was accepted as a member of their team, though he didn’t have his uniform yet. Consequently, it is not surprising that the moment the protagonist offered his help to an injured fighter, the other boxers came to his side, and wished to be examined too. (chapter 7) They never looked down on him which stands in opposition to the protagonist Joo Jaekyung. For the “hot boys”, Kim Dan was their “hyung” and secondly he was a doctor. Hence I deduce that Black Team will play an important role in the therapist’s life, for he will get friends there. That’s how I realized why the author chose to contrast the pervert director to Joo Jaekyung in the end.  (chapter 1) The latter used his position to isolate the main lead and put the blame on him. As you can imagine, I am expecting the opposite in Black Team. If something happens, they will side with Kim Dan, because the latter treated them well contrary to the champion.  (chapter 1) Though his contract is stipulating that he just needs to treat the champion (chapter 7), he acted differently, as he treated the other boxers. He was selfless, and the other hot boys could witness it. In their eyes, Kim Dan is definitely a hot boy (def. 4.-5-9)!

3. Hyung manager

Like I had already mentioned in the previous analyses, the hyung has a huge influence on the champion Joo Jaekyung. First, I would like to point out that the coach called his members “punks” (chapter 7), exactly like his fighter Joo Jaekyung (chapter 1). However, I believe that there exists a difference. The champion came to take this expression literally, hence he shows a certain arrogance which is not the case for the coach. Nevertheless, the athlete respects the coach. The former never retaliated, when the hyung scolded him after smacking his back.  (chapter 7) This displays that the coach can control the famous sportsman. However, the latter refused to callhis therapist hyung. But why? It is because from now on, Joo Jaehyung is no longer the senior/sunbae among the fighters in the club! He lost his privileged position as “hyung” to Kim Dan. Pay attention to the way his colleague called him: “hyung” (chapter 7) This means that he has to call Kim Dan hyung like the other fighters now. And now, you comprehend his reluctance to address Kim Dan properly.  (chapter 7) It was, as if he didn’t want to lose his title “hyung” to the physical therapist. And this leads me to the following observation: Kim Dan became the hot topic between the protagonist and the coach (def. 3). And it is only a question of time, until hyung discovers the existence of the deal between the two protagonists. In this scene, he is hot on his athlete’s trail for his arrogance and disrespect towards people. (def. 11)

The full version contains 2 more parts: Kim Dan and Joo Jaekyung. If you want to read it, contact me like mentioned below.

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