Painter Of The Night: Baek Na-Kyum’s confessions (part 6)

This is where you can read the manhwa.  But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes.

This is going to be the last analysis about the chapter 49, where I’ll examine the painter’s confessions and their evolution. Like I had mentioned it before, we had confessions in the chapters 20, 40, 42 and 49. I am excluding the one in the chapter 25 because the person who should have received the declaration wasn’t present.

In the chapter 20, the artist declares his love for the teacher Jung In-Hun in front of Yoon Seungho, mistaking the latter for his teacher: If the manhwaphiles pay attention to the words used by Baek Na-Kyum, they notice in reality the vocabulary field is not love but worship. There is respect, admiration and longing (“pine for”). So it becomes really obvious that the commoner is not really loving the man. He is acting more like a member of a cult. Baek Na-Kyum venerates his teacher. It was, as if Jung In-Hun had become a deity in the painter’s eyes. However in fact he is not a god, just an idol, signifying he is only a fake god. The idolization is first truly visible, when the painter creates the painting: The scholar has become a high official in the drawing. He sits above all the people surrounding him, as if he was different and superior. His inauguration reminds me of a religious ceremony. Let’s not forget that this event is indeed linked to religion, as the new official has to thank the king and the gods in order to get good fortune. In other words, this picture is indeed linked to religion. The usual form of idolatry in the Bible is the worship of images or statues that are thought to embody the various pagan deities, like for example the golden calf. [For more explanations about the golden calf

This shows, how delusional and arrogant Jung In-Hun is. He created a cult, where he appears powerful due to his intelligence and knowledge and turned the painter into his first believer. We shouldn’t forget why idols are considered as fake gods. Their power exists only in the mind of the worshipers, in reality they are just ineffective pieces of stone or wood or in this case an impotent piece of painting. Take notice that I relate idolization to the mind and not to the heart embodying emotions. Therefore the incapable idols can never achieve greatness. This scene is really important, as the strong seme demonstrates his power over the low noble. He shows him his powerlessness, he confronts him with the reality. He is not a god. He has no real authority, hence he can’t change the world like he would like. In this scene, the scholar has to recognize that Yoon Seungho stands above him. Moreover, the former makes him realize that the protagonist was never a new member of his cult. He never fell for his deceptions, he perceived his true abilities (the plagiarism and his poor poetry). That’s why Jung In-Hun got upset. For the first time, he met someone who was superior to him in all aspects (financially, physically and mentally) and couldn’t be manipulated, as he had wished. As a conclusion, the creation of the new cult was born out of the scholar’s arrogance and blindness. He thought, he was like a god due to the painter’s admiration. By the way, this explains why the intellectual asked the powerful main lead to follow him to the capital, he imagined that if Yoon Seungho accompanied him to Hanyang, then he would receive people’s attention due to the presence of the “famous” noble next to him. He wanted to use the main character’s reputation and attraction. He desired to create a situation where he could get the impression that he was also admired. Despite the scene at the hunt, the low noble hasn’t given up on his “dream”. He still wants to be regarded as a new god, receiving respect and admiration.

Now, you might argue with me that the interpretation where Jung In-Hun is judged as a fake god, contradicts my earlier statement, where I associated the scholar to a dictator, like Hitler. Dictatorship and idolatry don’t seem to fit together, yet this is just a misconception. Hitler’s true wish was to replace Christian religions (Protestantism and Catholicism), which were deeply rooted in Germany, with National-socialism as ideology. According to the German dictator, National-socialism should become the new religion of The Third Reich. That’s why the Christian cross should be supplanted by the swastika, the new rallying sign for Aryans. His work “Mein Kampf” (My fight) should be perceived as a new version of the Bible, hence this book was given to newlyweds, after Hitler had entered the government as Reichskanzler (the name for the Prime Minister). In many publications (especially history books) under the control of the Nazis, Adolf Hitler was even presented as the new messiah. According to these books, his arrival was predestined, as all the great German historical figures had failed before. Luther, Frederick The Great or Bismarck or Hindenburg as his predecessors contributed to the construction of the future Germany preparing the Nazi’s coming. Hitler embodies the climax.

Ansichtskarte / Postkarte Friedrich der Große, Bismarck, |
The King conquered, the prince founded, the general Hindenburg defended and the soldier (Hitler) saved and unified “Germany”

Only he will be able to transform Germany and create an Empire that will last 1000 years. That’s why it is called the Third Reich, the dictator tried to connect this new Germany to the past. The first Empire was “Holy Roman Empire” (1254-1806), the second one “German Empire” (1871-1918) founded by Bismarck. As you can observe, they never lasted 1000 years so Hitler wanted to surpass them. He was definitely delusional, since he thought of himself as better and stronger than any other historical figures. To summarize, the German dictator tried to install a new cult and used propaganda and festivities in order to manipulate people, to get more and more worshipers. Remember what I wrote in the first part, there exists a ruler’s cult in a dictatorship. “My Führer” becomes a surrogate father figure, a guide for all the members, just like the scholar is an adoptive father, a guide for the painter. This proves the interpretation that Jung In-Hun is indeed similar to Hitler, who can be compared to an idol. Jung In-Hun hoped to experience the same, thinking that he will move the masses with his skills and aura but his “dream” got ruined during the hunt. Let’s not forget that Hitler was a politician and official in the first place, while he wished to be worshiped like a messiah too. We find the combination of religion and politics in Jung In-Hun’s life too. The latter wants to use his new position as high official to impose his cult, the new version of the Ten Commandments, which I called the 7 rules:

  1. The artist can’t be associated to sodomy.
  2. He is not allowed to paint erotic paintings.
  3. He can’t admit to be a homosexual.
  4. He isn’t permitted to have sex with a man.
  5. He is not allowed to concede that he feels pleasure, when he has an intercourse with a man.
  6. He is not authorized to question the teacher’s words and actions. He has to obey him blindly.
  7. He is not permitted to fall in love with another man.

Now, the manhwalovers might wonder why I keep talking about the German dictator, while my essay is about the painter’s confession. My reason is quite simple. We needed to determine the nature of Baek Na-Kyum’s confession and for that, it was important to define the object of his admiration. Since he is a worshiper, a member of a new cult, readers should judge Baek Na-Kyum’s declaration as a sign of fanaticism and not love. What is exactly fanaticism?

Fanaticism is an extreme and often unquestioning enthusiasm, devotion, or zeal for something, such as a religion, political stance, or cause. It can also refer to behavior motivated by such enthusiasm or devotion.”

Striking is the idiom “unquestioning” which is palpable in the painter’s previous behavior. Initially he never questioned his learned sir, nonetheless only under the protagonist’s influence, we could witness how the painter used more and more his own mind and started criticizing his admired sir. As a conclusion, the painter was more a fanatic than a man in love. It was the painter’s mind which was focused on the scholar and not the heart. From my perspective, the low noble had achieved to transform the painter’s love for him into an idolization or better said to fanaticism. That’s why in the artist’s first confession, the low-born voices yearning, aching and not just respect and admiration. The “I pine for you” reveals a certain pain. It can’t be simply explained by the coercive persuasion, since the latter had repressed it. The low-born had sensed that a distance had been created. Since Jung In-Hun was like a god, the painter could only watch him from far away, since he was just a commoner. There is another reason why I associate the first confession to fanaticism, it is the significance of the mind compared to the heart.

Many people perceive the Nazism as an ideology where people gave up on reasoning and let their emotions take over their life. This is also another misconception. In reality, Hitler used reason and the mind to the extreme. In his doctrine, he described Jews as parasites and as such undesirable elements that needed to be eliminated. The Holocaust is the logical application of this doctrine. Since Jews were no human beings, they could be killed like bugs. This was just cold reasoning and it did work. Many people contributed to the Shoah, they just wanted to make Hitler’s plan into a reality. Hitler didn’t develop himself the idea of gas chambers… his willing helpers did. Everything was done under the premise: we should materialize what he wrote in “Mein Kampf” (My fight). The impression that emotions were central in the Third Reichh comes from the events where people yelled their enthusiasm and made the Hitler greeting. The beholder feel that the masses are very emotional.

But this is only partially correct as only negative emotions like hatred, resent and jealousy were encouraged. Furthermore the spectators’ mind were the real target. They were influenced through the eyes and the ears. Hatred and cold reasoning (“the enemy must be destroyed”, “Aryans must fight till the end to protect their race”), used in the speeches, were the source of manipulation of the spectators. Empathy was non-existent, as it was literally killed with words. Goebbels and Hitler’s speeches are important as through the language and the visuals, they led to the loss of millions of people. Germans were willing to keep the war, because they should show no mercy and remain ruthless. Notice that at the end of the video, the moderator points out that German became the real victims of this ideology. And now you can perceive the similarities. The painter also became a victim due to the idolization resulting from the indoctrination. Another parallel is the importance of the scholar’s voice hence the low-born could only recall the low aristocrat’s voice and mouth. Baek Na-Kyum was indeed indoctrinated, influenced by the learned sir’s speeches, therefore he used the same words. He also looked down on others (sodomite here). This explains why he became a victim at the end, since he was confronted with internal and external fights. Yoon Seungho wanted to get erotic paintings and later to have him as his true partner. In order to keep following the 7 rules, the low-born always used his brainwashed mind, cold reasoning, like f. ex. “I am painting it for the teacher’s sake” or “Seungho is just a man consumed by lust” and struggled against his sexual desires, his own heart. The painter’s mind was full of rules and “despise” hence he couldn’t judge Yoon Seungho differently. By connecting the doctrine or the new religion to rules and disdain, the scholar wanted to kill the painter’s empathy and as such his heart. Consequently Baek Na-Kyum always repressed his sexual desires as they are connected to the heart.

The moment he tried to renew his confession, he was rejected as he had been questioning his teacher’s authority.He, as a low-born, was asking his “idol” to take his responsibility. The low noble should take care of him, especially after the latter had supported him. Yet the scholar refused for many reasons. First, a god is not supposed to take care of their believers personally. The latter can just pray but never request it from their “god” directly and make them responsible. Then Jung In-Hun was under pressure, for he wasn’t sure if he would be able to succeed. Besides, he was jealous and resentful as the painter was treated better than him, a noble. Moreover, the artist had disobeyed him as he had lied to him. But like I mentioned it above, he had detected that his influence over the painter had seriously decreased. He was distancing from him, he no longer worshiped him like in the past. His questioning and his lies pushed the noble to hurt the low-born in order to remind him of his social status. As a person raised at the brothel, he was filthy, in particular as he had violated the 7 rules. The artist had succumbed to sodomy, the greatest sin in the scholar’s eyes. He needed to punish him. He was a nobody, whereas he stood far above him. His words and gaze were vicious and cruel for that reason: he is a god and Baek Na-Kyum committed blasphemy. He needed to destroy the man.

The heart symbolizes love and not hatred. And this is no coincidence that the moment, Baek Na-Kyum starts confessing to Yoon Seungho, he speaks about his heart. However, the first real confession to Yoon Seungho is not complete. His sentences are broken, he voices fear because it feels so different from before, where he only used his eyes and brainwashed mind for the learned sir. Observe that in this picture he is covering his eyes, he fears the noble’s gaze. Let’s not forget that Jung In-Hun’s gaze was the weapon that killed the painter’s identity. In the scholar’s gaze, he saw his own reflection: he was filthy, he was just a whore. Hence he is afraid of Yoon Seungho’s gaze. How does he perceive me, that’s why he is thinking. During that night, he becomes blind and deaf due to the injury caused by the teacher’s reproaches and abandonment. This is no surprise that his ears and eyes were destroyed. Like I had pointed out before, these organs are essential for indoctrination and for idolization [Remember the comparison to the Nazi event]. So during that night, the sex didn’t succeed to comfort the painter, because the latter was not looking for sex but for comfort and love. We shouldn’t forget that he asked for embrace. He wished to be hold. The problem was that the painter was confused, he didn’t know what he wanted. Besides, the noble had no idea how to show love. It definitely came too late, when Yoon Seungho finally embraced and kissed him passionately. That’s why we could say that the scholar did win the fight against the powerful noble during that night. The main lead might have been able to get the painter, however he only found an empty shell. Baek Na-Kyum had lost his identity and confidence for real. However, the painter had recognized the beating of his heart, before his vital organ froze completely in the figurative sense.

Now, it is time to dedicate to the last confession. Unlike the declaration in the chapter 42, the painter is now able to speak more freely. The sentences are much longer.

What caught my attention were the words “eyes” and “heart”. First, the painter no longer fears the reaction of his heart this time. Secondly his vital organ is influenced by his eyes, contrasting to the past, when he idolized the low scholar. Back then, the voice, the teacher’s words in the form of the poem and his speeches were affecting his mind. Observe the opposition: ears/mind versus eyes/heart. That’s why there is a huge progression. Not only the low-born liberated himself from the false cult, but also he got closer to the noble. He is finally expressing that the noble is affecting him. He might say that this is just physically. Yet what really matters for me is that he is speaking about his heart, the symbol of love. He is acknowledging the importance of his heart. The other contrast to the first confession is that there is no aching in this confession. “I feel good” responds to “I pine for you”. So pleasure stands in opposition to longing. Moreover although in this confession, he admits his homosexuality and his acceptance of pleasure while having sex with the noble, I sense that the painter is one step closer to realize why he is moved by Yoon Seungho. He has already fallen in love with the man. The way to his heart are the eyes. So maybe the protagonist realized it too. Don’t you find it weird that during the chapter 51, Baek Na-Kyum was no longer able to see the noble? And in the chapter 52, when he finally decides to see the noble, he witnesses something terrible: Yoon Seungho kisses Min. Now, he is affected, unlike in the past. Notice on his way back to his study, he wondered why he feels bothered, I would even say, hurt. So the visual confrontation (his eyes) is making the painter realize his affection for Yoon Seungho. He is questioning himself and even before he listened to the valet Kim. We have here again the question: The question mark “why” is related to critical thinking.

As a conclusion, the painter is no longer under the scholar’s influence. There is no longer any adoration or idolization for his former teacher. On the other hand, he experiences pain due to the neglect. Seungho didn’t pay attention to his drawing and he even kissed someone else.

This will be my conclusion: The painter has changed so much during that night. He has returned back to life, he is using his own mind and is also paying attention to his own heart. Even before, he looked at the noble’s gaze, although the latter was upset. He was trying to perceive Yoon Seungho’s thoughts. That’s why we should perceive a positive development in the painter. He is no longer fearing the gaze of others. He is thinking on his own, hence he can no longer become a victim due to fanaticism again. I perceive that Baek Na-Kyum has reached a turning point in his life. He could definitely confront Yoon Seungho, like he did in the past. Remember when he yelled at him this:

He could refuse the lord’s proposition, a sex orgy, as he doesn’t see himself as a servant, although he dressed like one. I can’t help myself connecting to the scene in the kitchen (chapter 38), where he claimed that he was no servant. Let’s hope for this situation!

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19 thoughts on “Painter Of The Night: Baek Na-Kyum’s confessions (part 6)

  1. I’ve just read the last chapter I’m wondering why the lord kissed another man is it to make him jealous ? To make him realize ? Even thought when kissing he looks pained but!!! It looks like another man gave the lord a blowjob how could he accept that ? I felt to down when reading that chapter and the last image he said like you can taste him ! I’m scared for the next 😢😢

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    1. Yes, each time I read a new chapter, I am stressed because it looks so depressing based on the first impression. But I always perceive positive aspects after pondering for a while about it. I have just realized something about the new chapter, I might be wrong again. I’ll explain about it in the next essay.

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      1. I just hope Seungho won’t ask him for an orgy or do something to him while others are looking I hope he keep his possessiveness and don’t hurt him! I feel like he doesn’t even want that other guy to see the painting lol
        I’m eager to see your analyses !

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  2. The new chapter is actually not that surprising. It was obvious SH was hurt and pissed off after knowing that Nakyum was still under the influence of his teacher. Instead of trying to lift NK up, he chooses the total opposite. He threw himself in lust and alcohol! He is literally acting like a stupid teenager after being dumped. How disappointing. What surprised me though is his impulsive decision to bring Nakyum to his sex party so everyone could enjoy him. That was pretty shocking although I have the hope he won’t be able to let the others touch him out of jealousy and concern and he will step back right away. Nakyum will still be terrorized… so even though nothing will happen, it’s still a very abusive behavior. The author is definitely picking the violent path… she is way to attached to the psychotic part of SH and does not seem ready to make him softened. He is smart yet we realized in this last chapter that the smartest person of this manga is actually Min. He is manipulating everyone, including SH!! He might be the real villain! His statement saying that “SH is actually quite simple to read” is terrifying. He figured everything already. I hope he will be cut in two pieces by SH once the lord recovers his mind. What will most likely happen though is that SH won’t find Nakyum in his room and we will never know if he was ready to share Nakyum with the other jerks or not. It’s a bit frustrating to me because the gang ba** would have been a real test for SH’s attachment towards Nakyum. I want to know if he would have gone all the way like a psychotic maniac or would have stopped the joke right after someone touches Nakyum. Anyways, let’s see how things will evolve. I am expecting more sorrow and bad days for the poor Nakyum. We shoud hold our breath :((

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    1. Actually, I had a different perception of Min. Sure, I wrote myself that he could be the villain of the second season. However, I definitely view some similarities between Min and Jung In-Hun. Both are arrogant and stupid as they believe, Seungho is easy to read. However, I have my doubt about that. In fact, I had the impression that Seungho was misleading Min on purpose. But I’ll explain more tomorrow. Sure, I was also surprised by the new evolution.

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  3. Excellent analysis. I was at first a bit confused by episode 52 as well, but with more reading I think pieces are clicking together. Min is definitely taking on a bigger role in the 2nd season, it’s interesting that he comments that he finds Seungho easy to read. I think Seungho does anticipate what others expect of him and sometimes purposely meets their expectation to see their reaction. Also the kiss (with apparently a lot of tongue) between SH and Min was meant to provoke a reaction in NK. I’m positive. He could have just chased NK with words but he chose a action spoke louder than words approach. Heck SH does not even look like he’s enjoying the kiss. I do feel that he accepted the sex party proposition in order to see what NK may do. SH actually wants to provoke a reaction out of NK because that would mean he’s not a shell. I’m actually pleased with this chapter (other than the sex party proposition) in the way that NK is starting to think of SH as a love interest. He feels unrest with the rejection, but this is also the first time he willingly went to SH without being called or intruded upon. I’m not sure if the sex party will happen the way some readers are anticipating but if it does the character reactions will be telling.

    Also on a different note the hanbok SH is wearing is beautiful. It looks like a phoenix motif

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    1. Thanks a lot for the info. I was trying to figure out what kind of bird it was!! I agree with you. It looks like Seungho is provoking the painter. I had already questioned Min’s role very early on. I perceive him as the pendant of Jung In-Hun: black mind versus black heart. But both are similar: arrogant and somehow stupid! I agree with your remark: Seungho is acting based on the expectations of others.

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  4. Girls, I really want to follow you on that one! How I would love it if SH was actually anticipating Min’s reaction and his aim was to tease Nakyum so he would react. The thing is that he was not even expecting a visit from Nakyum so how could he plan such a thing? Also, we noticed for the first time how the usual kind servant Kim is now almost turning his back on Nakyum. That was pretty sad to witness. Could all that be the plan? Like SH asking Kim to push Nakyum so he would visit him with a painting on that exact night? Mmmm, hard to process for me… but not totally impossible. And yeah, I agree that Min is ironically quite stupid… because his acts will undoubtedly lead to his end. And that hanbok was indeed stunning! Just like the red one from the previous chapter! What an attention to details! She is so talented *-*

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  5. I also think that SH wasn’t expecting Na-kyum’s visit… I guess he was a bit surprised by it. I interpreted the kiss as a way of SH keep Min’s mouth shut when he said SH and NK were having sex, I think he’d obviously belittle it.

    That whole scene just hurts me so much… and the way NK was out in a freezing night to give the painting he did to SH. Min making less of NK’s paintings, the kiss in front of him, the way he closed the door, his work on the floor. It was very hard to read.

    For some reason when Min mentioned NK, SH was kinda angry, out of patience! After of what he did (the kiss) I interpreted his action of going after NK as a way of subconsciously going after him. Of course he had to be awful about it but…I just can’t see SH sharing Nakyum… If hes capable of it, I don’t think the author made it explicit.

    Anyway, NK is probably gonna be kidnapped lol and SH won’t have the chance to talk to him.

    It’s going to be a long week, guys

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  6. Yup. It does look like SH is provoking a reaction from NK. But I am so worried idek anymore. Nk questioning his feelings really shows that he has already developed liking the Lord ;-;

    on a sad note: the painter’s white headband is back and idk if this is purely a coincidence or not…

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    1. No, it’s not a coincidence. He listened to Kim’s words. He shouldn’t act like a spoiled child… meaning, he was never a prostitute. Since Kim reminded him of his place, a servant, Baek Na-Kyum, chose to return to his old social status, a low-born. This might sound bad, but it shows that he doesn’t see himself as a prostitute any longer but as a part of this mansion.


  7. Im also having anxiety of what will happen on the next chapter. But I have the feeling that SH will finally confront Min for overstepping the line. SH threatened him before that he will be most likely to suffer the consequences like Jihwa if he does something. Min confronting SH about his overprotective behaviour towards the painter and the special treatment is something that SH didn’t like and thus made him angry. I think the kiss is more likely a threat to shut him up since Min is being mean to both of them. I really do hope that SH will do exactly the opposite and show to the other nobles that NK is indeed special to him. I kept thinking that SH is still having this hard time on expressing himself, thus he went back to his old habits to give space to NK as well and give both of them time to think. I’m not really sure about this, but I’m not giving up the hope that he never planned to share NK with the other nobles. If he does then it will be really disappointing.

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  8. ⁃ I believe SH kissing Min was in a way to distract Min from BNK. In a twisted way, I believe it was a way of protecting BNK by keeping him out of sight from Min. Min even said “why are you not dead yet?” and blamed Jihwa for not taking care of it sooner. I have a suspicion SH heard what Min said as he was not too far behind him, and since I agree with the theory of SH-no name collaborating, I have a feeling SH had a special plan for this night and had planned this all week trying to lure Min into the trap. SH had actually been entertaining nobles all week in order to lure them in and create a false sense of security- thinking he is his old self and still a man of lust. SH wanted to strip away everything that might imply he still liked BNK, in order to protect him from what SH had in store for Min (and possibly Jihwa but I’m not sure, I think SH knows he’s just a pawn in Min’s game).
    ⁃ Now that SH has been aware of the planned assassination of his beloved, he has plotted for a long time with no-name and wants to take revenge in the smartest and most humiliating way towards the nobles responsible. I’m thinking since SH already has a deep resentment toward nobility, this resentment should only have grown worse now. I believe SH know’s Min is the master mind behind Jihwas torment and won’t be lenient on Min for that.
    ⁃ I have a weird feeling that SH has no- name on the property this night, sneaking in the shadows observing both Min and DJ from afar. Somehow I’m thinking SH and no -name chose this night in particular. SH invited Min to his home and no-name had in the previous episode forced DJ to take BNK out of the property that night (why is DJ in his room, smashing BNK-things? Perhaps he couldn’t find the painter but needed to find an excuse to lure him out of the property… but now he was caught, oops ..). What makes me think even more of this plot is how no-name was so stubborn and insisting on THIS NIGHT. Perhaps this will present the opportunity to kill the two birds with one stone?

    The snarkly smile of SH in the end of the chapter translates for me to resentment, anger and perhaps cockiness and satisfaction of having the upper hand on Min and having succeeded of luring him into his trap. I have no expectation that SH intends on harming his painter since everything he has ever done up until now has been because of his love for BNK!! ❤

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    1. Yes, I was thinking about it too. But your description is more detailed and almost complete. I hadn’t imagined this idea: luring him out so that the painter doesn’t witness the killing, Remember that he fainted, when he saw Seungho killing a man. I bet, the noble has never forgotten this.


  9. From the previous chapters, we can notice that the author did everything to let us know that Seungho changed and he is now more caring towards Nakyum. First, it was Min’s words, then Jihwa, then Inhun realization righ before leaving, then the servants words, the the nobles and finally people from the village. I mean, she couldn’t make it more clear! We witnessed SH hugging affectionately Nakyum for the first time two chapters ago… How in earth could he share him with others, watch him being raped and suffering? No way this scenario will happen. Either he will step back right away or he won’t find him in his room so he won’t even have the chance. The other scenario is that he has been planning something up. He could have done some investigating and realized something… we might have a flashback at some point. But I think he is only hurt and reacting out of proportions which ironically shows how much he does care for Nakyum. You guys may be right and the fact Min and his stupid friends being present that night could not be a coincidence and SH has a plan to shut Min’s mouth. I still don’t think he knows about the assassination. This event and Nakyum being kidnapped by No Nam need to happen so SH will endure torment. I can totally picture a bloody confrontation of SH with No Name and Nakyum realizing right there that SH was ready to risk his life for him. It’s a bit cliché so the author might have something more original planned for her plot. Can’t wait to see it.

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    1. In my opinion, Seungho has been watching Min very closely and he has something up in his sleeve. We have two possibilities: Seungho doesn’t know but he has anticipated Min’s moves and actions which could be seen in the chapter 45. The rumors about Seungho were not random, they existed for a reason. I do think, Seungho has always used hearsay as a tool for his protection and to deceive his opponents. So he is not aware but has already planned something, or he knows and he has already set up a trap. Seungho was portrayed as an educated and smart man who could perceive people’s nature very well. I doubt that he is that blind and dumb to overlook everything because of his love for Baek Na-Kyum. He knows very well that he needs to be careful if he wants to hide his weakness from others. He needs to manipulate people. Anyway, thanks for the long comments and feedback. I am truly grateful for this exchange.

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