Painter Of The Night: The mirror of truth?

This is where you can read the manhwa.  But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes.

Now, you might be wondering what I am referring to behind this title. Before explaining the topic of this short essay, I have to explain why I came to this title. Only yesterday it just occurred to my mind that I had neglected an important aspect in the chapter 49: the lord embracing the painter.

I love this drawing because the manhwalovers can sense the affection, sensuality and tenderness in this hug accompanied with a kiss. Suddenly I remembered this image from the chapter 28:

They look really similar, right? In the chapter 28, the painter received a mirror and had a sort of hallucination, where he saw this. Back then, I had analyzed this drawing concerning the mirror and its functions. I am adding the link to the former essay for interested readers, in case they missed it:

There, I explained that in literature, the mirror plays an important role and I listed its 5 functions:

  1. to perceive his true self and personality;
  2. to predict the future,
  3. to reveal desires and illusions
  4. to outline beauty, vanity and superficiality
  5. to reveal truth, reality and as such wisdom

When I examined this scene for the first time, I tried to define if this reflection was a prediction of the future or if it revealed the painter’s deepest desires which he was trying to repress all the time. Now, we can definitely say that the mirror announced the future for the embrace of the two protagonists occurs in the chapter 49. That’s why I interpret the veil on the right side (second picture above) as a sign. The future was unveiled to the painter which he rejected in the first place. However, despite his resistance the artist couldn’t fight back. We could even say that he was fated to be embraced by the lord. Consequently this “reflection” in the mirror has become a reality, yet just for a brief moment, as their relationship is still instable.

If you pay attention to the drawing, where the painter witnessed the “hallucination”, you’ll note two details. Not only the hug happened but also the location is the same reinforcing my interpretation that this dream was a prediction of the future. They are indeed meeting in the painter’s room during the night.

Moreover, the artist’s action is the same: he hugs back the lord showing his hidden emotions. The painter couldn’t escape his fate, the mirror told him that he would fall in love with the aristocrat. Striking is that in the chapter 49 the commoner is still unaware of his own feelings for the noble. Nevertheless, this is only a question of time, until he realizes his affection for Yoon Seungho. As you can see, the mirror announced him his future and simultaneously it even told him the truth. His repressed desires were existent and despite his denial, he would never be able to erase them. His ignorance was quite futile in the end.

Now, you can understand how I felt, when I suddenly remembered the vision from the chapter 28. The announced embrace in the mirror became a reality. The only differences are the kiss and the way the painter sits on Seungho’s lap. These divergences could be judged as a sign that the hallucination was the expression of the painter’s unconscious. The reality shows that the noble’s feelings are even stronger than Baek Na-Kyum could ever imagine. His head is even higher than Yoon Seungho’s indicating that he occupies a bigger place in the lord’s heart than the artist could ever anticipated. To me, the lord literally venerates the painter which can be seen in the following picture. Observe that the lord has to look up to the low-born and he is not offended at all. He is waiting with the hope that Baek Na-Kyum will finally admit that he has some feelings for him. It was as if the main lead had put the artist on a pedestal. The embrace in the chapter 49 is even warmer than the one in the chapter 28 as there is less darkness in the room. The candles in that chamber symbolize the love and warmth, while before Baek Na-Kyum had been left behind, all alone in a dark room. Consequently he couldn’t believe that this hallucination would become true and even would represent his deepest desires.

At the end, I conclude that the manhwalovers should view this mirror as the mirror of truth. It announced to the painter that despite his struggles, he was fated to be with the protagonist and it even told him what his unconscious kept telling him since the chapter 2. He was definitely attracted to the aristocrat.

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2 thoughts on “Painter Of The Night: The mirror of truth?

  1. Beautiful analysis once again. Thank you for reminding me of the mirror scene, I did not remember it until now. I look forward to you analysis of the new chapter.

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