Painter Of The Night: Imagination and speculations

This is where you can read the manhwa.  But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes.

In this essay, I won’t analyse anything but rather speculate, what could happen in the next chapter or even, what could happen during that night. I have the feeling that this night will be a long one, therefore my assumption is that Byeonduck must have planned a few chapters for this night.

However, my main focus won’t be on Min as I have already expressed my thoughts on this topic. My prediction is that he will die. We have many possibilities for the execution, like for example Yoon Seungho picks up his sword and slays him. Remember that I connected the last picture to the scene in the bathroom, where he replied to the painter this: . Observe that he is standing at the door, totally furious and even jealous. At the end of the chapter 52, the lord is also standing at the door as well, definitely infuriated for his gaze betrays his emotions. Yet he is saying the opposite of his true thoughts because he is standing in front of a double-faced and vicious aristocrat. In the chapter 26, he revealed his true intentions as he has always been frank and straightforward with the painter. Since he knows and values the artist’s honesty, he acts the same. That’s why I came to this idea. But the problem with this idea is that Yoon Seungho would be suspected. Since he once declared to the painter that no one would connect a noble’s death with him, we have to envisage other possibilities. The protagonist has to be seen elsewhere. In order to divert attention, he needs to create a huge scandal. Therefore if a sword is used, then Nameless could be involved and they will frame the guest who is high with the excuse that he acted under delirium.

Then the opium could be the cause of his death either: an organized overdose of drug so that it would look like an accident and the one who bought that illegal drug would be blamed. This idea was inspired by two sources. First it was the remark of a reader who saw in the gesture of the protagonist’s hand the desire to strangle Black Heart. So from strangulation, I came to suffocation, the impossibility to breathe. I couldn’t restrain myself from associating asphyxiation to the first picture of the chapter 52, when the evil aristocrat is smoking with his mouth wide open and his head is looking up. This picture made me think that this could be the position Min has, when he dies. He tries to breathe with his mouth but is unable. He is either strangled or suffocating due to the overdose of opium. In any case, I suspect that one of the guests will be held responsible for Min’s death.

Right now, Seungho is supposed to be on his way to the painter’s chamber meaning that he is actually following the artist’s footsteps. I don’t think, Seungho remained for a long time in his room because the conversation between Min and Seungho is quite short.

When the low-born returns to his room, he catches Deok-Jae ruining his room. The readers can conclude that the domestic didn’t expect the painter to return so soon, since there is a question mark and he adds: „Dammit“. Because of this, I assume that the servant spied on the low-born and observed him going to the noble’s bedchamber. Therefore he imagined that the artist would spend the evening with the lord. For him, the master is just a man consumed by lust, hence he won’t send away the artist. I have to admit that my first thought was that Baek Na-Kyum would leave the mansion again, either on his own will or forced. However, I changed my mind as we already have three escapes from the low-born. The first one takes place in the chapter 4, where Yoon Seungho can stop him. Then we have another desertion in the chapter 29 and the third departure was mentioned in the chapter 46.

Since we have a ruined room, I couldn’t help myself connecting it to the chapter 29 and 30. Before fleeing from the mansion, the commoner destroyed the mirror. All this was discovered by the lord the next morning. His reaction was terrible: he was so enraged that he started beating all his servants since they hadn’t noticed the commoner’s escape. The staff should have kept an eye on him. And note how many parallels exist between the chapter 29/30 and 52:

1. A trashed room

2. The role played by the servants: they should observe the painter and they got beaten. In the chapter 52, Deok-Jae spied on the painter.

3. The lord’s anger

4. The painter goes to the lord’s chamber (after his return from his breakout)

5. The change of clothes (he dropped the green robe and took his own pink jacket)

One might argue that the desertion is still possible as I am anticipating that the chapter 53 could be a new version of the chapter 30. My problem with this thought is the timing. The time between Baek Na-Kyum left the lord’s chamber and the noble departs from his room to go to the painter’s is quite short.

Since in the chapter 30, the manhwalovers witnessed Baek Na-Kyum’s pledged alliance before getting dragged to the lord’s room for a sex marathon, I have the impression, the manhwalovers could witness a new version of the sex marathon, especially if my theory is correct that the author might have developed her chapter 53 as a reflection of the chapter 30. However, there will be a huge variation: the chronology. We have a change of clothes, then the visit to the lord’s chamber. Finally the low-born discovers his ransacked room, while the lord is angry due to Min’s words and behavior. This divergence will lead to a different outcome.

This time, the lord is going to the painter’s chamber, in other words he is following his lover’s steps. I can’t imagine that he will drag the painter to his chamber, where the other nobles are. Therefore he will remain there and listen to the argument between his wife and the domestic, just like he did in the chapter 38. He only intervened, when he saw that the maids were still looking down on the commoner. Back then, the aristocrat had to warn them. I envision that the lord will intervene the moment Deok-Jae starts getting violent. Because of that, Yoon Seungho could decide to drag the servant and punish him for his behavior. We would still have a dragging, like in the chapter 30 but this time, the person is different and the lord has a reason. Deok-Jae committed a crime. Yoon Seungho could grab the domestic by the topknot and punish him, like he did with Jihwa. Yet, I have the impression that Baek Na-Kyum could act differently and no longer remains passive, like in the chapter 18. This time, he pleads for leniency.

When the painter catches the domestic in the act, he is shocked.

He wonders about the servant’s reaction and from my perspective, the artist won’t behave like in the past, where he let the domestic say and do everything he wanted. He never replied and criticized him for his attitude. From my point of view, the low-born has really changed, has already rediscovered his identity and found a certain confidence. He is now part of the mansion hence he needs to be proactive. He hasn’t forgotten the valet’s words: he is not a spoiled princess and as such, he can’t expect rescue from anyone. He needs to fight for his own place. My prediction is that he will question Deok-Jae about the reason for his action. As we experienced in the chapter 52 how the commoner would even question the lord’s actions and behavior. His mind is already proactive, he uses more and more critical thinking. I sense that the moment the domestic gets violent, the noble intervenes but the jealous man is spared instead of getting beaten. Despite his wrongdoings, the artist will ask the master for leniency after confronting him. Remember that Baek Na-Kyum saved Jung In-Hun’s life back then. This could be the new version of the painter’s plea.

On the other hand, the painter won’t be scared like in the chapter 30 and will confront his husband and ask him for the reason behind his change of behavior and what is his position at the mansion. The former could even interrogate his “husband” if he has to leave the mansion, since he has no interest in the painting. While we had the artist submitting himself to the lord in the chapter 30, I envision a renewal of this alliance, yet under a different form. The painter could confess to the noble for real. Another possibility is that since Yoon Seungho is questioned, the aristocrat decides to be more open about his feelings and we have a mini-confession from the lord. He could use Wang Bang Yeon’s poem… if this theory is correct. Back then, the aristocrat wanted the painter to draw new images of their intercourse and he requested from him to pay attention to his own facial expressions, since they were lacking. Remember that was the reason why the protagonist sent the mirror to the painter’s room. From my point of view, the new work reflects the painter’s emancipation. His face is drawn properly, you can identify him on the drawing. Furthermore the visage is not expressing pain or fear but pleasure, which is quite strange because if you look carefully at the new picture, Baek Na-Kyum chose the position where he expressed fear and pain. That’s what the readers got to witness. However, I believe that the painter wasn’t feeling real pain in fact. He was more scared of his own reactions, feeling pleasure. We shouldn’t underestimate the power of the brainwashing and the criticisms expressed by Jung In-Hun. I interpret that the painter must have felt pleasure but refused to admit it. He chose to act like a whore following the teacher’s words so that he could still deny that he was a homosexual per se. As a prostitute, he had been forced to sex, hence he shouldn’t feel any ecstasy. It was an excuse, a subterfuge for his own conscious. Deep down, a part of him wanted to keep following the scholar’s words. Due to the lord’s action, the painter had a breakthrough and finally dropped the teacher’s doctrine for good. And in my opinion, the painting is reflecting this.

Strangely, Baek Na-Kyum realized that this intercourse left a huge impact on him. It forced him to accept that he was feeling pleasure which the painting clearly expresses. That’s why we have this weird confession ending with “I feel good”. Since he chose this, this means that he doesn’t resent the protagonist for his past behavior. From my point of view, despite the mess in the room, I can imagine that there will be a sex marathon again, yet a new version. For me, Yoon Seungho has to have sex there because it shows his willingness to go to such length to get the painter’s love. He would break a taboo since this has never happened before. We have to remember when a noble slept with a maid back then, the latter would spend the night in the lord’s chamber. This is what usually happened. So far, they had sex in the painter’s chamber without people knowing about it. The servants could only witness their special relationship, when the artist spent the night in the lord’s chamber. That’s how it even started. They never saw the Wedding night nor the last sex scene in the chapter 48-49. Even the merchant got to see the painter leaving the lord’s room. Their special relationship got official, the moment the artist was in the lord’s room during the night or day. Making love in the painter’s room would create a huge scandal, because the opposite usually happens. At the same time, this would humiliate the guests and especially Min. The latter wouldn’t accept to lower himself and go to that room, since he kept telling his host that a low-born is just a plaything. By making sure that people witness how the noble remains in the painter’s chamber, he would get an alibi for Min’s death. Deok-Jae would be spared but this would create a new occasion for the painter to become a target.

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21 thoughts on “Painter Of The Night: Imagination and speculations

  1. All of these speculations leave alot on the table. I’m not sure what will happen exactly however someone will likely get injured or die by SH’s (direct or indirect) hand. Likely due to timing he may witness Deok-Jae and NK’s altercation and may likely interfere. I also wonder about the choice of the scene that NK depicts in his most recent painting. The painter does not appeared pained in the scene that’s painted. Rather there’s a feeling on intensity. Also this is the first painting of the two of them where they are both completely naked (or bare) that the artist chose to depict in a more detailed fashion up close (and we see NK’s face). Hence I feel like this painting will hold importance due to the depiction that NK has found himself. And he has a face (thus unashamed), I completely agree with your exploration of the newly produced painting and that it has much significance I mean just think of the title of this manhwa.


  2. My speculation is that Seungho won’t find Nakyum in his room but because he discovers his disappearance quite early, it will save Nakyum from being killed by Nameless. SH first thoughts will obviously be that Nakyum ran away intentionally. But because of the precipitation, the servant will make a mistake that will alert Seungho about the truth. From there, I don’t know how the rest might go. Either he will go right away after Nakyum and once outside he will cross path with Nameless before he is about to kill Nakyum… or things will take way more time and Seungho won’t find Nakyum right away. Which means Nameless will take him and drag him to the right place for the execution. That could take few days (and few chapters). Meanwhile, SH will investigate and finds out about Jihwa’s plan and everything. My theory does not take into account Min and his friends who will be waiting at SH’s room all this time… so clearly I am missing something important in such a scenario. After reading your analysis I realized the Opium detail is not an insignificant one so something tragic will definitely happen to Min and his friends there. But what I can’t process in your theory is how SH knew about Min’s implication in Nakyum’s murder plan. Why would he target him first instead of Jihwa? I don’t believe that Nameless and SH are allies. I thing the total opposite: The author created Nameless character as a main physical equal/rival to SH for an eventual a bloody confrontation. Still, I could be totally wrong. Let’s wait and see : )))

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    1. My explanation is that Seungho wouldn’t target Jihwa because the latter has been his childhood friend and he was the only one who didn’t abandon him, unlike his own family. Despite the betrayal, Seungho forgave him. Besides, he knows that he has been influenced by the other nobles. I am glad that you shared your theory with me because it shows that you know, I am open to any idea and theory since I want an exchange of thoughts. Everything is possible anyway. Tomorrow, we will see how it goes.


  3. Nice prediction! Liked to read the comments as well. It’s always so cool to come here and read your & your readers’ views of the story!
    I’ve imaginted so. many. things. lol some of them don’t even make sense but… this is what I’m hoping it’ll happen (based entirelly on my own mind lol):
    I don’t think SH will share Nakyum. I can’t imagine him dragging the one he loves to have sex with others and ACTUALLY DOING IT. He might give us a scare but I don’t think it’d happen. And I guess he’ll notice that servant destroying Nakyum’s materials… I can speculare that servant is gonna be extra violent with Nakyum.
    Firstly I thought he was going to drag Nakyum out of Seungho’s residence to be kidnapped but on second thought… I guess he really didn’t know he’d be back on his chamber so soon because he was actually surprised to see the painter. So I really am guessing there will be some sort of confront between them. I hope to see Nakyum say he’s not SH’s prostitute and try to defend himself, since I share the opinion he’s changed these past chapters.
    Hummm, about the sex marathon, for some reason I don’t think they’ll have sex very soon. I know this is something very regular on the plot and it is actually very important for SH’s character but I feel like they’ll have sex when things get less complicated? SH wants something emotional, I guess… he’s been acting like he prefers to get to know his lover not only taste his body. But………. well lololol I’m pretty sure whenever the sex marathon happens it will be very intense LOLLO
    Anyway, that’s it. And I don’t want Min to die. He’s just very very dumb and vile, I know but I hope Seungho doesn’t kill him or his friends but rather he kill the servant, so Nameless will come after Nakyum himself. He’s taking way too long lol

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    1. Thanks for sharing your own theory with us. You might be right that the sex marathon doesn’t occur… On the other hand, it’s nice to see that you also believe that Baek Na-Kum will confront the servant. We are all eager to know what will happen today.

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  4. Ayyyyyyyy I’ve just read the new chapter my hearts is beating so fastttttttt 😍😍😍😍😍 guyyyys go read it on Leah in damnnnn it’s a beautiful improvement ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      1. Baek Na-Kyum discovers/hears for the first time that the lord likes him. He wouldn’t have figured it out on his own because the noble didn’t act like someone in love… and in the painter’s perspective he had somehow denied it with his funny remark. As for Yoon Seungho, he realizes what love really is. He hadn’t figured out his own feelings… too focused on his mind. And in my opinion, this will help the painter to figure out why he was upset. For me, they are now aware that there are emotions between them. Besides, the lord did protect him twice.

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    1. OH MY GOOOOOOD, YESSSS, I READ IT!!!! Based on Seungho’s actions this chapter… I don’t think he’s gonna deny that he loves Nakyum the next one!!!
      And oh my GOD!!!! Nakyum calming Seungho down is something really precious to me. msdkmsdfjk AND Have you guys seen the way he reaches for Nakyum’s headband? As if he wants to take it off?? Because NK is not a servant to him??? But right after Min mocks them and says NK is a lowborn? jnsdkfds
      Our poor baby was so confused!! His face when Min said Seungho likes him… jkfnsjd

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      1. Indeed this chapter was a rollcoaster for my heart and mind ! I’ve been smiling and grinning like a fool! But to think now in seungho shoes he must have felt like an sensational elevator from wondering why namkyun came visiting him, with the words min talked (now realized that seungho kept denying his feeling and the sentence “we just two naked bodies “ it was His thinking ), then seeing how the servant treated namkyun hurt his hands he was so mad ! , then hitting namkyun and getting HUGGED and to finish min coming and saying all those things and kissing his precious !
        Look how mad he got just for a kiss, he could have pushed him but he did it with such force and put his hand on namkyun face like a husband does to his wife ,
        There are so many details it will take too much time to write on comments !
        Anyways we will soon have the analysesㅋ
        I’m looking forward to the next episodes !
        What will happen to that servent ? What about nameless who plan to kill namkyun ? What about seungho reacting after min’s words ? How will it go ? What about in hun ? Etc ..

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  5. NJDKNFJKDSNFDS Exactly!! Everything must be so confusing to Seungho too. You said it very well!! A roller coster of emotions! djnjf His face when he was hugged!!
    I’m looking forward to the next chapters and analyses!!!!

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  6. What an amazing chapter!! The sort that makes me want to read the manga from the beginning all over again! Anyways, here’s what I take away from this chapter:

    – Seungho was indeed in denial (and somehow heartbroken) and wanted to show Nakyum that he didn’t care about him by ignoring him. But then we also realize that he kissed Min mainly to protect NK and keep the jerk away from him just like you mentioned in your analysis 🙂 ! Also, quite a surprise to notice that those thoughts from the old chapter were actually from SH and not Nakyum! I need to read that old chapter again!

    – Min is sharp AF! He reads in SH like in an open book. I was surprised to see how much freedom he takes with SH though. As if he has some kind of immunity that prevents him from being severely hurt by SH. Why is that, I wonder! I also realized that he is not really a huge threat. I think the author only used him for this plot twist and make SH aware of his feelings. He will probably spread the rumors and try to affect SH but I am convinced Jihwa is the one who will be mainly targeted by SH once the murder attempt happens. After all, it’s not like Min forced Jihwa to do it. It will be all Jihwa responsibility at the end.

    – Nameless will play a very important role. The author is cooking something special and it will be the next plot hit. I still think he will be Seungho’s main ‘physical’ rival this season. There will be a bloody confrontation between them… followed by an emotional reunification of SH and NK afterwards *-* (hopefully). Meanwhile, In-hun will remain the ‘intellectual’ rival of SH once he makes his reappearance!

    – Although I am relieved NK finally heard that Seungho cares about him, I am not convinced he will fully believe it. He suffered way too much. He might still be a bit mistrustful. Same for SH. Although I would love to see him finally accepting his feelings, I am afraid it won’t be that simple. At least, not in the coming chapter! But the author could surprise us again, who knows!

    *** I always have in mind the poster of SH and NK hugging in a joyful and playful mood that the author framed and kept on her desk. They were both in their winter outfits on that picture so I like to believe that this picture is actually a clue from Byeonduck to show us the ultimate direction this manga will take. I think we will see it happen sooner or later :)))

    Cannot wait for what’s next :))) And last thing, I think it was a great idea to have an essay about your speculations for the next chapter one or two days before the release on Friday. Can we have it every week so we can all share our thoughts and ideas? And thanks again for giving us this space to debate your ideas and expose ours.

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    1. Thanks a lot for the compliments and encouraging words. Funny is that I got mocked and criticized for my predictions… and at the end for my analyses on twitter and other threads. Yet, here the opposite is happening. People leave now more comments about their ideas and theories which makes me really happy. Thanks for the idea: Nameless as physical opponent of Seungho…, which would also fit the analysis I made about him. He would represent the pendant of Seungho… the same tools and personality, yet he is a commoner.

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      1. Please don’t listen to the stupid people who criticize your analysis. They just don’t get the point of what a “theory” is. I am always amazed to read your essays and see how much you push your thinking and analysis. I am a Math major and I never really liked literature courses in school. When I read you analysis, I understand how deep one’s interpretation and analysis could go… this field really does have tons of layers! It made want to read more books (non science-related, haha!). That being said, I can’t wait to read your analysis on this new chapter 🙂

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  7. When I saw Nakyum take the slap to protect the Servants, your speculation was the first thing that came to me ! This chapter really got me speechless I don’t even know the number of times I reread it!

    I was definitely surprised when Seungho protected Nakyum twice. In the last panel, both of them were too shocked to hear what Min had to say! I’m anxious though if Seungho will go on full denial and shove Nakyum away in the next chapter; Then again, seeing how when he hurt Nakyum (accidentally), he was shocked and probably regretted it. He doesn’t wanna hurt him. ;-; anyway, I hope you’ll make another essay on the new chapter too I wanna hear your full thoughts on this one!

    HE DID T H A T (by ‘that’ I mean kiss nakyum) IN FRONT OF SEUNGHO. AAAAAAAAAAA

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