Painter Of The Night: Prince Charming

This is where you can read the manhwa.  But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes.

Now, you are surely thinking that this essay will be about the lord’s action in the chapter 53. Baek Na-Kyum got saved by Yoon Seungho hence the latter becomes a sort of Prince charming. He intervened the moment the painter had to hear verbal insults and we all know that the painter is much more sensitive to such oral attacks than to physical abuse. Yoon Seungho saved the damsel in distress with his action. However, this is just an illusion as the real prince charming is none other than Baek Na-Kyum himself.

If you study this scene again, you’ll notice that the lord was actually on the verge of losing his mind due to the fury and pain. He had just heard Deok-Jae saying that Baek Na-Kyum would become a prostitute and would be shared with many other men. With this picture alone, the noble could only go insane. He was already jealous of the tailor for touching his lover and making him blush. From the chapter 39, it became clear that Yoon Seungho desired to be the only one to provoke such reactions in the painter. No wonder that the lord became so brutal and turned into a fury.

This is no coincidence that I am choosing such an expression as furies are powerful divine creatures representing wrath and punishment.

The Furies (or Erinyes, sing. Erinys) were creatures from Greek mythology who exacted divine retribution from those guilty of wrong-doing. Crimes which were especially likely to incur their wrath were those involving one’s family and anything related to oaths. The Furies were also responsible for carrying out curses, and the punishments they dealt out included disease and madness. quote from

Observe the similarities. We have wrath, divine retribution for a wrongdoing, disease, family, and oath which fits our situation in the chapter 53. Deok-Jae as a servant is bonded to his master (a sort of oath), then the mansion where he is working represents his family. Yet, when he assaults the painter, it was as if he was committing a crime on a family member. He has already been cursed because he is already losing his sight. And now remember when I compared Yoon Seungho to a vengeful ghost as he was barely seen in that scene due to his violent punches and slaps. In reality, the main lead had turned into a Fury the moment he discovered the scene. Consequently, when the painter puts himself in the middle, brave enough to receive the slap destined to the jealous concubine, he transforms the noble into a human again. He, a human, shows no fear in front of a powerful and divine creature. How can a human being have such power? I could say that his strengths are purity and selflessness. However, this is not enough. In fact, this action makes the noble realize that he is a man made of flesh and blood. The shock makes his heart race. Then, he sees the artist’s bruised cheek. He hurt his loved one, he is reminded of his love but the pain and shock are brief because Yoon Seungho is embraced by the painter immediately. With the tender hug, not only the latter can calm down the upset protagonist, but also he can make him feel the warmth in his body. Finally, the aristocrat is able to hear the artist’s gentle voice. As you can detect, due to the low-born’s actions, the lord’s senses were all reactivated: the sight, the touch and finally the hearing. Therefore the noble is no longer a Fury but a man of flesh and blood again. That’s the reason why I believe that the real prince charming is Baek Na-Kyum and not the other way around. I believe that there is a reason why the painter buries his face in the noble’s embrace. He doesn’t want to make him feel guilty. He knows that the rage was caused by the servant’s crime so he shouldn’t be blamed. Baek Na-Kyum is truly the hero of this story and thanks to him, the readers witness the lord’s rebirth. Remember that I said that on the lord’s robe, there are phoenixes, the symbol for a rebirth and transformation. From its ashes, it comes back to life. That’s the painter’s power. He can affect the lord so much that he is able to bring him back to life.

The real reason why I came to this title and idea was because of an observation I made thanks to my follower @user4792569. She had this picture as display on her computer. Thanks to this person, I made a huge discovery. Note that Yoon Seungho is not seen at the window this time. All this made me realize the progression from the chapter 44 to the chapter 52. First, we have the lord smoking at the window. Then in the chapter 51, he is sitting so far away from the window that the painter can barely see him. Finally in the chapter 52, he has completely disappeared. Then I told my follower that it looks like the aristocrat was waiting for his Prince charming at the window but since the latter never came, it seems that he has already given up on waiting. That’s why he decided to no longer stay at his window. Since I associated our main lead to a heroine waiting for her Prince charming in her tower, I came to the association of Rapunzel and @user4792569 added that he had indeed hair like Rapunzel!! As a conclusion, Rapunzel is Yoon Seungho. The latter, trapped in a tower, is waiting for his prince charming at the window isolated from the world. The weirdest thing is that the original fairy tale Rapunzel contains many similarities with our story.

But before contrasting the manhwa with the original fairy tale written by the brothers Grimm, I would like to examine the following drawing again.

Note the difference between this image and the two others from the chapter 44 and 51. The distance between the painter and the lord’s chamber has been reduced. Furthermore, in the chapter 44, the artist was just walking towards the mansion and not towards the lord. So he didn’t relate the building to the master, rather to the staff. The commoner was not looking at the noble, he just paused for a short moment looking at his Rapunzel and then went to his study. In the second drawing, the artist is still not ambling in direction of the lord’s room but his body and face are turned towards the window. And in the last image, we see the painter going to Yoon Seungho’s chamber. This symbolizes the huge change in the artist’s thoughts. Little by little, the home is taking Yoon Seungho’s form, although the man has vanished from the window.

However, I still see hope in the last drawing because the window is still open which reflects that the noble has not entirely given up on the painter. Furthermore, the manhwalovers detect the presence of the candles light guiding the artist to the lord’s bedchamber. The opened window and the light are signs that deep down, Yoon Seungho still wishes to be saved and released from his prison by his loved one. And just like the prince charming in Rapunzel, he observed the tower before approaching it willingly.

Each time, we had a drawing with Baek Na-Kyum standing in the courtyard and walking to the building, it was snowing. The snow symbolizes their love. Both have been so much hurt that they felt as if they had died that’s why their love is cold. On the other hand, we shouldn’t forget that snow burns as well. The combination of cold and hot does mirror their relationship. They hurt but love each other at the same time. Moreover, because snow is made of water, I interpret that their love is pure too. Now, you understand why I pointed out that the weather and time has always reflected their relationship and the protagonists’ state of mind. As a conclusion, their love is pure, cold but hot simultaneously that’s why from time to time they feel love or coldness and distance. Their love might be pure, but it is always accompanied with pain. That’s the reason why now I consider the lord’s words here as a love confession. However, he couldn’t use the words “I love you” as he has never experienced it before. I doubt that his father ever said this to him. And now, you understand why I kept saying that we should never jump too quickly to conclusions and judge the main lead as someone stupid or crazy. He is just a traumatized boy who stopped growing up since he decided to stop living as a human and chose to become a spirit.

Due to this picture, I thought of Rapunzel and now it is time to contrast both stories. First, I would like to remind my readers that I am only using the original version of Rapunzel, since I prefer using books as references.

In both stories, the main character is living in a prison. The young woman has been raised in a tower without door and stairs and has only a view to the outside world from a window, while the aristocrat keeps smoking in front of his window doing nothing. Due to his passivity, I had already disclosed that he wasn’t truly living. I portrayed him as a zombie, a dormant volcano or a spirit. He was just living through his mind hence he perceived himself as a spirit. Since they are in a similar situation, we can say that both can’t make any real experience as they are cut off the world. This explains why the lord can’t recognize his feelings for the painter. But here is the question: How did it come to all this? Why are both imprisoned?

In the fairy tale, the child Rapunzel is taken away from her parents by a sorceress. The latter had a beautiful garden where there was lamb’s lettuce. A couple could view from their window this garden and admired the plants and especially the rapunzel. One day, the wife wished to eat some corn salad from that garden and forced her husband to steal some by lying to him that she was dying. The husband acted according to her wishes, however the moment she was able to eat some, she wished to eat more and more from it and kept sending her spouse to that garden. Nonetheless at some point he got caught by the owner of that wonderful garden. The sorceress got first mad but accepted the man’s excuses (“the wife felt dying and he wanted to save his wife”) so that the witch proposed the following deal. The couple had to give her the child the moment she would be born. That’s how the sorceress got her hands on the girl Rapunzel and raised her as her own. The reason why I am telling the whole story is the following. The protagonist got separated from her biological parents because they committed a crime: theft. Furthermore, Rapunzel’s biological mother lied to her husband. She never died, it was just that her greed and desire were so big that she couldn’t resist the temptation. In other words, the daughter got punished for her parents’ wrongdoings. If we had to list all the sins committed by the parents, then we come to the following observation: ambition, selfishness, theft, greed, cowardice and lies.

Now, if you contrast this to the manhwa, you’ll notice the parallels. I have already stipulated the following theory: Yoon Seungho got betrayed by his father because the latter committed a crime. From my perspective, he must have planned something against the king and in order to save his own skin, he decided to use his son. Because of the purge, we know for sure that the father was involved in some conspiracy against the king. So we can deduce that greed and ambition were a trigger for the plot. Out of cowardice and selfishness, Yoon’s father sold his son for his misdeed. The sins are all the same in the end. Since we have no info about the mother, I can’t make any comparison with Rapunzel’s biological mother. As a conclusion, both children paid for their parents’ crimes.

The other analogy is the adoption. The sorceress became Rapunzel’s surrogate mother and she hid the child in her tower. While this story is famous for its allusion to physical and mental abuse, I believe that this fairy tale offers other messages which are often neglected because people focus much more on the scene with the hair cut. Nonetheless if you focus your attention on the beginning of the story, the story gives other moral lessons. For me, the witch was not motivated by hatred and resent, when she built the tower for her adoptive daughter. My interpretation is, she wanted to keep the girl for herself. We have to imagine that she must have felt lonely and saw Rapunzel as a companion. She wanted to create her own family but couldn’t as she had no partner. Remember that the witch was on her own before getting the baby. One of the lessons of this fairy tale is that many parents, especially mothers, have issues to accept that the children will grow up and turn into adults. They wished, their infant would remain a child for a long time in order to keep them by their side. Another message is that they want to ensure that their child never discovers pain and as such failure, if you consider the tower as protection. They will do anything to protect their infant and remove every obstacle for them. In both cases, fear triggers their behavior: fear of abandonment, failure, pain. Striking is that this message is still very actual because in our modern society, we have helicopter parents.

“The term helicopter parenting was coined in the 1990s and generally applies to parents who are overly involved in their children’s lives, especially in academic and achievement-related activities. “ quoted from

In the manhwa, the adoptive parent is valet Kim. He is the one taking care of Yoon Seungho. He helps him getting dressed and even brushes his hair. We could say that he sometimes acts like a mother (brushing the hair) or like a father (asking the doctor for an aphrodisiac for the painter). However, due to his social status, he is not allowed to be considered as Yoon Seungho’s father which explains why the aristocrat has to remind him of his place. Consequently the lord has not realized the true nature of his relationship with the butler. He trusts him, yet simultaneously he is oblivious to the loyal servant’s feelings. He doesn’t see that he has been respected and loved by him for a long time. The social gap hinders him to judge his valet correctly. Striking is that the butler stands in opposition to the sorceress because of his selflessness. He does feel fear like her but his scare is different.

This has nothing to do with abandonment, rather he is frightened of the adoptive son’s strength. Unlike Rapunzel, who is helpless and powerless as she relies too much on her godmother and can’t fight against her punishment, Yoon Seungho is strong and influential. He might be trapped in a prison, but his cage is just virtual. He has definitely connection to the outside word, we shouldn’t forget that he also has shadow guards. He chose to remain in that tower in order to avoid wound and betrayal. And this shows how similar the fairy tale and the manhwa are. The “chamber with the open window” is the tower but here the main lead made this choice willingly, whereas the young woman was a victim of her mother’s abusive attitude. She wanted to be the only one loved by her adoptive daughter. In my opinion, the witch is too obsessed with Rapunzel.

But let’s go back to the adoptive father Kim. In my opinion, butler Kim embodies the perfect parent. He loves his adoptive child despite his flaws. He is very understanding and supportive, tries to explicate his son’s harsh behavior without embellishing his wrongdoings. However, the servant’s decisions might be sometimes wrong too, just like any parent’s. Let’s not forget that perfect parents don’t exist. It is normal to make mistake as parents, since the latter are humans: “error is human”. That’s why the parents in the fairy tales are often portrayed with flaws as well.

Interesting is that Kim realized very early on what the painter meant to his surrogate son. Initially he thought it best if their first night together remained an one-night-stand. We could say that he tried indirectly to separate them, just like the sorceress did. In his mind, the painter wouldn’t be able to handle the aristocrat as he is too damaged. For him, the artist should forget that night and remain working as a painter at the mansion, however it was too late. Yoon Seungho was already deeply attached to Baek Na-Kyum. When he witnessed the outcome (rape), he anticipated that something bad could happen to the scholar, hence he ensured that the teacher would leave his bedroom. Kim prevented his son from committing a crime. The reason for dwelling on this aspect is that the valet never saw Yoon Seungho’s love for the painter as a betrayal, which stands so much in opposition to the sorceress’ words. That’s why we need now to focus on the betrayal.

In Rapunzel, the godmother discovers that her daughter has been seeing a man behind her back. She yells at her this:

“Oh, you godless child,” cried the sorceress, “what must I hear from you; I thought I had cut you off from the world, and you betrayed me!” In her rage she grabbed Rapunzel’s beautiful hair, beat it a few times around her left hand, took a pair of scissors with her right, and rip, rip, they were cut off, and the beautiful wisps lay on the ground. (translated from me because I have the German version)

Now, you can imagine the connection between Painter Of The Night and the fairy tale. Both children suffer a huge punishment: the parent cut their hair. This symbolizes abuse and in the manhwa, I would even add, it symbolizes a castration. Now, the manhwaphiles detect the parallels between the Grimm’s story and the Korean story. Yoon father resembles the sorceress too. He punished his son for a so-called sin and betrayal. The truth diverges: the parents were in reality betraying the children. Whereas the witch was too obsessed with her daughter’s exclusive love, the other did this in order to survive. Yet, they are also very similar in their behavior: selfish and cruel. The adoptive mother doesn’t even listen to Rapunzel’s explanations, she immediately reacts on her feelings. She has the impression that she has been betrayed.

As for Yoon father, I envision that he set up his son in reality and created a scandal so that the father had a justification to abandon him. Yoon Seungho was a sodomite so that he could no longer consider him as a part of his family, the reality is that he proclaimed the son as a sodomite in order to cover up his own sins. Just like I mentioned above, the son paid for the father’s wrongdoings. That’s why the lord decided to live in a tower. So Yoon father is indeed to blame for this chosen prison. The witch and Yoon father were the ones who created the prison. But the affinity doesn’t end here. Rapunzel and Yoon Seungho are both banished. The only difference is that while the young woman is sent far away, in Painter Of The Night, it is the father who runs away from the mansion underlining his cowardice. Since in Rapunzel, the hair cut symbolizes physical abuse, then we could say that Yoon father abused his son too.

While reading the fairy tale for the analysis, I couldn’t help myself smiling because I discovered more parallels between the two stories. When the prince charming got caught by the witch, she mocked him by saying this:

“You want to fetch the lady dearest, but the beautiful bird is no longer sitting in the nest and no longer sings; the cat has fetched it and will also scratch your eyes out”.

Notice that Rapunzel is compared to a bird and even before reading the fairy tale again, I compared our Joseon main lead to an eagle. Then, the lamb’s lettuce is the plant that gave birth to Rapunzel. Strangely, I associated the painter to the lamb. I have to admit that I had no idea that lamb’s lettuce was another word for rapunzel. And if you remember the observations I made while examining the scene where the powerful lord saved the painter, I described how the painter brought the noble back to life. The other similarity is the importance of love and sex. When Prince Charming and Rapunzel met in that tower, they had sex which is only revealed at the end. After getting banished, Rapunzel was on her own and raised her twins alone. The fact that she gave birth to children is a clue that the two protagonists made love. That’s the reason why the sorceress felt betrayed. The daughter had sex without the mother’s consent. Sex is also the reason why Yoon father betrays and abandons his son.

The sorceress also punishes Prince Charming and makes him blind. The other punishment is that he is separated from his lover for many years, until he meets her again. He recognizes Rapunzel by her voice and the woman’s tears are the cure for his blindness. Yes the tears… Sure, in the manhwa, “Rapunzel” is the one moved by the painter’s tears. However, in both stories the tears are a symbol of purity and honesty therefore they have an important finction. From my point of view, we will see Yoon Seungho’s tears later, just like it is only mentioned at the end of the fairy tale. Why do we need to see the lord’s tears? I believe that the lord never cried before, never during the betrayal and the gangrape (my theory), yet he needs to let out the tears in order to overcome the trauma. The confrontation between the prince charming and the sorceress could be perceived as a future encounter between Baek Na-Kyum and Yoon father.

The young man won’t fear the selfish and cruel father. Now, if we return our attention to the painter, we will notice another evidence that Baek Na-Kyum is Prince charming. When in the chapter 52, valet Kim reprimands the artist, he calls him a spoiled princess. This shows how much the butler values the painter. He definitely sees him worthy of his adoptive son. In his eyes, he has become a princess, he just needs to stop acting spoiled.

That’s the reason why I feel the painter will take his responsibilities for his Rapunzel. Let’s not forget that in the philosophical tale The Little Prince, the fox told him this:

“Men have forgotten this truth,” said the fox. “But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. You are responsible for your rose . ..”

Since the painter has tamed the eagle, transformed him into a human being, he needs to become responsible for Yoon Seungho. Imagine the huge scandal. A low-born decides to overlook the conventions and declares that he will be responsible for his lord, since the latter has feelings for him. This would be really interesting if this turns out true. I have to admit, in all the last essays, I keep mentioning a scandal. The reason is simple: Byeonduck wanted to call her manhwa “Scandal…” hence I am still expecting for a huge scandal!! And since I described in this drawing, the painter’s slow approach to the lord’s bedroom, I have the feeling that the painter will be the one to make the decision. He had already taken the lord’s side slowly like we could witness in the image above and the hug reveals that he is truly supporting him now. He is no longer forced or fears his strength and fury. In fact, he understands the lord’s pain instinctively and accepts him with all his faults.

As a final conclusion, Painter Of The Night could be truly perceived as a new version of Rapunzel. The sorceress is a combination of valet Kim (the adoptive mother) and Yoon Father because the moment she got aware that her daughter met a man, she felt betrayed and punished her. Sex was the reason for the banishment and abandonment. Since Yoon Seungho is Rapunzel, I truly hope that people will start perceiving him as a real victim. The incident with the topknot is just the peak of the iceberg. Furthermore, Rapunzel represents the passage from childhood to adulthood accompanied with separation. Rapunzel discovers love and become an independent person. She might have been banished, yet she was able to raise her twins. The experienced pain and the separation from her mother helped her to find her freedom and gain more experience, knowledge of the world. Yoon Seungho is also making new discoveries thanks to Baek Na-Kyum. His prince charming showed him that innocence and purity still exist. Yoon Seungho is changing, he is little by little discovering innocence and love.

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  1. Haha, ‘charming’ analysis! Loved the (reversed-) approach :)) I just read the new Chapter and nothing very surprising, honestly. SH still in denial and mad. I feel like today’s chapter should have been part of the previous one since both are quite short. Anyways, the only thing that surprised me was Nakyum’s passive attitude while the nobles were touching him. He was not even tearing. I don’t know if he was affected by the alcohol and opium or just that he felt like he had to let it be because he is a prostitute anyways. That was very sad to witness. In-Hun literally sucked every ounce of energy, critical thinking and rebellion in our boy. It broke my heart. I would love to know how you felt about that specif point. Seungho on another hand is still fighting with his dilemma and conflicting emotions. I like the fact we’re invited to see his progressive transformation. It makes the plot move very very slowly but at the end, it will all make sense. Sometimes, I wish Lezhin adopts the Netflix strategy and publishes the whole season of a manga at once! It will save us some headaches, haha!

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    1. Yes, each time I read a new chapter, I feel pain. I need time to digest everything. The good things (LOL) are: they was no sex marathon with nobles! Seungho stopped it before and his tolerance is getting lower and lower. Notice that his mind couldn’t follow his heart. He’s like a teenager who discovers love for the first time and find it frightening. He fears love as he has the impression, it is a weakness. BNK was the one who forced the noble to deny his feelings. He got hurt, when he heard: that’s not true.

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      1. Nakyum is no longer that naive & emotional boy we knew, he’s more indifferent now. Even if those “body take the lead” thoughts were Seungho’s, he’s doing exactly the same. It’s not that he’s forcing himself, like Seungho does, but he’s lost his hope in love after In-Hun’s words. Being inmune to these treatment is making Nakyum mentally stronger, now it doesn’t affect him at all. He even finds joy in being used. He hasn’t cry & he’s remained calm. Since it seems that he’s lost hope in happiness and love, it no longer affects his state of mind anymore!

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  2. Right, he had that crazy conflicting look when he heard Nakyum say: “It’s a lie, it cannot be”. It turned him right away into the mad beast version of himself. The one we all hate. Again, he wanted to prove that he does not care. In vain.. luckily. The more I look to the panels, the more I think that Nakyum had a weird attitude and look when he was touched. He was blushing as if he was enjoying it. It’s actually even more sad to me. If it’s true, then he lost himself even more than I thought. He is like a shadow. He is totally numbed by his pain. Seungho must help him understand that he is not a freaking wh*re. Only the murder attempt will shake them up. Until then, I am afraid they will just keep ignoring each other. Seungho could also explode after the nobles left. He could blame Nakyum again for being that passive. Maybe it will ignite some kind of discussion between them!

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    1. There was the affect of the alcohol and the opium. I feel like the scene in the chapter 54 should be seen as a new version of the sex marathon. This time, the lord stopped before so that the painter was not forced to have sex, while it was not the same with the sex marathon. The painter couldn’t refuse the man.

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  3. I love this :’D makes a lot of sense. A reverse rapunzel with the uke being the prince aaaaa~ Although after reading the latest chapter, I really don’t know anymore 😦 B U T I thought of something that might not be of sense but I just remembered:
    The last time Nakyum was in the influence of alcohol in a room, he voiced out how he truly felt and so did Seungho, instead he communicated with his body (when they made love). This time around, he did drink alcohol too when Seungho passed it to him via his mouth. So idk but if he does get drunk (considering that he looked dazed also bc of the opium), maybe he can voice out how he really feels and his regrets. And they might talk for real. Let’s see ;-;

    any thoughts on how the next chapter would be like? Especially now that Deokjae is probably dead and the other nobles know how possessive seungho is.

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    1. Let’s not forget that for Seungho, love is associated to pain and betrayal. Imagine if he loved his father back then and the latter betrayed him in the worst: gangrape and then putting the blame on him as an excuse, he is a sodomite. He realized the power of love, it could cause blindness and the father abused his love and position for his own advantage. Therefore he can never admit first as in his ees, he would get vulnerable. The painter could abuse his position/power over him. So as long as the painter doesn’t love him back, I fear that Seungho will have problem to confess. He’s too scared

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  4. I’ve just read your analyses and I really liked it . After reading the new chapter now this is what I’ve been waiting I was sure it was gonna get like that ask SH need NK to admit his feelings first. Also I can’t get out of my mind the look on Seungho face when he’s watching the nobles touching NK it feels like he dream, like he doesn’t believe what he’s seeing , his eyes looks hurt and it’s like he’s in shock of what he did and see ! I hope he won’t have sex with the painter after all this because knowing he temperament I’m kinda scared ! Also he now know that he love him and can’t deny it !
    I just hope everything’s gonna be alright I feel so sad for both of them 🥺

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  5. I am personally not expecting a love confession to happen soon. It will be rushed and not very convincing. Especially because Nakyum is clearly not on the same page as SH regarding romantic feelings. Nakyum feels a mysterious attraction towards him but that’s it. Sincerely, in what world an innocent and honest boy like Nakyum whom has the biggest crush on his teacher, gets verbally and physically abused by Seungho would all of a sudden start to like him? For that, he needs to feel safe, protected and develops some kind of admiration towards Seungho. Unfortunately, SH is screwing every occasion he has to show him that he is able to provide him that. When I read people complaining about SH’s character development saying it’s not happening and everything. I am just mind-blown 😳 Like, are we even reading the same thing? SH is transforming into a caring lover since chapter 40 or something. It’s frustrating because we have to deal with his emotional handicap but he is slowly getting there. I said last week that I wanted the orgy scene to happen to see if SH would bare it or not. I am glad we had it. I am so relieved. After that, we can be sure SH won’t be able to abuse Nakyum in any manner. He is way too in love. He also finally realized his feelings. He can keep deny it publicly but not to himself. As for that last interaction between SH and Min… damn that looked like a declaration of war!!! Min 1 — Seungho 0.

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    1. I have the impression that this season is a repetition of the first season but this time, Seungho is now in the painter’s position. Back then, BNK was denying his homosexuality and for Seungho, he is in denial about his love. That’s his fight, he needs to face his fears.


      1. True! But does it mean we have to wait the 3rd season to see Nakyum starting to really like SH (after he saves him from Nameless most likely)?Well, that could be possible. The wait is hard tough xD

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  6. This is a really original essay, I hadn’t thought about the classic stories, but it does have many similarities.

    The role of the parents, the blue prince (who is brave, beautiful and pure -Nk only lacks education-) and SH is the princess, who must be rescued by the kiss of true love hahaha.
    I really enjoyed reading your essay.

    But the role of parents is fundamental in these types of stories (the classics), or they are very weak or selfish and greedy or they simply do not have the slightest interest in their children. SH is the consequence of the bad actions of the parental role exercised.

    On the other hand, establishing that Kim is the “spiritual” father is like predicting his death.
    On the hero’s path, all those who are spiritual parents or mentors for the protagonist end up dying so that the hero can finally take charge of his destiny and triumph (or not) when facing his final destiny (in this case the final enemy will be Yoon SeungHo’s father), so I think My Lord will have to overcome obstacles (NK’s assassination attempt, conquer NK, and social gaze) to then face his final destiny and become a man.

    Look at everything you made me think! hahaha Thanks for that !!

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  7. Hi! I have been following your analyses/meta for some time, but that it is the first time I want to leave a comment;
    Since we are making a parallel with universal stories with POTN, I couldn’t think about Eros e Psych myth; there are a lot we can compare: NK as Psyche, the beautiful princess who was forced to marry a terrible monster (but in fact it was Eros, the god of love and sex) as a punishment from Aphrodite, who was jealous because the men abandoned her temples and cult to admire Psyche, a mere mortal (and here a make a comparison with Jihwa, who was rejected for someone he thinks is inferior)
    Eros, who had fall in love with Psyche, does everything to make her happy, but doesn’t reveal his true identity, and here I see Seungho doesn’t show his true self to NK, because he doesn’t want or doesn’t how to;
    After some time, instigated by her sisters, which were jealous, Psyche, convinced that she needs to kill the monster, discovered Eros secret, and wounded him accidentaly with the oil candle. Feeling betrayed, Eros abandons Psyche, and the girl needs to regains her husband trust again;
    Psyche’s myth it is the allegory of the human soul, wich needs to take the path of passions and sufferings to find the true happiness/love, and fits perfectly to NK, who are in this hard path, as a target of envy of Deok Jae and Jihwa, because of the prejudice towards his social status; Seungho as Eros, known for his lust, with the union with NK, “his soul”, could feel completed as a human.
    I am sorry for the really long reply, but yours analyse can take the better of my thoughts, and, I started to read POTN for the erotic scenes, but I am glad to see this storie is more complex than I thought, and you helped me to see the layers;

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  8. Oh wowwww! I really did enjoy reading this. I don’t know if every aspect of it made it into my mind but I love how you’re so detail oriented.
    And… Nakyum is indeed a charming prince! hahahaha

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