Painter Of The Night: “HAA…” Flashbacks

This is where you can read the manhwa.   But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes.

If I asked the manhwalovers about the number of flashbacks used in chapter 66, they would certainly reply that there were 2 flashbacks. The first one is, when Baek Na-Kyum remembers that night where he had a near-death experience and the second one would be, when he is lying in his study with Yoon Seungho next to his bed. They would give such an answer, because they would use the black frame as reference. The latter represents a memory or a dream in Painter Of The Night. In other words, the manhwaphiles would invoke a literary phenomenon:

“Flashback is a device that moves an audience from the present moment in a chronological narrative to a scene in the past. Often, flashbacks are abrupt interjections that further explain a story or character with background information and memories. […] Flashback can occur as a sudden thought sequence, a hazy dream, or a vivid memory. It can be announced or unannounced in the line of narrative.”

However, we have more than 2 in reality, as Byeonduck used a different type of flashback too: the psychological flashback linked to PTSD.

“Flashbacks are psychological phenomena during which a person relives a past event or fragments of a past experience. […] Conversely, some flashbacks may be devoid of visual and auditory memory and may lead a person to experience feelings of panichelplessness, numbness, or entrapment. Many individuals report the onset of flashbacks after surviving a near-death experience or another traumatic situation.”,fragments%20of%20a%20past%20experience.

Striking is that the author linked both phenomena together in order to explain the reason for Baek Na-Kyum’s behavior. He was having a panic attack in form of a flashback, which terrified him so much that he left the bed in his distress and walked randomly in the room. His survival instinct had kicked in. Because of the flashback, the protagonist had lost his sense of orientation and couldn’t see where he was going, as all his thoughts and emotions were revolving around the trauma. He had the feeling that he was reliving his past experience. This explains why the chapter 65 ended with the following panels:

The readers had here to fill the blank and explain, why the painter was first lying under the cover to finally end up in the room next to the cupboard on the floor. Yet, Byeonduck never showed us this. She just offered us the result requesting from the readers to imagine the whole scene. By doing so, she forced the manhwaphiles to put themselves into the artist’s shoes. That way, she let them feel what Baek Na-Kyum was experiencing.

But let’s return our attention to the flashbacks. When the episode 66 starts, the time of the narration has actually changed. We are already reading a flashback, although this time Byeonduck didn’t use the black frame. There’s a reason for that. She employed a time jump, but not in the future, like k-dramas often utilize it, but a time jump in the past. The first scene of chapter 66 happens right after Yoon Seungho says those words in chapter 65. And if you read the chapter again, you’ll notice a huge white space between the next following panel. Yoon Seungho is opening the door leaving the painter in his bedchamber (chapter 65). As a conclusion, the beginning of the episode 66 has to placed between the last words and the opening door. Hence we have a fourth flashback in episode 66.

First, she showed us the protagonist tying the painter on the bed, then covering his mouth and finally putting him under the cover so that he could get rid of noona Heena easily. He recreated the situation Baek Na-Kyum was exposed to, when he had been abducted. And if the beholder pays attention to the way the painter is lying in the bed, they will realize another important aspect: the cover that the painter used as protection and comfort has become a prison or a trap now. The cause for this heartbeat is not excitement or surprise but fear. And this panel is very important for two reasons. First, it is a new version of chapter 34, where the painter was crying that the scholar hadn’t asked for him and used the cover as solace. Besides, in this chapter, his heart started racing with the main lead’s appearance. In both chapters, the main lead was the cause for the heartbeat, yet the reasons for the racing heart are totally different. It is important, because it shows us that the kidnapping left a deep wound on the artist’s psyche. When the main character recreated the condition of the abduction, he triggered a flashback. Because Baek Na-Kyum couldn’t scream for help and his head was held under a bag , he had difficulties to breathe, therefore in Seungho’s room, he starts suffocating too: “HAA, HAA”. Furthermore, during the kidnapping, the threads and the knife in his mouth showed that Nameless knew how to scare the low-born. He triggered all the painter’s senses and aroused them to the maximum so that the artist wouldn’t be able to speak so easily. This explicates why the artist felt the abduction as a near-death experience. This is not surprising that when he woke up the next morning, he was trembling and felt scared. But if the manhwaworms looks at the criminal’s actions, they will conclude that Nameless was indeed ruthless. He knew how to terrify the painter. He tormented the painter psychologically. Nonetheless, since Nameless neither murdered nor atrophied the painter, in his eyes he was actually very kind and even merciful. He even felt pity for him, as he was well aware of the artist’s innocence. The latter was just a plaything caught in the middle of the fight between two nobles. Because of his words, I believe that Nameless stands in opposite to Kim’s philosophy. While the latter chose cowardice and indifference for his self-preservation, the “butcher” made the opposite choice. By becoming the dirty hands of the nobles, he was sure that the nobles would protect him, because if they didn’t, their crimes could threaten their position. He would always stand on the winning side. However, by acting like that, Nameless contributes to perpetuate injustice and reinforce the harsh treatment on commoners. As you can see, the flashbacks (memories of the painter) were used to explain why the low-born had a flashback (panik attack) at the end. By reproducing the condition of the entrapment, Yoon Seungho helped to unveil the truth unconsciously. The painter’s body revealed the terrible secret and the readers got a glimpse of Nameless’ true mindset too.

So when the lord opens the door and sees the artist on the ground, he looks angry, because his lover caused him some trouble. This impression seems to be confirmed, as the moment he removes the cloth from the painter’s mouth, the lord criticizes him. However, from my point of view, we need to differentiate between the actions made by Yoon Seungho’s mouth and hands again. While the latter are under the influence of his unconscious, the mouth represents the mind and as such conscious. Note that he removes the cloth, although he could have ignored it. By liberating Baek Na-Kyum’s mouth, he is actually endangering his situation. Let’s not forget that since that terrible night, the lord has returned to his older self, therefore he has the impression that he is no longer using his heart. But he noticed that the painter was in a terrible condition, therefore he couldn’t ignore his lover. From my point of view, the two panels reveal that Yoon Seungho’s affection for the painter hasn’t changed one bit in the end. He continues saying that he is restraining himself, since he is not even able to refuse Baek Na-Kyum’s resistance: “But you have your ways”. From my point of view, we have here a new version of the lord’s confession: (chapter 58). The irony is that in chapter 66, the painter is a wreck, yet the lord is admitting his defeat displaying Baek Na-Kyum’s real power. The other divergence is that this time, it is a conscious choice. This is not a dream or an illusion. Yoon Seungho states that he can’t win against the low-born’s will. In other words, their relationship is progressing again. Due to the resemblance of the chapter 58, the readers have the feeling to witness another flashback. Nonetheless here, the noble hears a reply to his confession, unlike in the past: The nature of the confession has changed: this is an admission for his silence. He lied and apologized in order to survive. These panels expose how deeply traumatized the painter is. He is still trapped in his flashback, reliving his near-death experience and doesn’t realize his lover’s presence. Therefore his gaze is directed elsewhere. I would even say, his gaze is lost in the flashback. What caught my attention is the protagonist’s reaction, when he hears the painter’s words and heavy breathing. He is not only surprised and shocked, he is also paralyzed. For me, the last panel shows the main lead’s realization. He must have recognized the painter’s real condition: he is traumatized. And in my opinion, the painter’s confession and behavior triggered a flashback in Yoon Seungho too, which we don’t really see, but can sense more or less. Observe his discomfort and his fixe stare. He seems lost as well, very similar to the commoner’s gaze. Besides, the aristocrat doesn’t move one moment, although some time has already passed. The sister has already left the house and Min is now standing at the door. The last picture even shows us Min’s perspective. He senses the lord’s worry and pangs of conscience too. From my point of view, the lord is reminded of his own bad past experience due to the artist’s behavior and words. The other clue for this interpretation is the lord’s phobia of the cover. (chapter 35) Therefore I come to the conclusion that we have another flashback here, but Yoon Seungho’s is not revealed, only through his gaze and the observations I made: the fear of the cover and the commoner’s past as a repetition of the main lead’s tragic past. Let’s not forget that this scene is also a new version of chapter 53: , back then, the main lead was the one who was in a dissociative state and the painter embraced him, when he sensed his fury and pain. However, this time the roles are switched. And this explains why the noble hugs the painter, attempting to give him some comfort. Yet, in my opinion, he has no idea about the real cause of the artist’s trauma in that moment, therefore he feels responsible and terrible. That’s the reason why he remains so passive and silent. He feels the need to console Baek Na-Kyum, but note that he doesn’t even attempt to dress the painter or to put him in a better position. He stays kneeling in an uncomfortable position, using his body and hands to protect Baek Na-Kyum from others. And now, the manhwaphiles can comprehend why I chose such a title. The flashbacks are not just memories, but also psychological phenomena due to PTSD.

And now it is time to focus on the last flashback. I have to admit, it took me some time to fully grasp what it really represents. The first confusion is the chronology of the episode. Before the appearance of the flashback, we have a zoom on Yoon Seungho’s face indicating that he heard Min’s confession: Lee Jihwa is behind the painter’s disappearance. And right after, the flashback starts so that it feels like a caesura. Therefore many readers felt confused. In order to comprehend its true nature, the manhwaphiles should remember the definition of the flashback in fiction. It is either a memory or a hazy dream. That’s why we need to question ourselves about the nature of this scene. Is it a dream or a memory? And who is the person having a flashback?

For me, there’s no doubt that this can’t represent the lord’s memory. First, the chronology shows that the flashback happens during the next night due to the way the lord and Baek Na-Kyum are dressed. The lord is still wearing the hanbok from the morning and this time, the painter has his own expensive clothes on. From my point of view, the lord took care of the artist personally. Unlike in chapter 33, Yoon Seungho took his responsibilities for his wrongdoings and didn’t delegate it to the doctor or his assistant. It was his way to show repentance. Secondly, I believe that the owner of this flashback is Baek Na-Kyum due to the ending and the two following drawings: The images are almost identical, yet in the second picture, there’s no black frame, therefore this means that it represents reality. And now, you can better grasp the nature of Baek Na-Kyum’s flashback. It is a mixture of dream and memory. The lord stayed by his side the whole night (a new version of chapter 55) and at some point, the artist opened his eyes briefly, just like the lord nodded to Baek Na-Kyum’s question unconsciously , as he felt his presence, but never realized it in the end. In other words, the painter also detected the lord’s presence by his side, even opened his eyes for a second, heard him even calling his name . The tragedy is that exactly like during their Wedding Night, the painter won’t be sure, if what he sensed and saw was reality or a dream. Therefore I come to the conclusion that this is a new version of chapter 58, where the roles are reversed. Back then, the lord thought that this night with Baek Na-Kyum was too beautiful to be true and it is the artist’s turn to feel the same way. This flashback shows his wish mixed with a memory. And now, during this night, the lord expressed his regrets and showed his tenderness, just like in chapter 58. He took the hand with delicacy and touched the wrist and the wound with his finger carefully, ,as though he wanted to heal himself the bruise. For me, this scene was so beautiful and moving, as it reflects the noble’s growth. He doesn’t just feel huge pangs of conscience, but he is determined to redeem himself in the end. When he touches the scar, he feel sorry for Baek Na-Kyum’s wounds which he hadn’t seen due to his self-hatred. At the end, he treats Baek Na-Kyum’s hand like a treasure. Yet, note that he is not kissing it. First, I interpret his gesture as a sign of regret. Secondly, a kiss is linked to sensuality and the noble is no longer for such a love, especially after that terrible sex marathon. Moreover, I believe that lord Seungho has the impression that he is not worthy of the painter, hence he puts a finger between his eyes and the low-born’s hand. The absence of his eyes is not necessarily referring to his blindness. For me, it points out that the lord has finally recognized the true value of his hands: the painter’s beautiful spirit and soul. Besides, they helped him to see the truth. Why? I have to confess that this scene made me remember their first meeting in chapter 1. Although the lord called them “talented hands”, he grabbed them in a rather rough way and put them on his loins. He only valued them, as they helped him to have a better libido. And now, his gesture has a different meaning. The hand made him recognize that the drawings had an effect on his heart and soul. At the same time, the artist made him realize his hypersexuality. As you can observe, by contrasting these two scenes, you can detect the noble’s development. But since the painter only opened eyes shortly, the noble decided not to remain by his side, because he had the impression that the artist didn’t wish to see him after what he had put him through. That’s why he sent for noona Heena. He knew the importance of his sister, since the commoner had tried to protect her before. That’s why we see the sister by the painter’s side the next morning. She symbolizes reality. Consequently, I believe that the following picture from the flashback illustrates the artist’s true wish. He desired the lord by his side, but the reality was different. His noona was by his side. This didn’t upset the painter, because he received a warm embrace full of love and compassion, something really important in order to heal his wounds, contrasting to the hug in the barn symbolizing fakeness and coldness.

As you know, Baek Na-Kyum’s dreams were always connected to reality, as they often announced the future events. However, here I feel that the dream is connected to reality differently: it is connected to the past. The lord was indeed present in his study. The flashback is influenced by a memory mixed with a wish. Consequently this flashback stands in opposition to the first one, where the painter relived his trauma due to the memories linked to his terrible near-death experience. Both flashbacks were influenced by memories, yet in the last one, the painter will have the impression that it was too good to be true. There’s no ambiguity that Yoon Seungho will keep his distance from the artist. Just like during the first season after the chapter 35, he won’t ask for sex. The gesture with the hand was pretty clear for me. The aristocrat will be content, if he sees the artist by his side from afar. However, this doesn’t signify that Yoon Seungho will leave his mansion for sex orgies. No, it is impossible. Since he knows that Jihwa hurt his lover, he has to be by his side to ensure Baek Na-Kyum’s safety. Therefore I come to the conclusion that Yoon Seungho will start paying attention to his mansion and staff. He will ask for answers, like for example: How could the guardian let Min walk in the mansion so freely? He will give strict orders. From my point of view, the main lead will start acting like a real lord and pay attention to the behavior of his staff. At the same time, Yoon Seungho will also have a flashback of that night, where he beat Deok-Jae, who had hurt his lover. He will interrogate Kim about his whereabouts and investigate the circumstances of his disappearance.

Although the painter is now unsure, if the lord was by his side or not, it’s only a matter of time, until the painter approaches the noble again. I am expecting a new version of chapter 52. Why? Due to the analysis of the flashback, I think that despite the new sex marathon, the artist is not resenting Yoon Seungho. I explain his reaction the following: In the barn, the aristocrat’s words left a deeper impact than anything else. For the first time, someone was refusing to abandon him (even if it sounded so possessive and obsessive). Furthermore the same person even expressed that his smile and presence could be the source of his happiness , something he had never heard before. Finally, we shouldn’t forget that Baek Na-Kyum’s ears have always been very sensitive to words, explaining why the commoner was so devastated by Jung In-Hun’s last sentence. Finally, the lord’s confession revealed that he never considered him as a whore in the end, as his request was just a smile and not his body. Finally, I believe, noona Heena’s presence will also have an influence in the painter’s thoughts and emotions. Baek Na-Kyum will be able to appreciate that Yoon Seungho allowed her companionship, willing to accept a gisaeng in his house, although the low-born heard him calling her a wench or harlot before. Unlike the past, the artist is no longer blind or deaf to the noble’s gestures. There’s no doubt that they will rekindle, but their relationship will mature. The lord will try to find a different connection and I am already imagining him asking again: Another flashback from the past…

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13 thoughts on “Painter Of The Night: “HAA…” Flashbacks

  1. Thank you so much I loved it ✨🥰
    I agree with what you said about the kiss on the hand. It’s also no wonder why knowing what he did the night before and the way he tied his lover, he must feel horribly sad and affected seeing him in this state. I noticed that Seungho emotions always goes out of control due to Nakyum which is a way to show us how much the artist mean to him. So touching .
    About the orgies you said he won’t because He will protect NK from Jihwa, but in my view it’s not even that, he can’t have sex with any other person now that he is inlove. Remember the last time a noble tried to do a blowjob he didn’t even reacted and was lost in thought. Who would have thought that the Seungho who welcomed everyone would become like that .
    I wonder if Seungho did something to Min which wouldn’t even surprise me considering that Min was an accomplice .
    Namless was really heartless with the way he threatened the artist, it was not enough that he talked about the way he would kill him when Jihwa was here he added fire again telling him all that before releasing him.. Nakyum face when he begged to not be killed was so heartbreaking!! I can’t even imagine how Seungho must’ve have felt in that painful moment. Also the moment he grabbed his lover by the shirt we can see Nakyum being a total wreck .. he was like a doll, letting all of his limbs go and lowered his head it was so sad for me . But I am so glad that now the lord KNOW finally!!
    From now on there’s no doubt he will always look at the artist security and tell his staff.
    The last panel after Min talked, when he said « what » we could see from the look on his eyes that the next moments won’t be all sweet.
    Seungho love for Nakyum will always move me so deeply. Seeing him in all his states 🥺 The painter loves him now also there’s no doubt he will loves him more and more .
    I have a question, why did Heena Noona was gone ? I thought she stayed the whole time.
    Also where did Seungho go on the end ? Does he go straight to Jihwa ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes you are right but since I mentioned 33, I left it like that. Yoon Seungho is not only monogamous but also spiritual now. Heena was first sent, because they saw that the lord was taking care of BNK and Kim didn’t want more uproar

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      1. Also did you saw : Kim didn’t talk even thought he witnessed his sister huge worry, Nakyum traumatized and pitiful state and the Lord worry and shock . He stayed far but at the right distance to put away Heena when she tried to see her brother. What a coward

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  2. Yes, that’s why I asked you before if the author would show us Seungho’s past, what has he seen? Where did his mind take him? 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    For the first time, I don’t know what to expect.
    First, Kim in the shadows again, honoring her cowardice, standing by the door.😡

    Min in the end, in his clumsiness, fixed everything. However, it is also full of new information: he knows that the painter is very important to Seungho, he knows that the painter has a sister, he must intuit that he was punished for what the servant told him at the door. This fills me with uncertainty.😖

    Moreover, that eyeless face on Seungho gave me the feeling that he was lost.😔

    The servants saw everything and listened too. It struck me that the servant who spoke with Min said the same thing that Seungho to Nakyum about his Noona: “the two of them had made a plan and that’s why she was there” 😶

    Furthermore, it is possible that a new wave of rumors will spread: Lord Jihwa tried to kill Lord Yoon’s fiancee!! I don’t know if the people believed about the painter, but they sure misjudge Jihwa. He was described as Seungho’s partner before. They know it was out of jealousy. 🙄

    Yes, it is quite clear that Nakyum already has a kind of dependency or bond towards Seungho. Could Noona help this couple get ahead?🙏🏻

    Hopefully it’s as you say, and Seungho takes his responsibility as lord. It would be a big step. But will Seungho be able to deal with this? Look at what he did out of guilt and hatred (in decline, with those lords). Will it really be strong now? 😟

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    1. IMO we are headed towards a purge and the future trial will be done by authorities which Seungho will use against nobles. For me, Jihwa was the one who lost the battle in that chapter despite the appearances of his defeat


  3. I was thinking…
    If seungho doesn’t have orgies or run away from home, dealing with everything that happened, then he can’t just go around ignoring Nakyum, or seeing the painter from afar.

    In chapter 34, Nakyum has a flashback with Inhun hitting his legs. My dear boy cries and promises that he will never paint those scenes again, until Seungho appears in his dream.
    Perhaps Nakyum will experience more memories and nightmares from now on.

    In that same chapter, it is Kim who enters the room and explains what happened while he was unconscious.
    In this case it is likely that Noona is the one who fills us that time until Nakyum woke up. What did Seungho do all afternoon and night?

    Then in chapter 34 Seungho returns home, and finds Nakyum in his room. When Nakyum wants to go out, Seungho stops him, and asks “where do you think you’re going”.
    A role reversal might be for Nakyum to ask Seungho “where are you going”, since the link is already there, we might see him questioning his lord Seungho once again.

    It is also possible that from now on, Seungho looks for ways to cheer up Nakyum. He might invite him to paint again, whatever he wants, maybe he’ll bring him books, thinking about the poem, and maybe we’ll finally see Seungho teaching Nakyum to read. It could be a nice way to meet again.

    By the way, Inhun touches Nakyum’s head in chapter 35, and then Seungho repeats the same gesture. Hahaha that Seungho is crazy with jealousy.

    And well, that I think…Seungho will be, carefully, proactive. Or maybe and it’s the other way around, Nakyum wants to see Seungho and look for him. Not for sex, but for company.

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    1. I just tweeted something similar: a new version of chapter 34 and 51: Either YSH is convinced by Noona to visit BNK or Heena tells BNK what the lord did during his sleep. There’s no doubt that Heena will hear from the maids what YSH did in the past for BNK: sending for the doctor, paying expensive medicine, the way he carried BNK from his room and even spent the entire night in his study. In chapter 38, the maids told JIH that BNK had spent the night in YSH’s chamber and it could be the other way around this time. There’s no doubt that Noona will play a huge role between BNk and YSH in the end, the real matchmaker of this couple. Besides, since he sent for her, it shows that YSH didn’t resent her for her criticisms or her rude behavior.


      1. I was seeing the last images…
        We first see Nakyum’s bruised hand.
        Next, we see Nakyum sleeping, dressed and well covered. We can also see part of Seungho’s shoulder.
        Then the image changes. We see Nakyum, faceless, but his robe is open and he is no longer so covered. We can also see Seungho, who is apparently holding Nakyum’s hand.

        Therefore my theory is … could it be that the face of the painter that the author did not draw corresponds to the one we see below?
        Seungho called Nakyum, and he shifted on the bed. Seungho took her hand, and saw the marks and stroked them….

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      2. Yes, in 51, we see Seungho finally understanding why Nakyum behaved like this.
        We could have a time change in 67. We could see Seungho talking to a guard or spy who tells him what Jihwa did.

        Also in chapter 51 we see Nameless with a kisaeng. I insist, that woman must have some role in the future. Perhaps Noona Heena is the closest to Nakyum, but when the author showed us Nakyum’s farewell, Heena mentions “you will miss your Noonas”, including everyone. It is likely that a loving child like Nakyum was well liked. When the truth is known, it could be that the Kisaeng have a role to play in knowing the identity of the perpetrator (Nameless).

        In 51 We also see Seungho laugh with a nobleman. Hopefully we see Nakyum laugh with Heena this time, I’ll die if my little painter loses his smile.🥺🥺🥺

        And we see Jihwa desperate too.

        More or less this is how chapters 67 and 68 could go.

        Now my question is, who will be the antagonist this time? In chapter 51 we had Deok Jae looking with some hatred at the painter. And now who will it be? A resentful Mr. Kim? Min? Nameless?

        I don’t think Lord Song appears yet, let alone Lord Yoon.
        This will be my last comment. I will have a hard week again 😔

        Bye bye ✌🏻✌🏻🙂

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      3. The antagonists of this season are Kim and Min in my opinion. Remember how the tailor revealed the scandal linked to Kim. His reputation will be ruined… and he won’t be able to live a quiet life. Besides, YSH will investigate the matter of the abduction. Kim and the doctor will be questioned. Let’s not forget, it happened at the physician’s place and I am envisaging that YSH will question their involvement. Are they accomplices or not? He will remember their words (he didn’t run away… so their testimony won’t speak for them! They knew something, but didn’t reveal it. I am predicting that Kim and the doctor will suffer somehow.


  4. I think the lord will take revenge and go a little further, and somehow the phrase “bloody lord” will be used in public, this is just an overestimation for me, I think that at some point he will be exiled from the house where he lives like his father.

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    1. There’s no doubt that there will be a purge. I had never thought of that aspect. But the father was exiled because he sold his son and was a coward. I perceive Seungho differently. He won’t use a scapegoat. So it’s possible that his father decides to return and uses this opportunity to make a comeback.


  5. I can finally write to you! thank you for your accurate analysis! it’s amazing how the new chapters are a mirror of the old , it makes you understand how much the Sensei worked behind it to make the story tied to a thin thread!
    In two chapters you clearly perceived the fears of NK and the silent terror of SH!
    This painful moment will unite them even more! The scene of the bed was beautiful! SH’s pain in realizing the raw truth and seeing her beloved so vulnerable! How he touched his hand you could see how much he loved him and it’s a new feeling for him.
    I’m happy and I knew that NK felt the Lord nearby and thought it at the moment of awakening, it means that he has already forgiven him!
    There could be two scenarios I imagined:
    -SH will observe and heal NK with the right distance trying to clean up the mess of the kidnapping by asking for information from the servants, He’ll ask her sister to stay close to her brother, and here NK can open up to her feelings for SH. The distance of SH will be felt by NK and he will eventually look for him to have him close, I imagine something like “sleep with me” without sex but with the words and color that the painter needs!
    -SH will have a confrontation with NK’s sister this time more peaceful, she will explain his reasons for wanting her brother along with the brothel.
    SH will shut up and let NK decide what’s right. Here there may be a time for SH to meet NK and apologize for everything he’s done, there might finally be a moment of truth for SH to tell him about his past, to open up to his beloved and this would be the improvement that so many readers were waiting for!
    Finally, we explain why Byeonduck wanted to insert the special chapter next week because this chapter just released will start a 3 phase, probably the most intense and decisive! so to prepare the bed has realized as a break so you can think of the next scenarios! There is also to say that the parallel story is not entirely useless, it will definitely contain future spoilers since the characters retain the same characteristics! I realized how much the author doesn’t take for granted!
    And the reader doesn’t have to be superficial in reading it! ❤️

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