Painter Of The Night: Yoon Seungho’s love confession: “I adore you” (second version)

This is where you can read the manhwa.  But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes.

Here, I would like to thank Luzy for her contribution. Thanks to her observations, I am able to get more insight.

The love session in chapter 58 represented a turning point in Yoon Seungho’s life for two reasons. First, it meant that the lord was dropping all the principles taught by his two fathers: father Yoon and Kim. He was no longer perceiving sex as a battle, but a symbol of love. Secondly, he was willing to reveal his heart and to become dependent on someone else. That’s why he chose to make love to the painter that night. Since the painter was already associating him to home, a synonym for family, Yoon Seungho had the feeling that Baek Na-Kyum was already considering him as a part of his family. For him, there was a glimpse of hope that the artist would come to return his affection. Yet, if he wanted to win his heart, it signified that the main lead had to confess first. But a simple love declaration was not enough, as the words would never be strong enough to convince the painter. Besides, the lord was quite perceptive about the low-born’s personality. Because the latter had never been able to have a different image from the lord (a man consumed by sex), he needed to present himself differently. Since their first night Yoon Seungho has known Baek Na-Kyum’s dream: showing his love through his body and words. For he was aware of the artist’s wish, he knew that if he recreated their Wedding night, he could move Baek Na-Kyum’s heart. He would be haunted, exactly like him. We shouldn’t forget that back then, the aristocrat had experienced himself, how Baek Na-Kyum had confessed, although he was risking to be rejected. He wanted his learned sir to see and feel his love. And now, you comprehend why Yoon Seungho chose to repeat the artist’s same gestures from their Wedding night. (the same kiss mixed with surprise) He not only initiates the first kiss, but he gives a certain innocence and purity to the kiss. He was still deep down hoping that if the low-born sensed his love, and even heard his love declaration, he would be moved and would reciprocate the feelings. Therefore we have the repetition of the same gestures from their Wedding night. Since the painter voiced the wish to be embraced, note that the noble never stopped hugging Baek Na-Kyum the whole time. He did even more: he kept the treasured hand in his own hand. That way, the painter would feel the noble’s love. The manhwaphiles shouldn’t underestimate the signification of the hands. The latter symbolize the heart, hence a confession is often associated to the hand. Let’s not forget that nowadays a married couple wear rings. So Yoon Seungho hoped through the hand’s grip to reach Baek Na-Kyum’s heart. Not only Yoon Seungho kept facing the artist, another signal for love, but also he ensured that their bodies would continue touching each other. It was, as if he couldn’t bear the thought of being distanced from his loved one. If you compare the aristocrat’s sex sessions with the artist and the nobles, you’ll detect that there was always a certain gap which contrasts to this scene. The lord is in fact showering the artist with his love. However, only in chapter 68, the manhwaphiles discover through the painter’s words that Yoon Seungho said more than admitting his defeat: . He confessed with the following expression: “I adore you”, the moment the painter hugged him back. He had the impression that his love had been perceived by the artist and he was accepting his affection. That’s why the following panel is this image: Observe the similarity (chapter 21) with the picture from chapter 62. The only difference is that Baek Na-Kyum is not saying anything. Yet, in chapter 21, Byeonduck showed us this image: And here is the question: why didn’t she draw the same picture with Yoon Seungho’s face in the front in chapter 62? It is important to recall that the panels represent the lord’s memories. He is remembering that night, when he declared “I adore you” after getting embraced. He can only recall the absence of the artist’s reply. Baek Na-Kyum never said anything, which did disturb Yoon Seungho. The lord desired to hear the same words from the low-born. With the absence of a real answer, Yoon seungho got scared. He had the feeling that despite his confession, he had not been able to woo Baek Na-Kyum properly. That’s why he put his head on the artist’s chest and heard his heart pounding. He was looking for a response. He heard and saw the heard pounding and wished to perceive in it a sign that he had been accepted. Yet, the lack of a reply from the painter made him feel very insecure… and his confession had been triggered by the commoner’s embrace. Nonetheless, the love confession was not made at the end, but during the love session. The only words Yoon Seungho got to hear was (“my lord”) and . The manhwaphiles should remember that during their Wedding night, it was the main lead who proposed to be addressed as “my lord”, that’s why this gave him more hope during their second love session.

And now you can understand why Yoon Seungho smirked, when he heard Baek Na-Kyum calling him my lord after waking up in chapter 62. For him, these words were now associated to illusion. They reminded him of the social gap. He was still perceived as a lord and not as a lover. The importance of the calling is even outlined in the following panel: (chapter 62) Observe that the lord stops his hand from caressing the painter’s cheek. That’s why he got upset, felt stupid. The artist might have mentioned “home”, but in a servant-master relationship. Baek Na-Kyum was just his domestic and Yoon Seungho his lord. Yoon Seungho could only get upset for falling for an illusion. But since the painter had hurt him with his embrace after hearing the lord’s love confession, he faked the hug in the barn. The aristocrat wanted to make the painter experience the same… giving him the illusion that his apology had been accepted, yet in reality he was deceived. That’s why Yoon Seungho calls the painter a conniving creature. He had the feeling that he had been played, because the artist never rejected his advances, but never replied to his declaration. Then with the commoner’s disappearance, he felt that he had been tricked. Let’s not forget that during that night, Yoon Seungho decided to drop his fathers’ doctrines, and since he had been abandoned, he could only come to the conclusion that his father’s principles had been correct: opening up and revealing his vulnerability would lead to defeat and humiliation. With Baek Na-Kyum’s vanishing, he was taught a lesson, therefore he could only become like his father. However, this was just an illusion. Yoon Seungho was not able to fully transform like father Yoon. Why? It is because his love for the painter is already so strong that it can never be destroyed. And if you observe the chapters 63-64-65, you’ll notice that Baek Na-Kyum was moved from the storage room to the courtyard , then to the painter’s study to finally end up in the lord’s bedchamber . From my point of view, the noble was unable to stick to his principles. He declared that the artist would only be his sex toy at his disposal, the reality was that the protagonist needed Baek Na-Kyum by his side.

Furthermore, in chapter 63, Baek Na-Kyum changed the way he addressed him during the sex marathon. From “my lord” or “sir”, the commoner starts calling lord Seungho

exposing a certain intimacy. And this was the trigger for Yoon Seungho to change his behavior. Observe that right after, he turns the painter around, so that they are facing each other. As a conclusion, the way the painter calls the lord is relevant, exposing that if Baek Na-Kyum calls the aristocrat “Seungho”, this will definitely move the lord’s heart. And we shouldn’t forget that in the painter’s dream, the noble keeps calling the artist “Na-Kyum”, a symbol of intimacy and love. (chapter 56) (chapter 66) The painter likes to be addressed that way too.

Besides, I would like to point out that Baek Na-Kyum’s body is clean in chapter 65, therefore we have to imagine that just like in the past, Yoon Seungho took care of it, which stands in opposition to the night in chapter 58-59. Back then, the painter had to clean himself and note that’s how he slowly saw the lord’s affection. I also believe that this new version of sex marathon was the master’s desperate measure to force the commoner to accept him and his love. Since the words and the love session had not been successful, then maybe his father’s principle (sex as a battle) could help him. Therefore the painter became a wreck.

What caught my attention is the difference in the love confession compared to the one in chapter 21. While Baek Na-Kyum just expressed his admiration with “like”, the main lead chose the same words than Jihwa’s: And these words from the childhood friend touched Yoon Seungho’s heart, he felt the power behind this idiom. This explicates why he mentions it to Baek Na-Kyum, exposing his biggest wish: And since he had been touched with these words, he decided to employ the same expression, with the desire to move the painter’s heart. However, as you can see, Baek Na-Kyum never truly paid attention to these words, because when he leaves the room at the physician’s home, he never mentions it. At no moment, we get to hear these words from the commoner. In fact, it looks like Baek Na-Kyum was more touched by this , because he had an orgasm right after. Why didn’t he react the same way with “I adore you”? From my point of view, “a wreck” is a metaphor, and as such it transports a certain image: a destroyed boat. The picture expose the power and the strength of the feelings. Let’s not forget that the main lead is a painter, hence a metaphor can help him to visualize the significance of these words. But since Baek Na-Kyum was turning his head the other way, Yoon Seungho never saw the painter’s blushing and tears of joy. On the other hand, the readers could detect that the master quite dislikes the idiom “like”. For him, it is definitely too lukewarm and insipid. First, he was pleased, when the commoner declared this (chapter 45), he imagined that he was slowly getting closer to his goal, until he realized his mistake. From my perspective, the expression “I like” is related to the scholar Jung In-Hun, because it is quite superficial and observe that Baek Na-Kyum utilized this expression, when he was acting as a “prostitute”. As you can see, the two protagonists have a different connection to idioms, this created a huge misunderstanding between them. And if the noble had not been diminished by his fever and influenced by his fear and insecurities, he would have noticed the happiness in Baek Na-Kyum’s face. Yet he never looked at the artist’s face later, since he feared rejection.

But since I explained that this night in chapter 58 stood under the sign of responsibility (read this analysis: ), it means that when the lord declared he adored the commoner, he desired the artist to become responsible for him. In other words, the positions were switched, if the manhwalovers compare it to the chapter 40. Thus the moment the artist ran away, the lord could only come to conclusion that he was unwilling to take his responsibility. Besides, the lord could only envision the painter laughing, because a noble had asked from a commoner to become reliable for him. This explicates why Yoon Seungho imagined this scene.

Nevertheless, we have to remember that in the first season, we have two chapters about responsibility: chapter 39 and 40. While the main lead selected Baek Na-Kyum as his bride, Jung In-Hun chose to betray the artist and refuse to take any responsibility for him. He decided to abandon the low-born out of resent and anger. Therefore I am more than ever convinced that Yoon Seungho will decide to send the artist away, but not out jealousy and hatred. He will do it for the opposite reasons: He doesn’t want to bind the painter to himself, like his father treated him in his youth. Out of love, the lord will set him free. However, what he doesn’t expect is that Baek Na-Kyum won’t accept this offer and will argue with the main lead. Is Yoon Seungho breaking his promise from chapter 40? Remember that I already predicted a slap from the artist. There’s no doubt that Yoon Seungho will definitely mention that he only brings misery to the commoner, hence he keeps crying in his presence. Yoon Seungho will tell him that he is a bad omen for the artist, a new version of this . That’s why I believe that the lord’s selflessness will make the painter realize the genuineness of Yoon Seungho’s affection. At the same time, out of fear, he will call the lord “Seungho”, just like he changed his calling, while he was facing death. Cornered and out of fear to lose Yoon Seungho, the painter will be forced to declare his affection. I am expecting a new love confession from the painter containing the following elements: the painter calls the master “Seungho”, a new version of the following panel: . In this scene, Jihwa called him Seungho to stop him from inviting the painter to their sex session. Moreover, I am expecting that the painter will utilize his own expression to voice his love for the noble: : I am fond of you. Remember that these words made me ejaculate, so if this moves him, he will try to move touch the noble’s heart the same way. And after their third love session, the painter creates a new painting, where both protagonists are facing each other in a tight embrace. The new workwould reveal how the master has turned him into a wreck, but in a positive way contrasting to Heena noona’s words. Let’s not forget that Baek Na-Kyum ejaculated, when he heard this expression: You have made a wreck of me.

But there was a witness of Yoon Seungho’s love declaration, the so-called Best Man: Kim was spying on them, hence we only see his presence through the bucket of water. Note that we hear the painter’s exclamation, meaning that the butler could hear their conversation. And the lord’s confession to the low-born represented a huge thread to Kim, because so far, he had always been the lord’s right hand!! And since the heart is linked to the hand, it signifies that Baek Na-Kyum would become the noble’s new hand. That’s why I truly believe that the valet made sure that Nameless could kidnap the painter. We have to ask ourselves: How could Nameless be so sure that the lord would believe that Baek Na-Kyum had run away? He had not the time to change the foot prints in the snow and make new ones… but Kim had the opportunity and the time. Let’s not forget that the valet was the one who placed the protagonists’ shoes next to each other. That’s why he was scared, when he realized that the physician had seen something. He had to ensure that the doctor hadn’t seen his complicity and he wouldn’t talk. And if my theory is correct, then this indicates that Nameless is now aware of Kim’s participation. He is the only one who will know the whole truth, especially if we take into consideration that he has already planted a spy in the mansion.

As a conclusion, Yoon Seungho’s confession showed the lord’s true feelings and sensitivity. Yet, Baek Na-Kyum has never truly grasped the intensity of Yoon Seungho’s emotions, since he is still in denial afterwards. He still has difficulties to accept this situation and his own feelings. The lord had indeed reached his goal to move the painter’s heart, but due to the painter’s own insecurities, the love confession didn’t push the artist to reciprocate the affection. And it becomes understandable why the noble was so hurt after waking up. He had the impression, he had made a fool of himself, and the artist had faked his feelings with the embrace. Simultaneously, Yoon Seungho was blinded by his principles and insecurities. However, we have to understand that Kim played a huge part in the lord’s relapse and fury, a new version of chapter 50. He made sure that Yoon Seungho would distrust the painter’s words, therefore he used the expression “I do not believe” instead of “I know”, because he knew the master’s hatred for this expression. Belief stands in opposition to insight, moreover the butler utilizes a negation reinforcing negative feelings. Note that he doesn’t say: I believe, he didn’t run away… here, he was manipulating the master. And now, it is the painter’s turn to face his own fears and to make a real decision: will he accept to be sent away, as such be abandoned again (in his mind)? Or will he be willing to assume his affection and responsibility?

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7 thoughts on “Painter Of The Night: Yoon Seungho’s love confession: “I adore you” (second version)

  1. now I like this better!!!!
    Nakyumie is a brave boy, so he will definitely face his own fears and feelings. And it will be his decision, I think that Seungho will let him choose, rather than push him to go with Heena.
    If Seungho allowed him to choose, he would be doing for the painter what no one has ever allowed him to do before: making his own decisions regarding his life.
    If I have to bet, I think Nakyum will stay, and what’s more, I think he will defend Seungho from Heena saying that the lord is not like the other nobles. This to Seungho’s ears is a balm. Its everything!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Bebe

        I think it is possible that the painter said something, something that Seungho remembers and made him forget the “why”: MY LORD

        I send you an email with photos. Tell me what you think about it

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Kim servant has never known his place, must follow orders like a butler, you are a servant, not the lord. But he’s always acting like a lord, I almost want him to die


  3. (French translation underneath)
    Thank you for this analysis. Your articles are always very enriching and your analysis very thorough. They make it possible to appreciate the story even more!
    My pessimistic side wins! 😅 With this story I prefer to expect the worst to avoid being too affected by what happens next. Because comics surprise us every time!
    I think like you that SG will give NK back its freedom. I even think that he will push him to leave. I don’t know how. I also don’t know if NK will make his statement because Heena has shaken NK up. I think he needs time to really understand how he feels and that’s why I don’t think NK will make his statement right away. I think the two of them will separate for a while and take a step back from what they are feeling.
    I’m the only one who thinks that? 😅

    Merci pour cette analyse. Tes articles sont toujours très enrichissants et tes analyses très poussées. Elles permettent d’apprécier encore plus l’histoire!
    Moi mon côté pessimiste l’emporte!😅 Avec cette histoire je préfère m’attendre au pire pour éviter d’être trop touchée par ce qui se passe ensuite. Car BD nous surprends à chaque fois!
    Je pense comme toi que SG va rendre à NK sa liberté. Je pense même qu’il va le pousser à partir. Je ne sais pas comment. Je ne sais pas non plus si NK fera sa déclaration car Heena a bien secoué NK. Je pense qu’il a besoin de temps pour vraiment comprendre ce qu’il ressent et c’est pour ça que à mon avis NK ne fera pas sa déclaration tout de suite. Je pense que les deux vont se séparer pour un temps et pour prendre du recul sur ce qu’ils ressentent.
    Je suis la seule à penser ça? 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Byeonduck mentioned in a tweet the chapter 69 and she implied something sensual. Besides, we had 4 sex scenes in the first season, so we only had 3 sex scenes in the second season. There’s only one left… furthermore the author implied that there are not many chapters left until the end of the second season. For me, the lord will decide to leave the mansion and go to the capital. He spent some time there (hence he fears this place) and since the story goes in circle… he has to go there in order to face his trauma and fears.


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