Painter Of The Night: Setting the trap

This is where you can read the manhwa. But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes.

After reading chapter 69 for the first time, my instinctive reaction was to comment about Min’s presence at the kisaeng house on Twitter. Some readers had some doubts that this was Min, because the latter usually wears a green hanbok and not a mustard-yellow. Jihwa is the one wearing such hanboks, which is indeed correct. I have to admit that I didn’t even think about this detail, because my eyes had paid attention to something else: When I saw the laugh in the background, for me there was no doubt, Min was at the kisaeng house. The laugh is The Joker’s mark, that’s how you recognize this villain. (chapter 19) (chapter 54) And remember that a joker is a synonym for a comedian. Naturally, I have other arguments for this interpretation.

First, notice that Jihwa has never been at the kisaeng house, he prefers visiting the tavern. (chapter 59)

Secondly, since the story is constructed like a kaleidoscope, this signifies that we have to expect a repetition with some variations. And in chapter 19, Min is indeed present at a kisaeng house with Yoon Seungho. And back then, he was inquiring about the painter before making the following suggestion to the main lead: they should drink the expensive wine at the protagonist’s mansion. Black Heart was already trying to set a trap, because he couldn’t stop thinking about the artist. He felt the need to have sex with the artist, but in order to have his wish fulfilled, he needed to create an occasion. So the expensive wine was the bribe. One of my readers supposed that Min had planned to have the painter drunk, this is definitely possible. However, I am more inclined to think, Black Heart desired to have the main lead drunk, so that he could approach the artist more easily. Why? I believe, Min has totally misjudged the painter’s personality due to his observations. Remember that he is someone watching people closely. Since he saw the painter getting aroused during the sex session (chapter 8), he had the impression that the low-born was experienced with sex, and as such was “depraved”. He felt attracted to the painter’s facial expressions exuding pure and raw desires. He saw a confirmation of his perception in the drawings as well. In chapter 19, he describes the drawing as lewd, and for me he is actually thinking about the artist while commenting this. Moreover, this is the same expression Yoon Seungho will use during their Wedding Night: How could he paint such pictures without any sexual experience? Since Black Heart had the impression that Baek Na-Kyum was an easy man (a witch seducing men), The Joker proposed later to Yoon Seungho to bring the low-born to their sex sessions (chapter 33, chapter 52). He imagined, the artist would never be opposed to this, he just restrained himself due to Yoon Seungho’s order. That’s why he made such a comment about Baek Na-Kyum. (chapter 52) In my opinion, Min came to the belief that the lord was the reason why the painter didn’t join them in their sex sessions. However, he was right and wrong. In reality, the painter’s inner struggles were caused by the scholar’s indoctrination, and later the lord did really desire to keep the artist to himself. Yet more importantly, Baek Na-Kyum is actually a very loyal and faithful person, hence he abhors sex sessions. Since Min’s first scheme had failed, then he needed to find a new approach. Hence he came with this idea: if the lord gave his consent, he would be able to get his wish fulfilled. Therefore he keeps suggesting to bring the artist to their sex sessions after each failed trap (chapter 19, 43). Simultaneously, each time he planned something, this always backfired on him. In chapter 19, he got to see the beautiful face of Baek Na-Kyum full of tears, which could only arouse Min even more. Yet he couldn’t touch him. Then after urging Jihwa to organize the abduction and assassination, a few days later, Black Heart has to see the artist’s smooth legs, which can only increase his arousal. The more he tried to taste the commoner, the more he got tempted without being capable to satisfy his urges. Each time he even helped the lord in the end. In chapter 19, his plan with the expensive wine benefitted Yoon Seungho the most. The latter was finally able to “taste” the painter, and now Yoon Seungho has recognized that he can trust his loved one. He will now believe in his words, a huge step for the main lead. At the same time, Baek Na-Kyum got to hear that he could trust the noble, because the latter would believe in his words.

Moreover, since I have already portrayed the Joker as sadist, his desires can only increase, because he sees the painter’s condition has not improved. The last time Black Heart saw the low-born, he was a wreck… and I doubt that this repelled him. It had quite the opposite effect. Why do I think so? First, we have Yoon Seungho who confessed to the painter with these words: , therefore “wreck” had a positive connotation. Besides, we have Heena noona who complains about the painter’s terrible state. Yet at no moment the painter feels shocked or terrible. That’s why I believe, when Min saw the painter’s poor condition, his urges to taste the artist reached a new peak. That’s why he revealed Jihwa’s culpability. He needed to divert the lord’s attention, while he was already setting the next trap.

Because I have already elaborated this theory that Kim and Min have been talking to each other since the last party, I am quite sure, the butler must have revealed his knowledge to the Joker. Since Jihwa is no longer able to enter the place, the valet needed another pawn. In his mind, Min was perfect. So they must have agreed to use Heena noona during that morning. Both saw in her the perfect tool, because she already has a negative perception of Yoon Seungho. At the same time, she is close to the painter, therefore the latter will trust her more easily. Let’s not forget that when Min approached Seungho’s mansion, he saw the kisaeng making a ruckus in front of the mansion. He discovered her relationship to the artist. So far, no one had an idea where the artist was coming from. So their first plan was quite easy. Heena noona would bring the artist outside the mansion, while Yoon Seungho was busy making trouble at the Lee’s mansion. Both manipulators anticipated that once the artist woke up and saw his sister by his side asking him to leave, he would run away with her. In their mind, Baek Na-Kyum could only resent the aristocrat for the harsh treatment during the last night. That’s why Kim urged her to speak. He knew what she would say.

As for Min, he was very displeased with the new situation. Jihwa had really messed up, because for Min it would become more difficult to taste the artist. Besides, he is more than ever forced to kill Baek Na-Kyum, as the latter could reveal the scheme and the identity of the culprit. After the scandal Yoon Seungho created in town due to the artist, the Joker recognized that if anything happened to the painter, the main character would make sure to uncover the truth and make people pay for this. Remember The Joker’s words in chapter 43: They needed to fake an accident to cover up the murder, because killing a commoner was still a crime. And now you comprehend why Min revealed the abduction to the protagonist. Not only he wanted to divert the noble’s attention, but also he needed a scapegoat for the next kidnapping. Since Jihwa had disobeyed him, Black Heart felt the need to punish Jihwa. But most importantly, the red-haired aristocrat needed to pay for the situation he had created: Min was no longer able to concretize his “dream”: taste the painter.

But since Kim and Min thought that Baek Na-Kyum would follow his sister easily, we have to imagine that the Joker projected that he would encounter the low-born at the kisaeng house. He couldn’t wait to meet him, especially after seeing him as a wreck the same day. That’s why he went to the kisaeng house later. Since he had a servant by his side, the latter could ask the kisaeng’s guards, in which kisaeng house she was living.

And now, you are wondering why he is wearing a hanbok like Jihwa’s. It is quite simple: he is impersonating him. Since Jihwa refused to kill the painter, Black Heart envisioned that the noble had kept postponing the kidnapping due to fear and remorse. Therefore The Joker decided to come up with a new strategy, which would be so tempting that the red-haired noble wouldn’t doubt his words. Min asked the same thing than Nameless. He just needed to wait and remain in his mansion, having a low profile. In other words, Black Heart asked him to do nothing! Since Jihwa would do nothing, he wouldn’t have to feel remorse, and more importantly, he wouldn’t commit any crime in his eyes. Since the second lead is quite naive, he doesn’t realize that knowing the existence of a crime and not revealing it is actually a crime too. In his mind, his hands would remain pure, whereas in reality he is an accomplice. That’s why Min asked him not to run away. How did I come up with impersonification? It is because we already had one, and like I have already exposed it, each incident will be repeated. Jihwa impersonated lord Song, when he sent the fake letter.

And remember Jihwa’s reaction back then. He never saw any wrongdoing in his action, he didn’t recognize the seriousness of his misdeed. He even blamed the main lead.

In my opinion, Black Heart had envisioned the painter’s return, therefore he was waiting for him. Since neither Jihwa nor Min had ever visited this place, this means that no one would know their real identity. From my point of view, Black Heart had already anticipated to taste the artist that night. And if Baek Na-Kyum had disappeared, the kisaengs would have noticed the nobles with the color of the hanboks. However, the problem is that Heena noona returned alone that night. Hence Min’s scheme had failed again.

And now, I would like to point out the presence of the noble with the mole. He is noticeable with the purple robe. First, the latter is often seen with Jihwa, hence the aristocrat is already guilty by association. From my point of view, Black Heart is so determined to have his wish fulfilled that he is willing to jeopardize everything. And in my opinion, the poor friend has no idea about this. The manhwaphiles shouldn’t forget that in season 1, Min already betrayed him once, when the latter got humiliated and evicted from Yoon Seungho’s bedchamber. The Joker didn’t leave the lord’s chamber, hence he chose to side with the host. Moreover, we have the second lead’s admiration for their relationship: (chapter 59) Jihwa will realize how fake this relationship was. There’s this possibility that Min also manipulated his friend, telling him that he was playing a prank. Remember that in chapter 37, Min lied to Jihwa and the noble with the mole sensed it, but decided to overlook this deception. For Jihwa has already been connected to the first abduction, the moment Baek Na-Kyum disappears, Jihwa will be suspected. Since he has the bad habit to sneak out of the mansion, the kisaengs’ testimony could play in his disfavor. Yoon Seungho, blinded by his first mistake, would no longer believe in his friend’s innocence. As for the friend, even if he claims, he was with Min, the main lead won’t trust his words either, especially after the incident with the topknot. And if he participated in the prank (calling Min Jihwa for example), persuaded by his friend to play a prank, then he is done. But the problem was that the kisaeng returned without her brother, which must have surprised Black Heart.

But this doesn’t mean, Min will give up. In fact, it is the opposite. He must have heard the sister’s comment who speaks her mind so loudly that she doesn’t realize the danger. But we shouldn’t forget that Min is not working alone in this. Kim is already setting the next trap. He used the servants for that. Since he has been by the lord’s side for so long, they trust him. So when the domestic warned Heena noona to never return to the house, he was actually repeating Kim’s words. Why do I think so? Notice that the valet is always the one referring to the lord’s bad reputation, and observe that the domestic uses the expression “is known as”, indicating that in truth he doesn’t judge his master like that. As the manwhaphiles can detect, the staff have become Kim’s eyes and mouth, that’s why he can definitely act in the dark. And while he was not present in chapter 69, I could still feel his presence due to the domestics. The butler is already trying to drive an edge between the kisaeng and the protagonist. He desires to push Heena noona to ignore her brother’s wish, and let him kidnap, although in her mind, she will be saving him. Now, she would become the perfect tool. As you can see, I am expecting a new conspiracy, and they will use Heena noona’s ignorance. For them, it is truly a blessing. And since Min is impersonating Jihwa, he can act, as if he had an interest to separate the couple. Moreover, he can even tell her that he will protect her brother from Yoon Seungho, as he has power and wealth as well. The noble won’t be able to abuse his power. And since Min is always laughing and smiling, Heena noona will trust him, as for her Yoon Seungho is just a violent fiend. However, in order to push her, they will have to fake a letter. Since Heena noona spoke in front of the domestics, that he could write her, if he changed his mind, Kim will know about this and forge a letter from the painter. Another possibility is that Kim leaves a fake letter from the painter behind, telling Yoon Seungho that he chose to return to his sister’s side. As you can detect, the letter will be the downfall for Min and Kim in the end. That’s how the conspiracy will be revealed. The main lead will know immediately that another crime has been planned and even committed. So far, only the noble knows that Baek Na-Kyum is illiterate. When they returned from the tailor shop (chapter 40), Kim wasn’t following them, hence he never saw that the lord had to read for the painter. This will be the new version from the chapter 56. I have to admit that there is this possibility that once Heena noona receives the letter, she decides to go to the authorities, and ask for their help. Remember that she mentioned it once, therefore it is possible that she decides to do it. And this is definitely something Min and Kim are not expecting. Furthermore, the readers should recall, they tried to use Nameless, and the latter didn’t act like anticipated as well.

As a conclusion, all the traps set by Kim and Min are doomed to failure. I am still convinced that Kim will be forced to reveal his true role in the end, because Min will pressure him. Striking is that the manipulators believe that they know everything, while in reality they are judging people based on appearances and their words. They imagine, the others don’t have any secret, because they are so easy to read and easily manipulated, which is far from the truth. I have not mentioned Nameless here, as so far, I have no clue what he will do exactly. But there is no doubt that Nameless will play a huge part in the failure of the trap set by the manipulators, since he desires to keep his promise to Jihwa. Only a joker can destroy another joker.

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5 thoughts on “Painter Of The Night: Setting the trap

  1. I want to say that I’ve been reading your analysis for some time, but I have never commented. I want to thank you because I can tell you put a lot of effort into them and it makes me see this story through so many new perspectives. I could spend hours reading them. Well, enough about that. I don’t know if I should keep reading them because they are shaping my thoughts so much and I want to read this with unbiased eyes hahaha. You are really persuasive and see so many details. I’m on the fence about Kim’s true nature, not because there aren’t any hints of his possible evil side, but because I want to believe people are good, even fictional characters, and Kim being evil, that would be just too cruel. Seungho has had so gone through so many disappointments. Also, yes! Seungho sees so much and says so little. He knew Nakyum was illiterate from the first conversation he had with the learned sir, but that’s something not even the noona knows; they all blindly believe the learned sir was doing a respectable job, when in reality, he’s only the appearance of good and right, but we see his true colors in his conversation with Nakyum in the library. Okay, this is getting so long. I got carried away hahaha. Please, don’t stop!

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    1. Thanks a lot for the compliment 😍 I can understand why you are reluctant about Kim. He is a very interesting character, because his true personality is not obvious. He is a real chameleon, changing his colors in front of people, but this animal is representing hypocrisy. He did insult the painter calling a good for nothing painter. As for Yoon Seungho, I perceive him as a real tragic figure.


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