Painter Of The Night: Words

This is where you can read the manhwa. But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes. If you want to read more essays, here is the link to the table of contents:

On the surface, it looks like in chapter 73 nothing important happened, because the two protagonists have just sex. However, this is just deceiving, for the significance lies in the details, and more precisely in the words. First, what caught my attention are the expressions used by Yoon Seungho. These reveal a lot about his actual state of mind. Pay attention to the following images, and try to find out the common lexical field: (chapter 73) Here, the relevant word is “enter”, an equivalent for invade.

(chapter 73) Mess is a synonym for chaos and wreck. (chapter 73) In the third panel, Yoon Seungho is implying that the painter just has to call him Seungho-Ya, and he will stop immediately. Strictly speaking, he is referring to the saying: your wish is my command. (chapter 73) Strangely, the word “bow” has two significations: a ribbon or a weapon. (chapter 73) In the fifth image, Yoon Seungho actually means seduction, yet he utilized the idiom “provocation”. Finally, we have Yoon Seungho’s favorite expression “fret”. During this night, he keeps mentioning it in connection to the painter: (chapter 72) (chapter 73) I have to confess that in this situation, I can’t help myself associating this idiom to an anxious animal trying to escape. Now, I would like to sum up all the expressions the main lead employed: enter, mess, word as a synonym for command, bow, provoke and fret. As you can observe, they are all connected to war and conquest. However, since the lord dropped his armor for good, I believe that the aristocrat is thinking about something else: hunting, which coincides with his second hobby. (chapter 41) Baek Na-Kyum is his prey, and the lord is trying to catch his heart through sex. However, Yoon Seungho’s attitude is not consciously done, he is not aware that he is speaking like a hunter. More astonishing is that the painter’s vocabulary mirrors his lover’s: (chapter 73) The word spot is a synonym for target and prey. (chapter 73) The prey has to move on at his own pace in order to escape from the hunter. Nevertheless, (chapter 73) the target is wounded (“it hurts”) and tied up. Even Yoon Seungho’s words are referring to a wound, as if the animal was bleeding to death (chapter 73) , as it keeps leaking (chapter 73) As you can observe, Yoon Seungho is so pleased by the painter’s reactions. Imagine, with a few licks and one thrust his lover had two climaxes. He has the impression that he is getting closer to his goal, winning Baek Na-Kyum’s heart. Therefore he becomes more passionate and impatient. He can’t wait to claim the artist as his “wife”, that’s the reason why he can’t take a break. Hence his lover has to refrain him, asking him for a moment of respite. (chapter 73) But the lord is known as an impatient man, which seems to be confirmed here. However, in reality it took him many months to be gazed and even accepted. Now that Yoon Seungho is seeing how affected the artist is with his words, caresses and kisses, he is so happy that he calls his lover (chapter 73) revealing that they have no longer a lord-servant relationship. This exposes how much the main lead wishes to be intimate with the artist. Therefore, he can’t simply wait contradicting himself. (chapter 73) His actions prove that he is definitely in a hurry.

This association to the hunt exposes two important aspects: the noble has not entirely changed… these idioms are the remains from his previous doctrines, but they are much softer. The lord is now attempting to woo the artist, so that the painter can finally admit that he loves being with him and that only Yoon Seungho is able to make him happy, even if it is through pleasure. This chapter is an allusion to chapter 45, where I had already pointed out that the noble was deluding himself by calling the artist an easy conquest. Back then, this comment made me so laugh, because chapter 42 clearly outlined that it wasn’t even easy due to the lord’s grimace during the intercourse. (chapter 42) And observe that this chapter confirms my interpretation. First, the noble has a similar facial expression exposing that he has to work hard in order to please his lover. He is still clinching his jaw, however the manhwaphiles can detect two huge differences: the mouth is more open and he is now blushing. This shows how much this hunt is touching his heart. And the comparison makes me realize that Yoon Seungho’s final sexual emancipation could be symbolized, when he moans his lover’s name while having an orgasm. That’s why we have the lord calling the painter so affectionately (Na-Kyum-Ah) before the second round. (chapter 73)

Since this love sessions reminds us of a hunt, it is not surprising that winning the painter’s heart is not easy, because he might scare the target. First, when the lord continued thrusting, his lover begged him to stop. The former had to yell and use his hand to stop him. (chapter 73) In order to reassure his partner, he kissed his hand (chapter 73) showing that he was serious with his saying: Your wish is my command. In addition, he wanted to demonstrate that he hadn’t forgotten his promise: not to scare him.

At the same time, Baek Na-Kyum likes rough sex as well, hence he has to beg his partner for his help. He is not satisfied with his own actions. This explicates why there is this alternation between speed accompanied with roughness and a breather. (chapter 73) The noble and Baek Na-Kyum’s desires stand in opposition to the artist’s weakened physical condition. The latter can’t physically keep up, hence he faints at the end. (chapter 73) The prey has definitely been wounded by this special hunt. However, Yoon Seungho did achieve something really important. The blushing painter cried out of excitement during his final climax. (chapter 73) Yet, I doubt that this will be noticed by the aristocrat. He is definitely too shocked by the incident. His lover fainted. In my eyes, there is no ambiguity that Yoon Seungho will panic again. He has three reasons for that:

  1. He never forgot the consequences of the first sex marathon. (chapter 32) He felt so remorseful and was so worried that he ran away, too scared to face the painter and assume his responsibilities. However, he made sure that a physician was fetched. This terrible experience explicates why the lord panicked in chapter 50. He envisioned for one moment that he had overdone it again.
  2. Secondly, he witnessed within one day how the painter fainted twice. The latter had a flashback so that he became unconscious. The lord thought that he could die. The noble had such huge pangs of conscience that he couldn’t forget the painter’s poor condition. Hence he desired to verify if he had recovered in the bathroom.
  3. Finally, during this night, he noticed how the painter breathed heavily. (chapter 72) He was worried, but the painter reassured him. In truth, the heavy breathing was caused by a climax, which the artist tried to hide from his lover. Therefore, there’s no doubt that after this chapter, the noble will question his behavior again. As a hunter, he overestimated the strength of his “prey”. Moreover he will realize that Baek Na-Kyum’s words contributed to this incident. Let’s not forget that Yoon Seungho was following the artist’s request. (chapter 73) This time, the painter’s exhaustion occurred due to both protagonists. That’s why Yoon Seungho will realize that he has to become more responsible and can’t just give the whole responsibility to Baek Na-Kyum. He should have paid more attention to the artist’s health and physical condition. And Kim took advantage of the situation. Thus from that night on, the lord kept his distance from his lover. From my point of view, the valet used these expressions against the main lead. He had been targeting the artist, turning him into a prey, hence the painter could not refused. Kim’s MO has always been to mix cause and consequences. Besides, since he heard such words, he could only have a negative impression. The manhwaphiles shouldn’t forget that the valet is a pessimistic person due to “fortunetelling”. [For more read the essay “Fortunetelling”] As you can see, due to this incident the main lead learned another important lesson: consent. Therefore the lord said this later (chapter 75) (chapter 79) In the second case, he made sure that both were on the same page. He had felt coerced. Through this fainting, the main lead became more careful and responsible for both of them. The problem is that he was still influenced by his past experience: sex is like a battle… which was now transformed into a hunt.

This parallel between this love session and the hunt gives us an explication why the author chose to include gestures and words from the sex session with Jihwa (chapter 14-15). First, the positions are similar, which my follower @I_Love_Seungho truly observed. . (chapter 15) Secondly, Yoon Seungho repeats similar expressions: (chapter 73) (chapter 14) And this is how I made the connection with this love session, as I was paying attention to the words.

Let’s start with the last two pictures. Note that in episode 14, the seme didn’t smear the sperm on his own body, but he put it into his childhood friend’s mouth. This gesture gave us the feeling that the sperm was something dirty. Notice that the lord’s words sound like a reproach towards his friend. The personal pronoun “You” stands in the first position, while in chapter 73 it looks more like a compliment (What a mess you’ve made), as “what a mess” is associated to an exclamation. In other words, in chapter 14 the second lead is blamed for the chaos and dirt he created, while Baek Na-Kyum gets praised..

Besides, the manhwaphiles should recall that initially the noble just gave pleasure to his sex partner without getting anything in return. (chapter 14) It didn’t happen, because he was selfless… no, this was the consequence of Jihwa’s attitude who did nothing to “seduce” his friend. He refused to kiss him (chapter 14), but like he explained, his visit was because he was giving in to Yoon Seungho’s ways. But we have to question ourselves: who wanted whom here? The second lead did visit his friend, as he was seeking his company for sex. He could have refused, as his friend never forced him, but he did not. Moreover, the lord made it clear that Jihwa was just coming for sex and nothing more, yet the childhood friend never denied it.

In addition, he punished his partner by not kissing him. Hence his behavior implied that Yoon Seungho had to pleasure him. As you can truly observe, Jihwa never made the effort to conquer his friend, he projected his own thoughts into his sex partner in reality. This sex session reflects the epitome of war… who will admit his defeat first? That’s why there’s no love and warmth. Besides, both protagonists were quite passive in this sex session. Jihwa only changed his attitude, when he sensed the presence of an enemy in the room: the painter. The friend never asked for his host’s help either. This explicates why the lord could only look at the painter’s facial expressions during the sex session. The latter was the only one who seems to be affected by his gestures and gaze. Jiwa hid how he was affected, he never allowed him to see his weak side. In addition, Jihwa’s words were full of criticisms. This is not surprising that Yoon Seungho was behaving in a similar way. He was reflecting the second lead’s behavior. In my eyes, Jihwa treated his friend like a real sex toy who was there to pleasure him, hence the fellatio is done to prepare the penetration. That’s why there’s no real exchange, the lord is very passive as well during the blowjob. He feels nothing at all . When the sex session started, he seemed to be in a hurry too, similar to chapter 73, but for a different reason. He desired his job to be over. Therefore I come to the conclusion that Jihwa was having sex on his own. Note that once the penetration happened, the second lead had the impression, he had won the battle and war. (chapter 15) However, Jihwa never truly invested his energy and effort to woo his childhood friend’s heart. This is no longer surprising why the second lead felt so lonely, even during their intimate time. Yet the irony was that the head-kisaeng was treated like a tool for Jihwa’s pleasure, and the latter never realized that.

On the other hand, Baek Na-Kyum keeps complimenting his partner , he even recognizes that praising him too much could encourage Yoon Seungho to become more passionate, hence he diminishes his praise afterwards. (chapter 72) Baek Na-Kyum’s words and reactions are the reason why the lord is so affected. But unlike in chapter 14, the painter asks for his lover’s help showing that making love implies the involvement of two persons and not just one. Like I had written in a previous analysis, the lord is discovering that giving pleasure to his lover is also receiving. Hence he blushes and becomes more passionate. (chapter 73) His blood is boiling not due to anger, but due to his intense feelings. Both lovers are proactive here (chapter 73) which contrasts so much to the sex session in chapter 14. (chapter 15) That’s why words are really important, they reflect people’s mentality. The lord went after his lover’s heart, therefore he “worked” hard to please his partner discovering that he felt so much pleasure as well. However, now he needs to become more patient and responsible by resisting to temptation: (chapter 73) But more importantly, he has to learn to woo the artist differently, not only through sex… Winning the lover’s heart and hand is called courting, and not hunting. On the other hand, for Kim, the conversation let appear Yoon Seungho as a rather “brutal” man imposing his will onto the artist. He was cornering his prey… while the artist could only look like a man consumed by lust for he would accept this “pressure” and “mistreatment” (tie up, bow).

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12 thoughts on “Painter Of The Night: Words

  1. I must admit that I really like your idea of ​​the hunt and this love session of our protagonists, but I do not agree.

    First, I don’t think Seungho enjoys hunting as a sport but the art of killing itself. He is a soldier, a warrior, a fighter. He knows his technique and his art (the handling of a sword), and he learns from his enemy as the fight unfolds, which shows his keen intelligence. But I don’t see him as a hunter. Why? To hunt, a hunter must know well the environment where his prey moves, in order to predict the movements of the animal. It knows all about its prey because he has patiently observed it from a dark corner of a bush, or from the height of a tree. He becomes one with the environment, becomes familiar with it, until it is impossible to discover where the hunter is. Lurking, crouching, he knows how to lead his prey as far as he wants, he knows all its limits, and if the animal manages to escape, it does not matter, because the game is resumed, and the hunter knows that sooner or later he will get his prize.

    Therefore I cannot compare Seungho to an expert hunter. For me, and in my opinion, he is nothing more than an inexperienced teenager who is going to have his first sexual experience with his partner. First time is something different for each person, if they are two inexperienced, then let’s imagine that there are many emotions flowing through those minds. There is fear, there is desire, there is love, curiosity, shame, courage, excitement, expectations, insecurity, a bit of everything happening at the same time.

    For me, you have to read all the session from episode 71. We have two young people who have decided that the night is today, they are going to take the step. Always in the couple there is one who takes the first step. In our case Seungho who decides to kiss his love, and tries to make him feel comfortable in this path that they are going to travel together. And Nakyum responds, and this encourages Seungho to explore more: will he like it if I kiss here? What about if I play down here? Groans?
    And so they try things out, and along the way, Nakyum also gets excited and wants to try playing too. Until you get to the act itself, does it hurt? he feels bad? Can you continue?
    All this with a series of new emotions, sensations (heat, trembling, etc.), they are discovering, and it feels so good that it is impossible to control oneself. So Seungho gets carried away a bit, and also Nakyum. For lovers everything is new, it is addictive. And what should be slow becomes harsher, more impatient, passion overflows. Seungho knows that Nakyum is delicate, but the mind stops working when you are feeling so much, and then in the end, although the two inexperienced lovers reach their climax, they have yet to learn from each other. They are just beginning, they have barely taken a step…


    We all know that this is not Seungho’s first sexual experience, who seems to be keeping pace despite constantly asking Nakyum about it.
    And old habits die hard.
    Then, our “first time” Seungho goes back to those old habits, his spirit is changing from lover to fighter. And without hardly realizing it, he is in the middle of a heated battle, he remembers that he is fighting for the jackpot, the heart of the artist, so as if possessed by Ares himself, he surrenders body and soul towards the conquest. There is a picture in the episode, where you can see even the veins in his arms!
    So where were the kisses and caresses? where was the sensuality?
    Young Seungho still has a lot to learn from his partner’s body, and it’s the same for Nakyum. Our inexperienced teens will be able to strike a balance. And maybe, one day Seungho can put those old war habits behind him.

    Maybe Nakyum isn’t even really passed out. Maybe he is exhausted, yes, but not entirely unconscious. Next time, my dear Seungho, you could try to follow Gustavo Ceratti’s words. Ok, I don’t think you know the Argentine band, Soda Stereo, but they have a song .. it’s called Tratame suavemente “Treat me softly”

    Someone has told me that loneliness
    Hides behind your eyes
    And that your blouse stifles feelings
    That you breathe
    You have to understand that I did not put your fears
    Where are they stored
    And that I won’t be able to take them off
    If in doing so you will tear me apart

    I don’t want to dream the same things a thousand times
    Nor contemplate them wisely

    I want you to treat me softly
    Quiero que me trates suavemente

    ok, this is very long, but your essays are very inspiring, Bebe.
    Thank you for you work 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am not disagreeing with you. The hunting aspect is done unconsciously, exactly like in the first season, when his hands and feet would always desire to touch the painter. Like I said, these are remains from his past doctrines. Note, it took the painter many months to change completely and only during this night, he was finally able to express his own desires.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yes, we are agree on that. The learned doctrines take time to be surpassed.

        but I am more inclined to think of Seungho as a fighter, just as you have exposed before.
        Do you know who i see as a hunter?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, Min is a hunter and he used a hound to fetch his prey. That’s why YSH acts like his dog in chapter 41 and Jihwa is his real dog. However, now he needs another hound in order to catch the painter. He will never dirty his hands himself. That’s why he is doomed to fail, as he doesn’t want to work hard to impress the painter, his obsession.


  2. ok, I can’t help repeating, that I died of laughter when I saw Seungho’s face … 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅

    wuajajajaajaja, “se pasó, po” (we say that in Chile, but it is the same as saying, he exceeded 🤷🏻‍♀️)

    Nakyum is dying! what a way to die!!!
    Can we laugh of this, just a little? To me was so funny!!! is that it is tragicómico (tragedy and comedy at the same time).

    I hope Nakyum is not passed out, it would be boring to see them go through the same thing. Also, the night is long! It can’t end like this, we have yet to hear them say nice words to each other.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love his face after the climax. It was the first time, when we saw him asking for a break!! 🤣🤣 I agree that this moment is somehow comical. Baek Na-Kyum has tears of pleasure before falling!


      1. Eres un loquillo Sergio Lorenzo (the Spanish fandom, we say like this to Seungho. Seungho = Sergio Lorenzo)

        I swear to you Bebe, I didn’t see this coming. 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ But Seungho always surprises me.

        So I’ll bet again, and even if I’m wrong, I swear Nakyum didn’t pass out. He is with his eyes closed, there, hanging over Seungho’s body, but he is still conscious.

        It can’t end like this! Obviously there won’t be another round, but they could lie down, snuggle, and say nice things to each other.

        Well, You’re probably right and Nakyum gets a little sick. He hasn’t eaten, two sex marathons… there ir so many chances that he will get sick. And that would involve a lot of people: Kim, Heena, the doctor. Something will start to cook from the next chapter. That is sure.

        There is such a funny meme in Spanish about that Seungho’s face, I will send it to you by mail.

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      2. Well, even if he doesn’t pass out, Yoon Seungho will stop this love session and ask for medicine/food in order to boost his health. But it is possible that he hugs the painter out of concern and affection. Actually, I would love to see them lying next to each other in the bed, and embracing each other.

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