Jinx / Doctor Frost : Precious punk 😉 and wimp 😍!

Please support the authors by reading the manhwas on the official websites. This is where you can read the manhwa.   https://www.lezhinus.com/en/comic/jinx_en  But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes. Here are the links, if you are interested in the first work from Mingwa, BJ Alex,  https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2021/06/21/who-are-you-the-significance-of-masks-in-manhwas/  and the first essay about Jinx „Bewitched“ (10 pictures) I am once again using the manhwa Doctor Frost as illustration. https://www.webtoons.com/en/mystery/dr-frost/list?title_no=371 Here is the link of the table of contents about Jinx. Here is the link where you can find the table of contents of analyzed manhwas

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I am writing again about this story, though Lezhin didn’t release any new chapter yet. In fact, the author announced that Jinx’s new episodes would be published on December 3rd and not on Friday. On the other hand, the company revealed finally the synopsis of Jinx. This actually confirmed my previous observation: Joo Jaekyung is connected to superstition, he is „a superstitious man“.

He claims to have a “jinx” in need of a particular type of “treatment,” but it’s one that Dan isn’t quite prepared to offer…” Quoted from https://www.lezhinus.com/en/comic/jinx_en

After reading the first episode, I had suspected that the boxer had connected his sex sessions to jinx. This is what I wrote in the first text: “What if the boxer feels the need to have a sex marathon just before a match believing that this would bring him victory?”. And the introduction appears to validate my theory. The “special treatment” is naturally an allusion to sex… This looks like Joo Jaekyung will propose a deal to the pure Kim Dan in order to remain undefeated. On the other hand, the synopsis implies that Joo Jaekyung is not entirely honest („claims to have a jinx“). Naturally, the purpose of this analysis is not to say: See.. I was right with my observations. In truth, I would like to portray the boxer in a different light which is perceptible, if you pay close attention to his words: PUNK and WIMP!

1. Who is the punk?

The idiom “punk” appeared, when the protagonist insulted his opponent in the ring. In order to fully grasp the boxer’s mentality, it is relevant to know the true signification of this word:

A punk is a young person who behaves in a rude, aggressive, or violent way. Quoted from https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/punk

This explains why punk is a synonym for thug and bully. But this is not what the young opponent was doing, for he got defeated so easily. This shows that in reality, this idiom was actually reflecting the main lead’s mentality. Joo Jyekyung acts like a hoodlum, a thug himself. But this doesn’t end here. According to Oxford languages, a punk is a worthless person (informal, North American). Under this new approach, the readers can grasp why the “kid” was called a punk! He has no value, for he got punched so easily. This exposes that Joo Jaekyung judges people depending on their strength. But by punching the young opponent, he actually divulged his true thoughts. He takes everything too seriously!! For him, sparring is a synonym for fighting, whereas sparring is connected to training, teaching and having fun!! It was, as if for Joo Jaekyung everything was revolving around life and death. This explicates his rage in the ring and why he is called tyrant and punches his challengers, till they bleed. If he can not defeat his opponent, he “will die”. This is no coincidence that his color is black, a pigment that symbolizes nowadays death. Being too serious has huge negative consequences. Such a person can never be happy. The reason is simple. He is focusing too much on career and work that he is overlooking to enjoy the moment. The person is not able to play and to take time to laugh along the way. In the end, he doesn’t know what truly matters in life.

“Where does it come from? If you take things too seriously then this probably just means that you’re the sort of person who worries a lot. Freud would describe this as having an ‘overactive superego’ – the superego being the part of the psyche that makes sure we stick to societal norms, follow rules and don’t just give in to all of our urges and desires. This kind of overactive conscience tends to come from our parents and what they said to us as children” Quoted from https://www.healthguidance.org/entry/15554/1/why-do-i-take-things-too-seriously.html

As you can see, such an attitude is connected to expectations from society. People have come to believe that success and wealth are a guarantee for happiness and a good life. This is wrong, for the person is always obsessed with the future or with the past. This signifies that Joo Jaekyung doesn’t know what fun and jokes are. That’s the reason why he was not able to train the hoobae. He was not teaching him to improve his skills, his goal was to demonstrate his power and talent. This exposes that his vocabulary is actually limited: punk, punching wimp. However, Joo Jaekyung is not realizing that by acting that way, he is pushing people away. The “kid” will certainly never ask the athlete again and this sparring could generate a rumor among the fighters going to this gym that he is far too dangerous. To conclude, the real “punk” was the protagonist. However, he is still precious, for he has a role to play in Kim Dan’s life. He will be his emancipator… From my point of view, the uke’s life could serve as a mirror to Joo Jaekyung that his life was never in danger in the end. This was never a matter of death or life contrary to the poor main lead. At the same time, imagine what a defeat could signify for the champion. He would judge himself as worthless, as in his eyes, only strength is important. To conclude, I think that this violence from the athlete is much more complex, just like its origins.

2. Who is the wimp?

Since “punk” means that someone is worthless and Joo Jaekyung judges people based on their force, I deduce that for the fighter, a gentle and caring person has in his eyes no worth. I would even say that he doesn’t view them as men! Therefore it is not surprising that he called Kim Dan a wimp. He would bow so easily and apologize without fighting. Nevertheless, the fighter is totally wrong in that aspect. It takes a lot of courage to admit a mistake and to ask for forgiveness (doctor Frost, chapter 211), because we don’t know if the offended person will accept the excuse. And this is exactly what happened with Kim Dan. He apologized, yet he still feared that he would be hit. He never protected himself, because he felt that it was the victim’s right to voice his discontentment. His passive attitude was a sign of acceptance for the punishment. The manhwalovers should put themselves in his shoes. Imagine that you are standing in front of the strongest man in the world, yet you don’t argue or stop him from using his hands. This demonstrates great courage. A coward would either run away or even fight back or remain paralyzed. Nonetheless, this was not the case with the uke. In the beginning, he became proactive: He bowed and apologized before before becoming silent and inactive. Hence I believe that this is what the uke will teach the strongest man in the world. He needs to learn to admit his mistakes. And this is no coincidence that in the ring, the brutal man never voiced regret towards the “green” man. With his expression “punk”, he had the perfect excuse to avoid the apology. That’s why he didn’t reply to the trainer immediately and in front of him . He was turning his back to the victim and the coach, when he explained his behavior. He was even blaming the victim for his violence… if he had not asked, then he wouldn’t have been injured. In other words, the real wimp is in reality Joo Jaekyung and not Kim Dan. But the boxer failed to recognize this. Why? Because he judged him based on his force and his passivity which he viewed as a sign of cowardice. However, we need to question ourselves this: Why would all the physical doctors avoid Joo Jaekyung? Remember that no one desired to take this job, not even his mentor. It is because they all knew about the boxer’s sexual habits: Striking is that Joo Jaekyung was surprised to discover the hiring of a new doctor. Why did he not recall their last encounter? It is because he had sex with him… in other words, he had never punched him. But people shouldn’t overlook this crucial detail: The anaconda 😂 Yes, the length and and size of his phallus! While Kim Dan was massaging him, the man was relaxed, hence this signifies that it had not reached its maximum size!! And now, imagine what happened to the last doctor… Since for the boxer, everything is a matter of life and death, he definitely views sex as a fight too. It is about his own climax, and not about feeling good or giving pleasure to his partner, even less about love! Therefore it is not surprising that the man is having sex in this position. He doesn’t feel the need to see his partner’s face or to talk to him. And if you read my analyses about Painter Of The Night, you are all aware of the signification of such a position. It is about power struggle and victory. This observation leads me to the following conclusion: Joo Jaekyung’s rough sex is just the consequence of his “mentality”. In truth, he is masking his own anxieties, his manhood. This is just a speculation on my part, but I have the impression that his overactive superego is his way to deal his own sexual orientation. Homosexuality is often perceived as a lack of masculinity and strength, and note that so far, the boxer has been following social norms quite strictly. He embodies the prototype of the successful and wealthy boxer. We definitely need more information about his past, his family and surroundings. Another possibility is that the athlete is bothered by his huge phallus, which he could view as “jinx”…. For him, it is the reason why his former sex partners keep running away. The author will give us more elements in the future episodes.

But let’s return our attention to the previous physical therapists. Keep in mind that no one is any longer willing to work for him as a doctor. And if everyone is avoiding to have sex with him afterwards, this shows that he couldn’t “defeat” them in reality, for he was not able to impress them with his sexual activities or scared them with his huge anaconda. And this could also explain his frustration in the end. Therefore, I come to the conclusion that Kim Dan is no wimp at all, for he will accept to face this huge penis and contrary to the others, he will keep having sex with the protagonist. 😂 Under this aspect, the readers can grasp why the anonymous sex partner said nothing, when Joo Jaekyung called the main lead. I am suspecting that the man didn’t find this sex session very pleasant, as he was clinching onto the sheets. Besides, why would he call him in the middle of the encounter? And he could see Kim Dan as his savior… it was his luck that Joo Jaekyung had a new physical therapist.

And now, you comprehend why the uke has a name linked to sweet and red. [Dan means Sweet in Korean} ] His role is to change the protagonist, to bring sweetness and love in his life so that the other learns to enjoy the moment and not to question his masculinity. The fighter needs to relax and to open up. On the other hand, the punk Jaekyung will push Kim Dan to fight back against his “enemies”, the boss and the loan shark and not simply accept the beating and the accusations. That’s the reason why I described them as precious. One is bringing what the other is missing in his life. Kim Dan a pillar and shelter to rely on… and the other has to rediscover the inner child. He doesn’t need to prove his talent any longer, for he is already successful in his life.

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