Jinx: Toxic ☠ Sweet 🍬 or sweet🍬 Jerk 🤬?

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1. Toxic or not?

After the publication of chapter 10, many readers were upset about the protagonist’s attitude towards the uke. They started describing him as toxic because of the following panels: (chapter 10) (chapter 10) (chapter 10) He was perceived as arrogant and heartless, as he was judging Kim Dan for his way of life and as such for his poverty. Anyone can see that Kim Dan’s social status was inherited. The debts were already there, when the protagonist was a child. (chapter 05) That’s the reason why many readers were siding with the doctor, and got infuriated towards the champion due to his comments.

But the irony is that the same panels can be interpreted differently. How so? First, it is because it depends on how people view life. Is the glass half full or half empty? Are you someone who tends to see things on the bright side or not? This implies that the interpretation is based on past experiences. Let me give you an example. In the last image, one part of the main lead’s message was that he would never sleep with a drunk person. (Chapter 10) In other words, he is no rapist taking advantage of the situation. One might argue about this, for the athlete didn’t seem to seek Kim Dan’s consent before. However, this is not correct. The doctor always had the choice to refuse to have sex with Joo Jaekyung. (Chapter 2) Later, he was the one who changed the amount of the salary for his services (Chapter 6) which led to the addition of a condition. Thus they came to an agreement. As a conclusion, Joo Jaekyung has never sexually assaulted the young man. It was consensual, even if there is no ambiguity that Kim Dan was not doing it out of pleasure. Consequently, certain readers viewed it as rape, while in truth it is just “work” and as such “prostitution”. Moreover, the pressure from accepting the deal comes less from the athlete himself (chapter 3), rather more from the halmoni’s health issues and the remaining debts. (chapter 11) To conclude, this comment (chapter 10) could be seen as something positive. On the other hand, the readers were bothered due to his choice of words “reeks of booze” which sounded like an insult. Kim Dan would stink. But there exists another perception of these words. He was reproaching his drunkenness from the night before. He had drunk too much to the point that he would stink. He should know his limits. However, it is also important to put this statement into its context, hence he was definitely mocking the main character. But there is a reason for that. Joo Jaekyung felt annoyed that the physical doctor would see him as a pervert. Kim Dan thought, the fighter would even have sex with an unconscious person. This shows that the celebrity had observed his reaction and interpreted it correctly (chapter 10), when the latter had woken up. Hence the host got displeased and was harsh with his words. (Chapter 10) And note that the reproach from the sportsman did affect the doctor. (Chapter 10) The latter felt embarrassed, for he had been caught! Joo Jaekyung had truly grasped his reaction and perception about him. That’s the reason why the doctor didn’t reply. As you can see, Kim Dan’s misjudgment about Joo Jaekyung came to light in episode 10. In my eyes, it is related to the sex scene in the shower room. For the doctor, it looked like the young man would have sex at any time and any place, (Chapter 7) because Joo Jaekyung had used his condition in the shower room to achieve his goal, (chapter 8). When the athlete had added the condition, Kim Dan had imagined that the athlete would act exactly like during their first night together. He would call him at any moment, and the uke had to come to his flat. Yet because of the sex session in the showers, the doctor could only get the impression that he would do it, even if there were people next to them. So for the poor doctor, it looked like Joo Jaekyung was consumed by lust. He had already done it in the past ,and this has always been the main lead’s intention to ask for sexual favors anywhere and at any time. However, this is not correct, for the sportsman had acted that way out of jealousy. (Chapter 7) This was something totally new, for he had never shared the shower with other athletes before. But I doubt that in the shower, the physical therapist had really understood the comment from Oh Daehyun and his colleague(chapter 08) As you can see, in the penthouse, both protagonists had a false perception of each other.

Therefore while many readers detected the negative aspect of this statement (“You stink, because you drank too much”), I preferred to judge it in a rather positive light: “You should have drunk less” and “I don’t sleep with unconscious men”. On the other hand, the athlete was forgetting that his intoxication was related to the Black Men’s challenge and Joo Jaekyung had played a huge role in this. (chapter 09) In other words, the athlete was partially responsible for his inebriation too. But the man was actually denying his responsibility. To conclude, when the couple fought in the penthouse, both were at fault. Why? It is because they don’t know each other well. Furthermore, they both have such prejudices about each other, as they both come from two different worlds: the upper-class symbolizing wealth (chapter 10) versus the low social class connected to poverty (chapter 10) What caught my attention is that Kim Dan refused to explain his situation to the athlete. Why? It was only out of pride. With his tragic life, he would appear as pitiful. Thus he thought like this: (chapter 10) He didn’t want to get pitied! Let’s not forget that the young man was able to study and become a doctor despite his origins. This means that he was able to raise his social status due to his intelligence and determination. That’s the reason why he valued his job so much. Since he is a “self-made” man, he strongly internalized that he could do everything on his own. He doesn’t need anyone’s help. However, his “dream” got ruined, the moment his halmoni became sick. Note that even cornered, the doctor is refusing to explain his situation to others (chapter 11) and especially to Joo Jaekyung. (chapter 11). He has another reason which I will explicate further below. But this doesn’t end here. When he begged the sportsman on his knees, he preferred offering him something in return. (chapter 11) In exchange for money, he would offer his help and services. And when he proposed this, he was already thinking about sex!! Nevertheless, he could have explained his situation, but he chose to hide everything.

In my eyes, he had three reasons to act this way. He might have lowered himself in front of the athlete, yet he refused to accept the money for free out of pity. Till the end, the physical therapist preferred making a deal than getting money out of pity. After reading this, certain readers might have the impression that I am siding with the sportsman. But no… my point is the following: none of these two characters are irreproachable. Kim Dan is a human after all. Sure, he is definitely less flawed than the rough and selfish celebrity, but he is not perfect either. He is also prejudiced. To conclude, when the couple argued in the apartment, the readers could witness the perfect illustration of the four-sides model developed by Friedmann Schulz von Thun.

2. Sweet or toxic talk?

What is it exactly? The psychologist realized that each message has 4 sides. The theory states that each message contains 4 different pieces of information: facts or factual information, self revelation about the speaker, a message about the relationship between the speaker and the listener and an appeal.

Quoted from https://blog.rwth-aachen.de/designthinking/tag/four-sides-model/#:~:text=The%20four-sides-model%20consists,the%20sender%20intended%20to%20communicate.

This outlines the complexity of communication. As the readers can sense, I had already applied this theory, when I analyzed the fighter’s comment about the booze! And now, it is time to examine another illustration. (chapter 10) These words meant the following:

Factual information: This house is unhealthy and unsanitary. That’s the reason why he added this later. (chapter 10) And he is not wrong, since Kim Dan was supposed to leave the district. (chapter 11)

Self-revelation: (chapter 10) Joo Jaekyung couldn’t understand why the doctor could live there, as he wouldn’t be able to do it himself. He can not call this a home or house.

Relationship: Since he is rich, he can judge what a normal habitation looks like. (chapter 10) He is implying that he has more knowledge than Kim Dan who has always lived there. The champion knows about safety norms and what should be considered as normal. Besides, don’t forget that when the boxer entered the room, he saw not only the mold, but also the alcohol on the floor. (chapter 10) So in his mind, the doctor looked like a heavy drinker, even like a drug addict! And now, you comprehend why the athlete said this to the physical therapist!! (chapter 10) The problem is that the young man had bought soju, when he was sick and upset after his first night with the champion. He wanted to forget this nightmare!! As you can imagine, this had only happened one time, but the champion came to the conclusion that the main lead would consume soju constantly. Don’t forget that the fighter doesn’t drink at all. Thus I am suspecting that Joo Jaekyung truly believed the doctor’s words, when the latter explained his bruises. (chapter 11) The protagonist must have thought that his doctor had fallen in the stairs due to intoxication. Thus he gave him the following advice: (chapter 11) He should pay attention to his drinking habits!! But this actually displays his innocence contrary to the coach Park. (chapter 11) The former has no idea about the abusive behavior of loan sharks.

Finally, the last side of the message, appeal: He should move out, since he has now money!! (chapter 10) In other words, he was actually showing concerns for the doctor, but the latter never realized it. He only saw it as arrogance and lack of empathy. For him, “it’s disgusting” sounded like “you’re disgusting”. Besides, I also think that his intervention was not well perceived. I would like to point out that Kim Dan’s life has always been affected in a negative way, when people interfered in his life, and these were the loan sharks!! (chapter 10) Since the fighter has a similar behavior (rough, rude and cold), there is no ambiguity why the doctor would reject the athlete’s advices and assistance. (chapter 10) So when the doctor resented the champion, for he knew nothing about his life, he was not realizing that it is the same for him. He knows nothing about Joo Jaekyung as well, for he judges him based on impressions. Both characters both jumped to false conclusions. Since the athlete lives in a huge and fancy house, and he owns a very expensive car, it looks like he is swimming in money. I would even say, he even imagines that Joo Jaekyung is throwing away his money so easily, and because of this scene. (chapter 2) But he is actually wrong. He is definitely careful, like we could discover it in episode 11. (chapter 11) On the other hand, he never pondered on the question how the young man could spend 14.000 dollars within a week. In my eyes, he is jumping to a false conclusion, exactly like the doctor. In his mind, the young man must be probably gambling. In other words, I believe that Joo Jaekyung has the following mind-set: people are poor due to their poor mind-set (drug addiction, gambling, no real common sense or good taste). To conclude, they are responsible for their misery. From my perspective, the major problem between these two characters is their bias about rich and poor people. On the other hand, Kim Dan views the sportsman as a selfish and spoiled brat (chapter 11), hence his personality is lacking!! Thus when the boxer explained why he brought Kim Dan to his house, the latter could only have the impression that he had done it against his will. (chapter 10) The champion’s words reinforced his false perception about the main lead. He was just selfish, and his gesture was not done out of generosity. Nevertheless, I would like to point out that even Kim Dan didn’t feel any gratitude towards Joo Jaekyung as well. If he had felt indebted, he wouldn’t have looked away and blamed himself for this incident. By putting the responsibility on him, he was actually denying the boxer’s selflessness. And exactly like in the video mentioned above, the tones and the gestures contributed to increase the misunderstanding between them. However, when Joo Jaekyung declared “It’s not like I wanted to do it”, he was actually thinking like this. He had done it, because the doctor had requested it!! (chapter 10) This shows that actually, Joo Jaekyung had been quite considerate. For me, there is no doubt that he felt pity for Kim Dan, who was crying and clinching onto him. And I have a proof for this interpretation. When Kim Dan was begging on his knees, this is what the athlete thought. (chapter 11) Pathetic is a synonym for pitiful! So while his words “fucking pathetic” gave the impression that he was calling Kim Dan a loser, I believe that it was the opposite. Thus he replied to this plea, he desired to do something new. He was seeking “entertainment”! The antonym of pathetic is HAPPY and CHEERFUL! And that’s how he responded. He was not mocking Kim Dan in the end. He wished to change the atmosphere in my eyes.

To conclude, their argument in the penthouse was not toxic at all! It actually outlined their prejudices, the issues lie in their communication too. And since the doctor judges Joo JAekyung as someone obsessed with sex, it is not surprising that when the main lead agreed to his request (chapter 11), many readers were again upset, because they were thinking exactly like the doctor. Some manhwalovers were already imagining that the champion would ask for a BDSM session due to his expressions: “I’ve been wanting to try”. Why? It is because so far, his conditions were all linked to his sexual behavior. BUT if the manhwalovers look for the story’s description, they will discover that Jinx is not tagged with BDSM! It is just categorized as “rough”. That’s why I don’t think that this is what the lover has in mind! For me, his new desire is to share his penthouse with the doctor. So far, he has never lived with anyone else before. Yes, I believe that he is proposing cohabitation. Don’t forget that Joo Jaekyung saw his terrible house. Secondly, he refused to give him money, because in his mind, this will never solve the problem. From his perspective, Kim Dan will keep spending money (either alcohol or gambling) I also think that the fighter prefers not to rely too much on his family and his wealth. (chapter 11) Though he comes from a rich family, there is no ambiguity that he is careful with his money. He is actually like the doctor, he worked hard for his fame. Secondly, the distressed protagonist revealed that he had no longer any home and he needed the money in order to find a new flat. (chapter 11) And cohabitation is the perfect solution for this couple. That way, they can discover their own bias and false judgment about each other. Finally, let’s not forget that in chapter 4, the champion had been happy, when the doctor had left the flat quietly. (chapter 04) Yet, later he came to regret it. Striking is that he had never asked the young man to leave the bed, when he woke up. (chapter 4) This shows that he had not mind of sharing his bed with him.

3. The clash of civilizations

Since both protagonists come from two different worlds and have a different past, this is not surprising that they are arguing. In chapter 10, I had already sensed that Kim Dan has a different notion of home than the fighter’s. The physical doctor was associating his humble dwell to his grandma. (chapter 10) In this place, he could witness her love. She protected him from the loan sharks, (chapter 5) she even brought him a sweet bread for his birthday. (chapter 10) This means that this small house is a place full of “good memories” despite his struggles. Thus the doctor made the choice to never leave this place. One might say that his stay is related to his promise to his grandmother. (chapter 11) But there is more to it. Let’s not forget that when he sensed the presence of Joo Jaekyung in the room, he already imagined that this was his grandmother. (chapter 10) It is because he has never brought home anyone else before. He didn’t want people to see his “poverty”. From my point of view, he wanted to stay there, because it was the only thing that was reminding him of his grandmother! If she were to die, he would have nothing left. For the champion, it looked like the doctor was living alone, as there were no traces of the grandmother. The champion could discover his loneliness and his abandonment issues. The house itself symbolizes the halmoni. That’s the reason why he is so attached to it. And this displays that Kim Dan had decided to stay there on purpose. That way, he wouldn’t feel too lonely. But the thought to lose the flat is like announcing the grandmother’s death. For me, there is no ambiguity that he is very scared of losing her. To conclude, for Kim Dan, home is connected to a loved one and the souvenirs they share together. But this notion stands in opposition to the champion’s who prefers living far away from his own family. (chapter 10) For him, a house is connected to comfort, independence, security, functionality and health. He has definitely a cleaning lady. That’s the reason why Joo Jaekyung couldn’t grasp why Kim Dan would stay there. And he was partially not wrong, for it was Kim Dan’s decision to stay there. It was not just out of his financial situation, while he gave the opposite impression. (chapter 10) His reasons for his stay were more sentimental in the end. Thus I come to the conclusion that it was in truth a blessing in disguise, when Joo Jaekyung visited his flat. (chapter 10) He was the only one who knew about his living conditions!! In a way, he can feel good, if he proposes cohabitation to Kim Dan. What he is not realizing is that he is indirectly learning to take care of others, to open up and to share things (the showers, and in the future his flat). And this leads me to the following observation. During that night, the fighter had been quite generous. While Mingwa exposed Joo Jaekyung’s narrow-mindedness (chapter 10) and roughness in the small room on purpose (chapter 10), it was up to the readers to detect his kindness. (chapter 10) Despite the crude idiom “dude”, he was quite gentle, when he tapped him with his foot. Then, when the main lead woke up, he was sleeping in the middle of the bed with the cover on him. (chapter 10) This exposes that Joo Jaekyung had covered him and not just let him fall on the bed. Secondly, he had even offered him a bed, while he had slept elsewhere. He could have dropped him on the sofa. And if you compare the boxer’s behavior in the earlier chapters, you can detect the huge transformation: (chapter 02) The dispute was short, but it ended in violence. However, this is not the case with the sweet Kim Dan. Note that he could have pushed away the doctor more brutally, as he is really strong, but he never did. (chapter 10) He is already changing. Nevertheless, his other problem are his expressions and as such his vocabulary. His favorite idioms are “fuck” and “punk” (chapter 10) (chapter 11) This reflects his lack of education. He is not good with words, his statements could only fuel the argument. Therefore it is not surprising that he prefers using his hands. Research has already outlined the connection between violence and vocabulary. Here you can read this interesting article about criminality and expressions (“When ex-cons change their vocabulary, they stay out of jail”).

4. Toxic relationship and toxic people

So far, I have not defined what toxic relationship or toxic people are.

“In human behavior, toxic is used to describe someone who causes distress in others through negative words and actions. However, it isn’t always easy to identify a toxic person, as their behaviors can be subtle. […] Often the phrase “toxic person” is used to describe someone who is subtly or outwardly manipulative, self-centered, needy, or controlling. These behaviors may manifest from underlying feelings of low self-esteem and mental health conditions such as narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), childhood trauma, or other deeply rooted personal issues. In addition, research suggests that some people who behave in toxic ways may have certain “dark core” personality traits. These traits manifest as a tendency to put their goals and interests above all others while justifying their behavior to avoid guilt or shame.” Quoted from https://psychcentral.com/blog/whats-a-toxic-person-how-do-you-deal-with-one#whats-a-toxic-person

As the manhwalovers can detect, this adjective is linked to manipulation, gaslighting and deception, and the partner is not realizing it first. However, if the readers pay attention to the champion’s behavior, he is far from being manipulative and fake. In fact, he is not capable of hiding his anger (chapter 5), his disappointment, his admiration (chapter 8), his arrogance… He speaks up his mind all the time. Thus he made a deal with the doctor, and the latter is aware of the content which he also accepted. Furthermore, I would like to add that calling people “toxic” is actually wrong, for this implies that they will never change. I agree with the author Hannah Baer that the word “toxic” is overused and is actually contra-productive.

“Research suggests that even difficult personality styles can change over time, rather than being fixed and immovable. Intractable conflict experts don’t focus much on bad actors in part because they know that dynamics and situations are toxic, not people. […] Of course, the world is rife with unequal power dynamics, and power abused. But when people with equal amounts of power are blaming each other for being “toxic,” “manipulative,” or a “narcissist,” they’re often taking the easy way out. In situations of interdependence coupled with severe harm, it may help people in crisis to temporarily frame their boss or girlfriend or parent as pathologically bad in order to extricate themselves. In the long run, however, resorting to fixed pathology to explain bad behavior creates problems for all parties.” Quoted from https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jul/26/toxic-people-behavior-blame-psychology

In truth, the real jerks in the story ARE the loan sharks. They are the toxic people who had no reason to beat the young man, for he had already paid the interests on time. (chapter 11) They felt pleasure by tormenting Kim Dan, for they felt powerful. They don’t care if they ruin his career. (chapter 11) Who would hire or keep a physical therapist, when he appears with bruises on his face? Kim Dan never revealed his situation to the Black Team, for he feared that he could lose his job, as he is connected to dubious loan sharks. (chapter 11) Yes, with such a meddling, they are actually dragging down the debtors so that it becomes more difficult to escape from poverty. Now, you have the other explanation why Kim Dan lied to the coach and the other boxer. However, imagine the loan sharks’ reaction, when they recognize that they can no longer harass Kim Dan, for the latter moved out without leaving an address. His departure is actually a blessing in disguise like mentioned above. There’s no ambiguity that they will go to the hospital and harass the halmoni. (chapter 11) And if my prediction is correct, the athlete will be able to monitor his roommate’s movements. So far, the champion thinks that the halmoni is no longer from this world. (chapter 10)

As a conclusion, by moving out, the physician won’t be able to hide the debts and the existence of the loan sharks to Joo Jaekyung. And that’s how the latter will recognize that Kim Dan’s poverty is not self-created. (chapter 5) In fact, it was the result from his parents. Honestly, I am even suspecting that they are not dead. They vanished, while leaving the huge amount of debts to the halmoni and the grandson. And don’t forget that Joo Jaekyung’s matches are broadcasted on TV!! (chapter 05) Thus the coach was also seen there. So the moment Kim Dan’s face appears on TV next to the champion, many people will be surprised: the vicious director of the hospital, the loan sharks, and if my theory is correct, then the persons responsible for the debts! They could discover Kim’s lucky career! They could even imagine that the physical therapist is now rich, since he is working for a successful person. So they would jump to the conclusion that the family was able to pay off the debts so that they would resurface and try to rekindle with the halmoni and Kim Dan.

To conclude, though I felt terrible for Kim Dan, I do think that Joo Jaekyung is his bird of fortune. He is his toxic sweet, for the latter is full of flaws. And thanks to the doctor, the champion is discovering a new world, he is feeling more emotions and attachment. Thus he is opening up and speaking more and more. Consequently, it is no coincidence that as time passes on, the athlete is getting less and less selfish and brutal. Finally, the moment Joo Jaekyung discovers that his assistant was assaulted by three men using a bat (chapter 11), I am certain that he will see red! Why? It is because he stands for fair fighting! That’s how he also makes a living. Thus there is no ambiguity that the loan sharks will feel the champion’s wrath. 😉 And I am looking forward for this moment!

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Jinx: 🌏 Two worlds 🌎 (second version)

Please support the authors by reading the manhwas on the official websites. This is where you can read the manhwa.   But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes. Here are the links, if you are interested in the first work from Mingwa, BJ Alex,  https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2021/06/21/who-are-you-the-significance-of-masks-in-manhwas/  and the 6th essay about Jinx https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2023/01/01/jinx-lucky-%f0%9f%8d%80-loser-and-jinxed-winner-%f0%9f%8f%86-full-version/ (the full version is locked) https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2023/01/01/jinx-lucky-%f0%9f%8d%80-loser-and-jinxed-winner-%f0%9f%8f%86-10-pictures/ Here is the link where you can find analyses of other manhwas: https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2021/06/06/table-of-contents-of-analyzed-mentioned-manhwas/

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After seeing the illustration, it becomes clear that one topic of this essay is to outline the huge contrast between Kim Dan and Joo Jaekyung’s life.

1. The top and the bottom

While the latter lives at the top of the building , (chapter 2) the other sleeps in one room apartment in a small house. (chapter 5) (chapter 1) This signifies that while the champion is at the top of Korean society, the other is at the bottom. This is no coincidence that their social status is mirrored in their relationship. While the athlete owns an expensive car (chapter 9), the other uses public transportation. (chapter 1) As a conclusion, one character embodies wealth, while the other stands for poverty.

2. Pictures and status

Under this new light, the manhwalovers can comprehend why the author created such pictures. (chapter 1) (chapter 3) (chapter 9) Their position was reflecting not only their respective social status, but also the social gap, as they were not standing side by side. Since the champion belongs to the high society, Kim Dan had to look up at the celebrity initially. This was not just a question of height. Striking is that in the first two pictures, the protagonists were facing each other at a certain distance, they had nothing linking them together, indicating that the two main leads were living in two different worlds. However, there was a first change, when Kim Dan (chapter 2) grabbed the champion’s robe. Striking is that he barely held the cloth, as if he didn’t dare to touch the jacket. He was looking down, a sign of humbleness and resignation. I would even add, his attitude reminded the viewers more of a beggar, pleading for leniency and generosity. This panel truly displayed the power relationship between Kim Dan and Joo Jaekyung. Money was in the center of this couple and this is what brought them together initially! The poor needs the assistance of the rich. On the other hand, this gesture also announced a change. For the first time, Kim Dan was not only interacting with someone belonging to the top, but also was relying on someone else. Yet, this was more prostitution than work in the beginning, until Joo Jaekyung revealed his dependency on Kim Dan through the missed calls and the job offer. That’s the reason why the physical therapist was no longer imploring the champion, but now making requests. (chapter 6) Hence the main lead was positioned much lower than the doctor first.

Another important aspect is that in this scene, (chapter 9) the man of the hour was not Joo Jaekyung, but the physician contrary to these two other scenes. (chapter 1) (chapter 3) This explicates why during the welcome party, Kim Dan stands on the other side while holding a bowl. The latter resembles a lot to a cup due to the form and color!. (chapter 9) Kim Dan is now at the top, as all the boxers are looking at him cheering him up. (chapter 9) It even looks like manager Park Namwook was also recording this event. Striking is that for the first time, both main leads are interacting together in front of others. The drink is supposed to bring Kim Dan closer to the team and as such closer to Joo Jaekyung, which indeed happens afterwards. The latter is forced to enter Kim Dan’s world, and discover a new face of reality. (chapter 9)

Furthermore, the bowl (chapter 9) is a metaphor for the future link between the two protagonists. The doctor is there to help the athlete to win competitions, or like I had mentioned before, he is his reward and prize for his long and painful career. I would even add,, they will bond through sport, just like it occurred in the shower room. (chapter 8) Thus we had the challenge with the cup full of alcohol. (chapter 9)

3. Two worlds and sport

The irony is that Joo Jaekyung never realized that by provoking the young doctor with this description “delicate”, he pushed the young man to prove his strength. At the end, he won the bet and received the admiration of the members from Black Team. (chapter 9) This is important, because the doctor has truly earned the respect from Black Team, he is definitely accepted as one of them. Thus from that moment on, neither money nor the contract can have an influence on the relationship between the physician and the fighters. Observe that they keep calling him “doc”, which shows that they respect him not only due to his seniority but also due to his education. He studied hard to become a physical therapist. Hence Oh Daehyung refuses that Kim Dan acts as a servant, it is not his role and place to fetch ice cream for the boxers. (chapter 9) He is no errand boy. They don’t judge him based on his social class, but on his college degree. As you can see, sport is a place that can bring people from different social classes together. This explicates why we have famous sport events like Olympic games or World cups. Here, people from different countries are competing against each other, but it is the same principle. These events were created to generate friendship and avoid military conflicts. In tournaments, talents matter more than money and social status, though this statement has to be relativized, for “poorer countries” offer less chances to develop talented sportsmen. Hence some athletes decide to change their citizenship. Nevertheless, we can definitely state that sport generates bonds among the different social classes and as such serve to reduce the gap between the top and bottom.

4. The purpose of the contrast

On the other hand, I don’t think that Joo Jaekyung became rich thanks to his successful career, though this is not what Kim Dan is thinking.. (chapter 2) He is only famous in Korea according to the protagonist. Thus, for me, Kim Dan is quite naïve. Why do I come to this deduction? Simply through the contrast! The existence of two worlds indicates that Kim Dan is the “negative” reflection of Joo Jaekyung, though there is no ambiguity that they share some similarities: both take their job seriously, and are really hard-working. The champion never misses his training.

And this leads me to the following observation: Joo Jaekyung might belong to the upper-class, yet he never went to university. Since the doctor worked hard to get a good job, I conclude that it was the opposite for the champion. He was not talented for studies, he was more an athletic person. Now, I would like my avid readers to take a look at this table

Joo JaekyungKim Dan
carNo car
Huge penthouseOne-room flat
 College degree
 Only one family member: halmoni
 rich neighborhoodpoor neighborhood

Under this new perspective, people can understand why I came to this deduction. Since Kim Dan’s family consists of two members, himself and his grandmother, I am assuming that Joo Jaekyung still has an intact family, but they are not close. We have many evidences for this interpretation. In the athlete’s penthouse, there are no family pictures or items reminding of a loved one contrary to the physician. (chapter 5) His place feels too empty and clean. (chapter 6) Secondly, there was no one by his side except his hyung, Park Namwook, when he won his fight. (chapter 5) Finally, this theory got reinforced, when I saw this panel. (chapter 9), which contrasts so much to this image. (chapter 2) However, these two scenes have something in common: “redevelopment!”. The skyscrapers are new buildings. This means that the district got redeveloped. That’s the reason why I believe that Joo Jaekyung’s family must be involved in the construction field or at least in the redevelopment of the city.

I would like to point out that many houses have a red cross on their wall (chapter 9) This indicates that the buildings were sold to a construction company. That’s the reason why the district looks so deserted and ruined, though there exists opposition visible thanks to the banner. Thus I deduce that this construction company and politicians are pressuring inhabitants to sell their home and this for a cheap price. The problem is that the moment the district is totally empty and gets redeveloped, the price for rent will increase considerably so that people with a low income can no longer live there. And if you are familiar with K-dramas or other manhwas (Under The Green Light for example), you are well aware that construction companies are often linked to Korean mafia! Consequently, I am suspecting that Joo Jaekyung is related to a construction company and as such to the mafia. This would explicate why he can live in the penthouse, why he has tattoos and finally why his family didn’t pay too much attention to his education. Finally, I had already pointed out the absence of a mother in his childhood. Only money and power matter in such a world. Hence this would not be surprising that the athlete has such a terrible mind-set, though I believe that there exist other causes for his aggressiveness and selfishness. Besides, this would explicate why he associates sex to prostitution and sponsoring. And if my theory is correct, this signifies that by meeting Kim Dan, he is forced to face reality, the true origins of his wealth: exploitation and ruthlessness. In the first version, I was even wondering if he is not one of the owners of “Black Team”, as he brought the company card to the restaurant. Chapter 16 proved my suspicion right. Kim Dan was paid in advance from the company „Black Team“, a sign that Joo Jaekyung has a saying about the expenses of the club. On the other hand, he was not always lucky in his career, for his ears are really damaged. That’s the other reason why I am thinking that his fortune is not entirely self-made. At the same time, his encounter with Kim Dan can only bring a change in his life. For the doctor symbolizes integrity, responsibility and selflessness, the champion will come to slowly internalize these values.

This is not surprising that at the end of the contest, Joo Jaekyung is forced to become responsible for Kim Dan’s drunkenness. . (chapter 9) We could also say that it was his karma, for abandoning him before in the shower. Because the main lead had to bring the doctor home, he discovered a new world which left him speechless. (chapter 9) He couldn’t even imagine that someone would live there. Thus he got skeptical. (chapter 9) This discovery can only puzzle him. He gave him so much money, yet he still lives in such a neighborhood. He can only wonder where the money went. It is now only a matter of time, until he gets aware that his salary is spent for someone else! Furthermore, the manhwaphiles should question if the champion is willing to enter such a deserted district. If he does, there is no ambiguity that he will meet the loan sharks. If not, he could decide to bring him home. One thing is sure: this discovery caught the champion’s notice and this can only intrigue the boxer. It’s not random that the moment he became responsible for Kim Dan, he was faced with reality. Responsibility and reality go hand in hand.

To conclude, Kim Dan is the champion’s medicine, he pushes him to witness the other side of the coin!! Money can reinforce social iniquities, so that it is difficult to break free from the vicious circle. Health is also strongly connected to income. It is well known that residents of impoverished communities are at increased risk for mental illness, chronic disease, higher mortality, and lower life expectancy. Just because poor people have no money, this doesn’t signify that they are less worth. Joo Jaekyung can only recognize the importance of health. Only a healthy lover can give him what he needs.

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Jinx: Lucky 🍀 loser and jinxed winner 🏆 (10 pictures)

Please support the authors by reading the manhwas on the official websites. This is where you can read the manhwa.   But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes. Here are the links, if you are interested in the first work from Mingwa, BJ Alex,  https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2021/06/21/who-are-you-the-significance-of-masks-in-manhwas/  and the 4th essay about Jinx https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2022/12/16/jinx-hot-boys-%f0%9f%a5%8a%f0%9f%98%8e-full-version/  (the full version is locked) https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2022/12/16/jinx-hot-boys-%f0%9f%a5%8a%f0%9f%98%8e-10-pictures/ Here is the link where you can find analyses of other manhwas: https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2021/06/06/table-of-contents-of-analyzed-mentioned-manhwas/

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After the release of chapter 8, many manhwalovers were so upset about Joo Jaekyung’s behavior that they wished that Kim Dan would make him regret soon enough. This was visible because of the posts and comments left on IG and Twitters. In their eyes, Joo Jaekyung had been the winner of this episode, because at the end, the poor physical therapist was left behind on his knees. (chapter 8) Naturally, this is how the main lead must have felt, and the readers were all putting themselves in the shoes of Kim Dan. How could they not be hurt? He had somehow to clean up the mess left by the selfish and rude fighter. To conclude, this image reinforced the impression that Kim Dan had been the loser of this encounter. However, I believe this is not entirely correct. Why? First, we shouldn’t judge this situation from the doctor’s perspective. It is necessary not to view this episode based on emotions and impressions. Why? I would like the manhwaphiles to keep in mind that this story is entitled JINX! In other words, chance and bad omen play a huge role in the manhwa, but the main characters have no idea about this. Finally, Kim Dan has always felt unlucky in his life. Hence he can not perceive his last interaction with the champion as “luck” at all. Thus in this composition, I would like to present my interpretation of the chapter under the aspect “defeat” and “good fortune”. The purpose of this essay is to introduce my predictions about the next chapter. For me, there is no doubt that Joo Jaekyung’s “success” is just a Pyrrhic victory, but Joo Jaekyung is clueless about it.😉 This Pyrrhic victory will have terrible consequences for the champion, and this very soon. And the moment I viewed episode 8 in that perspective, I could only anticipate chapter 9 and looking forward for Joo Jaekyung’s jinx. 😁

1. The boxers: lucky losers?

Let’s start with Joo Jaekyung’s colleagues who were allowed for the first time to shower along the champion(chapter 8), though they had never been able to defeat the protagonist before. (chapter 8) It looks like they were very lucky, for the main lead was generous and even in a good mood. Joo Jaekyung: “You’re good. Go ahead.” (chapter 8) On the other hand, when they opened the door and discovered the main lead’s presence, they first got shocked. (chapter 8) It displays that they feared his reaction. It seemed more like they were very unlucky. One of them had even seen the champion vanishing in the showers, but he had still trusted his friend’s judgement. They were embarrassed and somehow fearful, hence they proposed to leave the room. Their insecurities were perceptible thanks to the rhetorical question (“What do we do?”), the stammering and the pause (uh and the points of suspension). Thus imagine their surprise, when they saw Joo Jaekyung’s smile and heard his invitation. They could only feel honored that the “winner” would accept them in the room. Their admiration for him could only increase, for he acted as a generous man. (chapter 8) Thus while one was smiling out of happiness and relief, the other bid farewell to the athlete properly. However, the biggest evidence for their growing appreciation is when (chapter8) the blond fighter asked the protagonist for his shampoo. Since they were already sharing the showers with him, they could also use the same washing!! It was, as though the athlete was no longer putting his distance from them and the gap was reducing. However, his friend warned him, he shouldn’t abuse the champion’s leniency: “Dude, don’t bother him, while he’s showering” (chapter 8) As you can see, the two boxers could only become happy and feel lucky, since Joo Jaekyung had accepted them in the showers. Furthermore, he had made no reproach to them, because they had talked or asked him for shampoo. The celebrity could appear as more humble and selfless to them. To sum up, they were the “lucky losers”.

2. Joo Jaekyung, the jinxed winner?

According to the uke from chapter 2, the athlete can only get victorious, if he sleeps with a man just before the match. So in Joo Jaekyung’s eyes, he is jinxed. Striking is that after not having sex with Kim Dan for quite some time, he got defeated. (chapter 7) For the first time, he got punched by a man much smaller than him. To sum up, this scene could be seen as an evidence for his jinx. Here, he was the loser of the “battle”. Besides, observe that in the gym, the doctor had never approached him. He had watched him from a certain distance. (chapter 7)

On the other hand, in the shower, he was able to outlive his sexual fantasies… There is no ambiguity that he enjoyed the presence of the boxers in the room. So for him, the boxers were like a lucky charm. How do I know this? We have 4 clues for this. First, Kim Dan asked him to send the fighters away, when he shook his head.This shows that this was Joo Jaekyung’s intention. Secondly, the main lead was blushing and complimenting the uke. (chapter 8) He was definitely savoring this situation. Moreover, Joo Jaekyung has the tendency to project his own thoughts and emotions onto Kim Dan. When he said

You’re even tighter today… guess you like a little thrill, huh?

(chapter 8) he was the one enjoying the thrill in reality. It is the same here too. “Looks to me like you really enjoyed yourself, doc. You can hardly even stand up”. (chapter 8) After ejaculating, he could no longer carry the doctor, hence he dropped him!! So his legs were definitely “shaking”. But why would he do that? It is because he is hiding his own emotions. I would even go so far to say that he is struggling to accept his homosexuality. Hence he is projecting his thoughts and emotions onto others. And since he could outlive his sexual fantasies without getting caught, we could say that he got a lucky loser! On the other hand, he felt like the winner, as Kim Dan had a climax there. He had been able not only to procure pleasure to the doctor, but also to “claim” Kim Dan as his prize! The former would never share him to the others. He might have shared the shower room, but not the physical therapist.

3. Kim Dan, a lucky loser or jinxed winner?

Like mentioned above, the slender physical therapist had been able to punch Joo Jaekyung in the shower. (chapter 7) This means that he had been the winner of the “fight”. And this slap left such an impression on the famous fighter that he was willing for the first time to call Kim Dan “doc”. (chapter 8) This exposes that Joo Jaekyung came to warm up to the main lead. He is now recognizing him as a man, even as a physician. This was totally genuine, while in front of his hyung manager, he had to maintain appearances and fake his “respect”. (chapter 7) In the last image, his gaze was directed to the left, which is a sign that someone is lying. Yet, in the bathroom, the champion was looking straight at his sex partner. He was genuine in his admiration. To sum up, the idiom “doc” in episode 8 was a mark of real respect from Joo Jaekyung. His pride was not even hurt, as he kept smiling (chapter 8). Further, he never retaliated against Kim Dan for his defiance and resistance. Remember how he reacted to the words from the other uke: (chapter 2) And observe that the physical therapist was expecting a punch from the fighter, hence he used his arms to protect himself. (chapter 8) But no, Joo Jaekyung smiled and started talking. So in that moment the young man must have felt “lucky”, for he had been sparred. For the first time, the champion was sharing his thoughts to Kim Dan!! In fact, he used words to submit the main lead. He never employed force which I see as a positive sign contrary to episode 7. Despite the recognition from the athlete, he had to follow his request. He was bound by the secret arrangement, hence he could not refuse the athlete. So Kim Dan appears more as a jinxed winner.

Moreover, since Joo Jaekyung has never been defeated by his colleagues, he could impose his will onto others. Thus he never allowed anyone to share the showers with him. (chapter 8) He was acting like the alpha of the group. And now, you have the explanation why the famous boxer never locked up the room. He expected that no one would entered the showers, as it was his privilege to shower alone. He thought that the other members of the club had noticed his departure to the shower room. Under this new light, the manhwaworms can grasp why the fighter chose the bathroom in the end. This was the place where he wouldn’t be bothered! Nevertheless, he could have asked him to give him a massage like in episode 1 for example. (chapter 1). This truly exposes that with Kim Dan it was different right from the start. Joo Jaekyung brought himself the doctor to the showers, an unconscious sign that he wanted to share privacy and intimacy with him, which stands in opposition to this scene: (chapter 7) As you can see, the sweet doctor was able to “defeat” the champion, not only with his punch, but also by forcing him to share the showers with him and as such with others!! Thus one might say that Kim Dan was lucky that the champion accepted him in that room.

But this doesn’t end here. When he was coerced to have sex with Joo Jaekyung, he wished not to get caught by the other boxers: ” It’s too late.. The only thing to do now is finish before someone really catches us“: And it did happen, like he had wished. The other members never detected his presence. (chapter 8) Was he lucky then? to a certain extent yes, because no one saw this humiliating situation.

On the other hand, his wish coincides with the champion’s too. (chapter 8) Hence the latter could only feel lucky. Not only he had immense pleasure there, but also he had not been caught. Observe that he mentioned this on two occasions; Joo Jaekyung; “Looks like we got away with it” / (chapter 8) This displays how important it was not to get caught. He has more to protect than the doctor in the end. Under this new perspective, it becomes comprehensible why he was smiling constantly. He felt lucky, while the gentle physician could only feel the opposite. But here is the question: Was it really luck that the boxers entered the showers?

4. The presence of the boxers in the showers

First, their arrival was no coincidence, because the main lead had out of habit not locked the door! Secondly, he had dragged the doctor with him (chapter 7), hence it was not clear to the other boxers if he had gone to the showers. He could have gone to the room to have a massage like in chapter 1. Besides, all of the fighters knew that they were not allowed to enter the bathroom, when the champion was there. But since the young man had followed the sportsman, they jumped to the conclusion that Joo Jaekyung was not taking a shower. That’s the reason why they entered the room. (chapter 8) In other words, this has nothing to do with luck at all.

But this doesn’t end here. For me, the boxers’ presence in the showers will become a jinx for Joo Jaekyung. 😉 Why? It is because they will be the witnesses of the champion’s wrongdoing, though they “enjoy” his generosity!! How so? First of all, the athlete didn’t pay attention to Kim Dan’s clothes. The doctor was wearing his normal clothes (chapter 7), when he started working: a off-white tee-shirt with grey sweatpants. Like the huyng manager told him, he would receive his uniform tomorrow. (chapter 7) This means that Kim Dan was not wearing an uniform, and he has no change of clothing. But now, all his clothes are wet. (chapter 8) So the moment he leaves the bathroom, he can only catch the attention of people, especially the hyung manager!! How could the physical therapist could be so drenched? Besides, don’t forget that the hyung noticed the lack of disrespect from the athlete before. (chapter 7) (chapter 1) So everything will be used against Joo Jaekyung. The latter will be judged as a bully. He harassed the doctor in the shower, because he had to call him “hyung”. Under this new aspect, one of the boxers will remember hearing a loud there Boxer: “Did you hear something?” (chapter 8), whereas the other can testify that he saw the champion going there with the doctor. (chapter 8) But what the champion say to his defense? He can not say that they had sex there!! Besides, if he tries to mention that the physician had slapped him, no one will ever believe him. (chapter 8) Then the fighters will explain his generosity, because he wished to cover up his “wrongdoing” and not get caught!! As you can see, I believe that the presence of the 2 fighters will become the champion’s jinx in the end so that the true winner of this encounter can only be the physician. The boxers and the coach will side with him, as they will jump to the wrong conclusion due to the main lead’s past behavior. (chapter 1) They will think that Joo Jaekyung was jealous, because he had to give up on his privilege, he was no longer the hyung in the team next to the coach. However, the irony is that in the shower room, the champion had come to recognize the protagonist as a man and had called him “doc”. To conclude, for me, this image doesn’t just represent Kim Dan’s suffering, but also the evidence of his “luck”. (chapter 8) The absence of an uniform can only announce the downfall of Joo Jaekyung who didn’t pay attention to details, too blinded with his own jealousy and his lust. I had already predicted that the fighters would become close to him, and even protect him, after chapter 8 I am more than ever convinced of this. Like I pointed out above, Joo Jaekyung is hiding his sexual orientation, thus he can never reveal the encounter in the showers, just like he can not mention the contract. This is the doctor’s good fortune.

Now, the manhwaphiles can comprehend why I mentioned Pyrrhic victory in the introduction. That’s how the champion felt, but not realizing that he was in reality losing his privileges. First, he had allowed the other fighters to shower, hence this change could become a habit. Secondly, they still kept calling “hyung”, but the moment they believe that he bullied the new “hyung”, he can only lose his title as hyung! (chapter 8) Note that their departure ended with this title, which is not random at all.

The other reason why I am expecting such an outcome is the evolution of the previous chapter. After their first intimacy, the athlete’s happiness was so short-lived!! From this (chapter 5) to this (chapter 5) I couldn’t forget his funny reaction. Besides, I had detected the presence of Taoism and karma. That’s the reason why I was not so upset while reading episode 8. I was already imagining his “punishment”. Moreover, I have to admit that I had another thought while observing the boxer’s reaction: (chapter 8) The champion could become the doctor’s mentor for fighting. If he wants to be recognized as a real man and boxer by the doctor, he needs to act like one!!

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Jinx: Why Kim Dan?🍭 (10 pictures)

Please support the authors by reading the manhwas on the official websites. This is where you can read the manhwa.   But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes. Here are the links, if you are interested in the first work from Mingwa, BJ Alex, https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2021/06/21/who-are-you-the-significance-of-masks-in-manhwas/ and other analyses of Jinx and other manhwas https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2021/06/06/table-of-contents-of-analyzed-mentioned-manhwas/ Here is the link to the third analysis of Jinx: https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2022/12/03/jinx-my-hero-🤠-only-10-pictures/ https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2022/12/03/jinx-my-hero-🤠-full-version/ (locked)

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Announcement: I updated the essay “My hero 🤠”!!

The readers must have been wondering why the famous Joo Jaekyung would select him as his new partner (chapter 6), while he had called him before a wimp. (Chapter 1) It looked like the champion was looking down on the main lead. With such an insult, the sportsman was implying that the physical therapist was no real man. As you can see, the famous athlete was contradicting himself. Why would he choose a “wimp” as an ideal “lover”? One might say that it is related to his lack of resistance. As a wimp, Kim Dan would never dare to refuse or reject him. It would be easy to control him as well. Nevertheless, what caught my attention is the expression from Joo Jaekyung: “in many ways”. This idiom alludes that the “hero” had many reasons to choose Kim Dan as his new partner. But what are they exactly? In this essay, I will attempt to answer this question. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t overlook that there exist other causes for his selection which Joo Jaekyung is not aware of.

1. Joo Jaekyung’s choice: conscious or not conscious?

First, although we are dealing with fictive characters, this doesn’t mean that they are not thinking and feeling like humans. Hence it is important to remember that each choice is influenced by the subconscious, though a person will have the impression that it was a conscious decision. The way we were raised or our past experiences play a huge role in the choices we make. In other words, our surroundings determine our decisions to a certain extent. Hence philosophers from determinism current deny the existence of true free will. [For more read the essay “Fate or liberty?”] With this simple observation, you have the first answer why Joo Jaekyung would express a certain disdain for Kim Dan, yet he would still ask for his services. In truth, the champion felt attracted to Kim Dan right from the start. In reality, he has a favorite type. His previous partners resemble a lot to Kim Dan. (chapter 5) This explains why he didn’t reject the main lead as his doctor right away contrary to the past. (chapter 5) Hence we could say that he was already under Kim Dan’s spell at the gym. (chapter 1) Hence he looked at him intensely first.

2. The origins of his attractiveness

After this first elaboration, the manhwalovers can grasp why the champion didn’t feel the need to punch the physical therapist after being touched inappropriately. This image was actually representing the uke’s vision (chapter 1), he feared to have triggered the boxer’s fury. Yet, the man was actually pretty calm. (chapter 1) He was rather surprised by his reaction. Notice how relaxed his body is, as he is using his arms to sit up. Striking is that after hearing the main lead’s question, Kim Dan blushed out of embarrassment. (chapter 1) Not only he had made a stupid mistake, but he had also overreacted. He had been on the verge of crying, for he feared the fighter’s rage and brutality. Nevertheless, he never paid attention to his client’s behavior. The latter was observing him, for he had detected his tears right away. Then this was his reaction, when he witnessed the doctor’s reddening: (chapter 1) He was left speechless again!! The three points of suspension exposes not only his surprise, but also his curiosity. His attitude displays that he has never met such a behavior before. He would almost cry and even blush… And the author left an evidence for this interpretation. I would like the manhwalovers to take a closer look at the previous sex partners: (chapter 2) (chapter 5) They would all smile and even try to seduce him with their gestures and bodies. But Kim Dan was acting the exact opposite. He would even hide his body with his hands (chapter 1), he would tremble in front of him and at the end he would run away (chapter 1)!! Imagine that just before departing, he turned his back on the athlete while wishing him a good day. That’s not the way you are supposed to bid goodbye. 😂 He was running away. That’s the reason why Joo Jaekyung called him a wimp!! As the readers can detect, he was behaving the opposite to the previous lovers, while he would look similar to them. On the other hand, I would like the readers to analyze the boxer’s reaction, when he witnessed this scene. (chapter 1) Once again, we have the points of suspension. This indicates that the uke’s behavior made him pensive again. He got his attention. But there is more to it. One of his eye-brows is slightly raised, leaving a mark on the forehead. This gesture is relevant, as psychologists discovered that raising only one eye-brow is a sign of dominance. This exposes the fighter’s personality. Yet, I believed that this gesture also divulged his interest in Kim Dan. He was intrigued by such an attitude, this is something he had never experienced before too. So far, people would express their admiration, they would never turn their back on him, like we could witness in the flat with the lover. To conclude, the saying “opposite attracts” is present in their relationship which reminds me of Taoism. Yin and yang complete each other. Moreover, I would like that the celebrity didn’t just call Kim Dan a wimp, this is exactly what he said: “What a little wimp.” The adjective “little” softens the negative description. Besides, the author never revealed the fighter’s facial expression. Why? It is because the readers would have detected his interest in Kim Dan right away.

Since Kim Dan was added in the calendar from Lezhin as “rabbit”, I couldn’t help myself connecting the gentle physical therapist to a white rabbit! 🐰 And the latter would tremble in tears in front of the tiger and run away at the first opportunity! (chapter 1) In other words, the protagonist’s attitude had aroused the predator’s instincts. And this perception of a hunt was visible, when the young man left the champion’s flat silently. This is what Joo Jaekyung said, when he discovered his departure: (chapter 4) He considered his vanishing as an entertainment. At the same time, it also exposes that the previous sex partners would clinch onto him in the past. He had to make them leave. But keep in mind about his explanation for his constant switch of sex partners: (chapter 5) He had detected the difference between the physical therapist and the others, but not realized that all his partners were similar. As you can see, Joo Jaekyung was not truly aware of his own attraction. Finally, let’s not forget that just before leaving the room, Kim Dan showed his back to the fighter. (chapter 1), hence Joo Jaekyung’s gaze could only get triggered to look at the main lead’s figure. This explicates why in his penthouse, he starred at the doctor’s back once again. (chapter 2) He had done it before, but now, he could finally see the young man’s butt contrary to the past, as the bag was no longer hindering his view!! Under this new approach, the readers can comprehend why the champion had added the doctor’s number in his cellphone. He had already planned to have him as his sex partner at some point. (chapter 1) This smirk exposes that this call was not sudden. He was intrigued, lusting after something new. Nevertheless, in his eyes, everything was going according to his plan, thus he smirked. Money and his fame would do the trick. Yet, contrary to all the previous bed companions, the athlete is offering a different deal to Kim Dan. (chapter 6) The latter has to have sex with him, when the champion feels like it. It is no longer related his jinx and his ritual to have sex before a match. But why so? One might say that it is related to the uke’s request: 14.000 dollars in exchange for his services! If Joo Jaekyung had not added this condition, this means that the physical therapist would have the upper hand with the deal in the end. Kim Dan would have used him like his ATM-machine.

3. Dan’s particularities

However, there exists another huge reason why the seme became obsessed with the physical doctor. During their first encounter, he saw the main lead in tears: (chapter 4) This had definitely never happened before. This image caught him so much by surprise that he kept it as a memory (chapter 6) Besides, right after he expressed his satisfaction. (chapter 4) In my eyes, since he had never felt this good before, he jumped to the conclusion afterwards that Kim Dan must have felt the same way. Let’s not forget that Kim Dan never voiced his displeasure, he just explained that he had been startled. Though initially he was quite upset by his lover’s reaction (chapter 4), I believe that later he must have memorized this weeping as something positive. Why? It is because he had felt pleasure, and as a rather self-centered person, he must have projected his emotions and thoughts onto the uke. Furthermore, at no moment Kim Dan expressed his true emotions and thoughts. Thus I think that later he imagined that out of pleasure, Kim had tears. Naturally, this was out of convenience. Yet this is not true, for the poor man recalls it as a nightmare. Therefore you comprehend why Joo Jaekyung felt so revigorated after this long night, he thought that he must have impressed the main lead with his performance. (chapter 5) He proved his masculinity, and the latter seems to me to be as one of the reasons for Joo Jaekyung’s violence and roughness in bed. Thanks to his “skills” or “huge phallus”, he had brought him to tears out of rapture. No wonder why he became so pissed off, when the young man was avoiding him afterwards. (chapter 5) But why did Joo Jaekyung feel so good with the uke in the end? It is because it was the physical therapist’s first time! But the stupid champion didn’t realize it, for he had trusted the physical therapist’s words. On the other hand, I would like the manhwalovers to keep in their mind that one of the major flaws from Joo Jaekyung is his self-deception. He believes what he wants to see. Out of comfort, he prefers having a young lover with experiences. That way, he can call them whores! But this image proves to me that he had sensed the young man’s innocence. (chapter 3) However, his lust after the physical therapist was so strong that he would have even accepted to have sex with a virgin. (chapter 3) However, the main lead’s lie gave the boxer the opportunity to have expectations and to mistreat him. From my perspective, the athlete preferred in believing in Dan’s words, for it gave him an advantage. And because this was the first time for Kim Dan, the athlete detected the difference immediately (chapter 4), but he couldn’t explain it with the loss of virginity. Therefore he justified his immense pleasure with Kim’s talent! (chapter 4) This is no coincidence that at the end of the first round, he changed his usual position. (chapter 4) He suddenly hugged him from the back. It pushed him to be more creative, to try something else. That’s the reason why Joo Jaekyung wishes to keep him by his side. Sex felt different with him.

4. Power and Money

The problem is that Kim Dan returned to his side only because of the money. When he appeared in front of the penthouse (chapter 6), he was far from smiling, a sign that he was there out of reluctance. The rain even created the illusion that he was in tears. Yet, this didn’t matter to the champion, as the young man was now contacting him. For Joo Jaekyung, it looked like he had won, hence he smiled. (chapter 6) Striking is that he added this: “Now this, I was not expecting”. This shows that Joo Jaekyung was caught by surprise again. As the manhwaphiles can detect, the unpredictability from Kim Dan is another reason for the main lead’s selection. Kim Dan is like a puzzle, the athlete can never anticipate his decisions. Like the French writer Honoré Balzac once wrote: ““Marriage (or here a relationship) must fight constantly against a monster which devours everything: routine.” This means that the physical therapist represents an anomaly to Joo Jaekyung’s world. Kim Dan will always surprise him. If you read my previous analyses about Jinx, you are already aware that Dan means “Sweet” in Korean. Due to Kim Dan’s surprising behavior, the young athlete will be forced to pay more and more attention to his companion in the end so that he becomes less ego-centered. However, this unpredictability exposes the fighter’s vulnerability. He can not truly control the young physical therapist.

On the surface, with this deal (chapter 6), the boxer has the impression that everything is going according to his wishes. (chapter 6) That way, there was no string attached. He would have the upper hand in the relationship thanks to his wealth. However, this is just an illusion, because technically, Kim Dan could also offer his services to others, as long as the latter would pay him. According to him, Kim Dan had other men before. (chapter 4) He has a contract with him saying that he should serve him at any time and place… (chapter 6), but there is no exclusivity!! I am adding this, because one of the tags about this manhwa is “hotguys”. This implies that Kim Dan will also come close to other fighters. So far, we only saw one HOT boy! 😍😂 My point is that Joo Jaekyung needs to be confronted with the wrongness of his philosophy, he treats his partners as tools and whores. (chapter 2) So if Kim Dan is surrounded by hot boys who are also famous or rich, I doubt that the athlete will feel secure. Besides, there is the perverted director. (chapter 1) At some point, the truth about his behavior could come to the surface, he harassed the physical therapist. Joo Jaekyung could jump to the conclusion that he had been coerced to have sex with the director in the past, and the champion is doing the same. Little by little, the sportsman will be forced to face the truth: he is similar to him, as he has Kim Dan’s employer.

Moreover, I would like to point out that the manager seems to be very fond of Kim Dan. So imagine Joo Jaekyung’s reaction, when he sees that the physical therapist has become close to his hyung, while he is still putting a wall between himself and the “hero”. He will definitely get jealous. At no moment the doctor voiced his admiration for the athlete directly, he kept his fascination to himself. (chapter 1) Let’s not forget that the author Mingwa chose this drawing as an illustration for her story. Joo Jaekyung is trapping the uke in his arms, a sign for his possessiveness. To conclude, I am expecting that the doctor’s puzzling behavior will bring Joo Jaekyung’s insecurities to light, to incite him to question his beliefs and even his “jinx”. The more time they will spend together, the more Joo Jaekyung will become addicted to his “drug”, the sweet and gentle Kim Dan, forcing him to change his habits. The job offer to Kim Dan and later their deal already announced the transformation of the athlete. Little by little, the champion’s worldview will transform, discover the sweetness of life. 🍭

Finally, the real person controlling Kim Dan’s fate is not Joo Jaekyung, but the sick halmoni. (chapter 6) She might have no strength, but she represents the biggest opponent to the strong athlete. The latter has no idea about her existence and power over the main figure. And once the therapy is no longer needed, Kim Dan has no reason to keep the deal between him and the famous fighter. That’s how Joo Jaekyung will discover that money can not buy everything, love or happiness. It is the same for strength. The latter is not a guarantee to become the finale winner. Love is superior to power, money and fame. Actually, halmoni is Kim Dan’s reason to survive. She is his true hero.

5. Conclusions

Joo Jaekyung chose Kim Dan for the following reasons: physical attraction, intrigued by his unusual behavior, their first night together which he couldn’t forget, the therapist’s facial expressions (tears, blushing and his oozing innocence (chapter 6), his personality (a rabbit) which aroused his instincts as a fighter and predator. Besides, his choice was also influenced by his subconscious, his desire to prove his masculinity and sex appeal to Kim Dan who seems to be shy and distant towards him. That explains why he was so upset that Kim Dan didn’t respond to his phone calls at all. (chapter 5) He felt initially irritated, but when he heard that he could get blocked, he got offended, . (chapter 5) This represented a huge blow to his ego and manhood. Therefore he felt the urge to punch the punching bag. Besides, the manhwaphiles will certainly recollect that he had to use his hyung to approach the physical therapist. Kim Dan’s shyness and proper manners stand in opposition to Joo Jaekyung and his previous lovers’ crude behavior. (chapter 2) His vocabulary exposed his purity: (chapter 1) Finally, it was the goddess Mingwa who made Joo Jaekyung choose Kim Dan as his partner. This was his fate right from the start. He was destined to be tamed by the pure rabbit.

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Jinx: Bewitched 🧙‍♀️ (only 10 pictures)

Please support the authors by reading the manhwas on the official websites. This is where you can read the manhwa.   But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes. Here are the links, if you are interested in the first work from Mingwa, BJ Alex, and other manhwas: https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2021/06/21/who-are-you-the-significance-of-masks-in-manhwas/ https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2021/06/06/table-of-contents-of-analyzed-mentioned-manhwas/ Here is the link to the second analysis of Jinx. The text was written before the release of new chapters: https://bebebisous33analyses.com/2022/11/29/jinx-precious-punk-%f0%9f%98%89-and-wimp-%f0%9f%98%8d/

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You might be surprised that I selected this story for an analysis, because so far, Lezhin only released one chapter. Furthermore, the company has not even published a small synopsis or tagged Mingwa’s new story yet. Hence with only one episode, it looks like there is not much to say. The story appears as a mystery. People on Twitter wondered, if the author had planned a love triangle or not for example. However, the author gave us a huge clue about the future relationship between the two main leads. You might ask where. My answer is simple. It is contained in the title. JINX!

1. Jinxed or bewitched?

But what does this idiom mean? The definition is the following:

bad luck, or a person or thing that is believed to bring bad luck. Quoted from https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/jinx

To sum up, everything will evolve around superstition, luck and bad omen. Striking is that “jinx” has the following synonyms among others:

bedevil, bewitch, charm, damn, enchant and hex Quoted from https://www.thesaurus.com/browse/jinx

The irony is that nowadays bewitched, charmed or enchanted has a positive connotation. When the first chapter from Jinx was released, many manhwaphiles were bewitched 😉 by the new character created by Mingwa, Joo Jaekyung. Even the author Black Apricot from Legs That Won’t Walk couldn’t help herself to praise the main lead for his handsomeness on Twitter. Striking is that this picture represents the perspective from Kim Dan, the other protagonist. In other words, not only the readers were enchanted, but also Kim Dan. He couldn’t restrain himself from voicing his fascination by whispering “WOW”. The gentle and pure man was voicing what the readers felt. While massaging him, he kept starring at him, complimenting for his skin, his muscles and even his visage. He had the impression that he was really lucky, for he never had such a client before.

2. Joo Jaekyung, a lucky man

Joo Jaekyung is a famous boxer who seems to have luck on his side. Not only he possesses a beautiful and strong body, but also he has never lost a fight so far. In other words, he is very very lucky. He has everything to be happy: fame, wealth and even health which contrasts so much to Kim Dan’s situation. The latter has a sick grandmother who is getting treated at the hospital. The bottom is persecuted by loan sharks due to debts, only his job as physical therapist helped him not to drown, to survive. So it looks like Kim Dan was very UNLUCKY in his life. Since he has to pay the bills for his grandmother, the manhwalovers can deduce that he has already lost his parents. His sick grandmother is the only remaining relative. This must have forced him to mature quickly. He doesn’t have any friend either, because once he saw the loan sharks in front of his home, he expressed his despair:

“There’s nowhere left in this world where I can feel safe.”

This exposes his isolation. He has no one to rely on: no colleague, no friend and no family, as his grandmother is now depending on him. That’s why he must have felt very lucky, when he was proposed the job to treat the famous boxer Joo Jaekyung, especially if you take into consideration that he viewed his job as a source of “luck”: “No be positive. I’m lucky just to be working” . However, when he met the fighter for the first time, he discovered the other side from Joo Jaekyung. He was really brutal and hot-tempered. He couldn’t control his strength, thus the opponent got beaten so badly. And this scene leads me to the following observation. Joo Jaekyung might appear lucky, but in reality he is also jinxed! How so? We could detect this because the way Kim Dan was hired! No one wanted to do the job!! Even the mentor refused to do it. It is because among the physical therapists, it had become famous that the protagonist had a terrible habit. Secondly, the manhwa should question this. Why did Joo Jaekyung refuse to let any stranger enter the training room? It is because he has a secret. Nothing should be leaked to the outside world. Besides, if you think from the kid’s perspective who just wished to spar with the famous Joo Jyaekyung, he must have felt very unlucky. How could he get hurt so much? To conclude, Joo Jaekyung seems to be a bird of misfortune. He is the jinx to others, thus his manager wished good luck to Kim Dan. And this perception gets reinforced, when you consider what happened to Kim Dan afterwards. Shortly after, he was sexually harassed by the director, and both got caught by a nurse!! He was totally running on bad luck! So when he receives a phone call from Joo Jaekyung, he must have felt very lucky again. Imagine that the famous fighter offered him 5.000 dollars for a single service!! With such a sum of money, he could get rid of the loan sharks who had probably heard that he had lost his job. Furthermore, he would be able to pay for the future expenses at the hospital. Once again, Kim Dan could get the impression that luck was on his side for the first time.

3. Joo Jaekyung’s secrets

But we have to question ourselves this. Why would the strongest man in the world call him so late? What was the urgency? During that phone call, he was even having sex with a man. What caught my attention are the manager’s words. Actually his statement is quite ambiguous. Since Kim Dan and the manhwalovers had witnessed the violent punches from the main lead, they assumed exactly like the bottom that the man was referring to his ruthless disposition. He would hurt the physical therapists, if they had provoked him. However, “knock the guy flat on his ass” could be a reference to his sexual habits. He would sleep with all his doctors, hence they would all quit. The boxer would have a sex marathon (knock the guy flat on his ass) which would push people to leave him. I am wondering if this behavior is not linked to superstition. What if the boxer feels the need to have a sex marathon just before a match believing that this would bring him victory? As you can see, I have the feeling that the fighter believes in jinx and good luck. But if this theory is correct, it would actually demonstrate his insecurities. He feels the need to have sex in order to demonstrate his strength and power. Furthermore, I also noticed that Joo Jaekyung is bloodthirsty. Note that he couldn’t stop himself from hurting the other fighters, until blood flows. And this was already perceptible during the last fight transmitted. The ref couldn’t even stop him from punching the opponent. In other words, he can not control his fire (his blood for thirst and his libido!), and this until he encountered Kim Dan!! The latter was able to calm the man. And this is related to his massage. Though the young man had made a mistake, the boxer didn’t get upset, in fact he complimented the doctor. He definitely felt better afterwards. I believe that when Kim Dan touched his phallus, which he viewed as a very unlucky incident, the other felt the opposite afterwards. Hence I have the impression that while the physical therapist was running on bad luck during the week after treating the boxer, it was the opposite for Joo Jaekyung. He felt better, but now it looks like “his bloodthirst” or “strong libido” is coming back. Hence he had to call for Kim Dan. But there exists another reason for my interpretation, the uke’s name! Dan has two significations in Korean: red and sweet! This is no coincidence. “Eating 엿 (yeot) Brings Good Luck” This is a white sweet. From my point of view, Joo Jaekyung will consider Kim Dan as his “sweet”, “his yeot” putting an end to his bloodthirst. Therefore the author drew this image where the beholder had the impression that the fighter was holding Kim Dan in his arm. It was, as if he was claiming the main lead. He was his reward and trophy. And now, pay attention to the clothes the bottom was wearing, when he met his client. While Joo Jaekyung was wearing black, the other had blue clothes. Since Korean culture is influenced by Taoism (yin and yang), I think that the author had another reason for selecting “Dan”.

In addition to these colors, certain color combinations were very important to have at weddings because they helped balance Yin and Yang elements. That is why red and blue (which are also seen in the Korean flag) were considered an important pairing with red representing the male or Yang and blue symbolizing Yin or the female.” Quoted from https://www.color-meanings.com/korean-color-symbolism/

That way, he is connected to the two fundamental colors: blue and red, which is an indication about his role in the boxer’s life. He will bring harmony in his life. He might have been successful so far, but he was full of rage. Hence I am suspecting that he only has one person by his side: the manager whom he definitely trusts. Striking is that he had saved the number from Kim Dan, a sign that he must have recognized his value very quickly. From my point of view, Joo Jaekyung insults the others (wimp, brat) to mask his own flaws. This is not just a sign of arrogance. Naturally, if the physical therapist has a calming effect on the fighter, it is possible that Joo Jaekyung’s lucky streak could end. But here is the question. What is important for the protagonist? Fame or peace of the mind and heart? Despite his victories, he had issues with his temper and rage. Hence despite his popularity, he was also isolated. Moreover, due to this image where Joo Jaekyung is trapping Kim Dan, I am inclined to think that the boxer won’t view the physical therapist as a jinx. For him, he will be his lucky charm. And this is already detectable in chapter 1. His sex partner has the same hair dress and color than the main lead’s. However, for Kim Dan, his encounter with the star can’t be perceived as luck in the beginning, rather the opposite. First, he has already viewed the man’s violence, and he believes that the man beat all the previous physical therapists. He accepted the second offer, for he had been cornered. Yet, he was already skeptical. So imagine his reaction, when he sees the fighter knocking the man flat on his ass.😂 He will come to think that the man would do the same to him. Moreover, don’t forget that after his first treatment with Joo Jaekyung, he got harassed by the director and lost his job. Kim Dan can only judge the athlete in a negative light. Nevertheless, the latter also represents his future source of happiness. If he had a strong and rich man by his side, he could get rid of the loan sharks and he would have someone who takes his side. He would be finally protected and have someone who he can depend on.

4. Conclusion: Between jinx and luck

As a conclusion, I believe that Joo Jaekyung has already been bewitched by Kim Dan, just like the readers. Nevertheless, he won’t admit it right away, for he has always hidden his weaknesses. Therefore the description of Kim Dan about the boxer is not entirely correct: he is not the strongest man in the world. His language is masking his vulnerabilities. He is connected to jinx and superstition, while the other protagonist has not lost hope despite his loneliness and struggles. He is still fighting to survive, though he is constantly running out of luck. In my eyes, the gentle and sweet physical therapist has already defeated the beast Joo Jaekyung, for he is able to control his temper. So was it luck, when the client took off his shirt? Yes… because Kim Dan needed to be charmed by his “body”. Furthermore, the boxer removed the tee-shirt, for he had sweated before. He had already vent his anger onto the poor boxer during the sparring, hence I deduce that Kim Dan was indeed lucky during that day. Consequently, I come to the conclusion that the relationship between the two main leads will be a fight between jinx and luck… until both find the right balance. This signifies that Joo Jaekyung will develop a certain obsession and possessiveness towards the sweet Dan!

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