Jinx: The missing Teddy bear 🧸

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Now, you are probably wondering about the origins of this title, for so far, the manhwalovers only saw a Teddy bear in one scene: (chapter 11) Yes, the protagonist was wearing pajamas with a Teddy bear on it. This signifies that Kim Dan is connected to this toy. But what does it mean exactly?

1. Kim Dan and the Teddy bear

This observation made me realize that the Teddy bear represents the physical therapist. But I have more evidence for this interpretation. What does the stuffed animal symbolize?

The cute Teddy bear embodies not only innocence, childhood, comfort, affection and compassion, but also caring and nurturing, companionship, trust, loyalty, nostalgia, protection, safety and unconditional love. In addition, it creates the sense of belonging in people, hence according to a study, it helps to alleviate the feeling of social exclusion. [For more read this article: https://symbolismandmetaphor.com/symbolism-of-teddy-bears/] After reading this, the manhwaphiles can grasp why Mingwa chose to have the doctor as a little boy wearing pajamas with a Teddy Bear on it. It exposed the main lead’s innocence and purity. At the same time, this is no coincidence that Kim Dan remembered this scene, as he was feeling sentimental in that moment. He was missing the warmth from his halmoni. But wait… if he is the “Teddy bear”, then I deduce that the halmoni was the “owner”. She was the one who needed her grandson for his “innocence, affection and his unconditional love”. And now, please take a closer look to this scene: (chapter 05) It was, as if she was holding Kim Dan as her “Teddy Bear”. Note that thanks to his presence, the elderly woman was not beaten. I had already outlined that the speech bubbles indicate that the woman and the goons from the loan shark would talk to each other, or better said yell at each other. There is no doubt that the woman must have begged them. She had to take care of her grandson. And now, you are probably thinking that I judge the grandmother in a negative way. Well, I have already pointed out her bad decisions, but just because someone makes wrong choices, we could get tempted to condemn this person. Yet, we should never do it. Error is human, and as such no one is perfect. Besides, condemning her implies that the beholder is considering himself superior to the grandmother. In my eyes, the halmoni needed her grandson in order to survive. She had lost everything: her family, her social status, and probably her friends… she was only left with debts and a grandchild.

“Teddy bears 🧸 are loved around the world regardless of age or gender. Many associate them with comfort, security, affection, and security because of their warm and cuddly appearance. Studies have confirmed that teddy bears positively affect people, which is why they have been used to help alleviate distress and anxiety in people during crises. Quoted from https://symbolismandmetaphor.com/symbolism-of-teddy-bears/

Thanks to Kim Dan’s presence, she didn’t get depressed or even suicidal. She found a goal in life: she needed to protect him at all cost. At the same time, the boy would comfort her, give her warmth and a sense of safety. Under this new light, it becomes understandable why the grandmother made sure to isolate Kim Dan. A Teddy Bear is treated like a treasure, hence it can not be shared to others. And we would have the explanation why she pushes her grandson to remain a little boy, a Teddy bear.

2. Where is Kim Dan’s Teddy bear? 🧸

But this doesn’t end here. When the woman returned to the house with the sweet bread (chapter 11), the pure boy was waiting for her in bed, and more precisely under the cover. That’s the reason why you can detect the presence of the bed cover. (chapter 11) Thus it reminded me of the following situation which is reflected in the lullaby I used to sing to my own children:

Viens mon petit ours” from Jean-Jacques Margueritat (1979) / Come my little bear in my arms

Viens mon petit ours dans mes bras / Come my little bear in my arms

La nuit est tombée, et j’ai un peu froid / The night has fallen, and I’m a little cold

Une perle vient de couler sur ma joue / A pearl has just run down my cheek

Tu vas l’essuyer de ton pelage doux. / You will wipe it with your soft fur.

Quand demain matin, le soleil / When tomorrow morning, the sun

Me dira: “Debout, la vie est merveille” / Will tell me: “Get up, life is wonderful”.

Toi, tu resteras assis dessus mon lit / You, you will remain sitting on my bed

Tu es le gardien des ombres de la nuit. / You are the guardian of the shadows of the night.

A Teddy Bear is often left on the bed, because parents encourage the infant to become more independent during the day. And when the child returns home, he takes it to bed and sleeps with it. Nonetheless, the child often tries to take the Teddy Bear with him, especially when he goes to unknown places in order to feel safe and reassured. (chapter 5) Note that the main lead is mentioning his grandmother’s pain. This divulges that back then, he had sensed her agony. Deep down, he knew that she needed his presence, support and affection. (chapter 11) While Kim Dan looks so cute here, in reality, this scene exposes his loneliness. He had no Teddy Bear by his side which would comfort him, give him a sense of security… Why? It is because the halmoni was his “Teddy Bear” too! That’s the reason why there is no Teddy Bear in the bed! (chapter 11) This explicates his joy, when she returned. From my point of view, these two people must have shared the same bed. Thus they could give each other comfort, protection and a sense of belonging. And I have an evidence for this interpretation. Remember what the drunken physical therapist did in his bedroom. He imagined that his grandmother had returned home (chapter 10), thus he grabbed the champion’s leg, the moment he sensed that the shadow would leave him alone! (chapter 10) As you can see, Kim Dan was holding his leg like a Teddy Bear. Besides, the physical therapist had complained about loneliness before. He was missing “his Teddy Bear”, his halmoni. (chapter 10) Finally, observe that Kim Dan asked Joo Jaekyung to take him. It was, as if he desired to share the bed with the sportsman. Hence you comprehend why the celebrity had to bring the drunken doctor to his penthouse. How could he remain by his side in such a desolate home? He had listened to his plea: he wouldn’t be left alone! When the young man woke up, he was indeed not alone. The champion had even observed his reactions before approaching him. (chapter 10) It was, as if the champion had acted like a Teddy Bear watching over his “owner”. Under this new perspective, it becomes comprehensible why Kim Dan is so devoted to his grandmother, and even would risk his life for her. (chapter 16) He knows that he is her source of joy, her “protector” and pillar. He is her guardian of the shadows of the night. However, since he is just a human, he can not stop her death. (chapter 5) This explicates why he didn’t return to her side after hearing the last diagnosis from the doctor. His role is to console and protect her, hence she is not allowed to be confronted with cruel reality. Kim Dan can not let her know his worries and pain, for the role of the Teddy Bear is to “wipe the tear‘s owner with the soft fur”.

And now, you are probably wondering how I could come up with such an interpretation, for the Teddy Bear only appears in just one scene.

3. Kim Dan’s sleeping habits

Actually, everything started with the doctor‘s sleeping position. (Chapter 05) (chapter 04) (chapter 04) Kim Dan would wrap himself in a cover and even bury his head under the cover. This caught my notice, as sleeping position exposes people‘s personality. The cocoon position displays Kim Dan’s need for protection.

“A person who suffers from anxiety will usually wear layers of clothes to feel safe – and it’s no different when we sleep. If a person likes to be totally covered by their bedding, it identifies a need for protection. When we feel sensitive to criticism, we wrap ourselves up in layers but you can now buy weighted blankets that have been proven to help with anxiety. Quoted from https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/health/what-your-sleeping-position-says-21554521

But why would he sleep like that? It is because he lost his Teddy Bear, the grandmother! He is now alone in his bed. Hence he feels no longer protected. The cover became his shield, a habit he took from his childhood, when the halmoni was outdoors. That‘s the reason why the little boy had the cover on his back. (Chapter 11) At the same time, I believe that by covering his face with the cover, the young man is trying to avoid reality. That way, he won’t notice the changes in the house: the roof is leaking for example. (chapter 10) In other words, Kim Dan didn’t desire to face reality. This explains why he thinks of the past so fondly. (chapter 10) However, observe that by interacting with Joo Jaekyung, Kim Dan’s sleeping position changed. He was sleeping on his back. (chapter 10) (chapter 13) I would like to outline that at no moment, the wounded main lead switched his sleeping position. But what does this observation indicate?

“On your back: When a person sleeps like this, they are often out for the count for a long time. Deep sleepers tend to be confident and need nothing more than a good rest to recharge their batteries.” Quoted from https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/health/what-your-sleeping-position-says-21554521

This statement corresponds to Kim Dan’s sleep. He slept there for a long time, he was able to rest properly. At the same time, it also exposes that the young man is feeling safe at Joo Jaekyung’s. He doesn’t need the cover to protect himself contrary to their first night. In addition, it implies that the young boy is confronted with reality: his home is so damaged, how can he still live there? Thus there was this argument with the sportsman. (Chapter 10) Striking is that when he heard the words from the protagonist, the author selected this image: Kim Dan was covering his head!! This is not random, it implies that the young man was not facing „reality“.

But let’s return our attention to the physical therapist’s new sleeping position. (Chapter 13) Notice that the physical therapist was not only sleeping on his back, he was also propped up due to the pillows:

“This person may have an ailment or injury and need to be supported in bed to sleep. But where else in their life do they need extra support? If they choose to sleep like this and are in good health, they may be saying unconsciously they want more out of life and feel unsatisfied.” Quoted from https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/health/what-your-sleeping-position-says-21554521

In chapter 13, the young physical therapist was indeed injured. However, what caught my attention is that it is the same sleeping position than Joo Jaekyung. (chapter 04) He sleeps on his back, definitely uses the “pillows” to be propped up. This exposes that the athlete is not satisfied in his life. Therefore he believes to be jinxed.

To conclude, Kim Dan started sleeping like a cocoon the moment he got separated from his grandmother. Because she was his Teddy Bear, I deduce that in reality Kim Dan’s original sleeping position was cuddling.

“Cuddling: This sleep position is all about maintaining as much contact as possible so this person needs reassurance. Do they have a need to be comforted in everyday life too? If the cuddler sleeps alone, you will find them snuggling up to a pillow or teddy bear as a substitute.” Quoted from https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/health/what-your-sleeping-position-says-21554521

The moment his grandmother had to sleep at the hospital, Kim Dan was simply too old to sleep with a Teddy Bear. Besides, I doubt that he realized it, for a sleeping position is influenced by the unconscious. And this observation leads me to the following conclusion: Joo Jaekyung is destined to become the doctor’s Teddy Bear! Moreover, it is the same for Joo Jaekyung. Thanks to Kim Dan, the champion is slowly rediscovering his “inner child” and as such “his innocence”. To sum up, both will choose to cuddle each other. Mingwa already exposed Joo Jaekyung’s desire to embrace the doctor and this right from the start: (chapter 4) I doubt that he treated the previous uke the same way. The fighter will give the doctor a sense of belonging, protection and compassion, just like the doctor will have the same function for the athlete. The latter will no longer feel alone, because despite his money, Joo Jaekyung has no one by his side in such a huge flat. (chapter 6)

4. Joo Jaekyung as Teddy Bear

We have different scenes, where the manhwalovers can view the fighter as a huge Teddy bear, like in this scene: (chapter 10) Joo Jaekyung was quite gentle here. He never employed his real strength to get rid of the doctor, for he didn’t send the doctor away through the window like Heo. (chapter 17)

Besides, it is important to recall that the Teddy bear was inspired by the animal: the Bear! And this animal is huge (chapter 1), and can be even dangerous, especially due to his huge paws. His punches are deadly, for the animal can be ruthless. (chapter 15) On the other hand, despite his enormous force, it thrives on fruit and honey. This indicates that this animal likes sweetness. And what does the word “Dan” mean in Korean? “Sweet”!! Exactly like our physical therapist. This explicates why Joo Jaekyung is getting more and more obsessed with the doctor, and the kiss can only reinforce his possessiveness: he has already tasted the sweetness from Kim Dan‘s lips. (Chapter 15) This panel displays how much the fighter enjoyed their kiss.

Moreover, the bear embodies strength, protection, courage, ferocity, nobility, patience, playfulness, curiosity and cuddliness. And for me, the athlete embodies these notions.

Ferocity: (chapter 15)

Courage: He saved the doctor from the loan shark and his minions. By paying the debts, he ensured that these men would no longer torment the main lead, (Chapter 17), though his intervention has not solved everything.

Patience: Despite his words, Joo Jaekyung still went to the doctor’s house indicating his patience. (chapter 17)

Playfulness and curiosity: With the doctor, he tried new things, not just the toy (chapter 12), but also the kiss: (chapter 15) He remembered his hyung’s advice: (chapter 13)

And because the athlete is such a huge bear, it is normal that he is quite rough: (chapter 17) However, when he carried his sex partner like that, he made sure to protect him from “cruel reality”. He covered his face with the hoody. Consequently, I conclude that Kim Dan has already tamed a huge bear, hence his fists are so powerful. He lives isolated in his penthouse, but deep down he is longing for companionship.

Under this new approach, the manhwalovers can comprehend why I selected such a title „The missing Teddy bear“. I was referring not only to the main couple, but also to the grandmother. Little by little, Joo Jaekyung is taking over the grandmother‘s position. Then what about the halmoni? In my eyes, it is the champion’s role to replace Kim Dan as well. The champion could become her „support and protection“ so that she doesn’t need to worry about her grandson. Let’s not forget that the young doctor was plagued with many problems which he hid from his grandmother. The athlete with his wealth and influence has the necessary strength and means to help the grandmother and her treasured Teddy bear. Naturally, don’t expect that the grandmother and the athlete will have a good relationship right from the start. This will change gradually. That way, the fighter allows Kim Dan and his halmoni to move on from the past and face reality together.

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15 thoughts on “Jinx: The missing Teddy bear 🧸

  1. Completamente de acuerdo, desde el principio supe que esta historia era mucho más que solo xxx, los lectores tienen que ver tus análisis son los mejores, esta manhwa es mucho más profundo, analítico de comprensión de tomar conciencia en la lectura, por que no solo es leer, gracias por existir encerio amo tus análisis/ ensayos, siempre estoy leyendo todo lo que escribes; de nuevo gracias.

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  2. The Teddy bear metaphor was such an astute observation! It definitely is such a good symbol of what Halmoni and Dan are to each other aka comforting but also symbol of holding on to childhood and a crutch. The ultimate fates of teddy bear is to go on the shelf as a nostalgic relic until they are brought down again to give comfort to our own children.
    Jaehyung as not just a teddy but a protective Bear of a man who can replace Halmoni is such a classic coming of age goal in Heroine ‘s journey when combined with Jungian lens. I once read an essay on a star wars ship reylo named “Kill the King and take the Crown” by Ohtze who talked about how the ultimate goal of the Lover is to kill the King figure in the “divine Mother” figure of the tale to replace him in her life. So Jaehyung will symbolically “kill” Halmoni by making Dan realize that as good as Halmoni was what she taught him about world and how to deal with it are not good ideas one should hold on to forever. The way to move forward is to face reality.

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    1. Yes, and it is the champion’s role to confront the grandmother with reality: the loss of her home, the unrealistic promise to return to that “home”, her grandson’s loneliness… Kim Dan has no friend, and he was exposed to the violence of the loan shark.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yup. She made him face problems that she faced but with none of the emotional equipment and social net he needed to face them and now Kim Dan was on verge of a disastrous ending within few months after she was completely incapacitated to truly help him. These are harsh words but she needs to know them in order to free Dan where it matters from feeling guilt and chain himself to her ideals in order to make her happy.
        Idk how Jaehyung will meet her though or if he would even tell her this or maybe he would be part of situation that would confront her instead with reality but either way it should happen indeed( i see manhwaphiles screaming bloody murder at Jaehyung here once again for how dare he criticize the sweet old lady because they do the same thing now when he gets abrasive or critical of Dan 🤣 ah Jaehyung , it’s tough being a realist figure )

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      2. So true. It is easy to “side” with the weak and helpless, but neither Kim Dan nor the halmoni are free from wrongdoings and bad choices. For me, the grandmother had a negative effect on Kim Dan, because she didn’t boost his self-esteem. In fact, she utilized him to feel better. This explicates why Kim Dan feels terrible for his halmoni, as he can no longer help her to feel better.


      3. Yup! Both are weak but they aren’t autonomy less beings who didn’t make decisions which makes their problems worse so it isn’t cruelty but a tough kindness to make them see their issues to solve them. That is also kind of symbolised by the jobs Kim Dan and Halmoni and Jaehyung do. Kim Dan is a therapist who has to do practicals and syllabus and professors hardly take time to personally coach them when making mistake. It only reflects on marks and it’s done. It’s a very “manual” reading kind of job. Halmoni is also just a simple Vegetable seller with no ambition beyond selling all her wares. There is no one who has to criticize her for her simple goals. Jaehyung is different. He is constantly surrounded by people who have to correct him every step of the way if he hopes to clear his championship matches every time. He lives his life by being open to criticism and not denying his faults and how he can improve. He can literally die in worst case of he denies his problems. He cannot afford to be someone with head in the clouds. He is hence the perfect person to make them see the need be realist in order to survive and get rid of their issues.
        Even the fact Jaehyung sees to his Jinx and thought of an unorthodox solution. While Dan and Halmoni’s life goes on wrong track and they think of no solution divine or otherwise beyond hoping and daydreaming
        I remember seeing some people saying how Dan seems the one who is jinxed and tried to misappropriate it to Jaehyung ( eye roll) but frankly his life was pretty jinxed alongside his Halmoni already. Jaehyung worked like a Talisman by pushing the issues and now even starting to eliminate the evils in their life. He is a good luck charm 🧿

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      4. Yes, he is his talisman. You are right, Joo Jaekyung is forced to be open-minded, to accept criticism, thus he listens to his coach and manager!! That’s the reason why despite his wealth and status, he never disobeys Namwook. But Kim Dan has an important role in JJK’s life: the latter is forced to question his believes, and as such his “jinx”. His first “belief” was to think that poor people are fated to be poor. They lack common sense and integrity. Now, he met the loan shark, so he knows that Kim Dan’s poverty is not “deserved”. Then we have the problem with the “hospital” and the “redevelopment”

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      5. I agree! I also think this is a sign on him having a different kind of poverty in his own life and he wholeheartedly believes in the ability to make one’s fortune. I also think Dan having lied about his sexual experience and quickly accepting his offer and frequently finding him around evidence of copious alcohol has made him think he is not responsible with himself and his finances . While his diligence for his work shows a redeemable side to Jaehyung. I think his previous lovers were showing similar indicators and so he lumped Dan as just as irresponsible and irrelevant as them. Having finally found some evidence of contrary life situation and personality flin latest chapter.

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    2. And your observation made me question this: is it a good thing to bring the halmoni’s wedding cabinet? Joo Jaekyung could definitely question KD’s decision. It is so huge, and how can he move it to a different house?


      1. Yup. His role in Kim Dan’s arc so far has been as a reality check who makes Dan face the harsh realities of his life even if Dan proverbially is still turning his head shaking it “no”. Kind of exactly like how he was acting when Jaehyung started to beat the Loan sharks bloody instead of doing the pragmatic thing to either help the fighter or at least hide far away from them so as to not get in their way accidentally.
        The wedding cabinets are definitely another sign of both Halmoni and Kim Dan not in habit of accepting reality quickly. They are both sentimental people who like to hold on to things for memory’s sake even if it’s not practical anymore to do so. For one it’s way too big for an apartment that small and is taking away space that they both probably need especially Dan as a grown man. The fact Dan would rather not have space of his own if he and Halmoni can keep that cabinet is symbolic of Dan proverbially stunting his growth for his grandmaa’s emotional needs instead.
        On another note the cabinets are also good quality so it was possible to sell it for a good price to help with expenses and debt but again neither Halmoni and neither Dan chose to do that. Dan is even bound by promise no doubt Halmoni extracted a symbolic chain on his person by her to keep remaining the stunted child .

        I doubt that cabinet is in perfect shape after the chaos of the fight. It would be very symbolic if it’s broken “by” Jaehyung aka he broke one of the chains binding a stunted Dan to his grandmaa. I see another future resentful fight between them because Kim Dan is far more preoccupied with trying to preserve an ephemeral and detrimental innocence than look at the bigger picture and appreciate the progress he can make, if he becomes programmatic and appreciates Jaehyung not just as a client but as a person on the whole. That people who are not like Halmoni or have personality she approves are not people one should discount as dismissively cruel. There are layers to people. If Jaehyung can make an effort to appreciate him in his limited way so can he.

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      2. “They are both sentimental people who like to hold on to things for memory’s sake even if it’s not practical anymore to do so. ” The best example is the piggy bank on the shelf!

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      3. Yup! Precisely. They have to understand memories are like money aka it can be re made. New ones and better ones even . Memories also are not bound to objects so it’s okay to let them go..but as we know all of it sigm of deeper psychological issue of not wanting to deal with harsh realities. Which is understandable but also detrimental if one kept doing it for long

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