Painter Of The Night: Pandora’s box – part 2 (second version)

This is where you can read the manhwa. But be aware that this manhwa is a mature Yaoi, which means, it is about homosexuality with explicit scenes. If you want to read more essays, here is the link to the table of contents:

In the first part, I concluded that persons with knowledge would always get punished, the moment they would reveal it. In other words, their action was similar to Pandora who opened the box, releasing secrets in form from diseases and catastrophes. So far, I had portrayed Jung In–Hun, Min, Jihwa and Nameless as such Pandoras.

1. Jihwa and the past

Jihwa might have delivered the box to Min, yet the red-haired noble became himself the woman created by Zeus and other Greek gods, the moment he faked a letter from lord Song. He used his knowledge to hurt Yoon Seungho in the hope that the latter would keep him by his side. This was in fact a reminder that the protagonist shouldn’t change.(chapter 57) The red-haired aristocrat desired to return to the past, when both were close. From my point of view, the childhood friend believes, he knows the truth: lord Song was the person responsible for the main lead’s suffering. However, we don’t know his identity. Either he was a low noble like Jung In-Hun who was invited by his father with the request to employ conversion therapy or to turn the young master into a prostitute. Another possibility is that he was the king or a powerful noble lusting after Yoon Seungho. Finally, he could have been Yoon Seungho’s painting teacher and the latter stole the young master’s creation. Since the father was so jealous of his own son’s good notoriety and as such resented him, father Yoon believed the thief.

Anyway, since in Jihwa’s mind he was exposed to a similar conversion (love between men is a taboo and low-borns are filthy), he believes that his friend must have suffered the same way. What he doesn’t realize is that his friend was treated like a servant and the other causes for the protagonist’s traumas are the prostitution and repeated sexual assaults. Since Jihwa knows his name (chapter 59), he has the impression, he knows Yoon Seungho’s true past. He projected his own past onto his childhood friend’s. Yet, their suffering was different: father Lee neglected his son, while father Yoon was an abusive father. Besides, though he must have heard what father Yoon used his son as prostitute in order to save his own skin, Jihwa came to the conclusion that he knew the past and as such the truth.

But he is unaware of the true events occurring in the mansion and in the capital, for he was separated from his friend. He had to rely on others to know what was happening. Remember that in the first season, Jihwa got manipulated by Min in chapter 36… Since history repeats itself, it signifies that the man with black eyes got deceived by someone who fed him with false info, a repetition of this scene. I suspect that lord Song is the origin of this misinformation and manipulation, because this would explain why Jihwa is so sure about his intelligence. He thought, he got his insight from the original and sure source. But let’s return our attention to the chapters 56 and 57. At the inn, Jihwa got chastised and battered for using his knowledge. (chapter 56) (chapter 57). What caught my attention is that although the noble described the friend’s action as a prank , the main lead was definitely so hurt that he had to hide his gaze from Kim the moment he received the letter. This exposes how vulnerable and wounded Yoon Seungho was, but how misinformed Jihwa was in the end. That’s why the protagonist can only reproach his former friend that he understands nothing, because his “knowledge” has been transmitted by someone else, exactly like in the Greek story: Prometheus gave fire to humans. As a conclusion, each time someone reveals a secret related to the past, this person will get sentenced sooner or later, like the new added illustration proves it.

2. Kim and uproar

In the essay “Painting and desires – part 1”, I had exposed that the tailor was another Pandora who will suffer some consequences. He knew that Baek Na-Kyum was the author of the erotic publications and revealed it in front of Heena noona. But this list of Pandoras doesn’t end here. There’s no doubt that Kim will resent him for the scandal, as his reputation and tranquility were ruined by the shopkeeper’s revelation. It is definitely possible that Kim is the one who retaliates, as he was present at the tailor shop. That way, he could “tarnish” the painter’s innocence in his master’s eyes, as the former represents a real source of uproar and ruckus in his life. Therefore I predict, Kim will change his mind about Baek Na-Kyum and decide to get rid of him: he caused him too much trouble. And my prediction came true: the butler tried to send away the artist through his noona, and he got punished for his action. The lord caught him usurping his position so that the valet ended up losing his master’s trust. Kim used his knowledge from the night of revelations. (chapter 64) He believed to have seen sexual abuse, while in the shed the noble confessed his love and hope one more time.

3. The doctor and his testimony

Thanks to my reader Luzy, I can complete the list: the doctor, whom I had forgotten in the first part. Striking is that we have the apparition of a real Pandora’ box in chapter 57: Yes, the drug the main lead has been fed since his teens. Exactly like in the Greek story, the box is associated to disease, as the medicine is responsible for the protagonist’s illness, his hot temper.

Imagine the irony, when the doctor shows the box, he adds this: As you can imagine, the opposite happened, exactly like I had foreseen. Observe that the moment he revealed his knowledge (chapter 65), the butler punished him by threatening him, making him believe that he would get killed, if the lord were to discover the truth. As you can see, he opened the pandora box in front of the valet and the latter chose to retaliate. That’s why I come to the conclusion that the physician will play a huge role in the future again. I think that contrary to the butler’s behavior, the noble will have a different reaction, when he discovers the truth. Besides, since he knows about his past, the physician will open the pandora box again. That way, the noble could hear about his past and the existence of the drug so that he has a different perception about valet Kim. There’s no doubt that the physician represents a pandora box for the butler. During the second season, he could still control him, yet he is still unaware of the revelations he confided to the painter.

Little by little, the truth will be unveiled, especially if the manhwaphiles recall my interpretation: Yoon Seungho symbolizes Truth. Hence I am expecting that after the next incident in season 3, Yoon Seungho will decide to investigate the whole incident. He will recognize that truth and the discovery of the culprit’s identity are not the same. My theory is that Yoon Seungho will remember the first abduction. Only two persons claimed that they didn’t believe in the painter’s escape. From my point of view, Yoon Seungho will envisage that there was an accomplice. That’s why I sense that Kim and the physician’s testimonies will be examined. Since both were present that night, the aristocrat can only suspect them. And since the physician revealed his secret to Kim, the latter will choose to use this secret in order to save his own skin. Yoon Seungho will be infuriated, because the doctor with his silence and cowardice covered up a crime. From my point of view, it is possible that in that moment Baek Na-Kyum decides to save the physician’s life by mentioning the lord’s illness. He took care of Yoon Seungho for so many years and is responsible for his treatment since his youth and that he has been given him the medicine he needed. Remember that the painter is associated to purity and forgiveness, and since now the main lead considers the painter as his lord, he will listen to his words and show mercy. At the same time, his words will make Yoon Seungho realize that he has been drugged for a long time by Kim.

Imagine the irony is that the moment Kim decides to use the “secret” about the physician’s testimony , it backfires because of the painter. The latter brings up the topic about the lord’s illness in his youth and the medicine he has been receiving all this time. Since the doctor showed a real concern for the main lead’s health and correct diagnosis, Baek Na-Kyum has no idea about the new revelation. Yoon Seungho is well aware that his father betrayed him and is responsible for his suffering, the main lead can only get upset, once he hears that Kim kept feeding him such a medicine. In that moment, Kim could plead his ignorance: He had no idea about the real affect of the drug. At the same time, we shouldn’t forget that in chapter 33, Kim asked for an aphrodisiac without the lord’s authorization, which the physician noticed, because Kim only asked after the noble’s departure. Note that in that chapter, the physician gave the prescription in front of Yoon Seungho, and the latter only left, after he had heard the treatment. From my point of view, the incident in the first season will resurface, as it will be linked to the lord’s own medicine. It is possible that Kim and the physician tries to put the blame on each other. However, I believe that Baek Na-Kyum’s testimony will play a major role. The manhwaphiles should recollect that Baek Na-Kyum voiced his rejection of the infusion in front of the head-maid. He even described the effects of the medicine which also surprised the woman. As a conclusion, I believe, the head-maid will be the reason why Kim loses his master’s trust entirely. The medicine, the advice he gave to the physician and the fact that he kept giving a drug ordered by father Yoon, although he knew how the aristocrat treated him… there’s no doubt that Kim will lose his position as butler.

4. The head-maid and Kim

And if you pay attention the maid’s behavior, you’ll observe the increasing involvement in the lord’s life. In chapter 17, she asked for Kim’s advice. From my perspective, her attitude changed, the moment she got reprimanded in chapter 38. Notice that right after that incident, Jihwa’s servant explained to his master that now the staff from the Yoon’s mansion would no longer leak anything. This is important, as he it shows her influence over the staff. She was also present, when Kim scolded Deok-Jae, but she said nothing. In my opinion, she was still relying on his authority and trusted him. Let’s not forget that Yoon Seungho started relying more on the maid, as the latter was given the order personally to bring the artist’s food to the low-born. The closer the painter gets to Yoon Seungho, the closer the maid got to her master. In fact, she served as a bridge and mediator. First, she confessed to the artist that the lord cared for him, and her words did leave a deep impression on Baek Na-Kyum, because the latter remembered her words after their second love night. Third, when the noble returned to his bad habits, she didn’t scold the artist like Kim, she implied that the commoner had such a good influence on the lord. The readers can sense that the two servants had a different approach. While she was encouraging the painter in a positive way, Kim chose to put the whole blame on the artist. The most surprising that she changed so much, when we all remember her words in chapter 33: Furthermore, after the new episode, it becomes more obvious that the head-maid will play a major role. She caught Kim allowing Heena to enter the mansion and questioned his action, while in chapter 17, she just asked for his advice. For me, there’s no doubt that her testimony will be used against the valet and the main lead will lose his faith in the butler’s loyalty. But if the latter loses his master’s trust, the servant won’t be able to live in peace. He will have now more reason to fear his lord. As you can detect, I am expecting that all the incidents in the past (rape, the aphrodisiac given to Yoon Seungho and Baek Na-Kyum) will be revealed.

From my point of view, the head-maid started caring more and more for Baek Na-Kyum and the lord, the moment she saw that the master’s actions towards the commoner were influenced by a genuine affection and were not the result of a whim. He used his position to protect him in front of his staff, then he gave him nice clothes and asked her to treat him like an important guest despite his social status. And if the manhwaphiles pay attention to her action, you’ll notice that her colleague stood at the door of the lord’s bedchamber in chapter 66, hence the latter must have reported to her about the incident. Moreover, she had even planned to visit the artist, when she caught Kim. Note that she has a towel or cover showing that she is concerned for the artist. Although she was upset, because she thought that the artist had lied to her, she changed her mind, when she heard how the lord carried the artist from the bedchamber. Her friend must have told about the artist’s poor condition and his heavy breathing. From my point of view, the head-maid will be get closer to Baek Na-Kyum after this incident. While I imagined, Heena would serve as a bridge between the protagonists, I have come to a different conclusion. She will become their surrogate mother and help them to differentiate true care from fake kindness. The last incident taught her a lesson: never judge too quickly. Slowly, she will replace the valet. She had already started with this function, but I believe that she will become more proactive.

As for Kim, his true personality is getting more palpable. There’s an ambiguity that this scene in chapter 67 exposes the butler as a liar, because he said to Heena noona that he was acting behind his lord’s back, while he said the exact opposite to the head-maid. What is the truth here? From my point of view, Kim never asked his master, but acted on his own, because he saw in Heena noona as a source of trouble. She had put him in a terrible situation before: the master had noticed that the butler had done his job very badly. . Hence Kim thought that if he let her see the artist, she would stop causing a ruckus. At the same time, note that in that scene, Kim is portraying his lord in a negative way, while he appears as a kind man. There’s a reason for that, he is seeking for her cooperation so that she doesn’t keep yelling at the front of the mansion and gather more attention from spectators. For the butler, she represents a new burden. But since Kim never witnessed the conversation between the maid and the painter (chapter 36 and 46), he has no idea that something happened behind his back, since peace only matters for him. As a conclusion, I am expecting that all the lies and tricks Kim used in the first and second season will be revealed the moment he opens Pandora’s box, when he confesses that the physician was a witness and didn’t help the artist. For me, one thing is certain now: Yoon Seungho’s rebirth is related to the valet.

The moment he distances himself from him, he will be able to shine. While the chapter 67 confirmed my negative perception about Kim, my interpretation about Yoon Seungho was reinforced with the final episode from the second season. The protagonist could shine like phoenix. He was a gentle but strong hero, willing to protect and console his lover, when the latter feared for his life. At no moment, the main lead cared for his reputation and people’s gaze. Baek Na-Kyum’s well-being was what mattered the most to him. the irony is that his actions never caused an uproar. As you can see, Kim is in truth Yoon Seungho’s closest enemy, and it is only a question of time, until the protagonist realizes his butler’s first real betrayal, like Baek Na-Kyum experienced it in chapter 29: He has already discovered his disobedience, yet he will get shocked when he discovers all the lies Kim told him. At some point, he will recognize that Kim has always been a traitor. The pandora box will be used against the valet, the same tool he used to fool people.

6. Conclusions

Before ending this essay, I would like to deliver my last thoughts about the different Pandoras. First, it looks like the roles are switched. While in the bible and in the story about Pandora, women were blamed for Fall of Man or the opening of the box, we have the exact opposite in Painter Of The Painter. Yet, this is only partially correct, because the head-maid also opened Pandora’s box in chapter 38, as she revealed the artist’s true situation at the mansion: he looked like a servant. In truth, Byeonduck made sure that all the characters have flaws and made mistakes, nevertheless the women (the head-maid, Heena) and the ukes are able to learn from their mistakes and change their behavior, while it looks like the others show no improvement. For me, there’s no ambiguity that Jihwa will change his behavior, yet he will need for that to reach the bottom. This means, the moment he gets punished and loses everything, he will realize the true nature of evil.

The lessons from this manhwa are: NEVER judge people too quickly. Secondly, NEVER judge people on first impressions. Finally, a judgement about a person should NEVER be definitive. It needs to be constantly reviewed, as people change.

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11 thoughts on “Painter Of The Night: Pandora’s box – part 2 (second version)

  1. Dear Bebe, here I am again with all my ideas. ✌🏻🙂
    The chapter was … my God, speechless.
    I am not surprised by Seungho’s behavior, as you said, he is always up front solving problem. You remember the chapter where Jihwa comments that Seungho has always forgiven him before?Now I even think, from seeing Father Lee’s behavior towards Seungho, that Jihwa blamed Seungho for his homosexuality. As the doctor said, it was later that Jihwa was apparently diagnosed with the same disease as Seungho and that is why they said it was contagious. But Jihwa’s father I don’t think he punished his son for this, maybe he had a teacher, but Seungho was always blamed.

    Regarding Kim, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw his acting was that he wanted to give the painter the opportunity to escape with Heena.
    I liked seeing the woman question his actions. I agree with you, she will be important, I hope she will be a good influence for Seungho and the painter.

    Kim, I imagine he went to see the doctor. At first I thought of Seungho leaving Jihwa’s house to see the doctor as well. Only there is Kim, so he takes them by surprise and listens to their conversation. Since they are guilty, he kills them both and it’s over. But I am very afraid that Kim will continue to hurt our protagonist, at least for a while longer. So I imagined something else, Seungho comes home and the same woman informs him where Nakyum is, and that Heena is with him. Of course, he also tells her that it was Kim who authorized that. Distrust is going to take over Seungho’s mind, and on the one hand, he better do it like this because both of them (he and Nakyum are in grave danger).
    Another thing that occurred to me is for Kim to go find Father Yoon. Can you imagine he accusing Seungho with his father? unlikely, but it occurred to me.

    Now if I see possible an alliance between Nameless and Seungho. I’m scared that Min’s plan involves cheating on Heena. Do you think this is possible?

    Finally, thanks for mentioning me in your essay. Pandora’s box opened, but not completely. Something tells me that this is just beginning.

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  2. Thank you so much for this article 🥰
    I hope this happen it would be interesting, i also have a question about the latest chapter, will you talk about it ?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. by the way, just as it happened in the special episode, Seungho was blamed by a father for the son’s sodomy.

    What a coward … people like Jihwa in my country are called ‘hijos de papá’ (sons of papa). When I saw that Jihwa went into hiding and the father had to go out and solve his problems … well, that speaks for his previous behavior. It is indeed like a child in the body of an adult. I am sure that he never loved Seungho, maybe at first he did, but then he was just a whim, a favorite toy that he can’t bear to share. How quickly he got over losing the man he “loved”, unlike Nakyum who faced the anger of the lord, Jihwa ran to hide behind the skirts of the father, who by the way, I do not know if he was more scared or angry. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    And Min…what a joker, your analysis was so good. Congratulations for your great work 🙂

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    1. I don’t think Jihwa is loving Seungho poorly. He really do love him, he struggled so much and faced such hardship. No matter who dislikes him we can’t say he didn’t loved Seungho.
      He cried so much, you can’t expect him to cry for days straight he needed a break too. And I’m sure he’s not over SH that fast


  4. Another future Pandora could be Seungho’s brother and Jung InHun. Maybe I’m wrong, but weren’t those two going to the Yoon house in the capital for the exam? Perhaps there they will join forces, InHun could reveal the identity of Seungho’s lover, and the brother part of the past … although I imagine that will be for the next season. I’m afraid in this one we will deal with Kim and Min

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