Jinx: Caught in the act! 🎬

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Announcement: The essay “Two worlds” has been updated.

1. Kim Dan’s jinxed life

Once again the readers were upset, for the young doctor became again the victim of misfortunes. Imagine that his wounds on his face had almost vanished (chapter 16) that he received new ones. (Chapter 16) The worst is that this would have never happened, if his path had not crossed Heo Namwook’s. Yes, the loan shark has finally a name!! (chapter 16) Moreover, in that moment the loan shark had to hear that Kim Dan was moving out!! (Chapter 16) Two bad lucks in one go! It was, as if Kim Dan’s life was jinxed! Because the young man is so pure, the manhwaphiles’ heart could only be broken, when they witnessed the abuse from Heo Namwook and his minions.

2. Violence and pain in Jinx

And this observation leads to the following questions. Why did Mingwa write such an episode? What is the purpose of the doctor’s suffering? Is the author a sadist? The first answer could be that she wants to turn Joo Jaekyung into a hero saving his damsel in distress. Many readers saw the parallel between this image from Jinx (chapter 16) and Painter Of The Night (chapter 101) Both ukes and semes are put in a similar situation. That’s the reason why many are hoping that Joo Jaekyung punches the villains and makes them suffer so much that they decide to keep their distance from Kim Dan. But by making a connection to Painter Of The Night, the manhwalovers didn’t realize that they had found the reason why Mingwa is making her protagonist suffer. 😲 Nevertheless, I wouldn’t like to be misunderstood. I am not saying that the author copied Painter Of The Night. Far from it… It’s just that both works are inspired by the same philosophies, Buddhism and Taoism, which are deeply rooted in Korean society. In Painter Of The Night, Baek Na-Kyum had to suffer for two reasons. Through pain, he was forced to drop all the doctrines he had internalized. This means, he learned to become more honest, to face truth… At the same time, by making him suffer like Yoon Seungho, Byeonduck wanted the lord to be confronted with his repressed traumas! As you can see, pain and suffering are not gratuitous. They have a function.

3. Kim Dan’s karma

And now it is time to return our attention to Kim Dan. The latter is exactly like the painter. He is still full of prejudices. The readers could notice his biased perception, yet only through the mind’s eye. However, since he is not violent, they didn’t catch him in the act contrary to the goddess Mingwa. Hence she confronted him with reality. First of all, when the doctor noticed his recovery, he actually blamed Joo Jaekyung for his wounds. (Chapter 16) Sure, his anus had been wounded, but notice that the cream was given for the bruises on his face. (Chapter 16) That’s the reason why he thought of the cream after seeing the fading of his black eye. However, the champion had never punched him!! This was the work of the loan shark and minions. As you can see, chapter 16 was built exactly like episode 11. Kim Dan was hopeful again, and was viewing his relationship with the champion as the worst thing in his life. Compare this scene (Chapter 11) with this statement: (Chapter 16). He still portrays the athlete’s actions as terrible. Striking is that he saw the kiss as something negative, while the fighter had actually listened to his plea: (Chapter 14) If the physician had to reproach something to the boxer, it should be the rough sex before and not the kiss. The boxer had done it, because he had realized how fragile Kim Dan was. This was for Kim Dan’s sake. Yet, thanks to the kiss, Joo JAekyung discovered that he could get pleasure and provoke pleasure much quicker. But according to Kim Dan’s words, it looked as though the kiss was the worse, hence Mingwa chose to confront him with reality: (chapter 16) At the same time, these words are strangely similar to the ones in the athlete’s bedroom. (Chapter 13) This is not random. Back then, he was denying his own pleasure. In episode 16, Kim Dan is now facing cruel reality. Moreover, the readers could detect the doctor’s pleasure, when he got eaten up by Joo Jaekyung. (Chapter 15) To sum up, Kim Dan is not only dishonest to himself, but also rather ungrateful towards Joo Jaekyung. The latter is definitely no angel, but he is changing for the doctor’s sake. The latter doesn’t recognize the sportsman as his savior yet. Let’s not forget that without his money, he couldn’t finance the halmoni’s treatment at all. Naturally, he is not totally oblivious to the fighter’s generosity. (Chapter 16) However, exactly like in episode 11, he was forgetting that the real source of his misery is Heo Namwook with his minions. Their encounter was a reminder, and Kim Dan has now the chance to see Joo Jaekyung as his “knight in armor”. (Chapter 16) But I doubt that he will view him as a hero after that. He still has a long way to go… for the author announced that Jinx would be much longer than BJ Alex. And it is the same for the champion, the latter has a long way to go before turning into “Prince Charming”. This signifies that as long as Kim doesn’t get rid of his prejudices about Joo Jaekyung, a spoiled rich brat who is obsessed with sex, he will keep suffering. Why? It is because Kim Dan has a huge role to play in Joo Jaekyung’s life, to discover his hidden traumas and give him what he has been missing all along: attention and affection. Something that money can never buy!!

This interpretation could be detected in episode 16. The physical therapist had started wondering why the athlete had kissed him. (chapter 16) This was the first time he showed curiosity about the champion and his motivations. The problem is that he stopped pondering on this question. Hence “karma” retaliated. As you can see, the doctor has to learn to pay attention to the athlete’s personality (question the motivation behind his actions) so that he can discover his mental issues. Like in real life, no human is perfect, Kim Dan has his faults. The problem is that because he is a victim of violence, his mistakes are less noticeable.

Another detail caught my attention. When Heo accused him of being a prostitute, he had the following flashback. (Chapter 16) This corresponds to their first sex session. Why didn’t he think of the latest intimacy? It is because he is slowly accepting his relationship with the champion. However, this night represents the loss of his virginity, which was accompanied with pain and anxieties. For me, this night symbolizes the “prostitution” as its best, because if he had not done it, he would have never been paid. But now, he has signed a contract with Black Teams, which doesn’t include the sex services. Everything is off the record and Kim Dan offers other services (massages, physical consultation etc). This explicates why the word prostitution triggered this image. This also exposes that Kim Dan is gradually accepting it as one part of his job, the champion’s physical therapist. This explicates why he had this sudden thought: (chapter 16) This truly exposes that he had the upper hand in their relationship. That’s the reason why Kim Dan gets confronted by his own fears and reality: (chapter 16) Is his relationship with Joo Jaekyung really prostitution or more a boss-employee relationship?

4. Joo Jaekyung’s true position

From my point of view, the doctor has another flaw. He is not used to ask for help. Besides, he dislikes receiving pity. (chapter 10) Hence he never explained his situation to Joo Jaekyung which created a misunderstanding. On the other hand, I would like the manhwaphiles to keep in their mind that Kim Dan never had a real friend, which is different from Joo Jaekyung. While many view the boxer as a terrible man, they are forgetting that despite his roughness, he is able to maintain a good relationship with Park Namwook, coach Jeong Yosep. (Chapter 16) and the gay doctor. One might say that it is related to his money. Episode 16 confirmed my previous suspicion that Joo Jaekyung owns Black Teams. (Chapter 16) How could Joo Jaekyung decide the amount of the salary and even send the salary in advance without consulting his manager? Since Team Black Inc. transferred the money, it implies that the fighter has a saying in the expenses, transactions and the income. He is not an employee of the club. However, imagine that Joo Jaekyung let his coach admonish him (Chapter 7) Hence his true position among Black Teams is not obvious. He doesn’t act like the club owner. But I have another evidence for this interpretation. Heo Namwook represents his negative version. Thus the author created similar images: (chapter 16) (chapter 16) And imagine that Park Namwook asked him to go to the doctor’s house twice. (Chapter 16) Though the man is famous and powerful, he is not using his position to delegate tasks to others. I would even say, in Black Teams, there exists no hierarchy. Hence Park Namwook appears as “the head” of Black Teams, yet he was not involved in the discussion about the expenses (salary, advance). He takes care of the paper work (contracts, uniforms). This displays that in reality, the celebrity is not “arrogant” per se. He shows humbleness in different situations. He cooked for the doctor, and brought him to his penthouse. Since Kim Dan had no person close to him except his grandmother, it is not surprising that the young doctor is not confiding to the athlete. From my point of view, Joo Jaekyung is Kim Dan’s jinx and lucky charm. As long as he doesn’t trust the sportsman, he will suffer.

And since Heo Namwook is the negative version of Joo Jaekyung, this signifies that he embodies the opposite values of the champion: arrogance, selfishness, no empathy at all. But above all, he is just a nobody!! The best example is when Kim Dan begs Heo Namwook not to hurt his halmoni. Notice he grabbed the leg of the minion: (chapter 16) This scene mirrors the one from episode 10: (chapter 10) Nevertheless, observe what the loan shark did to Kim Dan. He stepped on the doctor’s hand with his foot. (chapter 16) Thus I deduce that when the champion notices that his physician has been wounded, he could cause trouble to the loan shark. But Heo Namwook will refuse to admit this, and could put the blame on his minions. There’s no ambiguity that he will never take responsibility for his actions, the opposite to Joo Jaekyung who didn’t deny his wrongdoing. (chapter 13) That’s the reason why Heo Namwook uses minions in the end. They are his helping hands so that he doesn’t need to do much. Finally, Heo Namwook is the one suggesting the rape. (chapter 16) What caught my attention is that the money was transferred to his private account: (chapter 16) Since Joo Jaekyung is able to separate his private wealth from the account from Black Team, I detected that the loan shark’s “company account” is his private account. And now, you have the explanation why Heo Namwook views Kim Dan as his slave and property. He is the one working for Heo Namwook. But the latter should have two accounts. Why?

“Although having two bank accounts appears inconvenient, you shouldn’t use a personal account for your business finances primarily because it can affect your legal liability. […] But, if you mingle your finances, a court can potentially go after the individual running the company because it looks less like you’re running a separate entity and more like you and the corporation are one and the same. […] For example, using a separate business account makes it much easier come tax time, as you will need to file your business income and expenses separately from your personal transactions. Differentiating personal expenses from business expenses when they are in the same account can be time consuming and cumbersome. ” Quoted from https://www.legalzoom.com/articles/are-you-still-using-your-personal-bank-account-for-your-business#:~:text=Although%20having%20two%20bank%20accounts,to%20a%20personal%20bank%20account.

While many readers are envisioning that Heo Namwook’s best punishment would be beaten, I came to the following conclusion. One of his karmas should be to be facing legal issues, like for example tax evasion!! Let’s not forget that he yelled at Kim Dan that money meant everything to him. (chapter 16) Thus his karma should be that money becomes his jinx! He gets into trouble because of money! 😂 I have to admit that I was even thinking about a complaint against Heo for hurting his own physical therapist (compensation for the damages). Anyway, going after the company Heo means ruining Heo’s life!! On the other hand, I believe that first the athlete wishes to keep a low profile. One of my followers @jaeekyung_ had even the impression that this panel was announcing the arrival of the champion. If so, this means that he heard them calling his company a whorehouse. (Chapter 16) As the owner, he can only feel insulted. But we don’t know if he heard this comment. We will see.

5. The identity of the assailants

When Joo Jaekyung had discovered that his sex partner had been beaten, according to my interpretation, he assumed that Kim Dan had been assaulted and robbed in his home. The latter couldn’t provide security. And now, the athlete is faced with reality. (chapter 16) Finally, he is able to see their faces. But what does he see? Kim Dan is on the verge of getting raped. (chapter 16) This is more than just theft or burglary. Remember what Joo Jaekyung had said during their first encounter: (chapter 4) Now, he is discovering the ugly side of sex and even “prostitution”: the sexual abuse. The protagonist can’t misjudge the situation, for the doctor is bleeding and bruised. (Chapter 16) His body is even restrained. As a boxer, the champion is used to judge quickly the seriousness of the situation. In his mind, “prostitution” was not connected to violence and exploitation, he always saw it as a win-win situation. Thus this encounter lets him see reality. Yes, Joo Jaekyung is also put in a similar situation than the doctor, following the Taoism’ principle, the harmony between yin and yang. His believes and prejudices are slowly removed as well. In his mind, poor people are responsible for their own misery, for they lack strength, knowledge and good judgement. When he first met the doctor, he called him a ”wimp”, for he was trembling and in tears in front of him. But now he can grasp why Kim Dan would have such a reaction. He was beaten by three people. This scene can only prove the champion’s bias all wrong! Here, Kim Dan is suffering because of others!! He is not keeping his promise, (chapter 16) not because he is not reliable, but because he is sequestrated. Though the fighter was upset and complained, (chapter 16) he still chose to fetch the young man! Any other employer would have fired Kim Dan for such an incident, but the main lead chose to discover the reason for his absence. We don’t know how much the champion listened to their conversation, but one thing is sure. He intervened, the moment Heo Namwook and his minions were about to commit a crime. They can not say that Kim Dan is a prostitute, or the latter has to pay his debts as excuse, for this doesn’t justify their action. That’s the reason why he asked them this: (chapter 16) He can confront them with reality.

Striking is that he announced his presence to the loan shark and his minions. (chapter 16) Why? It is to deescalate the situation. We have to envision that the doctor is like a hostage, hence the athlete should rather negotiate with them. Contrary to Yoon Seungho, who never said a word and started stabbing lord Jang, Joo Jaekyung is quite calm and level-headed. That’s the reason why I don’t think he will punch these terrible men (though I wished deep down he would). However, this doesn’t signify that he feels indifferent to Kim Dan’s fate. Imagine for him, Kim Dan is like Sleeping beauty, and he liked so much seeing his aroused face, there is no ambiguity he is upset. (chapter 16), when he sees that his lover’s body is once again covered with bruises. Besides, he has definitely not forgotten the doctor’s warning: (chapter 13) (chapter 16) The evidence for his anger is the usage of “the hell”. Furthermore, I would like to point out that Joo Jaekyung is first a strategist. He is not using violence blindly, for he is not traumatized like Yoon Seungho. Finally, his affection towards the doctor is not so deep that he would get blinded by his affection. These are the reasons why I believe that Joo Jaekyung will save his doctor in a different way. Since he asked these men to identify themselves, Heo Namwook has to explain that Kim Dan has to pay off the inherited debts! For Joo Jaekyung has been raised that money can solve everything, he could decide to pay off the debts to Heo Namwook. That way, he would attach Kim Dan to himself. However, the champion will discover that his “solution” didn’t solve the problem!! Why? It is because Heo Namwook would have no longer any source of income. I had described him and his minions as parasites. Furthermore, I am suspecting that Heo Namwook will feel humiliated after this encounter. Let’s not forget that he enjoys displaying his power, and for the first time, he met someone stronger than him. He couldn’t do what he desired. In my eyes, the author has planned to create different encounters between Joo Jaekyung and Heo Namwook which will reflect the evolution of the relationship between the sportsman and the other protagonist. There will be an escalation. Right now, the fighter is a professional who will not risk his career for the doctor.

While Joo Jaekyung criticized Kim Dan for living in such a house, (chapter 10) this new situation can only make him realize how wrong he was. He will believe that he couldn’t move out due to the loan shark. (Chapter 16) But this is not entirely the truth, as you already know it. His main reason was his halmoni and his promise to her.

Another important aspect is that the champion is wearing a cap, a sign that he is disguised. Therefore I doubt that the loan shark and his minions will recognize the champion. Hence the loan shark will come to the conclusion that the intruder is not brave enough to punch them. One thing is sure. Heo will also suffer from karma, and will view the athlete as his jinx which can provoke such Schadenfreude for the readers.

Finally, I also believe that this scene will incite Joo Jaekyung to question his sexuality and Kim Dan’s. How rough can he be in the end so that Kim Dan is no longer in denial about his libido and pleasure?

Since I compared Heo Namwook to Joo Jaekyung, this signifies that his minions have their positive reflections and that would be Oh Daehyun (Chapter 9) and Potato. (Chapter 9) Thus I am expecting the visit of the loan shark with his minions to the club Black Team!! One of the minions had threatened to break Kim Dan’s knees, thus his karma 😈 (Chapter 16) should be … As you can see, we just need to wait for „divine retribution“. You caught me in act… I am already imagining all sorts of punishments for these 3 guys: beating, trouble with justice, loss of money, abandonment and betrayal of the minions or 😈 Joo Jaekyung sets a trap. They “become members” of Black Team! While these three men imagine, they are going to a whorehouse, the moment they realize that due to their membership, they can get punched by the members of Black Teams, they come to regret to have signed the papers!! Similar to the loan!

To conclude, I am full of hope. After each suffering, there is the return of peace and light! That’s how we should read this terrific manhwa.

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14 thoughts on “Jinx: Caught in the act! 🎬

  1. Ooh I loved this analysis. I also agree that based on the similarities and differences that Jaehyung would not beat the loan sharks right away. He is a professional celebrity and by his conversation with the doctor he also is conscious of how criminal something does or does not look. So unlike someone who is in Feudal era Jaehyung cannot get away with murder so easily 🤣
    I also agree on this idea but had no one to discuss it with – the way Kim Dan keeps retrospectively painting his sexual encounter with JH in negative light than it actually is. I believe it’s because he is an upstanding man who was brought up by a conservative grandmother that he thought advancing his career by accepting the clinical director harassment is abhorrent. However his penniless situation has forced him to sell himself of his own violation to JH. But the trauma of such an encounter with director and being brought up in a conservative home probably has made him despise the fact that he essentially has to sell his body to make money. Which he finds more offensive than just getting beaten by loan sharks.
    I think it’s also about mental biases and fatigues. Kim Dan desperately wants the situation to revert “back” to how everything was so ideal as a child. His Halmoni healthy and it’s just their world. But his poor but idyllic childhood is a Mirage and he seems like a character who does not want to confront the harsh realities of his life . His home is falling apart. He cannot cling to anymore. Yet he is still thinking of ways to anyway because he wants to preserve his halmoni’s wedding closet when he should be worrying about moving out soon.His pressing problems are caused by loan sharks not JH who didn’t force him to accept his offer.
    The reason I think he has so much difficulty blaming loan sharks and not JH is because I theorise JH is the first character in his life who forced him to make a choice about his own life whether good or bad. I think the loans from the shark was foisted on by the absent father , the job he lost is because of the director, the loan sharks I noticed are adept at language where they seem to put conditions on when they will be nice but never keep it( until this chapter where they finally outright said they only care about money but even that is ambiguous) . Only Jaehyung is the one who gave him an option to what he wants with his proposition.
    In his mental fatigue, making choices seems scary and daunting and Kim Dan has ended up making a pragmatic choice against his conservative principles . This is why he resents this arrangement so much and JH too because he would rather be choiceless “child” than be mature and pragmatic in this Jungian monomyth of coming of age. As all “heroines” tend to be at first.
    I developed this idea after watching a k drama called The Devil Judge. Where one of the protagonist has difficulty trusting the mysterious Boss/Judge Kang Yohan because he has been encouraged by people around him to trust them to make the right choices for him and KYH forces him to grow up and make choices for himself based on his own principles. The struggle, the sliding back and exploitation by enemies when he slides back on this progress makes the heart of the plot.
    I think Kim Dan is same. He also hence shares similarity with Naekyum too who had difficulty accepting his real attraction to Seongho and wanted to cling to a make believe crush he developed to cope on his teacher and trust on Noona. Those are his keystone of childhood just like Halmoni and rosy memories of his past is his. At least Naekyum showed signs that he wants “to grow” up more than Dan aka a fake crush on his teacher whereas Dan seems to have developed any crush that he acknowledges it as such.
    In fact he seems to have regressed even further if his opinion of sex with men being “perverse” is to be looked at.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for the observations! You are so right, and I love the connection made with the Devil judge which I also watched. At the same time, you made me realize why Kim Dan never thought about sexuality and love before. It is related to Oedipus complex, thus he thought of the wedding cabinets!! It was, as if he was married to her. And the loan sharks’ role reinforced his attachment to his grandmother. Thus he has the impression, he is “the knight in shining armor”, but since his halmoni is left in the dark, he can only suffer alone.

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  2. Yeah that seems like it. He is like a typical heroine in a fairytale, subservient to parental figures and not “growing up” because of regressive attachments to figure of authority in their life. They hence remain helpless and weak and in Jungian model, proverbially die if they don’t grow up. It even makes psychological sense too since children raised by grandparents tend to be very meek for they are confronted with the ideas of mortality and hence instability of a guardian way earlier in their life and it probably gives them lifelong anxiety. It also explains why Kim Dan first noted how physically in peak condition JH is , a very atypical observation to make even for a therapist. Most would probably Marvel at the strength and hotness factor way more.
    This is why it’s imperative that Kim Dan confronts the reality of his life and makes active decisions without resenting them to sort his life out.

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    1. I love conversing with you!! You made me realize another aspect: the signification of Kim Dan’s gesture, when he touched by “accident” JJK’s phallus! Besides, it explains why Kim Dan never tried to protect himself and let the loan shark and his minions beat him. Halmoni must have advocated: NO violence. Thus in my opinion, he watched the fights with JJK behind the halmoni’s back.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Thank You! And I feel the same😄 twitter can be very limiting in having meta discussion so I like reading your metas a lot.
        This is good point too. He probably does watch the matches behind Halmoni’s back and this might explain why he was so scared and form prejudices when he saw JH beating his practice opponent at the gym: for all his academic qualification puts him on map of sports therapy he has never worked or seen such environment beyond getting beaten up himself by glorified thugs. Hence he finds such violence outside ring unusual enough to think it’s a bad sign. Whereas from what I hear it’s not that alarming or unusual for practice to become bloody in such extreme sports and men to be a bit rough around the edges

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      2. This raises the question: Why did he study sport therapy? Probably for the halmoni’s sake, as she used to be beaten instead of him in the past. However, as soon as he reached adulthood, he became their target.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Most likely. It would have also aided in general elderly care I think. Physical therapy helps a lot after falling down, operations of various kind, joint stiffness etc and these ailments are frequently found among the elderlies. Halmoni had a difficult life with physical taxing job of being a vegetable seller all her life on top of being beaten for loans. Being a physical therapist combines his desire to make money via prestigious and respectable means and take care of his elderly Halmoni at the same time.

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  3. Great meta and conversation 🤩

    Just to emphasize the mirrored good bs bad guys gangs, the artistic choice makes it so obvious it would be impossible not to stand out so much. I am talking specifically about the detail related to the characters hairstyle. I would say obviously Heo Namwook mirrors Joo Jaekyung as both are the ‘leaders’ and have short black hair while the tattooed minion reflects hyung Park Namwook, as both have a somewhat similar build and brown short hair, while lastly, the third minion has the exact hair color combination ( half blond & half black) as Black Team’s Oh Daehyun. Nothing groundbreaking, just an observation. This attention to details from the artist reinforces once again that we can expect and should pay attention to the art, as there are untold stories and unspoken information scattered all throughout on purpose, adding layers to the storytelling. Again, nothing new, it’s a comic so it shouldn’t be a surprise at this point. I just appreciate how good these details are, perfectly scattered and adding to the build up.

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  4. This was a really great read and the comments are good as well. Reading this made me realize that both JJK and Dan have their own naive viewpoint of the world. JJK is how he views poor people and like you said he thinks they are poor because of their own fault and irresponsibility. For Dan it’s how he wants things to go back to the way they used to and sort of how he thought the money would be enough. Sad that this will be the way that Dan realizes that he has to move out of the bubble he created that things will go back to how they used to. Dan’s misstep with the money was because he forgot to include himself in dividing the money. His main goals were to pay for his grandma’s treatment and payoff the loan sharks and he didn’t give much thought on his own needs. I think it shows how bad he wasn’t facing his other reality that his neighborhood was going to get demolished. He kept thinking all he had to do was pay for those two main things and his grandmother can recover and they can be back home. I think at one point he mentioned he wanted his grandmother to come back home without any worries completely forgetting that he was on a time limit of how long he would be able to keep their home. If anything he should have been saving up to eventually take him and his grandmother to a knew home. I also agree that whatever is the outcome of this next chapter I don’t think Dan will view JJK as some hero to him. I think he might feel humiliated and probably indebted to him. Speaking on friendship I think it explains why when he first met the rest of the black team and they kept asking him questions and help he got so flustered and why he was awkward around them at the party. He’s definitely not used to that sort of attention. I don’t think he had much people looking up to him as the “hyung” either. All this will make me wonder what the rest of the team black will think about his new bruises. We know the head coach didn’t believe him with his first bruises and who knows if the other athletes did too but I think they’ll see something is for sure up because no way you can say it was the same accident.

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  5. The man with the purple hanbok.
    My question is why the person(s) are trying so hard messing with YSH and NK. He has been partying hard before meeting the painter. Would it be Lord Song’s obsessive, or others tried to destroy the Yoon family by using YSH. My head was spinning 350 degree. Your analysis shine the light into a twist and turn of the story. I can not wait to get a password to unlock all the story to have better understanding.

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