Painter Of The Night: Investigation 🔍🧐 (second version)

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Now, you are all wondering why I am using a panel from chapter 59 as illustration, when the story has already moved on, and our beloved couple is actually celebrating their marriage. Everything started with the following panel: (Chapter 71) As you can envision, I am now examining each picture very carefully, hence when I saw this image, I couldn’t help myself associating it to the painter’s abduction. First, the painterofthenight-lovers will certainly remember the scene of the lord’s panic, when he left the room and saw the footprints on the ground misleading him to think that the painter had run away. (Chapter 60) In this picture, the manhwaphiles can even hear Nameless’ explication why the lord would jump to the wrong conclusion. The expression “on his own two feet” was actually visualized by the imprints left on the snow. We know for sure that Nameless knocked out the painter before carrying him away. He carried him the same way than he did with Lee Jihwa: (Chapter 59) What caught my attention is that the space between the footsteps on the wood (Chapter 71) is much bigger compared to the ones left in the snow. (Chapter 60) Why such a difference? It is related to the divergence of height between the lord and the painter. So here is the question? How could Nameless walk with small footsteps, when he is carrying another person? As you can see, the panel from chapter 71 serves as a clue for the presence of an accomplice during this night. I had already elaborated that Kim must have participated in this, but I could never prove it. But one might argue that this proof is not strong enough to validate my theory. That’s why I examined the chapter 59 more closely again.

(Chapter 59) This image caught my attention for two reasons. Thanks to the analysis “The five candles”, I realized the true meaning of the pictures with landscapes. They expose the actual situation, therefore the beholder should study them under the following elements: moon or sun, air, water, earth and fire. So in this picture, you can detect the absence of the moon symbolizing the lord’s illness. He is too weak to look after his lover. Striking is that the earth element is predominant here, as the tree branches standing next to the buildings are almost touching the sky. So since the snow is falling, it indicates the presence of water and note that water is almost everywhere: in the sky, on the trees, on the ground and on the rooftops. The only element missing is fire. Yet if the manhwalovers examine the image more closely, they will detect the presence of a light hanging on the side of the restroom. However, the candle surrounded by glass is not lit. To sum up my observations, this panel exposes the predominance of water and earth and the presence of a lamp with glass. In other words, this image symbolizes butler Kim, the new version of chapter 58 . First, let’s not forget that Kim is often seen carrying a bucket of water (chapter 33) (chapter 56). Secondly, he is also linked to the lantern with a glass (chapter 20) (chapter 36) But more importantly is that in the image from chapter 59, there is no light, (Chapter 59) which can not be a coincidence. In my eyes, the valet is already aware of the future kidnapping, but he is not sharing his knowledge to the protagonists. He wants to keep them in the dark. Moreover, if you add the picture from the chapter 58, you’ll detect the absence of the glass lamp too. (Chapter 58) The presence of light comes from the physician’s room, where both main leads are making love. Hence the fire element is associated to Yoon Seungho and not Kim. All this indicates that the valet will apply his favorite philosophy: feigning ignorance. Both panels are actually exposing the valet’s complicity. Even before I realized Kim’s true personality, I had already explained that he was the one who put the protagonists’ shoes next to each other. Back then, I considered it as a gesture of kindness, whereas now I have a different opinion. As you can imagine, I perceive these two panels as evidences for Kim’s complicity. The butler will be the one creating the painter’s imprints.

But some might say that this is not enough, as they are just interpretations. Therefore I am now bringing up this final evidence: (Chapter 59) Note that the painter is standing in front of the bathroom. He has just cleaned himself and note that the lamp is in the background. How is this a proof? If the painter had run away, he wouldn’t have gone to the restroom… he would have left the room right away, just like the footprints are indicating. (Chapter 60) But since he went to the restroom before, it signifies that imprints should have been left behind. Yet there’s nothing like that. Therefore, this means that someone had to erase the imprints. It can only be Kim!! As for the doctor, I believe that he must have heard the painter visiting the restroom. (Chapter 59) Note, there’s the sound of the door closing. But when the disappearance of the artist was noticed, the physician didn’t realize the significance of this noise, only afterwards hence he hesitated to mention it, as it appeared so anodyne. However, as the readers can envision, if the physician had talked about the painter’s visit to the bathroom, then the lord would have realized that someone had tampered evidence. However, the noble due to the footsteps had sent for his domestics in order to start a research, hence the doctor didn’t think about this right away. But this doesn’t end here. I suddenly realized that the doctor could have heard something else, the sound of No-Name jumping and the painter‘s question: (chapter 59) But since the artist was silent right away, as the Joker knocked him out immediately, the physician could have jumped to the conclusion that Baek Na-Kyum met an acquaintance. So when the vanishing of the painter was discovered, the doctor assumed that the artist had followed the person he met during that night. Honestly, I can’t blame the doctor for his “passivity”, if my assumption is correct. Due to the lord’s agitated state of mind, the doctor could only realize it afterwards. With this new discovery, it becomes more comprehensible why the physician hesitated the next morning. He didn’t know what he should do. (Chapter 63) If he revealed what he had heard, then he imagined that he could bring the person who had „helped“ Baek Na-Kyum to escape into trouble. Observe the presence of the drop of sweat on his face. He was definitely uncomfortable. If he testified, then he could reveal the presence of a conspiracy. Nonetheless, I believe that he had jumped to the wrong conclusion: desertion. And with this new discovery, you can understand why the butler was so worried. He had no idea what the doctor had noticed. Imagine, the valet got caught by his own method (spying behind doors), however in the physician’s case, the latter was not doing out of malevolence. He just happened to become a witness, but he had assumed something else. That’s the reason why Kim was so worried, he had seen no one, yet the doctor had observed something. Kim never imagined that such a small detail (noise) could become a threat for him. This explicates why he chose to visit the doctor during the night. (Chapter 64) He needed to ensure that the doctor remains silent. Many manhwaphiles will certainly recall how Kim threatened the doctor… (chapter 65) Back then, I had assumed that out of cowardice, he had not intervened due to Kim’s harsh words. Nonetheless, I came to a different interpretation. After recognizing how Byeonduck is tricking the readers, she gives the impression of a continuity, I believe that during that night, the butler visited two different physicians. According to my theory, there exist 3 different doctors. For more, please read the analysis “The mysterious doctor“. How did this idea come up? Simply by paying attention to the BEARD!! (Chapter 57) Note that the beard of this physician is covering the cheek and is straight. (Chapter 63) But now compare it to the physician’s beard in episode 65: The cheek is free on the side, and it has the form of a W!! First, he went to the one who treated the painter (Chapter 65) and from my point of view, he used pity to discover what the physician knew. Remember how he had used compassion the night before (chapter 57). Besides, if you contrast both statements, you will detect a contradiction. “This could be a matter of life or death“ implies that it was about saving someone, while in the second image, it is about killing someone: the other doctor! In my eyes, the valet must have begged the physician (chapter 57) to remain silent. If he revealed that he had discovered the presence of someone, then the other could get into trouble. In my opinion, the butler must have suggested that Baek Na-Kyum had tried to escape, because the lord had been abusing him. Don‘t forget that he had been treating the artist for his wrist. Then he must have seen the lord panicking too. (Chapter 60) But now, the manhwaphiles are probably wondering why he went to the other physician then. It was related to the lord’s behavior in the shed. He was acting like a sex-maniac. (Chapter 55) This doctor had reprimanded the butler and had been prescribing a tonic. So he visited the physician and used this opportunity to put the whole blame on the poor doctor. (Chapter 65) Because of him, the painter was now treated like a sex toy. The physician had poisoned the lord. Keep in mind that we always have a reflection within the same season. Baek Na-Kyum got “poisoned“, so it should be the same for the lord! Kim threatened the poor man for one reason. No one should discover that two different physicians had been treating Yoon Seungho!! (Chapter 65) The man never saw anything, Kim just described to him how the main lead had been behaving! Yes, he was acting like Yoon Chang-Hyeon who had gone to the doctor and described the son’s illness. (Chapter 57)

Now, it becomes comprehensible why the valet silenced the two doctors. Both were important witnesses who could reveal the butler’s complicity. The latter had been frequenting two different doctors, and he had made the decision on his own accord. He had acted like a noble, while in reality he was just a servant. Besides, if this doctor (chapter 63) had mentioned the presence of a third person, then Yoon Seungho could have asked the painter and the latter could have revealed the abduction. With such an innocent observation, the noble would start questioning the butler and he could realize that the imprints had been erased and new ones had been created. That’s why Kim had a huge interest for Baek Na-Kyum’s death, and hoped that the noble had killed him in the barn, hence he kept approaching the shed.

(chapter 61) (chapter 62) (chapter 64) He needed to confirm his death. But since the lord was having sex the whole night, the butler had to make sure to bury the truth. If the artist had fainted, then the valet would have fetched the other doctor, the one who imagined that Baek Na-Kyum had escaped. And now, you comprehend why the man hesitated to question the painter after his return: (chapter 74) He was wondering why the artist would look so fine, as he had attempted to escape before. Another evidence for this theory is the following rule: a reflection within the same season. Since the doctor had been puzzled by Yoon Seungho‘s illness, I am deducing that he had the exact opposite disposition concerning the artist. He imagined what the artist had done. He had jumped to the wrong conclusion due to the injured wrist. Besides, he was “aware“ of the lord‘s mood swings.

So after the abduction, everything looked fine again, because Yoon Seungho was more focused on getting the painter’s acceptance. (Chapter 71) Consequently, he was not investigating the real circumstances of the abduction. But he has another reason for neglecting this aspect: he knows the culprit’s identity, unaware that unveiling the mastermind’s identity is far from enough. Real justice is to uncover truth. However, at the end of season 2, the wealthy noble was more like a teenager in love. That’s the reason why he was making a huge mistake.

I could understand the lord’s attitude, although this doesn’t signify that I couldn’t criticize him. He has always hoped for a home and as such acceptance, and the artist did fulfil his wish: he definitely selected him and chose to remain by his side. On the other hand, Yoon Seungho was no longer hoping for the painter’s confession. And this perception was confirmed in season 3: (chapter 85) He was already content if the artist would look at him, the moment you recall his first confession: (chapter 55). Hence in chapter 71, he’s blushing and happy, for Baek Na-Kyum is definitely starring at him with such a curiosity and desire. Moreover, the painter talks to him, has even accepted his advances. That’s why he is no longer paying attention to the circumstances that led him to think that the painter had run away on his own feet. As for Kim, he was running out of time, because at any moment, Baek Na-Kyum could mention his visit to the restroom or meeting the Jester. Consequently, the former had to use any trick to remove the artist. Hence he encouraged the kisaeng Heena to take away her brother. (Chapter 67)

However, Byeonduck drew such a panel in chapter 71: Why? In my first version, I had expressed the following expectation: the imprints would play another important role again and this theory was confirmed in season 3. (chapter 100) Here, they revealed that the main lead had gone down on his knees, the moment he had seen the traces of fresh blood. Then note that in the shaman’s house, the lord had left a bloody foot print (chapter 102), yet in the snow it was no longer visible. (Chapter 102) Someone had erased the traces by putting mattresses on the soil. However, while the lord was walking through the mountain, he was definitely leaving a bloody trail behind (chapter 102), a sign that someone had been helping him. And this can only be KIM!! And the last chapter from season 3 seems to confirm my initial investigation: The butler had erased the traces from the abduction. He knew about the kidnapping and helped Lee Jihwa and the Joker.

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26 thoughts on “Painter Of The Night: Investigation 🔍🧐 (second version)

  1. Great essay as always. For the foot steps panel, I think it is drawn as if Nakyum is watching the SH’s foot steps while being carried. From the position NK was being carried, he was studying SH’s foot steps while blushing. I think NK enjoys and appreciate the moment.

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  2. I always thought Kim was supporting Nakyum and Seungho, but he’s just playing it safe. He has been walking on egg shells between Lord Yoon and Seungho for almost 10 years, so I’m not surprised that Kim also was traumatised by Seungho’s ordeal. Also, any slight mishaps or misunderstandings from both sides could cause his life. Selfish or not, I can’t see him has a bad person. Yet.

    By the way, I’ve been reading your essays since last year, and I can see you put so much effort in them. There this one minor mistake keep appearing, but I’m not sure if you’re aware of it.

    It’s the word ‘thread’. It’s actually ‘threat’. They sound the same, hence the confusion.

    “Kim never imagined that such a small detail could become a thread for him. This explicates why Kim threatens the doctor so much…”

    Threat is the noun while threaten is the verb .

    I’m so sorry if I’ve offended you.

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  3. Thanks. I do make grammatical mistakes too. Just to let you know, I already made one in my previous comment. We’re even.

    Back to the topic. What I meant is the current situation that Kim’s facing with Seungho. He was beaten up when Na-Kyum ran away in chapter 29 or 30. He has to play safe to prevent his master from turning violent.

    Some of us tend to forget that Seungho killed a person chapter 1. (I remember you mentioned that it was a planned as Seungho didn’t want anyone to find about Na-Kyum)

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    1. No I have a different explanation about the servant’s death in the beginning. If Seungho was such a terrible master, then all the servants would have listened to his order, but they didn’t. The description of the mansion as hush -hush is an allusion that the master is not feared. In my eyes, Kim had the real power hence all the servants listened to him

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    2. As for the beating, he disregarded his master’s order and let the painter escape. If you consider this disobedience as an act of courage, then why did he try to have the painter killed afterwards? He just needed to play safe, but he didn’t. He bought an aphrodisiac without the lord’s consent, revealing a certain confidence here. He knew, the lord wouldn’t look into it. And when the lord was mentally sick, he could have encouraged his master to become different, but he didn’t. He made sure to maintain this terrible image for one reason: keeping father Yoon away, but at the same time as a threat/leverage.


      1. Thanks for your explanation. We both have different perspective on Kim’s actions.

        IMO, Seungho’s abuse and ordeal not only damaged him, but also Kim. Only the past could reveal what happened to both of them.

        As for doctor, since he has been treating Seungho since young, so he knows pretty well about Seungho’s mood swings and temper. Hence, he kept silence about the aphrodisiac and the kidnapping.

        I feel Kim’s just tired of everything. I can’t see him as a bad or manipulative like In-Hun or Min.

        About Min, it never occurred to me that he was in love with Na-Kyum until I read your analysis. I thought he was being jealous of Seungho, That’s about it. Now, I’m looking forward to see how Min try hard to lay his hands on Na-Kyum.

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      2. Okay, but in chapter 57 Yoon Seungho is shown suicidal, so he was diminished. Hence Kim could have had a good influence on him and show him affection. Back then, the lord was in no capacity to rule the mansion or threaten anyone. Yet he is still starved of love. Why did nothing happen? The father was far away, so Kim had technically nothing to fear. As for the rumors about a terrible master, I don’t believe in it entirely. I noticed another pattern concerning rumors.

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  4. I hope Seungho will stop being so passive, I’m not criticizing him. it’s just making me crazy how he doesn’t wonder to himself why Nakyum got I to those dangerous situations (The Poured water on the painting, the rock on the rice, Deokjae mistreating Nakyum, Nakyum’s abduction..)
    Some times he got angry but ended it here, what’s the use ? He should think smartly and draw boundaries to protect Nakyum.
    He’s a noble, and Nakyum a low-born. He’s powerless .. so many persons want to harm him, if Seungho keep this passive attitude Nakyum if truly gonna be hurt :’/
    If Seungho had draw lines to protect him at the start and searched every suspicious details, Nakyum wouldn’t have gone all through that ( or at least way less ):

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    1. Me too, but it’s not surprising, because each time something happened, Kim made sure to divert the lord’s attention. Note that the next day after the incident with the spoiled rice, Kim told him about the conversation at the library. When the lord discovered the painter in his bed (chapter 34), he wondered about this and the next day, Kim lets him see the painter with the scholar in the courtyard.

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      1. Yeah but Seungho is smart enough to figure things on his own. He is a smart guy, but think not deeply. Anyway he’ll learn his lesson when Min will kidnap NK

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    2. I think the same, at the beginning he looked like he had all the power in the world and could act like a lion and now he’s just a scarycat. I’ve only seen NK getting hurt and falling in LOVE again, But there’s no Karma yet. and of course, I can’t wait for the next painting, it should be something that really reflects how NK LOVEs Lord SH, i think maybe he’s only going to paint SH Body in a nonsexual way, focusing in his Eyes.

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      1. First of all, courage is a learning process, so the last chapter is giving us an indication that he’s learning courage. He had two coward fathers as role models 😒 This will be explained in three days. Today I spent my spare time to dig information about cowardice. Really interesting 🧐 😍

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      2. Yes I agree. All of them used Yoon Seungho and never protected him. Protection is essential in order to develop courage, just like rules… but observe that the noble only learned depraved rules😧

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      3. Agreed. Since Nakyum came into his life, it’s like a fresh air. He gave him so many good things (he stopped the orgies, he tried to control himself, he felt regretful at his sins, he think by himself now ..)
        And the most important : he fell inlove and felt the warmth ! ♥️
        I wonder how he will react toward Jihwa and Min after he discover that Min wanted to rape NK

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    3. I also think like you. It’s not an open criticism of Seungho, I feel now like he was really…really damaged in the past. And the mind puts on barriers to protect you, such as forgetting. That doesn’t fix the problem, but it does keep you alive. It is sad because a second kidnaping, if it happens, will cause him a lot of pain, but at the same time he will wake up from that sleepy state. Now after episode 72, I’m inclined to believe that Nakyum and Seungho are going to be so close, as a team, not just lovers and partners, and they will help each other to open their eyes to the evil around them.

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  5. Seungho, what the hell did they do to you in the past !!!
    Everything that surprises you in this chapter surprises me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 my dear boy

    I will read your essay right now

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  6. Bebe, there’s something else. Kim was with the doctor while Nakyum was with Seungho. So Kim goes back to the couple but he hears them … now Nameless is supposed to have heard them too or knew what they were doing.
    Therefore, if Kim could not go to his master, the logical thing is for him to go back to the doctor, since they are not at home and because it is very cold. But it doesn’t seem like that was what happened. So, where did Kim go?

    What if Nameless was so sure about what Seungho would think because he knew about Kim? We all thought it was the footprints in the snow, but that indirectly points to a liar.

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      1. in fact, it’s weird because the doctor saw something that Kim was not supposed to see. So, they weren’t together. If he wasn’t with the doctor and he wasn’t with Seungho, where was Kim?
        Why did the doctor come out to see? or what did he see?
        Maybe he went looking for Kim and accidentally came across the incident. Scared, he escaped, and then Kim returns to finish the job.


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